Poco F3 Honest Review: Should You Just Buy It? Let Me Explain!

hey people invite back to an additional video clip with lim reviews so we’re below today to look into the poco f3 that i have resting right below so i have actually been utilizing this tool below for a fair bit now as well as keep in mind the cam that you’re taking a look at with my face over here is likewise taped with a poco f3 to make sure that’s the sort of high quality you can obtain from this gadget right here right so first up i’m mosting likely to inform you about my experience utilizing this device right below every little thing is going to be my straightforward point of views and also no person is telling me what to claim as well as what not to say but let’s begin with the rate first since i assume this is an insane excellent worth mobile phone in 2021. Below in malaysia we start off with 1400 ringgit for the six gigabyte version that comes with 128 gigabytes of inner memory my gadget right here is the higher spec one it is a 8 gigabytes plus 2 5 6 gb as well as this is retailing for 1700 ringgit all right so otherwise it is still a very budget friendly um gadget right below for the flagship specs you’re obtaining and that has been the

motto of poco all this one if i might draw your interest very rapidly to the back of this tool below we have poco 5g and also bear in mind that again this is one of the most cost effective front runner kind of 5g gadgets out right currently so with the with 5g in your device you can constantly be extremely remainder ensured that you will certainly be covered also when the 5g actually strikes your nation so clearly not everybody has 5g right currently but when it hits you will be able to utilize your poco f3 right there all right so in terms of design um i do not particularly like the back right here since it accumulates a lot of finger prints yet i have to claim that it still looks like a really eye-catching tool i did want it was a little bit slimmer yet clearly we have a substantial battery in the back below so i’m not going to complain about that as well in terms of the display right here is where it actually excels individuals as well as we’re having a very nice screen at the front this is a 6.67 inch amoled display screen that runs at 120 hertz so everything is buttery smooth as you would expect it right below um it’s also worth pointing out that the tasting rate on this gadget is 360 hertz that suggests that for all you gamers out there it is a really sensitive screen so you will not miss a point with your tool unless you’re a noob alright moving on to what’s powering this gadget we have a

snapdragon 870 in the back below powered by additionally 8 gigabytes of ram like i stated just now it is lp ddr5 so really excellent ram there and also interior storage space is running at ufs 3.1 so those of you who actually put in a whole lot of files as well as transfer documents to and also flow to your device and also out to your computer system you will definitely delight in the faster speeds since it is simply means faster than ufs 2.0 or something like that so really satisfied to obtain the quick storage space below likewise one point to note is that everything tons a little bit quicker with faster storage as soon as again it always influences the overall experience so very satisfied with that on the poco f3 currently in terms of actual use i have actually been playing a couple of games as you can see i have all my games provided down here genji impact club g call of duty mobile legends all the standard stuff that every person plays i play a little bit of that as well and my great information below is that whatever runs truly nicely on the poco f3 right here and also what i imply by that is that these video games all run very regularly without any race or very extremely high kind of temperature levels that you see on other tools so i’m not sure what poco did to this yet it has a very great air conditioning system so it doesn’t get extremely hot also after video gaming for 30 to 40 mins uh certainly if you play genji influence the

temperatures will certainly go a little bit higher than usual yet do not worry too much concerning that the video game will certainly still run very efficiently here so not too much of a concern there um an additional point to note right here is that in terms of simply utilizing this on a day-to-day i imply if you’re gon na buy something that lasts you at least 2 years or possibly also 3 years you might want to take a look at this due to the fact that also for the poco f1 i still have a lot of good friends who are still using that gadget and also they’re happy to say that it still runs very smoothly so i know not everybody out there is a player as well as if you just utilize your social media like instagram as well as facebook and all that just basic things youtube and also all that this tool below is something that you could additionally want to consider since it will certainly keep you running smoothly for at least 2 to three years and that is fairly guaranteed coming from where poco is standing right currently all ideal so that’s in terms of actual use relocating on let’s chat a little bit regarding those video cameras at the back so we have 3 sensors below

we have a 48 megapixel primary sensor and also 8 megapixel ultra large and also a 5 megapixel macro sensor so once more those are just numbers yet exactly how does the video camera in fact carries out in daytime and evening time so in terms of my individual experience i did notice that the video cameras was supplying an extremely decent photos it is certainly mid-range at finest certainly not as great as those like ultra gadgets maybe in the mi 11 or also the mi 11 ultra or s21 and all that so it is not as great as those yet you are getting a very suitable collection of cameras right here that you can share your photos on social media so one thing i really did not discover in the day was that the clouds taken at the you recognize like simply the clouds sticking on the sky it lacked a little bit of darkness as well as i’m not certain why that’s occurring yet of course you’re not going to be firing these clouds all day so daytime shots is really fine what i require to direct out nonetheless is the night mode people so uh firing this utilizing this cam to factor as well as shoot at evening things is truly a pleasure to use so i have a couple of images here once more as soon as again for you people to reference this is the kind of top quality you can expect from the poco f3 and in my viewpoint for the rate of this gadget you’re obtaining a really really excellent collection of video cameras below that can record truly superb night images alright so now that’s done concerning the video cameras do not have to stress

about that it’s got a decent set of electronic cameras uh relocating on allow’s chat a little bit concerning that battery in the back so we do have a 4520 milliamp hour battery in the back right here as well as that’s rather big but bear in mind that also when i left this gadget overnight on the table without billing it it shed regarding 10 percent uh the following early morning when i examine it out so 10 percent has actually gone through the evening i’m not certain what’s going on in my tool yet yeah that’s what you obtain screen on time is regarding six to 7 hours at max however yeah it truly depends on your use so if you game a lot obviously you will not strike that kind of numbers but one day on a solitary charge is definitely possible with this poco f3 right below last but not the very least i want to cover a few even more products here allow’s speak a little bit regarding the audio speakers at the bottom and the top it does come with stereo audio speakers so it comes with an extremely good set of audio speakers people it appears really abundant as well as really great it has a little bit of bass as well so it’s most definitely excellent in my publications right here extremely great since although you’re missing out on the earphone jack is no place to be found around right here yet yes

you do obtain the good audio speakers apart from that i believe that’s pretty much it my experience on the poco f3 once more the concern really is exactly how long do you desire your gadget to last if you’re looking for something long term i assume the poco f3 right here will absolutely hold up to that it comes with a truly great processor it’s most definitely one of my preferred processors for 2021 the 870 simply due to the fact that it can hold up to really consistent degrees of performance without obtaining overheated so really really nice stuff there and of training course you get the fast storage space and also all that best screen as well as a great set of cams so yep if you ask me is the poco f3 still recommended i would certainly state absolutely i assumption that’s rather much it for my fast testimonial right here i hope you’ve found out something if you like this video offer me that like and also i’ll see you people in the next one bye

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