Kospet Note (TicWris Max S): Smartwatch or Mini Smartphone? What Is This??!!

hey men invite back to another video with lim evaluations so in today’s video we’re having a look at something pretty uh impressive or crazy right here uh today i have right here the cospet note or you could in fact see this product elsewhere also being branded as the take risk max s so i have no suggestion why this watch really comes in 2 different brandings right here however today the one that i have right here in hand is the price pad note as you can see right here now the brand name does seems a bit various yet again i may not have actually tested out like a lot of different kind of brands mostly i’m constantly evaluating out amaze fit yet today we’re taking a look at something new right below so certainly extremely thrilled for this as well as of training course if you take an initial appearance at this individual right below it most definitely looks like a small smart device uh on your wrist itself so it doesn’t resemble a smart watch it looks substantial incidentally naturally this device right below is really a mini smart device by itself it’s running android 7 i think right out of the box we additionally are able to place in a sim card which i did so i have my sim card in below as well as obviously in this video i’ll be

running a couple of attributes with you men concerning this expense pad note right here as well as revealing you people what i assume is cool and also not so awesome concerning the expense band note okay so most importantly i simply want to reveal you the distinction between the size of this point as well as my wonder gtr 2 right here just take a look at exactly how big this prices bad note is it’s literally a smart device on your wrist so i’m not exactly sure about you men whether you’re comfy putting on such a big gadget on your wrist it actually appears like among those runner tools where you recognize those individuals who go to runs they in fact use their smart device pack on their hand or their shoulder or whatnot so this kind of appear like that it’s really really substantial right here however yeah i’m going to place that off the beaten track as well as examine out this gadget itself so allow me just reveal you around the gadget itself we do have two physical buttons on the sides below we likewise have a speaker you can see a speaker there we also have a

microphone below so obviously due to the fact that i have my sim card inside i am able to get as well as answer contact this expense pad note right here as well as i have to say that the calls as well as addressing everything was in fact rather clear without attaching any kind of bluetooth sound to it simply talking straight to the watch itself so it was extremely good in that sense the other person on the other hand of the phone can in fact hear my voice extremely plainly to make sure that is an excellent another point to note is that we do have a number of video cameras here yes you have a cam on your clever watch now this person right below i assume pushes out 2 megapixels as well as yeah at the front right here we do have another front facing video camera that is 8 megapixels so this camera at the front here in fact additionally functions as a face unlock so remember here i’m gon na open my gadget and also look at that i can not actually access it however once i just direct it at my face right here it obtains unlocked rather rapidly so i have actually examined this out with a various individual’s face and it does not work so it appears that it is currently just dealing with my face so that’s definitely great let me attempt that again one more time yes there you go it’s really really quick so i’m fairly amazed with the face unlock happening with this

point right here okay so let me reveal you people the video camera due to the fact that some of you guys could be wondering what is the kind of resolution we can obtain with this video camera right here so allow me simply try and obtain into the primary menu i’m a little bit confused by the way this runs incidentally so let me show you the video camera right here we do have this um camera app and this is currently pointing out from the side so i’m not exactly sure you individuals who purchase this watch here better not be doing something dubious with this side electronic camera right there it resembles some of those spy tools where you in fact point the cam at someone without them observing so that’s that the photos appearing are actually extremely grainy take an appearance at that it’s um definitely not the finest i think i would put this uh in the this cam sensor the top quality of it uh back to 10 15 years earlier when we were using nokia phones and also all that to ensure that’s the kind of resolution as well as high quality you can anticipate from the from the camera at the side below so do not anticipate any kind of high resolution nonsense and certainly if i simply flip the cam to the front you can see that i have this video camera right below the front facing video camera in fact looks slightly extra respectable it likewise has a face discovery taking place as you can see in the little square right

there so although it states it is 8 megapixels at the front truthfully speaking this looks even more like a vga electronic camera at its ideal but yeah you do have that front facing camera which actually looks rather smooth right here all appropriate all right so allow me reveal you other attributes which i think are actually trendy concerning this uh cost animal note all right so clearly since we’re running android in this thing so we do have like whatever that you can set up right into the phone or the watch right here so notice that we also have the play store right there as well as i’ve really currently set up a number of apps we have the information app so this is the google news right here as well as you can really um gain access to it really perfectly so take a look at that we have all the the information going on here it is really little due to the fact that undoubtedly this is a little screen yet i’m going to show you right here what sort of experience you can anticipate from this little guy right here so evidently the display screen is from sharp and we’re getting like 300

plus ppi so it’s meant to be retina a kind of display screen yep yet everything is just really tiny right here however fortunately is you are able to check out this news right here and also read it really from the screen itself so extremely cool so let’s simply return right there i additionally in fact have actually youtube installed so of course you can see youtube directly on your clever watch currently uh if you might so let me simply show you extremely quickly so if you notice this the cpu certainly isn’t running very rapidly i’m not exactly sure what the cpu really is however i do understand that we have three gigabytes of ram as well as 32 gigabytes of inner storage space so i’m just mosting likely to reveal you men really promptly a video clip right below i think i reached unlock that once again so allow me simply put a search as well as allow me just enter into my network right there so observe that it is a little bit challenging to tap on it but it still works so i’m just going to play one of my previous video clips there we go you can really watch youtube videos straight on your watch itself and i need to say that the photo high quality below is actually quite surprisingly excellent so i expected this to be like a bit subpar in regards to the image high quality and all that but if you take a

