ASUS Zephyrus G14 vs G15 Gaming Laptop Comparison

The ASUS Zephyrus G14 as well as G15 are both thinner, however which should you get? I’ve compared both to aid you determine! As you can probably inform by the names, the G14 has a smaller sized 14 inch display, while the G15 has a bigger 15 inch screen. This results in the G15 being a physically bigger laptop, but it’s still relatively thin contrasted to a whole lot of various other gaming laptops out there. Larger dimension suggests even more weight. The G14 is absolutely a lighter much more portable bundle, however a smaller sized dimension does have various other downsides. The huge one is less upgrade alternatives. The G14 can just take one M. 2 SSD, while the bigger G15 can fit two. Both laptops are restricted to just one memory slot however, with either 8 or 16 jobs of DDR5 memory soldered to the motherboard. The G15 likewise has more room for a bigger 90Wh battery, nevertheless I discovered that the G14 was actually long lasting longer in my common YouTube video playback examination, despite both laptops having the exact same 6900HS CPU and running their screens at 200 nits illumination. Smaller sized dimension also implies much less area for ports. On the left both laptop computers have the power input, HDMI 2.0 b result, a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port and 3.5mm sound combination

jack. The bigger G15 additionally suits 2.5 gigabit ethernet, a 2nd Type-C port and a Type-A port right here. They both have a UHS-II MicroSD card port on the right, as well as the G14 has two USB Type-A ports right here as well as a Type-C while the G15 simply has one Type-A So if you accumulate all the ports, the only difference is the smaller G14 does not have ethernet, so you’ll either have to adhere to Wi-Fi or make use of a USB dongle if you actually require that. Both of the Type-C ports on the G15 can be made use of to charge, however only the one on the left of the G14 does that. As well as both Type-C ports on both laptops can additionally attach to exterior displays. One goes to the iGPU and also the other to the dGPU. HDMI ports on both attach to the dGPU, yet as ASUS aren’t making use of HDMI 2.1, they max out at 4K 60Hz 8-Bit. Both the G14 as well as G15 are readily available with light or dark finishes, I simply occur to have a dark G14 and light G15 below. The general design visual is very comparable in between them, though the

G14 has the option of a lid that illuminate and can be customized with varying effects. Build high quality of both laptops feels great, yet the G14 seemed a little bit more solid, possibly just since it’s smaller sized, there’s much less surface to flex. Both laptop computers likewise have front encountering speakers, as well as I assumed the G14 sounded far better. The G15 obtains louder and sounds more clear, but the G14 isn’t far behind and it’s obtained even more bass which I liked. The interior format looks extremely similar, but they’re a bit various when you really utilize them. Despite both key-boards having a solitary zone of RGB backlighting as well as 1.7 mm of essential travel, the G15’s keyboard really felt a little bit mushier to type on. If we look more detailed we can see surrounding secrets obtain pressed down also, which isn’t taking place on the smaller sized G14. The G15’s touchpad is a little larger, however the G14’s is a little louder to press. Both really feel good and accurate to utilize however. The G14 has a smaller sized 14 inch screen, it’s obtained a taller 16:10 aspect proportion, while the G15’s is conventional 16:9. The G14’s screen obtains brighter, at the very least when compared to the G15’s 240Hz display. The G15 also has a 165Hz alternative though, so anticipate different results keeping that. Shade

range was exceptionally close, generally no functional distinction, yet once more outcomes will certainly differ with various panels. The display action time was a little quicker with the G15, however genuinely, both are great outcomes contrasted to a great deal of various other pc gaming laptop computers around. The overall system latency shows exactly how lengthy it takes in between a mouse click as well as when a gun shot fire appears on the display in CS: GO, as well as once again the G15 was a little faster, yet there’s truly very little distinction. It’s worth keeping in mind that the G15 just has adaptive sync with optimus on, as that’s managed by the Radeon integrated graphics, component of the CPU. It does not have advanced optimus or G-Sync with the Nvidia graphics, so if you transform optimus off as well as reboot for optimum FPS in video games, anticipate screen tearing. The G14 on the various other hand uses FreeSync both with the integrated Radeon graphics and discrete Radeon graphics, so whether optimus is on or of off, which’s simply a

