Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Hands On: FULL In-Depth Look and ALL Features Walkthrough!

hi men invite back to one more video clip with Liam evaluates in today’s video it’s gon na be a bit different we have a smaller area right below due to the fact that I simply want to concentrate on the million 5 that I just obtained from Dasher so I was very excited to get this from – certain like I pointed out these people they have a store on lazada in con artist so if you’re in Malaysia or Singapore you look in to buy some sell me items do not forget to examine them out web links in description below ok so I unpack this man right below as well as this is primarily package I mean let’s not throw away excessive time but what was available in package was this little guy right below the charger itself as well as the menos itself which nobody would certainly ever before read so let’s eliminate these manners as well as take an appearance at this lovely charger right below so why I stated it is beautiful is due to the fact that maybe if you do not understand however in the me band 4 you actually have to remove the peel to be able to place it right into a cradle to bill up the device but that was a pretty foolish design there has actually been lasting for the past 4 years finally Sammy has actually redesigned the battery charger

and look exactly how it works you simply put it on like the magnet as well as he sticks on really he extremely well so I can also drink it around you know it won’t actually fall off so the magnets are extremely solid this is the dead guys this is really sufficient so really delighted with a charger terrific task to market me there alright so now allow’s take a look at the been on your own of program you can still remove the band’s such as this we can remove the bands as well as exchange it out for different shade bands so yeah that’s pretty a lot it the bands are really slightly various than the previous one and it’s very ideal for individuals with slim wrists like myself so it copulates to the back right here such as this if you have truly small wrists as well as yeah this won’t absolutely fit on either a tiny wrist or thicker it’s okay so currently allow’s discuss the me band 5 itself as well as how it functions so to do that I will be scrolling with the major band 5 itself as well as revealing you people exactly how this actually

services a daily basis so moving down we have the standing here and this is primarily a fast summary of your tasks so you can see your distance covered your calories as well as the idle alerts and this the bright side concerning below is that instruction 7 days action matter over the entire week to make sure that’s rather cool right here excellent information right here of program whatever is still absolutely no since I haven’t obtained much yeah we additionally have our PI which is essentially a scoring system based on how sell me like they produce your kind of tasks so you attempt to obtain even more rating a greater rating to at the very least reveal that you are living a much healthier way of living moving back we likewise have our heart price this is a 24/7 heart price checking system they will certainly track your heart price quite properly absolutely nothing much to speak about there allow’s see what you have we have a notification all right so allow’s discuss notices truly swiftly here this is just how much text you can see on the memory itself so if you can read this please don’t forget to support a block so moving down if you strike this longer you will simply show it’s three little dots at the end right here so I believe this is in fact rather a great deal of details being shown on the Bennett tell oh yes one more point I recognize you individuals have to ask me concerning emojis whether they work with a me band 5 so allow’s simply check it out now I’m gon na send out a couple of emojis right below as well as let’s see what appears on the Ben yeah so as you can

see below the me benefice still does not sustain emojis I wish these clears up all your concerns about exactly how notifications appear like on the million-five so once more allow me just show it to you really quickly again we have our notices as well as this is just how it resembles therefore simply for a side-by-side view this is the quantity of message eyes on my phone as well as this is the amount of text that you can see on the major band five all right I think that’s it for the notices allow’s relocation down the table we likewise have our anxiety test so I think this once more is quite obvious it will certainly just tell you just how worried up you are right currently I haven’t tested out yep you additionally have our breathing exercises here which is based upon a number of mins we have a one-minute interval we likewise have an allow’s see 5-minute interval and also if you enter this it will certainly ask you to unwind yourself in a directed breathing exercise all right I’m not gon na do that in the meantime let’s decrease we have our occasions fine so this occasions are primarily reminders an occasion you add on to the me feed application this is not like your kind of phone events it is only for those that you add on to the meet it application so just keep in mind

concerning that aside from that we also have our weather and this is a really good improvement we have nicer graphics right here as you can see it is 26 degrees available the highs as well as the lows if you move down the table sights I have like degree one sort of winds your UV is the week he also shows you your weather condition for tomorrow really great graphics that I must say right here at electrical storms Sunday Monday and all the means throughout the whole week okay rather cool things relocating down we have our exercises yes allow me show you what sort of activities are being tracked we have our exterior running me cycling in or cycling walking elliptical machine we have our rowing machines yoga exercise do you do yoga exercise dive rope and also draw swimming yeah the last one is freestyle alright so swimming pool swimming is actually pretty cool since like the me before you could actually track your streams with the me been various other bands around some do not sustain this type of IP score so you can swim if your bands yet for the me been five yes it does support swimming fine allow’s decrease the list once again we depended on this will come a lot more alright so 4 cycles this is essentially for the for the ladies around if you wish to track your menstruation cycle so you can do that with the bad I don’t recognize how you do this I’m sorry regarding that okay moving down the last one we

