REALME 6i Full Review – Everything You Need To Know! Should You Buy It?

this thing testing hi individuals welcome back to another video with limb reviews so when again we’re below in the automobile for one more in-car testimonial of a new mobile phone that I simply obtained in my hands so today we’ll be examining out the real mean 6i and also I’ve got this tool for the past few days now as well as I just desire to share a couple of my straightforward opinions with making use of the actual me 6i so prior to I begin there just an extremely quick intro on this tool this belongs to the real me 6 series where there is the real Mystics Pro the rim is 6 in addition to the real Mystics eye so they’re truly 6 ayats it’s at the base of the table it is one of the most affordable however is it worth your money let’s discover alright guys so prior to we check out the real mean 6 I allow me just reveal you people what we enter package undoubtedly once again we get this really nice intense yellow shade box from genuine me and also in package we in fact get a very typical collection of devices so we’re not shedding way too much on the unboxing itself let me simply show you right away what you obtain in package so to begin with clearly you obtain a charger that can be found in a box this is not the fastest

charger that we have around but it’s a standard 9v to a battery charger so apart from that we likewise obtain a USB type-c cord an extremely basic type C wire right there and also you additionally obtain your favored silicone instance so as always the good idea for having this case in the box is since the actually imply 6 is do a new gadget as well as it’s not easy for you to get situations on-line yet so we have this really means 6i transparent silicone situation here that can secure the device right out of the box as well as last but not least certainly we do obtain the genuine me 6i so the device that I have today is called the milk white shade and as you can see it looks pretty fascinating layout smart it truly relies on exactly how you take a look at this device I believe it looks respectable it is extremely straightforward it has this white lines that accompanies the financial institution cover and you can really see the lines in various lighting so it depends on how you turn the gadget will in fact see the lines on the back cover moving on to the front we really have a small drop notch at the front which is which is so completely great by me I choose

the notch to be appropriate in the center instead than left wing since it does looks a little bit off so having that much in the center is flawlessly fine on the sides we have this good silver ages that goes throughout the device and I assume it looks quite awesome so as you can see below these buttons are very well made on to the sites along with on the various other side we have the lock switch so once more I have to touch a bit on the back panel so this feels a little bit plasticky as you can hear right below it is certainly made of plastic yet a good news below is that this is made of matte products so it is really smooth to the touch as well as it will not gather any fingerprints no issue exactly how you position your fingers on the back panel to make sure that is absolutely excellent in my criteria obviously we do have this finger print scanner at the back here also and also it functions extremely well so in regards to layout I assume it is perfectly great it’s absolutely nothing too showy but it’s not as well uninteresting too whatever is great right below alright so currently allow’s discuss making use of the gadget itself I recognize it’s starting to rain around so ideally I can end up the testimonial in time as well as it

doesn’t trigger as well much noise to the video however first allow me speak regarding the LCD show so the LCD display that we have on the real mean 6i is it’s kind of a variety the bright side right here is that the colors are really good the colors are extremely saturated the comparison degrees is also rather excellent as you can see here the blacks are actually pretty deep is remarkably great for us LCD panel and I’m very happy with the saturation and the comparison levels illumination degrees are likewise quite wonderful we have the ability to go very bright although we are outdoors right here as well as we can get a really great screen so the only trouble with the display screen is that it is a 720p display screen meaning that you can not enjoy 1080p video clips so for instance if you simply struck right into YouTube and also simply select any video clip that you see you won’t have the ability to play the video in 1080p or 4k or whatnot however you’re still able to obtain 720p so the excellent point here is that a video clip strung-out still pretty excellent as well as it’s not that bad once in a while you have the ability to see some pixels on the display itself but it is absolutely still very great although it is on this 720p screen all right so having claimed that allow’s relocate on to the performance of this device so undoubtedly this is running the most recent Helio g 80 as well as my tool features 4 gigabytes of RAM and also 128 gigabytes of inner storage so 110 8 gigabytes is expanding by means of microSD sd card and also you can put that in there so aside from that

in regards to simply operating the tool from an everyday basis I discovered that navigating via the gadget is pretty smooth undoubtedly applications open the quickest yet up until now whatever is quite fine I don’t find that there are any lags or any significant beginners in the device every little thing is just functions rather smoothly and although I can claim that this is not the fastest device around however thus far it has provided me with a really stable experience alright so as you can see here one point I require to state also is that the real methods 6i is actually running base of android variation 10 and that is absolutely excellent information due to the fact that this is the most recent version right currently as well as every little thing is based off that so besides that allow me speak a bit about the in gaming experience on this gadget so undoubtedly I play a great deal of mobile legends like I’ve stated in my previous video clips and also play MOBA legends on the actual mean 6 is a rather smooth experience so I don’t face any kind of delays I’m able to dip into the highest possible settings without any kind of delays yet I would advise you to just select the second highest degree setups apart from that the bright side here is that since we have this plastic type of back cover and pleased to introduce that the tool does not get also hot

