AMD Ryzen 9 7950X vs 5950X vs 3950X – Upgrade Time?

I’ve contrasted AMD’s last 3 generations of 16 core Ryzen cpus in games as well as applications to discover if it’s time to upgrade, or if you can save some money getting an older version. All three of these Ryzen 9 processors are 16 core 32 string chips, but the more recent the CPU, the greater the clock speed they get to. The 5950X only increases 200MHz greater than the 3950X, while the new 7950X boosts 800MHz greater than the 5950X, and the 7950X additionally has double the L2 cache. AMD’s brand-new Zen 4 cpus now use the more recent DDR5 memory, and they’ve also got integrated graphics currently, something the older parts do not have. At the time of launching in September 2022, AMD prepares to sell the 7950X for $700 USD. Today on Newegg you can get the older 5950X for $550 or the 3950X for $495. This will transform with time, so inspect current costs with the links below the video. With a $150 greater rate tag, it pleads the question, is the 7950X worth paying a lot more for contrasted to AMD’s older and cheaper 16 core CPUs? To find out, I have actually used this system to compare all 3 cpus. I’ve tested with MSI’s Core Fluid S360 AIO and Noctua NT-H2 thermal paste so we can relatively contrast thermals, yet the motherboard as well as RAM have been altered for the 7950X, as this utilizes the new AM5

socket as well as calls for DDR5 memory. Alright let’s obtain directly right into some application, thermal and also power draw tests, and after that afterwards we’ll check out performance in 12 video games at 1080p, 1440p and also 4K resolutions! Let’s begin with Cinebench R23, as it’s an easy way to obtain a general concept of where single and also multi threaded efficiency go to. I have actually obtained the earliest 3950X down the base, the 5950X in the center, and also the latest 7950X at the top, and also we can plainly see that brand-new Zen 4 based 7950X is giving us a large efficiency boost contrasted to the last two generations. We’re speaking about a 51% higher solitary core score compared to the 3950X and a 25% lead over the 5950X. The multicore gains were much more excellent, with the 7950X scoring 49% far better than the 5950X, despite both cpus having the exact same core and also string count, so what’s going on? We can see why the boost is so large when looking into the clock rates being gotten to during this test. Prior to the 7950X, 16 core Ryzen chips were maxing out at 3.9 GHz in this all core workload. The “up to” 4.7 GHz provided on the spec sheet for the 3950X and also 4.9GHz for the 5950X relate to solitary core increase, so lower speed with all cores under lots is expected. The 7950X on the various other

hand is wrecking well beyond the 5GHz barrier in a sustained way, excellent stuff, a minimum of till we take a closer look under the hood. The 7950X is utilizing dramatically more power contrasted to the other 2 cpus in order to get to these rates. Yeah the 7950X is racking up 49% far better in multi core contrasted to the 5950X, however it’s likewise utilizing 69% even more power to achieve this – not so good in this situation. Appears like AMD may have taken a page out of Intel’s book. The 7950X winds up similar to the 3950X from an effectiveness point of view, while the 5950X was the most reliable, a minimum of in this particular examination without power limitations. We can of course usage Eco setting on the 7950X to restrict it to make use of much less power, however we’re examining at default right here as I figured a lot of people getting these luxury CPUs will certainly do the same. Even more power normally equals even more warmth, as well as the 7950X was reaching TJMax at 95 levels Celsius in this test, despite having my big 360 all-in-one fluid colder. Now AMD notes that with the brand-new AM5 outlet and also greater TDP, 95 levels Celsius is anticipated when under heavy multicore lots, as well as that this is intended and deliberately. They go on to keep in mind that TJMax is the maximum safe operating temperature level, not the absolute max. The processor is

designed to run at 95 levels Celsius such as this 24/7 without danger of damage or wear and tear. Generally AMD do not take into consideration 95 degrees Celsius as warm. Zen 4 will intentionally try to visit this temperature level as a lot as feasible to press out as much performance as it can. Directly, I do not really see this as much of a problem, yet I’m utilized to screening laptop computers, so 95 degrees Celsius is rather standard things. It appears like you’ll desire an excellent cooler to pair with the 7950X so as to get one of the most from it. Alright just prior to we get involved in the game benchmarks, allow’s consider the remainder of the efficiency work, as this is honestly what 16 core cpus are developed for. Blender was checked with the Open Data benchmark, as well as I’ve included all 3 various workloads that it evaluates. The 7950X had a 57% lead over the older 3950X in the Class test, and also still a 52% lead when compared to the 5950X. The distinctions in between the 3950X and also 5950X look extremely tiny contrasted to what the 7950X is capable of. The V-Ray benchmark is one more hefty multi-threaded making work, and also the 7950X has its biggest lead over the 3950X right here, scoring 75% greater. The 7950X comes out 49% in advance of the 5950X, so still a fantastic solitary generation efficiency boost, however once more don’t ignore the additional power needed to draw

