The Most Powerful 14” Gaming Laptop Tested in 14 Games!

This small 14″ video gaming laptop computer has Nvidia’s RTX 3080 Ti graphics within, the very best GPU you can presently enter any type of laptop computer. It’s Razer’s Blade 14, and with a thinner and smaller sized design like this, there’s much less space for cooling. But in spite of it being so small it can still beat bigger 15 and also 16 inch pc gaming laptops that have the same graphics! The 3080 Ti in the Blade 14 can add to 100 watts with Nvidia’s dynamic boost, however with the CPU likewise loaded up, so like in a ready instance, it maxes out at 90 watts. This is only a little over the minimum 80 watts defined by Nvidia. Thicker laptops can run this exact same GPU up to 175 watts which means more performance. This year’s Blade 14 has the same power limit variety as in 2015’s variation, yet unlike last year’s variation this set includes a MUX button, which suggests we can disable optimus to improve FPS in video games. The 1440p 165Hz display is making use of the exact same panel as last year, so it’s no shock that the response time has to do with the exact same. The Zephyrus G14 from ASUS, another 14″ gaming laptop, was much faster regardless of having a reduced refresh price. The total system latency is the amount of time between a mouse click as well as

when a gunfire fire appears on the screen in CS: GO. This year’s model is quicker than in 2015’s thanks to the addition of the MUX button, however once more the G14 was still a little faster. This year’s Blade 14 likewise has AMD’s brand-new Ryzen 9 6900HX CPU and also 16 gigs of DDR5 memory, but there are lower configurations for less cash too. You can have a look at all alternatives and also present prices with the web link below. We’ll start out by seeing just how the Blade 14 compares with other laptop computers in 3 games at 1080p and 1440p resolutions, then afterwards we’ll take a look at 14 video games in any way setting degrees with features like DLSS, FSR as well as ray mapping. Allow’s enter into it! Cyberpunk 2077 was checked the very same on all laptops, and also I’ve got this year’s Blade 14 shown by the red highlight. We’re considering an 8% boost to average FPS compared to in 2014’s Blade 14 with 3080 non-Ti graphics. What I was a lot more impressed with however was the fact that it’s basically the same as the bigger Blade 15. Both had the very same GPU, but the bigger 15 can increase 10 watts greater on the GPU in some workloads. The Blade 14 was still slightly ahead of its larger sibling in typical FPS at the higher 1440p resolution, which is additionally the native resolution of the display. They’re generally the very same, this isn’t a difference you’re really going to see

in method, I just thought it was cool that you’re not compromising video gaming performance with the smaller sized 14″ variation. It’s even ahead of various other larger laptops like the Zephyrus M16 from ASUS, a 16″ gadget, approved mine had a 3070 Ti. The Blade 14 was defeating the bigger 15″ model in Control at 1080p also. There aren’t a lot of other 14″ video gaming laptops out there, however contrasted to the most effective Zephyrus G14 from ASUS we’re getting to a 44% higher average FPS on the Blade. This is a significant distinction, yet I’ll contrast both 14″ laptops in a dedicated contrast video quickly, ensure you’re subscribed. At 1440p the 2022 Blade 14 was just 5% greater compared to in 2015’s leading specification Blade 14, so not a large distinction, however I think there’s only a lot you can do in 14 inches. The truth that it’s still appearing ahead of the larger Blade 15 goes over. Certainly it can not match the very same 3080 Ti GPU in the also bigger Blade 17 because Razer considers that one a much higher GPU power limit. Red Dead Redemption 2 was checked with the video game’s benchmark. The Blade 15 was finally a little ahead of the smaller 14 in this one, yet hey the Blade 14 still isn’t the slowest 3080 Ti result. This video game appears to run far better on AMD Radeon graphics, which is why for the very first time the Zephyrus G14, one more 14″ pc gaming laptop, was now coming out in advance as opposed to being considerably behind. That was just at 1080p though, due to the fact that at the higher 1440p resolution the 6800S in the G14 was currently a little behind. The distinction is within the margin of mistake, yet this is a pattern I’ve seen

