IMILAB KW66 Review: Another Budget Smartwatch From Xiaomi?

hey guys welcome back to another video with lim reviews so in today’s video we’ll be checking out the ime lab smartwatch i think the model is called kw 66 so it’s a pretty uh unusual name for a smartwatch right here uh imilab is supposed to be one of those uh like a supplier of parts from xiaomi so they are using some parts from xiaomi as well either they are supplier or xiaomi or something but they are related to xiaomi that’s why a lot of videos online on youtube actually says it’s the xiaomi watch but it is not this is immilab’s own watch and today we’ll be checking out what this watch is all about so it comes in this a pretty nice box over here i love the packaging and it is about 35 us dollars depending on where you’re from the pricing will be different so like i said it comes in this really nice box here and you can see a couple of key features at the front uh we have a 30 day battery life of course it’s not going to last that long maybe two weeks or three weeks sounds more reasonable apart from that we have a 13 sport modes over here so you’ll be able to track a couple of basic stuff which i will show you later on and last but not least it comes with a heart rate monitor which almost every smart watch has these days so this is the box they came that it came in and like i said it’s very nice packaging if

you’re looking to give someone a gift this christmas for 35 bucks this looks like the perfect gift all right so i already have the watch here and i’ve been using it for a couple of days so let me just show you what this watch is all about so in terms of design if you just take a look at it you’ll notice that it looks very similar if you’ve seen my other videos and that is it looks very similar to the halo solar so i have the solar right here side by side you can see how similar they are they’re practically the same watch actually like i said halo is also one of those brand or partners of xiaomi so it seems very natural that they would use the same hardware right here but just under a different brand so we have even the same thick bezels in the insides but yeah the front still looks pretty good actually the straps wise it is a bit different compared to the halo i would say that the one on the e-min lab is actually a bit better and if you just flip the device to the back here you’ll see that it comes in this rather nice casing at the back here compared to the plastics casing on the back of the halo solar so this is not a comparison but i just wanted to point out the similarities in both the hardware here so you know what to expect with the imelab kw 66 all

right so if you look at the bottom here everything is actually one to one now notice that the sensor’s placement of the heart rate monitor is exactly the same as well and so is the charging parts at the bottom and just another fun fact the charger works for both smart watches here so you already know that these are basically the same devices all right i’m going to put down the halo watch for now and just focus on this emilap kw66 i must admit for the price of 35 us dollars this build quality actually feels a bit better than the halo the straps are also a bit thicker here definitely much more solid and feels pretty good in my hand so i like the way this a silver rim goes around the watch it looks really good again i must say it looks much better than the halo one especially not just in terms of the color but also in terms of the straps that it comes in all right so moving on let’s just check out the display right here and we do have a couple of watch faces so what’s different with the halo here is that imilab has actually created a lot of watch faces there are about 50 maybe 40 or 50 watch phases that you can put on the imilap kw66 right here and they look pretty cool definitely much nicer than the default ones and how this operates is if you pull down from the top this is where you get a couple of quick shortcuts and if you pull it up from the bottom sorry about that if you pull up from the bottom here you can see your notifications so the

notifications again looks exactly the same as the one on the halo solar you get a couple of fonts here you have the app icon as well and you can just glide down to see the different notifications all in here and if you just want to see a bit more you can tap that to see more context of your notification so that’s that for the notifications if i just go back right here let me zoom out a little bit more if i go back and look here if i swipe towards the right sorry towards the left actually this is where you get your widgets so you have your overall status you have your heart rate going on here you also have your sleeping records here the amount of time you slap your deep sleep light sleeps and all that very basic stuff that you can expect from most smart watches these days apart from that you also get your training so this is a shortcut key that goes into the list of activities and you have your music player so that’s if you swipe towards the left you get into your widgets so if you swipe towards the right this is where you actually go into the main list of apps so you have your training your heart rate some statistics uh your sleeps as well stopwatch and messages so it’s basically the same thing that you get from the widgets itself and note that you cannot make any calls or respond to any messages on this watch just like any other smartwatch these days unless you are running android wear os so this of course is not running that so you can’t reply to

messages but yeah this is basically it the imei lab kw66 moving on i wanna show you a little bit about that list of activities right here so let me just go into that and show it to you you have your basic stuff you’re running walking cycling you also have your yoga and one thing it tracks is also a couple of sports here like your tennis basketball and football rugby and all this stuff so you have quite a number of activities that it tracks here uh and yeah it does the job pretty well all right apart from that moving back i just want to talk a little bit about that heart rate tracking so notice that i actually haven’t been wearing the watch on but the heart rate sensor is still going on so that’s one little thing that i found a bit off with the emulab kw66 and that is that if you do not wear the watch the the watch will still assume there is a heart rate going on as you can see here there is a heart rate going on here so that is something not very accurate but if you put the watch on your wrist it can actually track your heart rate quite accurately so the funny thing here is uh if you don’t wear it it still gets some kind of reading and that is very not very accurate in my books all right so that’s it for the heart rate apart from that it doesn’t track anything else no spo tools uh no net tracking only your sleep tracking and no stress tracking it’s a very basic smart watch here but like i said for 35 bucks um this is really what you get with the imei lab kw66 i think for myself personally i think this is a good smart watch to give someone uh if their this is their first smart watch if they like something if they appreciate something with a nice quality of a good smart watch

watch face like this and if they just need basic features like your heart rate tracking and your sleep tracking then this would actually be a decent gift for you to send someone but if you’re looking or if you are a serious person who wants to track your heart rate very accurately i think you should definitely look elsewhere because this doesn’t really do the job well and if you want to track your other activities i maybe use something else because this doesn’t come with a gps as well all right guys i think for 35 bucks this is pretty much what you get with the imeelab kw66 if you have any questions feel free to leave them down in the comment section below and i’ll try to answer every one of them stay safe and see you guys in the next one bye

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