The New Lenovo Legion 7i is Here!

Lenovo’s brand-new Myriad 7i pc gaming laptop computer is ultimately below, so allow’s discover out what’s new in the 2022 variation! My setup has Intel’s new 16 core 24 string Core i9-12900HX cpu, Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti graphics, 32 gigs of DDR5 memory, a 16″ 2560 by 1600 165Hz screen, and also 99Wh battery. These brand-new HX cpus from Intel are mosting likely to offer higher multi-threaded efficiency than ever previously, but I’ve currently obtained an entire video discussing those connected in the description. Now this is the Myriad 7i and also the i means Intel. You can additionally obtain the Myriad 7 without that i on completion which is the AMD version. Currently Lenovo have actually provided an AMD setup of the Legion 7 in the past, however that had an AMD Ryzen cpu with Nvidia graphics. Currently this year the AMD version is an all AMD Advantage setup with up to Ryzen 9 6900HX processor and also Radeon RX 6850M XT graphics. This is the first time Lenovo’s going all AMD in the Legion 7, as well as it also indicates that if you do want the Nvidia graphics, you have to go with the Intel processor this generation. Currently I need to keep in mind that this is an engineering example, so it indicates we’re not permitted to do in depth screening and also some points could alter in between now as well as when the laptop computer actually introduces. So just think about this as a little bit of an early sneak peek, yet there still is fairly a great deal I can reveal you. Alright allow’s start out with the design modifications. This year’s Myriad 7i has a light weight aluminum magnesium steel unibody, and also it feels wonderful and also strong. In 2015’s Legion 7i had a little RGB lighting in the letter O of Legion on the cover. This year we’ve

still obtained the Legion message, but the entire thing lights up currently. You have actually obtained the alternative to transform that illumination off any time with the feature + L shortcut. There’s still RGB lights in all of the air exhaust vents, and obviously the RGB light bar that leaves the front and also a few of the left and ideal sides, similar to in 2014. The good news is, the biggest problem that I had with last year’s Legion 7i is now gone, which’s the Corsair iCUE software which was used for managing the RGB illumination effects. This would certainly simply drain pipes the battery life quick, so a great deal of individuals wound up either removing it or disabling it. Now this year’s Legion 7 as well as 7i have Lenovo’s brand-new Spectrum software, so essentially Lenovo have removed the Corsair software and also done it themselves. My early design example doesn’t actually have actually the software application installed so I’m not able to reveal it to you at this time. Once more remain tuned for the full testimonial coming quickly. I have actually seen a preview of it though and also it looks like it’s obtained some fascinating features. There’s a screen sync option which makes RGB lighting the same as whatever’s presented on the screen. If you’re seeing a movie or something and it’s got a whole lot of blue then all the RGB will certainly be lit up blue as well so that it comes to be ambient lights. The touchpad really feels smooth and precise. The cam over the display has been updated from 720p to 1080p. The display likewise goes the full 180 degrees back for sharing currently, something it really did not do

previously. We’ve still got the function plus R shortcut to promptly swap the display’s refresh price in between 165Hz and 60Hz, but I noticed the change was practically immediate currently, the screen doesn’t go black for a second or 2 anymore while it transforms, which is a good enhancement. I asked Lenovo if there were any strategies on making this a choice that we might have use automatically when we unplug the charger because it does enhance battery life. I was told it’s not there yet, yet perhaps in the future. When it comes to ports, on the left we have actually obtained two Thunderbolt 4 Type-C ports, and both have support for exterior displays with DisplayPort 1.4. We can also see the new brightened metal sides right here, which run around the entire laptop computer. On the right we have actually obtained a 3.5 mm audio combo jack, a switch to physically disconnect the camera for personal privacy, as well as a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C port. The remainder of the ports get on the back, from left to right we have actually obtained the 2.5 gigabit ethernet port, a 4th USB Type-C port, 3.2 Gen 2 for this set, HDMI 2.1 result, 2 USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports as well as the power input on the right. So basically this means that the brand-new Myriad 7 just has 2 USB Type-A ports, yet it does also have 4 Type-C ports. I assume practically every time they have actually placed out a new Myriad 7