often times in the past. Primarily at 1440p as well as 4K resolutions, Nvidia generally seems to have even more of an advantage compared to Radeon, while Radeon can normally do much better at 1080p. Anyhow we’re racking up regarding the very same as the non Ti in in 2015’s Blade 14, so you ‘d be just great with the older less costly design as well. Since we recognize where the Blade 14 suit compared to various other laptops, allow’s additionally evaluate it out in way more video games in any way settings degrees with functions like DLSS, FSR and also ray tracing. Pinnacle Legends was examined in the most recent Season 13 worldwide’s Side map. This game doesn’t have actually any constructed in setting presets, so I have actually checked it with either all settings maxed out or at minimum. It still played excellent at max setups on this laptop, however low settings were able to enhance ordinary FPS by 59%. Telephone Call of Responsibility Warzone was additionally tested at either maximum or minimum setting degrees for the exact same reason – no presets. However this game has DLSS. The differences are a lot better with each other in this one, so may also activate some visual effects to get the eye sweet. Forza Horizon 5 was tested with the video game’s criteria. This game likewise isn’t very source heavy, I suggest I know we have actually got an RTX 3080 Ti here, yet you don’t have to run it at max settings. No matter, hitting 70 FPS at max settings on a 14″ maker is fairly impressive. God of war was around 70 FPS also at max setups, though this set has DLSS offered. You can naturally lower the DLSS high

quality mode to something like well balanced to improve the performance, yet directly I like far better quality with a smaller FPS boost. There are alternatives. Greater FPS in an affordable video game like Fortnite is much more crucial, as well as with DLSS on we’re able to run above 100 FPS at max settings 1440p. Tool settings may make far better use the 165Hz display, but again you can additionally instead lower the DLSS top quality degree to boost FPS too. Passing away Light 2 was likewise checked with DLSS enabled, yet despite it on both ray mapping presets up the top weren’t doing super well. It appears like RT at 1440p despite having DLSS can still be a struggle a bit on a 3080 Ti with mid-range GPU power restriction. Microsoft Flight Simulator does not actually require a high frame rate to play. High setups was close to 60 FPS, so like other video games, a decent mixture of performance and aesthetic high quality. It’s not max setups or nothing. Much Cry 6 was checked with FSR made it possible for, as well as it was running well enough even at ultra setups. Not as well unusual from Nvidia’s leading end laptop GPU, yet still, don’t neglect it’s in an incredibly mobile 14″ laptop. Rainbow Six Siege operates on a potato, also the 1% lows which reveal the dips in efficiency were greater than the screen’s refresh price at 1440p max settings, so absolutely not a problem in all right here. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the other hand was a lot lower relatively, however at 60 FPS max setups, well I assume that’s plenty to run this video game with no problems. I ‘d probably choose high setups though for a wonderful combination of performance while also still looking

sufficient. Watch Pet Dogs Legion was over 60 FPS at max settings also, though this game advantages from DLSS. Like many others examined though it’s feasible to get a suitable FPS increase by lowering simply one establishing pre-programmed. After that though the gains were smaller mosting likely to reduced levels. Red Dead Redemption 2 was evaluated earlier in the comparison section, now you can see just how the different presets do as well as what DLSS includes. 60 FPS at ultra settings is a wonderful result considering we’re running at 1440p on a 14″ maker. Control was also compared earlier, and now we have actually obtained ray tracing on in the eco-friendly bars. RT isn’t doing also severely whatsoever with DLSS enabled, it’s a PowerPoint slide show with DLSS off which is why we don’t bother checking it. Cyberpunk 2077 was additionally evaluated earlier, however once more currently we have actually got some ray tracing results. Like Perishing Light 2 earlier, the RT presets aren’t looking terrific also with DLSS on at this higher 1440p resolution. Again though you could certainly tune this by just making use of settings you respect or a reduced DLSS setting. If you have an interest in 14″ pc gaming laptop computers after that take a look at my full testimonial of the ASUS Zephyrus G14 over here next! Otherwise I’ll cover points like thermals, battery life and also every little thing else regarding the Blade 14 in the upcoming complete testimonial, so ensure you’re subscribed for that, and also obviously for that upcoming contrast between the Blade 14 and Zephyrus G14.

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