this off. The Corona standard likewise makes use of the cpu to provide out a scene, but reduced times are much better currently. This work had one of the smallest distinctions out of all applications tested with the 7950X being 24% faster than the 5950X. Linux kernel collection was tested in Linux with Ubuntu 22.04, whereas the remainder of the tests were all finished with Windows 11. There’s very little distinction in between the 3950X and 5950X below, which I think is because of them having the very same amounts of L2 as well as L3 cache. Cache influences collection efficiency, and the 7950X with its dual L2 cache is 30% faster than the 5950X. LLVM collection is the only other test I’ve performed in Linux, and again the 5950X and 3950X were similar below. The 7950X was around 30% faster contrasted to the 5950X simply listed below it below too. Handbrake was made use of to convert my 4K 60FPS testimonial video of the Legion 7i gaming laptop computer to 1080p h.
265. Lower times are much better here, and once more the void between the 3950X and 5950X is much smaller sized contrasted to the bigger lead by the newer 7950X. The 7950X was 31% faster than the 5950X and also 36% faster than the 3950X. This examination can take advantage of

avx512 with an optional flag made it possible for, as the 7950X includes hardware assistance for it, but I only found this to possibly provide it a 10 second accelerate. Adobe Premiere was examined with the Puget Equipments benchmark device, and this tests video modifying jobs like exporting, playback and also even more. Again only minor distinctions between the older 3950X as well as 5950X with the 7950X having a bigger lead. Do not forget the 7950X adds integrated graphics for the very first time now, so this could partially be responsible for some of the performance uplift right here as Premiere can utilize integrated graphics. DaVinci Willpower is an additional video clip modifying program, and the efficiency gap was a little larger right here with the 7950X scoring 24% higher compared to the last gen 5950X, and also 33% greater compared to the 3950X before that. Adobe Photoshop does better with more solitary threaded performance, and also as we saw in Cinebench previously, the 7950X certainly has some good gains there. It’s scoring 29% in advance of the 5950X, but 47% in advance of the older 3950X. Now for some workplace jobs like Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint

and Overview. The 7950X was in advance in all workloads, so I guess consider updating if you’re doing serious workplace company. 7-Zip was used to test compression as well as decompression. Ryzen normally does better compared to Intel in these tests, as well as I truly can not wait to contrast the 7950X versus Intel’s 13th gen Core i9-13900K quickly once it’s available. See to it you’re subscribed for that contrast! Once again like a lot of the various other work evaluated, the space between the 3950X and also 5950X is smaller compared to where the 7950X takes us. Geekbench checks a number of various workloads, several of which take advantage of AVX512 guidelines, which is something that the 7950X has equipment support for and clarifies the above ordinary gains. The 7950X is racking up 51% greater contrasted to the 5950X in the multicore test, the 2nd greatest distinction out of all work I have actually evaluated. Typically out of all applications examined, the brand-new 7950X is around 47% faster when compared to the older 3950X, though as we can see there are significant distinctions between the different applications. V-Ray was racking up 75% greater with the 7950X, while Adobe Best had a smaller 26% increase. If we instead compare the 7950X versus the 5950X, then we’re considering a 31% renovation with the more recent 7950X in these very same details application examinations. Once more it actually depends on the certain work, Blender can be 50% much better on the 7950X, while Microsoft Word had primarily no change. I guess

also the 7950X can just do so much clip art. Alright now let’s compare some video games! I have actually tested all 3 processors in 12 various video games at 1080p, 1440p and 4k resolutions to see what the distinctions are. Allow’s begin out with Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. I have actually got the 1080p outcomes down the bottom, 1440p in the middle, as well as 4K up the top, with the older CPUs below the more recent ones within each resolution. At 1080p the 7950X was appearing 55% in advance of the older 3950X in ordinary FPS, and also 28% ahead contrasted to the 5950X. The spaces are a bit reduced at the higher 1440p resolution, however there’s still a clear lead with the 7950X. By the time we reach the greatest 4K resolution though, the distinctions in between the 7950X and also 5950X are primarily absolutely nothing as we’re GPU bound now, and also those only had a small 7% increase over the 3950X. Microsoft Flight Simulator was examined in the Sydney touchdown obstacle, and it was type of comparable in relation to the 5950X and also 7950X not having a

