Amazfit Ares Unboxing & In-Depth Look: Seriously GOOD LOOKING! New Features!

hi men welcome back to one more video clip with limb evaluations so in today’s video I’m very excited to provide you the incredible locations the brand-new most recent gadget from surprise feet so this is an extremely rugged clever water is going for concerning 70 United States dollars so quite affordable too for a brand name new device similar to this it comes with a whole lot of new attributes tracks a great deal of place settings so in this video clip we’ll be doing an unboxing in addition to an in-depth walkthrough of the laundry itself but before I do that I simply wish to claim a huge thank you to Dasher that provided me with the example unit so Dasher essentially has a shopping shop and also on the internet store on lazada as well as sharpey where they market all kinds of electronics so if you remain in Singapore or Malaysia as well as you simply want to acquire some digital things especially remarkable speed watches you men can inspect out – there’s lazada and Sharpie store web links in the summary down below alright we do not further so long let’s just delve into the video clip right now alright individuals so right here we have the fantastic errors in the box this is the black I stated a new device from a Key Street absolutely nothing excessive a show-off concerning a box right here let’s unbox this as soon as possible so as we move this light off we get greeted with the exact same incredible box that is available in all

the watches and prepare to feast your eyes on these guys yo men this is the amazement errors alright so let me just remove this watch below for a 2nd and allow’s examine out the various other accessories that comes in a box so if you pull this up I’m expecting to obtain the charger along with the manuals yeah we always get those in package it’s the same box for a misfit watches as well as I’m simply intend to inspect out the charger that can be found in package what type of charge of this can be found in and also yeah so pretty remarkable yeah we do get the brand-new layout of the amaze function so it’s a really small system right here a magnetic naturally and there we go so very easy to really bill up the watch the excellent point is that it really holds on quite securely order is a very small little charger so yeah very pleased you see this kind of stuff here fine so allow’s concentrate on the watch itself and also we have this very sturdy looking style below however allow me just peel this off as well as launch the watch to make sure that you individuals can see the operating system as well yeah I’ll be right back in five seconds alright individuals so I’ve currently powered up the impress with mistakes as well as obtained it paired with my cell phone so this is it resembles before I begin with revealing you individuals around me just promptly put it side-by-side

with my astonished with tier X so this is also an additional very rugged looking device that I came from a labyrinth area allow me understand which you guys choose do you prefer the rate X left wing or the new layout of the Amaze with mistakes that we have here I personally assume they both look really awesome as well as it’s very hard for me to select one over the other yet due to the fact that this is the all new device I could in fact give it to her the astonished with mistakes however yeah this appears like a g-shot whereas this I’m I’m unsure what this resembles let me understand what you men assume so in regards to the band’s they are really comparable really however yep I’ll conserve the comparison for an additional video in this video clip we’re just looking into the outstanding speed errors so yeah allow me just put this t-rex aside in the meantime and concentrate on this man so browsing the tool we in fact see that these are actually constructed from plastics right here plastics around it does not feel like an extremely low-cost tool really it feels quite ok so for the cost of 70 United States dollars I assume this is a quite practical sensation SmartWatch but not as well exceptional yet not low-cost also on the sides right here we have this distinctive type of switches let me just zoom it for you to see more clear we have this kind of room spaceship looking switches right here on the sides textured as well so very great evaluating to the various other side we also have one switch below so one switch on the left and also we have 3 buttons on the right

this is a top button a choose switch in addition to a the bottom button so if you take a look at the front we see that we have a reflective display from a main speed what this means is that it is primarily always-on so you don’t have to like press a switch to see the display screen as an OTC or or the video clip that the watch has actually constantly been on as well as the screen is actually brighter when we have brighter light beaming on the D on the gadget itself so if you remain in a dark space you will certainly have to take advantage of the backlight yet if you’re in the daytime which is implied for this watch you will absolutely have the ability to see the display extremely clearly here so it is a square display as you can see inside the watch itself is not truly the complete display we have a little of bezels around however I don’t truly mind that way too much fine so the bends right here are really really flexible they’re extremely soft as well as smooth to the touch I like this band a great deal there’s not a better than the among the profoundly t-rex in terms of high quality and also feel so absolutely we’ll put this on my practical in a 2nd oh look at the back here men I also this kind of texture design throughout as well as I believe this is very extremely awesome what do you people believe is this cooler than astonished with t-rex alright so now let me