even after pc gaming for about 45 minutes so obviously if you came for greater than a hr it may get a bit more warm and I don’t recommend you to play ready so long all appropriate ok so in terms of efficiency I would certainly say that it is pretty excellent for the type of rate that you’re paying for this tool so at the same time let me simply reveal you really swiftly the antutu benchmark scores that I got for the Raimi 6 I certainly I ran into the test and I obtained 200 and 1000 so this is very similar in regards to efficiency to the Snapdragon 600 5 or the ki-rin 960 from Huawei so this is simply for referral but total I need to just let you recognize that performance on this really implies 6 is pretty good something I did observe below is that the Wi-Fi is a bit strange so when I mosted likely to Wi-Fi am unable to attach to 5 ghz wireless router so the router that I contend home has 2 bands it is a 5 ghz and a 2.4 ghz variation as well as I’m just able to detect the 2.4 ghz variation so the link is very solid and I’m getting really consistent speeds on a 2.4 yet just bear in mind that you might not have the ability to link to 5 gigahertz routers to ensure that’s simply something that you must remember all right now let’s talk a bit about those electronic cameras at the back allow me zoom in for you individuals so the back here we have a quad camera

system led by the 48 megapixel amine sensing unit so we also have an 8 megapixel white sensor a 2 megapixel macro and also one more 2 megapixel black-and-white so in regards to numbers alone it may sound extremely excellent that it has a forty a megapixel camera but nowadays we just concentrate on the image top quality that comes out from the electronic camera itself as well as not dwell way too much on the numbers so in terms of image quality I enjoy to say that daylight shots has actually been rather okay there is nothing much to shut concerning the image top quality on the genuine me 6 I on the whole I’m getting pretty good pictures from the daytime shots so why angle shots are additionally ordinary I would not say that it’s the sharpest out there however it’s absolutely appropriate I’ll reveal you guys a couple of samples so you can choose on your very own whether that is whether the top quality is excellent or not relocating on to night shots it certainly isn’t the most effective right below I discovered the taking evening shots on the actual me sticks I certainly isn’t its toughest point as an example you can see this picture right below this was taken with evening setting activated and also you can see that there is a great deal of noise and also there is just way too much sound in the photo and I would really advise

you to simply fire night photos without the evening mode and that is something that I have actually discovered to in fact give better outcomes so at the end of the day it is not that excellent in terms of night photos but daytime shots is it’s pretty good in regards to the selfie we do get a 16 megapixel front-facing electronic camera Hey and it works simply as anticipated is not the as soon as again is not the finest selfie electronic camera around yet yeah it absolutely works for publishing on social media sites great guys enough concerning the video cameras you’ve seen the sample so you need to choose whether you can approve the top quality of the photos coming out from the actual musics I so last yet not the very least let me chat a little bit regarding the battery life and speakers on the actual me 6i so battery wise we do get a five thousand milliamp hour battery that is extremely very solid I’m most definitely able to get one full day of use simply with one solitary billed screen promptly has actually been regarding 6 to seven hours for me but it actually depends on what you do on your gadget in regards to the speaker once again this is a single shooting speaker and also it’s not the loudest sound quality is suitable excellent sufficient for gaming as well as yeah probably this pc gaming yet if you desire a better audio high quality you can

constantly put in your headphones or other earphones making use of the headphone jack that comes on the tool itself alright people that’s it for this video I have actually covered virtually every little thing that I need to cover on this actually 6i overall if you asked me if this is a good device certainly we do not have a cost today below in Malaysia but based upon pricing that I have actually seen in various other countries it is concerning 750 ringing that makes it a little much less than 180 US dollars so if this is valued at 180 US bucks I assume that it is really a pretty great buy thinking about that you get a really good display screen here or don’t not the sharpest you get a respectable set of cams and the build quality is really strong so in my following video I’ll be comparing this actually means 6 i with my redmi note nines as well as allow you know which is the much better Purchase so remain tuned for that and also if you have any questions do not forget to leave them down in the comment area listed below and I’ll see you guys in the following one bye

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