genuine quantifiable distinction at the highest 4K resolution. The spaces are bigger at 1440p and also 1080p where the CPU difference matters extra. At 1440p, we’re speaking about a great 46% increase with the 7950X compared to the older 3950X, though only a 17% lead when contrasted to the 5950X. Warhammer 3 was checked with the video game’s benchmark tool, as well as had no difference in any way in between the 3 processors at 4K. Even 1440p revealed no differences between the 7950X and 5950X, with the 3950X just 11 FPS approximately behind. At 1080p the 7950X was 49% in advance contrasted to the 3950X, a relatively big lead, yet at the exact same time the 5950X was currently providing the majority of the gains, as the 7950X is just 3% faster than the 5950X. Halo Infinite likewise saw no adjustment in between all 3 CPUs at 4K, along with no adjustments in between the 5950X and 7950X at 1440p. The greatest differences were seen at 1080p, where the 7950X was 42% faster contrasted to the older 3950X, and also just 16% ahead of the 5950X – or much less than a 20

FPS increase. Points start looking a little odd in Call of Task Warzone. Not only are the distinctions between all three processors much smaller whatsoever three resolutions, however the 5950X was a little ahead at 1080p. I’m not also sure what the offer is here, but I located a comparable pattern in my comparison in between the 7700X and also 5700X. Generally it just doesn’t appear to matter which CPU you pick for this one. Mentioning odd outcomes, something comparable was seen in Apex Legends, and of course I’ve obtained the structure cap eliminated. This moment the 5950X was a little behind the older 3950X at 1080p as well as 1440p, and the 7950X was only able to clearly begin defeating the 3950X at the highest 4K resolution, which is the opposite contrasted to what we’ve seen in all the various other video games. Once more though, I likewise saw something comparable taking place in this video game when comparing the 3700X, 5700X and also 7700X. Fortnite had less concerns, technically the 1% lows were somewhat higher on the 5950X compared to the 7950X for some factor, yet or else the 7950X was constantly the victor when it pertained to ordinary structure rates. Like some of the various other video games though, the 7950X wasn’t in fact that far ahead of the 5950X right here, while both have good enhancements compared to the older 3950X. While we get on the topic of eSports video games, CS: GO was seeing several of the most

significant increases with newer CPUs out of all 12 games checked. The 7950X was reaching a 74% greater typical FPS compared to the 3950X at 1080p, and also although it’s then 19% in advance of the 5950X, since we’re striking such high frame prices below this still means greater than 70 FPS added. This game additionally had the greatest renovations with more recent processors at 4K, as it just does not seem to obtain GPU restricted. Primarily it simply appreciates CPU power a lot more contrasted to most other video games. Cyberpunk 2077 on the other hand had no differences at 4K or 1440p as we’re striking GPU limits, at least with high settings with my RTX 3090 Ti. Perhaps this will certainly be a different story once the RTX 4090 comes out – I’ll be comparing those soon, so make certain you’re subscribed! Anyway again like several of the various other games, the 7950X only had a small 3% boost to average FPS contrasted to the 5950X, yet it was 24% in advance of the older 3950X. Red Dead Redemption 2 was checked with the game’s criteria, as well as had a little bit even more of a distinction at 1440p this moment, once more the 5950X as well as 7950X really aren’t too various in any way, and also all 3 cpus saw no difference at 4K. The 7950X was 38% faster than the 3950X at 1080p, and 12% faster contrasted to the 5950X. Not exactly a modification that makes you wish to run out and upgrade to AM5. I’ve checked The Riftbreaker utilizing the CPU

