OPPO Watch 7-Day Review: Way More Than Just An Apple Watch Lookalike! It’s Really Good!

hi there individuals invite back to another video with lim evaluations in today’s video we’ll be taking a look at the most recent smart watch from oppo called the oppo watch so this watch was actually released a couple of months back i think in other countries however below in malaysia we just obtained it last week so i have actually been utilizing this look for the past week now i simply intend to show you my experience with this tool as well as what you can expect from the oppo watch so prior to i begin i simply wish to let you know that there are two variations to this watch which is available in various specs as well as this watch is available in two dimensions the 41 along with the 46 millimeter variation so today the version that i’m going to speak about is the bigger one the 46mm variation and this sets you back about 1 200 ringgit right here in malaysia okay so without further trouble allow me simply leap into the watch itself discuss just how my experience is with this watch and also let you people recognize whether this is the smart expect you to get in 2020 all right adequate regarding the intros regarding the opel watch let’s have a look at what can be found in package so what was available in the box

normally was in fact extremely straightforward i’m already holding something right below as well as that is the charger itself so this is just how the battery charger of the oppo watch looks like essentially what you need to do is just sit the little guy right into this box right below this cradle as well as it will certainly charge up pretty swiftly so if i’m not incorrect it takes about a hr to bill from the absolutely no to 100 as well as that’s the sort of rate i’m obtaining thus far on this tool right here so today i’m going to reveal you men what the watch is everything about this is the primary begin of the show people so before i do that let me simply take it off my wrist so you can simply have a closer take a look at it so this is the watch right below the 46 millimeter version and i need to inform you individuals that this absolutely resembles an apple watch yet it looks kind of much better than the apple watch if you might um so

transforming this tool sideways right here we can see that we do have two switches uh this is the house switch when you push this this will primarily go right into the application menu so simply expect this to be like any type of various other android wear os kind of watch because it is running android os as well as this button near the bottom below with this little eco-friendly highlight generally is a shortcut trick that takes you directly to the health and fitness the type of tasks that you intend to track on this gadget fine so build quality sensible guys this is really exceptional feeling it feels simply like an apple watch in fact the silicone bands below are rather comfy to place on they’re really soft and also they’re in fact rather all right although i do not truly like the means i place it on so what you require to do resembles hook this to the little button right there and also typically it takes like a couple of shots for me to obtain it on and also you just slot it in like that so this is how you place on the oppo watch so of what it’s worth i would state it’s a bit loosened like i desire this to

sleep due to the fact that i intended to track my sleep in the evening however it keeps befalling in the night either something is resting or perhaps i just move way too much around at evening so the watch just maintains coming up yet if you look at this individuals it looks actually wonderful on my wrist uh we do have this let me take it out once again for you guys to see in more clear so we do have a number of sensing units at the back right here that tracks your uh your heart price it doesn’t track your spo2 degrees but it does track your heart price quite accurately now of course like i claimed it does track your tasks it has a gps constructed in to ensure that you can take your look out as well as in addition to that you can additionally track your rests as well as have some breathing works out with this device right below so looking at the materials used this is like like i stated it’s really superior it feels simply like the apple watch as well as i do not intend to discuss excessive about that but let’s speak about that display right now so we have a very huge wonderful amoled display right here and also trust me men this looks actually good personally like it has these two contours by the sides right here that makes um navigating on this watch extremely smooth all right so let me just try and show it to you people actually fast oh yes there you go so notice that when i slide across the pages this steps on so seamlessly as well as i actually like the sliding device of this because the contours by

