Xiaomi Haylou LS01 Review – An Awesome $20 Budget Smartwatch!

hi there individuals invite back to another video with arm or leg testimonials so in today’s video we’ll be checking out an extremely budget friendly SmartWatch that I simply observed on-line it’s called the halo LS 0 1 so this is a really cheap SmartWatch it is just about 20 United States bucks and also evidently is made by one of the supply of components by CL me so a whole lot of people are calling this the CL me halo LS 0 1 but yes so simply keep in mind that this is rather pertaining to Carbon monoxide me as well as rest ensured you can expect quality to be pretty great so alright so I’m quite delighted to unbox this watch I’ve in fact been using it for around 4 to 5 days now but allow me just reveal you guys what you in fact enter the box itself alright people so the halo LS 0 1 SmartWatch comes in this actually cute box is an extremely small box and allow me just show you guys what we have around below so there is simply a pair of features that is stated on package itself for instance the large touching color display so basically we have a 1.3 inch LCD display it also includes heart price monitor nine various place modes and also message notifications so a really basic box at the back we have

a little bit more requirements here right there it states that the battery is 210 million hrs so we can expect a rather good battery life on this watch alright so let’s unbox this right now so you just press it bent on slide it out as well as inside you get this extremely standard black box clearly this is just a $20 SmartWatch so we can not expect the product packaging to be really gorgeous but this is pre alright and also as quickly as you unpack it there you have it the halo ls0 one resting ideal inside so allow me simply show you else what else you obtain besides the laundry itself so if you just have a look at this tiny little box right here as well as we simply open it below we actually get the billing cable so this is a proprietary sort of charging cable television right there and you likewise get a couple of handbooks which you probably will not truly require to review so let’s simply place that back ideal for currently as well as have a look at the laundry itself so the version that I acquired here is the white version as well as we can see that it looks really nice guys on the sides we have this silver of grayish products so obviously this is all constructed out of plastics it in fact looks rather alright extremely easy and also clean

minimalistic kind of look right here so let me simply show you people the band’s at the back notification that we have this small little letters that allows you to exchange out the band’s first other bands let’s claim if you want a various type of appearance you can constantly simply take place and also purchase some cheap bands to replace on the halo LS 0 1 going on to the front we do obtain this 1.3 inch screen which you can see below and at the side we have this power button or house button it is a multi-purpose switch so you just push it as well as essentially you can see the display of the watch immediately so very good really feeling the bends is a bit in if you ask me however I most definitely actually like the top quality of this watch is constructed really perfectly relocating onto the back here we have a few information allow me simply zoom it in for you people to see so undoubtedly we have the halo LS 0 1 versions that are behind and also if you observe that company is in fact called dong-gwon nation electronic devices so I’m not exactly sure how important that is yet you additionally obtain a couple of sensing units below along with the location for you to bill your gadget so let me simply show you really swiftly you essentially presume that this on and it simply goes on that just so it is quite strong the magnetic is really rather strong as well as I’m extremely delighted with this since it doesn’t really

diminish when I attempt to bill it as well as it is so easy to charge this halo lf01 alright so let me simply reveal you guys exactly how this looks besides a co me me Ben so obviously you most likely currently become aware of a me band now and it is really the exact same cost as the me band so for a me band it is a little bit one out today because this has actually been in usage for a pair of months now so we do obtain a great deal of scrapes all over but if you discover right here the display screen is way larger than a me group the million only has a little display and also a capacitive house switch however, for this you actually get a good display right here so obviously both are really very similar in regards to features it supplies the primarily simply does track a number of activities not that much yet yeah this is what you would expect to get in difference in between the me band along with the halo LS 0 1 so clearly this is may be some people could be contrasting this to the main road beep which is likewise very cost effective however it’s more pricey than the halo LS 0 1 but what you need to understand here is that the halo LS 0 1 doesn’t come with GPS on board so if you intend to attempt any kind of activities you will have to be utilized together with your smartphone anyways allow me simply placed in side-by-side with my male speed GTS right below

and you can just see the difference in between the CDs clearly it is a little bit not that intense outdoors right now is a little bit gloomy yet what I have to state is that the LCD present is actually extremely excellent on the halo lf01 as you can see right here it actually holds up rather well beside the major speed GTS they’re both very clear and also they supply excellent readability on the display itself okay so currently allow me simply show you exactly how this halo LS absolutely no one operates so if you just swipe down you actually get a couple of widgets so below you have the variety of footsteps if you keep going you have your distance covered if you simply keep going down inside the calories shed and obviously we have the week overall so this is revealing how much actions you have stroll over the whole week so due to the lockdown I haven’t been strolling around as well much so I just get 7000 actions right there yet yep that’s what’s that’s what you obtain from the clean so swiping below over this is where you obtain your Notice Facility as well as I’m really pleased to claim that it really sustains rather a great deal of alerts right here so we have your Instagram I have my Twitter i also have a facebook alerts so you can see all these alerts right from the wash itself and also it is extremely legible and also I simply take an appearance at this and this is somebody’s birthday celebration right there so it truly sustains quite a lot of notifications from my mobile phone as well as I’m

