OnePlus 8T Long-Term Review: Camera, Speaker, Haptics, Connectivity Test, and More!

hey guys welcome back to another video with lim reviews so in today’s video we’ll be checking out the oneplus 8t and this is going to be a very in-depth look at a couple of features so before i start off i just want to say that i’ve been using this device as a part of my daily driver for the past two weeks so there’s a lot of things that i would like to share with you guys naturally i’m aware that there is tons of reviews out there on youtube but in this video i just want to share with you my take and a couple of items that wasn’t really covered too much by other reviewers so if you’re looking to buy the oneplus 8t and just for your reference i’m here in malaysia my unit here is the flagship device it comes with 12 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of internal storage so the price here in malaysia is 2999 ringgit so just one ringgit under 3 000 but yeah let me talk a bit about my experience with this device all right so i’m just going to breeze through the quick features that you already know first up we do have a very nice display at the front here and this is a 1080p super amoled display at 120hz so everything here is fluid smooth notice that i do have a matte screen protector on because it just makes everything even smoother and just for my personal preference apart from that it

does come with this flicker thing at the back some kind of technology that actually makes the brightness levels on this device very comfortable for my eyes so never at one point did i feel that the auto brightness was too bright or too low it just works pretty well so that’s the display it is a great display and i absolutely love the display on this device moving on let’s talk a bit about that processing power so we do have like i said the snapdragon 865 paired with 12 gigabytes of ram so of course if you know me i actually do game quite a lot on my device i play them mostly mobile legends and this game is i would say pretty graphic intensive uh we do i play it for about one to two hours on on the daily actually but yeah so the thing that i noticed here is that the battery doesn’t really go down too much and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t heat up or gets warm even after gaming for about an hour so in terms of gaming on this device we’re definitely having sufficient power over here another thing that i want to talk about here very quickly is also the cameras at the back all right so at the back here we have some pretty interesting camera sensors i’ll put up the specifications over here but again usually in my reviews i

don’t really talk too much about the numbers in terms of megapixels what i want to share here with you guys is more on the camera samples so naturally i did quite a lot of testing here because i’ve been using it for the past two weeks and i’ve taken pictures under various environments that you’ll be seeing right now so i obviously i have some pictures taken with a pretty good daylight and they work great i also have a couple of photos here for you to see how it works when the weather is a bit gloomy when it’s a bit dark of course i also have some indoor shots here as well the wide angle images here are also pretty good so a lot of samples here for you to evaluate how the camera actually performs under different lighting situations so in a nutshell here in terms of the camera performance i’m pretty happy with what we’re getting on the oneplus 8t alright so enough about the display enough about it how it works and the cameras let’s zoom into a bit more different stuff here so first up i just want to talk a bit about that oxygen os so obviously it is a very lightweight os and the good news here is that it doesn’t come with a lot of bloatware that you can’t uninstall as a matter of fact the only apps that it mostly came in is actually the google apps so for instance like google

photos google one and gmail and all that that you see here so these are the kinds of apps that you can’t actually uninstall on the device itself so because i’m using this app so i find it actually okay for me i don’t see any other bloatware another good news here is that we don’t have any ads going on in the device itself so no ads here on the oneplus 8t unlike some other brands some other manufacturers that you’re using they do come with ads so that’s something to note over here apart from that this oxygen os also comes with some pretty cool features that i kind of like for example we have this always on display right here and it basically shows you the number of times you unlock your device so if you look here i’ve actually unlocked my device 41 times today and it’s actually trying to discourage you from you know just keep on unlocking your device and all that so i think that’s a pretty cool feature you might call it a gimmick but i find this pretty useful just so that i try to unlock my device and try to sterilize on my device on a daily basis right so that’s oxygen os for you otherwise everything is just buttery smooth like how you would expect especially with the highest end processor and this great display oxygen os really just flies on the oneplus 8t all right so moving on to my next point that i want to talk about here and it’s that fingerprint scanner so i