simply show you a little bit on browsing the gadget so this watch is presently Chinese only you can’t obtain it in English because the English variation is not out yet so beginning from the top below we get a pair of fast shortcuts and if you swipe to the right here you get your alerts and I like the alerts because there is a lot of info below we can see a lot of lines of message so allow me see which one I can show you right below alright so allow’s simply have a look at this alert right below we can see a pair of lines of text right here yet if it’s longer you can scroll down the display to see more of it and also notice that the os below is a bit various from existing amazed with gadgets so this is a new operating system if you swipe to there was the right here we obtain our listing of activities as well as there are in fact 70 various tasks right here so a misfit has placed this right into different categories as you can see this is all Chinese however if we just enter this we can see that we can delve into the sport setting today I’m not mosting likely to do that right currently however basically in this checklist here you can have a number of preferred activities that you desire as well as put it in the listing and also if you desire more activities we have extra from various categories like the walking group we have running we have jogging we have interior running

let’s state if you desire to pick the cycling activity we have outdoors like cycling indoor biking a hill biking so basically that is just how it amounts to 70 various tasks and it’s all positioned under the much more sports operate right below so I’m really sorry that this is Chinese only yet yes it is very cool to have all these kind of areas in the laundry itself alright so aside from the 70s sports modes that we have below one point important to note is that this watch does feature a beauty in GPS so you don’t need to rely on your smart device allow’s state you’re out as well as regarding as well as you simply need your general practitioners yep yeah we’ve obtained that going now it took around like 10 seconds to obtain attached yes so we have GPS aboard so you do not need to bring a mobile phone with you when you opt for your operating or cycling activities so that’s pretty amazing so swiping upwards below is where we enter into our widgets so I’ve actually placed in quite a variety of actions right here due to the fact that I’ve been walking a little bit around us now we have our PI system as well certainly we do have the heart price display 24-hour sensor going on we have the taking place we additionally have a music player as always yeah this is always very good for me because I can control it on my wrist as well as we also have your

healing time for your activities so let’s state you go with a run or perhaps you do some activity it will tell you such as exactly how many days you require for you to recuperate from a task before you begin the following one and of course the stopwatch so if we keep decreasing we have another few more things yet the alarms as well as a countdown timer alright so one point I notice that is pretty awesome concerning the Amaze feed location is that it actually features a tiny speaker that can make a little beeps so let me show you exactly how it functions so when alerts can be found in you observe that the watch will in fact beep to allow you know that there is a notice being available in so allow me just this allow you see how it seems like I have to go into the setups oh I need to unknown the screen first and also after that swipe approximately go into my settings which is somewhere down here yeah okay so I can go right into the volume as well as adjust the quantity we have three levels of quantity right here so you can hear that apart from that you can likewise readjust the level of resonances originating from the watch and also I don’t think this was really readily available on the previous amazing watches most definitely not on all so you can change the vibration to reveal like you understand shake even more or vibrate less of training course we do have our brightness as well as yeah so I’m pretty shocked that this amaze the arrows really comes with a beep in there to make sure

that we can really hear our notifications and I assume that’s a really good factor for the misfit mistakes alright so besides that you discover that I have actually been swiping a lot on the display itself however apart from swiping on the display screen this is truly implied for outdoor tasks which is why we have the buttons on the left right here to aid you with rising decreasing too as well as obviously we have our back button right here we can just hit this to go all the way back and also this switch in the center is really a faster way trick we can just strike it to enter into the spot tasks immediately alright so the buttons feel extremely tactile yeah you can hear my modifications going on there so the switches really feel really responsive it feels good does not seem like a low-cost tool like I mentioned previously on and also general I’m extremely delighted with the construct high quality with the impressive errors I believe this may be my favored SmartWatch for 2020 that is originating from a misfit yes so once again let me simply put it in side-by-side with my I’m a sweetheart Rex I’m using right below so which do you men believe is the far better looking gadget ah I actually do not recognize which to pick yet like I claimed recently I could simply choose the brand-new one since this is the brand new gadget fine so one last take a look at the watch throughout oh I have not revealed you guys the watch business yet so allow me simply show it to you individuals I need to open again long press this and let’s see we have a pair of watch encounters in here so you see here some color watch encounters below so you understand that this is a tinted LCD present but yeah really very awesome stuff so if you see

everything looks extremely tough below the kind of watch encounters here as well I’m simply a little bit thrilled men so that is why I may be saying things incorrectly but yep you get what I indicate this is a very trendy SmartWatch oh so this set actually looks rather amazing we have my heart rate shown here around and more info alright individuals I think that’s it for this unboxing and also first looks video on the impress with mistakes I will most definitely be wearing this watch for the next couple of days and also supplying a full review possibly in like 3 to 4 days or possibly prior to the weekend but yes this watch is currently resting on my wrist now as you can see here this is going to be my everyday vehicle driver for the following pair of days as well as incredibly excited to share my experience with you a couple more days in the future alright I believe that’s it for this video if you like this video don’t fail to remember to hit that like button and subscribe if you intend to yeah it’s complimentary anyways or I’ll see you people in the following one bye

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