benefit of an all AMD system. The G15 can do G-Sync over HDMI while the G14 supplies FreeSync over HDMI, it doesn’t do G-Sync as it doesn’t have Nvidia. Both laptop computers have a 720p camera above the display between, and also they both have IR for Windows Hey there deal with unlock. One of the bigger distinctions between these 2 laptops is the specs. They’ve both got AMD’s Ryzen 9 6900HS CPU, DDR5 memory and also a 1TB SSD, but the primary distinction is that the G15 utilizes Nvidia’s GeForce graphics while the G14 utilizes AMD’s Radeon graphics. Now typically speaking, the RTX 3070 Ti graphics in my G15 execute better in games compared to the 6800S in the G14. You can likewise get the G15 with lower tier RTX 3060 graphics which may change points, as the 6800S led at the very least one of our lower powered 3060s found in Lenovo’s Legion Slim 7i. Some games just directly do much better on AMD’s Radeon graphics, like Red Dead Redemption 2. The 6800S in the G14 was really a little in advance of the RTX 3070 Ti in the G15 in this one. Certainly there are other games like Control that heavily prefer Nvidia graphics, which is why now also the lower powered 3060 in that Slim 7i was ahead currently. I indicate the typical FPS is essentially the very same, yet the G14 has a reduced 1% low, so a lot more dips in efficiency and also less secure gameplay. Don’t neglect that both Nvidia as well as Radeon graphics can utilize FSR in sustained video games, yet just Nvidia graphics obtain you DLSS. Multi core CPU efficiency was a little better with the 6900HS in the G15, while

solitary core was a little in advance on the G14, yet eventually these small distinctions are within the margin of mistake range as well as likely boiled down to silicon lottery game. If we unplug the charger and run totally off of battery power however, the G15 goes down back additionally. Solitary core scores aren’t a lot various, however the G14 was providing much better multi core efficiency when working on battery. The Nvidia and AMD GPU difference typically matters much more in material development tasks. Nvidia frequently appears to execute better, as seen here in video clip editing tests. The G14 had an edge in Adobe Photoshop, as that examination relies on solitary threaded performance, so once more results may differ a bit there based upon silicon lottery game, as they both have the exact same CPU. I believe going with Nvidia makes much more sense for developers, as it’s ahead in even more situations than not. Again I am using a 3070 Ti below, yet take Mixer for instance, also lower rate 3060s are scoring far ahead of the 6800S. Both laptops have the exact same Wi-Fi 6E card, the G15 was a little faster, maybe its larger dimension permits for even more optimum antenna positioning, however I’m just thinking. Both laptop computers additionally included 1TB SSDs, the one in my G15 was much faster, however this type of thing could range areas, and do not fail to remember the G15 can take two SSDs while the G14 can just fit one. As for thermals, typically the G14 was running warmer, which might not be also surprising as a smaller device simply suggests there’s less area and

also materials for cooling. That stated, the fans were additionally running louder with the G15 as well, so probably much faster. Allow’s have a listen. The G14 was getting to greater CPU clock speeds in hands-on setting and with the cooling pad. Remember both laptops have the very same 6900HS CPU, so these are similar. The GPU clock speeds are much less equivalent though, as there are distinctions in between AMD and also Nvidia. Similarly, the method both step TDP is different too, so I ‘d truly only contrast the CPU power limitations in heaven bars and also not pay a great deal of attention to the green bars. The G14 that I have actually checked with Radeon RX 6800S graphics opts for $1900 USD, yet there’s additionally the reduced tier 6700S for $1650. For contrast, the G15 with RTX 3060 graphics is less than both of these, also if it really did not have its present sale. The setup I have actually checked with 3070 Ti is $2000 though, so $100 much more costly compared to the G14 that I checked. You can also obtain the G15 with higher tier 3080 graphics for even more money. So these arrangements that I have

actually checked are just $100 apart, and these Zephyrus laptops frequently go on sale too, so inspect the web links below the video for existing rates and sales. And also talking of sales, if either of these laptops do take place sale, I’ll be certain to add them to my new website, so make certain you inspect that out regularly to obtain the most effective offer on your next video gaming laptop! Alright so G14 or G15, which should you obtain? Typically talking most of the times, the G15 was the better equipment. There’s just much more things you can do with more physical room. It’s still on the thinner side for a 15 inch gaming laptop, so definitely portable, but if you want supreme mobility after that the G14 may be the method to go. Obviously the G15 wasn’t constantly appearing ahead of the G14. As an example, the G14 lasted longer on battery, the performance on battery was much better, and the keyboard was additionally nicer to type on. The G15 can be more

affordable if you go for the 3060 option, which honestly should still be extremely qualified. If I was selecting, personally I ‘d most likely opt for the smaller G14 laptop computer, because when I utilize laptop computers I’m really taking a trip, I require the mobility, that’s essential to me, and also the truth is the efficiency available from this device is mosting likely to be plenty when I’m out as well as around. At the same time, I do like the additional screen area of the G15, and it isn’t that a lot larger. Honestly I ‘d possibly be leaning more in the direction of ASUS’s Zephyrus M16 over the G15, and also you can discover all the reasons why in this video next. The M16 is extremely comparable to the G15, however it’s obtained an Intel CPU as well as a bigger screen, which can be advantages relying on what you’re utilizing your laptop for. Or else if you are most definitely marketed on a smaller sized 14 inch laptop, examine out this one next instead, possibly it deserves spending even more money on Razer’s Blade 14.

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