the sides made sliding on this so a lot extra user-friendly uh quite more all-natural if you ask me so this is certainly a very cool function to have this bent screen by the side going up certainly we do get our notifications so right here’s a number of alerts that i have note that these are actually full blown notices so you can in fact tap in there to see even more info you can in fact even see a photo below so yeah that was my article really allow me just clear that and also relocating down you just have all your stuff here so certainly very fascinating to have all your alerts here as well as if you recognize with wear os you’ll be familiar with this so naturally if you swipe below the top right here you obtain a couple of faster ways also i do not say that this is a rather easy to utilize at night prior to i rest normally i simply go right into this cinema mode as well as it just shuts off the display without you recognize any kind of tabs waking it up so apart from that i think it’s relatively great we additionally have the always on display which you just saw simply now so if i just turn it off like that you can see that the uh always on display is still on and also i really appreciate this because it type of minimizes the battery life and i do not truly have to keep taking a look at the clock i can just see this 3 50 p.m yeah so there you go extremely wonderful to use uh apple watch right

here great apart from that let me simply chat extremely quickly about what other things i like about this watch i would say one of the most interesting point i like about this watch is just exactly how it feels exactly how it looks and how it like tracks my heart rates obviously you can see the heart prices on one’s guard or you can examine it out the app itself it syncs with the hi there tab app from oppo or you can likewise sync this with your fit google feed account so you have all your info there so allow’s simply take a glance at this i have my daily activities right here i can just touch in there to see even more info for instance it states the number of steps i’ve had today 5 000 steps at which time it also shows my workout durations you understand my how many calories i’ve shed today as well as simply a pair of tasks below so a great deal of details all on the display itself which’s what i really enjoy proceeding to my next widget i also have my heart tracking right here so clearly we likewise can see my highest possible and least expensive sort of heart rate right below along with my relaxing heart rate so again like i claimed a great deal of information that you can access straight on the watch itself oh and also this is my rest last evening so obviously i rested really bad last

night i only had 2 hours and 39 mins of rest so most definitely insufficient i need to obtain even more sleep men so the trouble right here is that it does not have the rem monitoring it does not track the rapid eye movement sleep so it just tracks the time you’re awake your light sleep and also your deep rest so i assumption that’s uh most likely sufficient for some of you people however if you want rapid eye movement you do not have that right here today relocating on allow me just reveal you something else that i have below oops sorry about that oh yep this is my documents i have not actually started any kind of activities right currently so so basically if you just start an activity all you need to do is similar to press this and also this is how it resembles allow me simply show you all right so you have a number of information here you have your duration your heartbeat your rate most definitely a whole lot of information right here you can additionally stop briefly or quit this session uh it likewise shows your heart price whether it’s in a workout setting or is in comprehensive mode yeah a lot of info here on the on one’s guard itself men so quite trendy uh attribute below notice that this is in fact still multitasking at the back uh so if you just want to return there just strike the open switch and also there you go you’re back because application itself all right so extremely amazing things allow’s simply end this for now since i’m not mosting likely to be walking right here and yeah that’s

virtually it people this is the oppo watch uh in the 46 millimeter variation so i have actually been wearing this like i stated for the past four or 5 days now virtually a week and also the experience is really positive on this watch i truly similar to this device right here although the only downside i need to say concerning the android kind of wear os watches is that the battery life just isn’t that fantastic so i’m just able to obtain concerning one and also a fifty percent of one as well as a half days of battery life on this watch at maximum and also perhaps it’s due to the fact that it’s making use of the older cpu the the snapdragon 3100 as well as there’s presently a new one called the 4100 if i’m not mistaken and that must actually uh introduce some even more power conserving functions yet this is what you get with the oppo watch this is their first effort at a watch and general i have to claim i’m pretty delighted and extremely satisfied with this simply consider that fluidity individuals

there’s no legs whatsoever right here so okay let me simply show you men one more final thing so if you just struck that and simply notice the rate of this watch isn’t the fastest certainly however discover that it still loads up rather rapidly there’s no legs it’s extremely smooth sorry if i’m chatting also fast by the method i need to reduce down all right there you go so this is just how it looks like i can just go right into my settings and also there you have a number of settings simply check out the fluidness guys so you do not have to worry about any type of delays or stutters in the ui itself alright individuals that’s it for this video if you have any kind of questions do not hesitate to leave them down in the remark area listed below i’ll possibly see you guys in the following one discussing next hack i’ll see you individuals bye

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