Hands-on Review Huawei Mate Xs Galaxy Fold Killer?

it’s somehow been an entire year since while we first unveiled its mid ex fold and phone which means it’s obviously time for a spangly new version so meet the mid XS an updated model Boston a spec sub grid and refreshed design now the original mid X obviously had quite a limited global launch to say the least a basic amount while his home country and that was it but and our hands-on briefing while we swore that this new mate XS tablet will see a global release should hopefully come here to the UK they pinky promised so they can’t go back on it I had a proper fondle of the main XS ahead of the official launch at that brief and and so forth it is definitely a very intriguing galaxy fold rival so here’s my full hands-on review with the while we’re mates X s how it compares to the original mid and why it might be a handy little device for sure off to your mates down the pub and from on the latest greatest tech piece of prog subscribe and ignite notifications Bell cheers nice refreshed bendy handset sports a very similar falconwing designed to the previous generation is essentially an 8-inch tablet that can be folded up that into a smartphone style device for easier 100 use and make it slip more easily into a pocket in that unfolded form it is super skinny measuring just five point four millimeters and its thinnest point while that single chunky bezel down one edge helps to provide a stable

grip now for the second gen that mate while he’s apparently completely redesigned the hinge section so now contains over a hundred components in total I know you might be thinking might be thinking more componentry that’s more points of possible failure maybe making it a bit more vulnerable over long-term use but what we has reassured us that apparently it’s even more robust than done before cost won’t be able to truly test on to get hands on a review model and see if it really can withstand the test of time so stay tuned for that folded up the why we’re mates XS is quite a smooth motion though not require a much force at all it is a slightly creaky affair but certainly nothing troublesome at all and when you push that side button and fold it open again the display remains impressively crease free when the main excesses in its split out form that all LED panel is an 8-inch beast with a multi-layered film Slavitt on top for added protection you get super bright super poppy visuals and everything is pin sharp as well thanks to that 24 80 by 2200 pixel resolution if you fold up the while we’re made XS you still get a pretty damn spacious 6.6 inch front screen whether 2480 by forty-eight resolution and in fact what your movies is definitely preferable in this form thanks to that rectangular aspect ratio on the software side you get whoa is a motion UI ten software slathered on top of the latest Android 10 OS and while we has taken a good long hard look at the user experience for this all new meat access and redesigned certain elements to make it an even more seamless experience when you’re folding and unfolding that device so you can actually customize how apps react when the device is either folded or unfolded almost by default will spring out and really take advantage of that extra space when you do unfold it is super simple and quick to drag apps into play from one way sidebar which allows you to get a bit split screen and on the go and that’s where that eight-inch panel really

becomes worthwhile giving you a comfortable way of playing with two up side-by-side and there’s also full support for while ways multi app feature which allows you to open the same app twice at side-by-side formats or for instance you can be composing an email while also browsing through all of your inbox for all messages that you might need to refer to and I also love the way that you can quickly open up an old side-by-side arrangement in that recent apps menu if you have a pair of apps that you frequently use together of course as worthwhile ways other recent smartphones unfortunately because of all the president Trump Americas shenanigans going on that means you don’t have any support for the Google services that means no Google Play app store you’re relying instead on what ways app gallery and certain third-party efforts like Amazon’s or an app store a lot of the more popular UK apps are covered off by the other third-party solutions but occasionally of relying on web clients instead you have to go into browser to access like so a proper full on YouTube Netflix things like that so hopefully while we will rectify that situation soon certainly got enough money and clouds to do so but for now others here nor Google services in bad news the me excess stuff there are some serious grunt thanks to Wow is 7 nanometre Kara 995 G platform and this can obviously handle multitasking and game and or worries we have support for a broad range of 5g bans courtesy of WoW is bespoke antenna design and to help any of that pesky heat disappeared as well from the chipset and the other areas that tend to get a little bit toasty while we has implemented its unique flying fish fin : structure which spreads its way through both ends of the device across that fault the demo unit I was playing with from the mere

excess certainly stayed nice and called us by the constant screen on time as Messimer the cameras streaming media all kinds of shenanigans or fingers crossed the final retail unit will also be a strong performer and stay nice and cool even with a full Diaz use and stuffed inside the mere excess it’s a 4500 milliamp battery as well just like the original Mia text and that is split between the two halves of the device which helps to add a nice sort of equal balance to the thing when you’re clutching it in one hand and it sports while weighs 55 watts supercharged tech as well which you apparently give you 85 percent charge in just 30 minutes at the plug which is pretty bloody fast and not too much has changed up for the optics see that which is absolutely fine you still get a powerful 40 megapixel f1 point it’s super spectrum lens in there by explain it megapixel telephoto and 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens while the time-of-flight sensor is also used to reliably and Bakke effect when needed now because of the design of the mir XS you can use that rear camera when it’s either in the folded or and folded form another device it is folded up your subject can get a glimpse of themselves and sort of any rock hair or nostril issues before you hit that

shutter button and this way you can also take great-looking selfies with that triple-n setup for quite remarkable results the telephoto lens offers a mighty three times optical zoom or five times hybrid zoom and you can boost well beyond that with the digital zoom as well if needed Samsung may have that B with its mega expensive s20 ultra but what weighs effort is definitely more than strong enough for grabbing an up-close shot of whatever you like and it goes outside of those telephoto small to get plenty of other

features packed in here including that ever reliable night mode and a whole bunch of other shenanigans so as I mentioned back at the start the video the one we made XS will be having a bit of a jaunt across overseas hopefully we come to good or blight II don’t have any information on price or the exact release day or anything yet but as soon as I do have that information I will bung it down either in the description or in a comment pinned up at the top down beneath this talk and face thing stay tuned for a full in-depth while we have me an XS review deftly seems like a very intriguing device certainly a solid galaxy fold rivals so as I say I’m hoping to bring you my full in-depth opinions very shortly and from one the little skirt steak please do poke subscribe think that notifications well I fell to love the week people just love you

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