benchmark choice, and there was a little bit more of a difference between the 3 processors at 4K currently, at the very least compared to most various other video games tested, given the gaps at 1440p as well as 1080p are larger for reasons we have actually talked about. Last video game before we enter the fun comparison charts. See Canines Legion was tested with the video game’s benchmark, and like the majority of others, there weren’t any type of differences at 4K. The 7950X was 23% faster than the 5950X at 1080p, and 45% ahead contrasted to the older 3950X. On average over all 12 video games examined, at 1080p the brand-new 7950X was carrying out 40% far better than the older 3950X. As we can see below, the distinctions actually rely on the particular video game. CS: GO at the top for instance is 74% quicker with the 7950X, while video games like Warzone and Apex on the various other hand had no difference in any way. If we rather contrast the 7950X to the 5950X at 1080p, then we’re taking a look at the 7950X appearing 13% in advance – a lot less of a distinction. The space between these two just isn’t as huge, as the 5950X was currently doing better contrasted to the 3950X. Tipping up to the higher 1440p resolution and also the 7950X is now 28% faster contrasted to the 3950X, vs the 40% boost we saw at the lower 1080p resolution. Higher resolutions usually require much more GPU power to run, which is why we’re taking a look at a smaller sized void

currently. This isn’t the instance for all video games though, which is why CS: GO was still 73% ahead on the newer 7950X at 1440p. The 7950X was concerning 9% faster than the 5950X typically at 1440p, so again a much smaller sized gap with majority our video games seeing less than a 5% renovation, absolutely nothing truly significant. CPU differences normally matter the least at 4K as a lot of games depend on the GPU more than the CPU. Once Again CS: GO is the outlier on top where the 7950X in fact still offers us 66% far better efficiency compared to the 3950X, and afterwards when contrasting the 7950X versus the 5950X, well we’re talking around just a two as well as a half percent renovation generally for the 7950X – essentially absolutely nothing. Here’s what we’re looking at when we take the ordinary framework prices from all 12 video games examined to try as well as spot some overall trends. The 7950X is certainly giving us an increase over the 5950X, particularly at 1440p and 1080p, it’s simply not rather as large percentage-wise contrasted to going from the 3950X to 5950X. Despite the 7950X offering the very best raw pc gaming performance, it’s not the finest value choice for gaming due to its higher price. AMD are releasing it for $700 USD, so it’s mosting likely to be difficult for it to complete against the 5950X when you can pick that up for $150 less, though this is just

considering CPU prices, not motherboards or DDR5 memory, though to be reasonable DDR5 costs have actually come down quite a bit over the last year. The prices I’ve obtained for the older CPUs are the most affordable at Newegg when I’m making this video clip in late September, but once again make use of the web links below the video to check present prices. It’s a little bit of a different tale beyond video gaming though. In Cinebench R23, the 7950X provides you the ideal bang for dollar, a minimum of based on present rates today. Naturally nobody is out here purchasing a $700 processor to run Cinebench, but this shows that it’s using much better worth if you need multicore efficiency despite setting you back extra, as well as truly it’s these sorts of workloads that the 7950X is made to run, instead of being video gaming concentrated. Do not obtain me wrong, the 7950X is absolutely a qualified choice when it pertains to pc gaming, however from my testing so far, it appears like it’s quite close to the more affordable Ryzen 7 7700X, if not a little behind. Something like that would certainly just make more sense if you’re developing a video gaming focussed system. And let’s not neglect, if you’ve obtained a 3950X after that you can take it out as well as do a drop-in replacement to the 5950X without changing any

equipment. If you have actually currently got a 3950X configuration, then that will certainly be a much less costly upgrade course compared to going to the 7950X and also obtaining new memory and motherboard. And if you are video gaming, as we’ve just seen, that easy change of going from the 3950X to 5950X will certainly give you a lot of the gains compared to spending a lot more on the 7950X. At the very least in games, if time is cash as well as you need the very best efficiency efficiency in applications, after that the 7950X does begin making even more sense. As upgrading from the 3950X to 5950X in a number of those multi-core examinations simply had not been as huge of a gain compared to going to the 7950X. Certainly you would have to buy DDR5 memory and a new motherboard, yet you can still obtain some refund offering your older stuff. If you have actually obtained the spending plan for a brand-new computer today, honestly if you recognize that you need 16 cores to obtain your work done, the 7950X offers outstanding efficiency boosts compared to AMD’s older 16 core offerings. Just make sure you pair it with a good cooler to obtain one of the most from it! AMD is naturally by no suggests the only CPU maker around. Intel’s 13th gen processors will be here extremely soon, so ensure you’re subscribed for my future contrast between the Intel 13900K as well as 7950X. We’re mosting likely to find out that has the most effective CPU because video!.

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