Huawei MatePad Pro 5G Hands-on iPad Pro Killer?

what are the most exciting parts of huawei’s MWC 2020 launch was the grand reveal of its next supercharged weapon for taken on the might of Apple this right here is the one we admit pad pro 5g a premium tablet convertible Boston’s sleek design incredible smarts and as the name kind of already spoiled full 5g connectivity now that chance to have a proper play with his serious iPad rival and a while we briefed and ahead of the official launch and here is my fault hands-on review of the mitt pad pro 5g and from all the latest greatest tech news do folks subscribe and take my notifications Bell cheers so first up the mitt pads definitely feels as premium as those Apple alternatives with a similar magnesium alloy frame the mitt pad pro 5g is certainly light considering its size but it also seems to be pretty durable so you can hopefully chuck it in your backpack and not have to worry about those shiny surfaces being all scratched up and all of the antennae are completely hidden away as well so there’s all in slightly lines to break up that neat and tidy aesthetics and you get a pleasingly curved edge in as well which travels around the entire circumference for a comfy clutch no matter how you’re actually holding the tab and the mid pad pro 5g comes the choice of four different colors which I can’t remember off the top of my head because I’ve had a lot of specs rather than up in there with all these various and there we see pre booths and not enough copies I’m

just gonna read them off my phone apologies so the metallic style model can be snagged in either midnight gray or pearl white while a forest green and an afterglow orange version will be available with a vegan leather finish very snazzy and one of the definite highlights of Huawei stub is that 10.8 inch display which covers a whopping nine tenths of the front surface those bezels are super skinny at under five millimeters on all sides and you get a hole-punch camera rather than a full-on knotch for minimal intrusion and the mid pad pro 5g seems pretty handy at working out when your fingers and palm fat accidentally spill onto that display as well because of those skinny bezels let’s say the misto detection wasn’t quite perfect in my hands-on session but it did seem to work more often than not the screen itself sports a 16 by 10 aspect ratio which is ideal for working on apps and especially a bit of side-by-side multitasking – you get a 2560 by 1600 resolution which delivers a nice and crisp 280 pixels per inch so those visuals are slightly more sharp than the iPad pro a lot to be honest there doesn’t really see much in it at all and as a hit 514 it’s on that maximum brightness as well the mid-pipe for five g’s display it’s definitely powerful enough to use even in bright sunshiny conditions not looking have to worry about that anytime soon here in London plus the display is DCI p3 color

graded for accurate output definitely good news if you want to get creative and speaking of getting creative while we is offering its new M pencil stylus as an optional accessory this features a nice fine nib for detailed sketch and has a blue showing off here by my intense artistic talents and when you’re done the M pencil sticks magnetically to the edge of the may pad and charges wirelessly at the same time for one hours judge will get whopping ten hours of play while a swift thirty Seconds charge gives you ten minutes of use and Huawei is also launching a smart magnetic keyboard for the mate pad pro 5g which looks and feels pretty similar to that iPad pro boards and it slaps on neatly and feels very secure when it’s in place and once again it charges wirelessly nor worries and on the audio front you get a beefy quad stereo speaker setup here on the mir pad pro 5g with a bit of honk on don’t order your tuning as well the usual government basically it sounds good on top volume and it’ll easy cut through any background it’s probably not a massive shock as well to discover that while we is 7

nanometre Kara 995 G flagship platform is what powers the brought including that da Vinci neural processing unit for a bit of AI smarts when required and my hands on the session the MIT pad pro 5g run as smoothly as a buttered up Barry white as you would kind of expect and you’ve got a bit of 3d cooling tech in there as well to keep your mitts from getting toasty when you’re playing with a thing non-stop and again hands-on session had permanent screen on time and it was absolutely fine on yes as we’ve

already covered there is a bit of 5g support as well for staying connected on the go and while we has also managed to stuff a meaty 7250 milliamp battery inside of this tablet supporting 27 what’s super wireless charging and 7.5 watt reverse wireless charging for all of your accessories and if you’re a bit desperate your phone as well unfortunately one area where Apple’s iPad undoubtedly has the advantage over worries mate pad is the app access because you don’t get any Google Play support here on the mitt pad pro 5g you’re relying on Maui’s app gallery and other third party options like Amazon’s app store and while they certainly offer a broad range of services and quite a lot of the most popular apps here in Blighty unfortunately there are quite problematic gaps and I’m confident that while we will sort it out sooner rather than later but just bear in mind for the time being there will be some workarounds required to get the likes of Netflix and YouTube on there still the software experience is definitely smooth and feature Pat’s here on the meat pad pro 5g you can play around with up to two apps at once in split-screen side-by-side mode or three as well using a float and window now alternatively you’ve got Huawei’s app multiply mode

which allows you to use the same app in that side-by-side format as well so you can access different functions at once apparently over a thousand apps now support this featuring from the likes of Buchan calm its image to get a full list of support apps out of while we’re but hopefully that list should be growing exponentially in no time at all and of course you’ve got the same multi screen collaboration feature from the mid book laptops as well so basically you can pair up with your wires smart phone and throw that smartphone screen onto the tablets display which that means you can quickly copy files from one device to the other and use your phone apps on your tablet too so that’s my initial hands-on impressions of the huawei mate Pad Pro behind G definitely a serious iPad bit and device indeed but what your own personal thoughts be great to hear them slap them down in the comments below and when I have the full price and release date information here in the UK for that while we device I will let you know in the description or via a pin to comment please do bug subscribe doing that notifications as well have yourself a lovely week people Cheers love you

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