look at this right below it’s in fact playing that video extremely smoothly and also i can actually see the message um on the video clip itself so certainly a thumbs up over there sadly what i didn’t actually like here is we do not have any kind of volume buttons on this device right here so i can not really readjust the quantity if i wish to change the quantity i’ll have to go right into the the setups as well as really touch with those media volume and also all that so yeah i’m just going to neglect that in the meantime however indeed you can enjoy your youtube video clips on your watch right currently all ideal so simply going back into the main food selection once more i have actually also mounted my spotify uh installed my instagram and also tiktok so of course those of you that enjoy tik tok you can now do it on your watch itself also so things that i truly like concerning this device right below like i claimed is that it’s running a full flash android system right here so you can set up all sort of applications that you desire on this little smartwatch on this large

smartwatch right here all right so currently allow me just reveal you a pair more features if you take down from the top this is where you get a number of quick accessibility so i’ve actually connected uh this watch right here to my smart device and i’ve additionally placed in a sim card so you can see complete 4g connection below the signal like i stated is really pretty great i’ve always been obtaining extremely complete sort of signal right here so absolutely good on that component if you simply swipe throughout here you have a couple of quick shortcuts nothing way too much to yell concerning there and also this is to clean all your abs and you likewise have your music controls and the weather condition itself to make sure that’s coming down from the top so if you just swipe in the direction of the right this is where you obtain a number of information below this is really on notifications by the method so swipe towards the right below to get your your notices which i simply cancelled as well as if you simply swipe to the opposite right there allow me see again sorry concerning that if you simply swipe towards the left oops this is where you enter into your main checklist of applications so very amazing stuff there if you swipe up from the from the bottom this is

where you get your fitness tracking items and also right here you can see that i have actually walked a thousand actions today already uh honestly talking i’m not also sure regarding that counter since i in fact haven’t left the house yet so i don’t know exactly how i really obtained that 1000 over action count so in terms of precision this might not be the most exact if you just swipe along even more you will see a couple more info here about your physical fitness and all that so let me simply go back as soon as even more okay so if you just maintain sliding throughout this is the type of numbers that you can obtain you can in fact see an once a week view of all the steps that you have actually walked throughout the entire week as well as yeah that’s basically all of it right so in terms of this watch itself what do i consider it i believe that if you’re seeking like a mini smart device on your wrist um this is what you’re gon na access best due to the fact that it is truly like a tiny mobile phone whatever operates completely great simply like how you would anticipate it to work on a standard you recognize spending plan kind of smartphone yet if you’re searching for like an appropriate health tracker and also all that i’m not sure if this guy will suffice you do have a number of sensors at the back right here to track your heart price yet you do not have anything else it

doesn’t track your sleep if i’m not mistaken i additionally intend to reveal you extremely promptly just how the application looks like so whenever you acquire an acquisition a brand-new clever watch i believe what’s really vital below is also the application that features it as well as this is the application that is supposed to run with each other with the watch itself as well as to be truthful it is not the very best looking application it is also a bit hard to browse this application right here and as you can see this is what you can obtain with the application so not excessive sort of info here simply a few things here in regards to tracking your health and wellness as well as physical fitness naturally if you wish to track your sporting activities it does come with a number of tasks here let me just try and reveal you guys one more time face unlock and also enter into the list of apps so notice that if i go right into the activities below there we go so in physical fitness here we do obtain a number of things tracked you have your outdoor walks your interior run your biking your basketball yeah it also tracked pair of your spots there football as well as ping pong

so rather a number of products below in this listing and yeah like i stated we do have a number of items below however in terms of exactly how exact is it and also as well as the application itself i’m not as well happy with just how those job all right so ultimately let’s talk a little about that battery life so as you can see right here i’m presently at 55 and also i actually charged this to complete the other day evening so i’ve been experimenting with it and i assume one of the most that you can obtain uh in terms of battery life with this expense family pet keep in mind right here is regarding one day to one as well as a half days mostly because this is in fact running a full-fledged smart device on your wrist itself so you can’t expect this to go like one week or something what you will certainly get is concerning someday or maybe two days max if you do not make use of the watch that a lot all best guys i think that’s it for this an extremely glance at the expense pet dog note for 160 us bucks is this worth it why not you inform me oh one point before i go i just intend to state that if you make use of a lot of the applications on your on the on one’s guard itself just keep in mind that it will warm up at the back right here so if you’re putting it on your wrist you will definitely feel the heat going on as well as it gets pretty cozy to ensure that’s just something that i believed i must explain good men i think that’s it for this quick appearance if you have any inquiries do not hesitate to leave them down in the remark area below and i’ll see you guys in the following one bye

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