have our more and also these are a couple more works that we have in a band we have a do not interrupt the alarm the cam indeed this is the video camera shortcut you can use to really take selfies or whatnot if you’re a mean poor you state have a songs player sorry I imply my music controls so as soon as again we have the volume backwards and forwards the play button as well as the next and also previous button as well obviously we have a stop-watch the timer and yeah your world clock indeed this is really pretty brand-new to the me bed so for the globe clock you can in fact include a pair of clubs in the me feed app itself yet below I have the New york city plant I have London I have Moscow Beijing yeah couple of clubs below all on the me man itself so this is really simple for you to see allow’s state you have a pals carrying out in Beijing or you recognize Moscow for instance you can know what’s the moment over there as well as maybe asking to play a video game or more yeah pretty great stuff alright so sweating towards the right here you can see your notices and if you swear to us the left this is where you get your widgets and also you can select to tailor what sort of videos do you in fact wish to see on your me been five so I try to load in as many videos as I can let me just show it to you right currently so to begin with

undoubtedly I have my activities Bridget once again if I carry on I have my heart price tracking I have my stress and anxiety examination my breathing exercise I also have the globe clocks right here again as well as the final one is my weather condition widget so if I go back below our really get in right into the Notice Center as well as is basically a loophole guys this is a loophole of the widgets which comes back to no alerts and also then back to the residence screen all right currently let’s speak about this lovely interesting residence screen right below since this is really an extremely interesting one so I imply it does show you what we can see on the major band itself so first up what you need to understand is that we can store six kind of watch deals with on the minion 5 itself by default yet what’s really great here is treating so to begin with allow me reveal you what you can sustain right now currently you have this extremely adorable kind of computer animation taking place so if you have youngsters like 8 or 9 years of ages I’m certain they’ll enjoy these type of cute computer animations just check out this little man running over here yes extremely adorable stuff and youngsters will absolutely enjoy it ok so proceeding we additionally have the second-rate point which is that you can put on your very own photos as the watch face

itself so see that I have 2 various kinds of our watch encounters below one is the clock on top and desire me to crop at the bottom and also let me just reveal you men this picture certain it is in fact a really clear picture of the image that I took and indeed extremely extremely nicely done here ok so currently one of the most amazing component about a watch face let me reveal you these all men and also that is the personalized watch face so as you can see here we have a tiny settings little icon at the end of this watch face so it has hit that little switch and it will certainly say that we are entering this band display screen modifying web page and yeah so to do this we can really simply swipe via the sort of information after that you intend to show right here so possibly I wish to place the battery power shown on the band itself so I have my battery right here and if I go to the bottom I want my heart rate perhaps fine allow’s attempt as well as select something Allison’s for the purpose of changing it oh this looks rather great fine so I’m gon na have that as well as what I require to do below is actually simply long press the display and there we go I have my brand-new watch face established so what I truly like regarding this is we can personalize any type of sort of info that you intend to see at a quick glimpse on guard face itself which’s actually actually amazing alright men I think that’s practically it for this new band 5 I have attempted to clarify as high as I can last but not least yeah I

assume I forgot to mention regarding the battery life with this individual so this mean worth 5 can be found in two variations the non NFC as well as the NFC version so if you’re like my own this is the as well as FC variation he will only last regarding 2 weeks however if you obtain an NXT variation that will last you concerning 20 days however truthfully speaking based upon my real-world usage I would certainly expect this to last possibly concerning 10 days for the non NFC as well as maybe up to two weeks for the NFC variation it actually depends on the number of alerts you get each day all right so currently the final moment I’m gon na place this on for you guys to see so I have extremely slim wrist as you can see right here this my wrist diameter is 16 centimeters so this is how the me band 5 looks like on my wrist yeah I understand my wrist is really skinny however it is what it is Bree okay I claim I do not actually like the light showing up right before my face that little side right there however like I said it is what it is extremely basic band really feels very comfortable on my race let me excessive remark concerning there but yep I assume that’s it for this video clip individuals um thank you individuals for enjoying if you are still right here don’t neglect to hit that like button let me understand if you have any type of questions I’ll be checking out this knee curved five for a pair extra days and also post a complete evaluation I think that has to do with it men I’ll see you people in the next one bye

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