know we’ve seen a lot of our in-display fingerprint scanners coming out this year especially since we’re all wearing masks these days it doesn’t really make sense to use the camera at the front for your face id or face unlock yeah but the good news here about this fingerprint scanner is that it’s just blazing fast and one thing that i really want to note here is that it’s not just fast but also very reliable so in fact just take a look at this it’s just so reliable guys and i really appreciate that oneplus for giving us this a very reliable and also speedy unlock uh fingerprint scanner because it just works i would say 98 out of the time so that’s pretty good here apart from that guys uh one thing that i want to highlight a little bit more here is the haptics or the vibration motor that comes in the oneplus 8t the vibrating and the haptics motor on this device is actually pretty nice for example we do get this kind of like soft kind of vibrations here and there it’s a bit difficult for me to show it to you through the camera or through this youtube video but it does come with these little vibrations here and there unlike other devices so so it definitely feels pretty nice to handle

this device every time you make some kind of interaction there is just that little tiny little bus at the back there that gives you a more compelling experience in such that you actually feel a bit of the user interface or the os actually running on this device so i really appreciate this good haptics and motor on the oneplus 8t all right moving on to the next thing of course we do have this sliding button at the side as well so there’s another point that i want to highlight here i know all of you guys are pretty much aware of this lighting button but sometimes we just tend to take it for granted but after using this for two weeks now trust me guys this button here has already grown on me it’s i’m so used to using this uh silent and you know vibrate button over here uh that it’s become like i take it for granted really so i really appreciating the button here on the oneplus 8t as well all right guys so another two more items that i want to highlight here that like i said isn’t really covered too much by other reviewers and that’s the speaker quality actually so we do have a dual speakers here one at the bottom and one at the top and the good news here is that the volume does get pretty loud and i really like the sound audio quality coming up from it it’s all pretty good and definitely very

much enjoyable on the device itself so let me just open up a video very quickly right here and let’s just go into audio library and ramp that up [Music] all right i’m just gonna pause that music right here because uh yeah it actually does sound pretty good coming from this device right here the stereo speaker sounds great like it doesn’t feel like teeny or you know those kind of like like i don’t know like it just sounds like a pretty good speakers here in the oneplus 8t so i just want to highlight that because uh me myself i watch a lot of videos on my phone itself and sometimes i’m just too lazy to connect in some kind of earphones or earbuds so yeah i use the speaker quite a lot and i’m pretty pleased with these speakers right here all right so the last thing i really want to talk about here uh is about the connectivity test right so i do have a couple of devices with me i do have an iphone i also have a another brand smartphone with me and i noticed that the connection on this device for example the wi-fi connection actually is very consistent it’s very stable so i don’t know how often you actually bump into situations where you actually don’t get a decent wireless connection or maybe you just feel that your device isn’t getting the full speed coming from your internet package for example but yeah i did install the speed test app into this

device right here and i got it to test it out and the best thing the good news about this is that the consistency and the speeds that i’m getting from the wireless connection on the oneplus 8t is really really good so a very quick comparison between the iphone that i have and the iphone really does it’s just too slow it’s getting slow speeds even when no other devices are connected so naturally i’m like i said i’m very pleased with the consistency of the wireless networks are coming from the oneplus 8t the connections were always fast and stable even for downloading and uploading and i think that’s just something that i should like to point out as well uh it doesn’t i’m not sure if it resonates with you but it definitely feels good for me all right guys i think that’s pretty much it for my video like i said i’ve been using this oneplus 8t for the past two weeks and i’m very very happy with this device it comes with this really gorgeous display the high refresh rate is something that i really appreciate here

very much can’t live without it right now it also comes with some pretty decent cameras at the back uh we can’t go to the extent by saying that this is the best camera out there in the market and there’s definitely other cameras that’s pretty good as well but i would say that this camera right here is pretty acceptable apart from that we also have a large battery in here but the best thing is we do have this super fast 65 watt charger that comes in a box and it’s super fast like every time i charge it up it’s just so quick all right guys i think that’s pretty much it for this video if you have any questions feel free to leave them down in the comment section below if you find this video helpful maybe hit that like button and i’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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