extremely happy with this so as an example I can even touch in to see more details below so there is a great deal of text below and you can actually simply maintain going down to check out the whole tweet simply on the SmartWatch itself so notices sensible I’m offering this a really solid pants up alright so going on allow me just show you men the food selection so you swipe to the entrusted to actually see the food selection so right here we have your area settings we have your heart price relaxed setting alarm as well as if you just maintain going currently you actually have your songs controller so songs controller is in fact very helpful on the halo lf01 you can simply strike that to release the music controller allow me simply reveal you to you truly quickly so if you simply enter into songs controller it is in fact linked to my phone right below so allow me just hit that play switch so discover if when I struck the play switch it in fact instantly launches my Spotify application on my cell phone and also let me just try and get a track running just to reveal you individuals very rapidly good so I’ve presently obtained a tune running right here as well as the controls that is available on a watch is simply the next as well as previous button so you are unable to transform the volume on this but you able to go next previous song and play time out so just an extremely straightforward fundamental features that you can accomplish on the halo at 0 1 I assume it’s flawlessly great if you intend to adjust the volume you have to do it on the smartphone itself however the fact that it really supplies some standard features to control your songs gamer that is most definitely rather great here alright so part on the music gamer allow me simply reveal you the kind of area modes that are its supports so if you

simply enter into sport obviously we have your stroll your runs oops inadvertently push that so we have your strolls we have your runs you just keep going it has cycling walking climbing up and your totally free workout so these are all fundamental workout modes notice that we don’t have swimming right here which’s because this is only an ip68 water resistant ranking as well as you can’t really track your swimming or you can not really go that deep with this watch so simply a couple of standard functions below and also just absorb mind that you’ll need to use your smart phone for GPS all right so in addition to that this watch is additionally able to track your heart price notice that in the display screen due to the fact that it is an extremely little screen they use this tiny little chart so you can obtain really thorough type of readings on the water on one’s guard itself but I’m extremely delighted with this due to the fact that it’s able to reveal my readings and the bright side right here is that it’s rather accurate at a lot of times right so if you swipe to the left this is your nerve center we get a few more standard features below which I typically do not really utilize but it is simply there for you alright so simply in instance you’re questioning the hi LS zero one likewise includes a couple of various watch deals with that you can alter so as you can see right here let me simply swipe through as well as show you the five various watch deals with that you can make use of on this watch they’re all very standard but it features a great deal of details that you can have with just one look so these are simply a pair of the watch faces

you can carry the hero LS 0 1 certainly I prefer this certain one due to the fact that it’s just so simple yet you can likewise use this and also this actually looks respectable also it reveals you see your variety of actions your calories and range covered everything just at one single glimpse which is wonderful alright so in regards to really wearing the watch this is how it appears like on my hand as soon as again it is extremely comfy and also very lightweight so the bright side is you hardly really feel the watch on your wrist itself it is great for those of you that wish to really put on these to sleep to track your rest as well as yeah it doesn’t really anything on your wrist itself it’s so light which’s what I really like so something I need to point out here as well is the race to wake is really good so you simply require to flip your wrist a little and display a shot right away as well as fortunately is if you relocate your wrist away the screen actually goes off let me simply show it to you right there as well as just flick it on once again and there you go it is extremely sensitive as well as it works virtually 99% of the moment where I have the watch on my wrist and this is something that I actually love regarding the halo ls0 one all right apart from that allow me just reveal you individuals really quickly the halo app so the app is fairly basic it does include a few insects right here that I do not truly comprehend as an example this is the house screen but you don’t have any data right here on a house display itself when you need to

see the information you in fact have to click this to go in so as an example let’s enter into my sleep tracking so it’s simply filling right currently as well as if you see right I’ve in fact tracked my sleep over a couple of evenings currently it does show you some info right here which is really valuable it shows when you go into bed and also when you get out of bed there’s a number of extremely basic details right here but what I noticed was that it’s not the most exact yet of program this is a really economical watch so don’t truly expect it to be extremely precise so notice that a time of getting up is mainly the same for me I have no concept why I keep awakening at 9:42 so if you simply go once more you see 942 once again and when extra so out of 5 evenings I’ve woken up at 9:42 for four evenings yeah so I’m not exactly sure exactly how accurate that is it does it shows a little bit of details right here but do not anticipate it to be very precise so if we go back we additionally have your heart rate as well as if you see right here it attracts your heart price throughout the whole day so it’s actually pretty valuable to see a number of information like a resting heart price your optimum heart rate and average heart rate so all this ought to provide you a sign of exactly how your heart is as well as whether you could need some workout or something like that so the app is really straightforward you additionally have a couple of setups below that you can do all on one’s guard itself so for instance you can do a great deal of adjustments in settings right here so you just require to strike even more features and afterwards you see every little thing that you can customize on guard itself right below in the app so a lot of stuff right here for you to watch out and also yeah battery life smart if you recognize the very least I have 36% staying and I have

actually been utilizing this watch like I mentioned for around 5 days now so five days and also I’m to 36% well I expect this watch to be able to last me regarding one week or maybe eight to 9 days however the important things is that I do get a lot of notifications so I’m not also anxious about this watch the fact that it’s able to rise to one week much more than one week I would certainly expect it’s extremely good in my books alright people so that’s it for the halo ls0 one as soon as again this is a really cost effective budget plan SmartWatch it is just 20 bucks and also like I said instead of obtaining a mean band possibly you can consider getting yourself like a halo ls0 one if you’re seeking that kind of budget SmartWatch obviously it doesn’t have general practitioners yet it does feature a whole lot of attributes as well as the truth that is so comfy and also whoops so well is something that I can in fact advise to you people so this bear in mind that it’s not amazing GTS it’s not a GTR or whatnot but yeah it is just a very straightforward minimalistic type of SmartWatch that offers you the monitoring of a few fundamental activities that you could do on the daily basis alright men if you have any type of concerns I really feel complimentary to leave them down in the comment section below as well as I’ll see you men in the following one bye

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