they’ve transformed among the Type-A ports to Type-C, which I do not actually have also much of a problem with. I know Type-C is clearly the future and every time that I go as well as purchase a brand-new outer I do attempt to make it Type-C because most laptop computers appear to have sufficient Type-C ports nowadays. I guess if 2 Type-A ports isn’t sufficient for you then you could require to look at some affordable adaptors. The step from sluggish gigabit last year to 2.5 gigabit is a welcome modification in such a costs device, and currently this year the ethernet port deals with the preferred way with the wires tab sticking up instead than down so it’s simpler to get rid of. The rear Type-C port can likewise be used to bill the laptop with approximately 135 watts, a rise from in 2015’s 100 watts, so faster billing and also more efficiency on Type-C. The symbols above the back ports still brighten, which I believe is a terrific feature because you can easily see where cords require to do without transforming the laptop computer about, also in a darker area. And we have actually still obtained the choice to push the feature + U faster way to transform these lights on or off. Much like in 2014, the new Myriad 7 still has a MUX button, however it takes things to the next level

by introducing Advanced Optimus. At least on the 7i version, as that has Nvidia graphics. I do not presently recognize if the all AMD Benefit version is going to have their equivalent of SmartAccess Graphics. But I certainly really hope so because it’s a great function. It’s a fantastic feature due to the fact that it allows you change in between the integrated and also discrete graphics without needing to reboot the machine. The change can occur instantly in Windows when you fill up a video game. The bottom panel was far simpler to open contrasted to previous Lenovo laptop computers due to the fact that the side air vent does not stand out like older variations. Inside under the usual steel covers we’ve got the biggest possible 99.9 Wh battery down the front, a boost from in 2015’s 80Wh optimum. There are 2 PCIe Gen 4 M.
2 SSD slots just simply on the left and right appropriate, two DDR5 memory slots in the middle, and Wi-Fi 6E card on the. Despite this brand-new larger battery, Lenovo asserts that it takes simply thirty minutes to credit 70% with their Very Quick Fee utilizing the consisted of 300 watt power brick, or 80 mins to reach 100% from zero. Both the CPU and GPU are using a stage modification thermal substance, and the entire back area of the laptop computer is covered by a vapor chamber cooler. Integrated with new 12 volt followers, 67% thinner follower

blades as well as boosted air consumption we may have an excellent chance at obtaining good performance from the brand-new 16 core HX processor, in spite of the fact that this year’s Legion 7 in fact winds up being a little thinner at the slimmest factor. In spite of that thinner design, the keyboard now has 1.5mm of essential travel, even more than the 1.3 mm in last year’s 2021 variation, which should translate to a nicer keying experience. I assumed that the key-board really felt wonderful to kind with, but I can’t really contrast it with in 2014’s version unless I have them both side-by-side. You can additionally easily eliminate the keycaps now, which should assist enhance maintenance as well as cleaning, and Lenovo are providing 4 ceramic keys you might exchange out WASD with. The suggestion behind ceramic tricks is that when you’ve obtained your hand resting on WASD they should move warmth much less compared to the remainder of the laptop computer, so it ought to be a lot more comfortable. Unfortunately I really did not obtain the chance to attempt them out because they weren’t included with my design sample, once again remain tuned for that full evaluation. The

WASD secrets also have force sensing unit modern technology, which is simply fancy words for stress delicate. Basically this suggests in games actions can alter based on exactly how tough you push the keys down. Like maybe holding back the W key will certainly stroll your character onward but after that pushing down harder will develop into a run. This is handled via the consisted of hydra software application as well as would certainly require game assistance, and there are a number of accounts for particular games currently included. Something I observed immediately after transforming it on was the new power switch light. Last year’s Legion 7 had a little displayed light between, currently we’ve got a complete light ring. Just like the older design, the shade changes to show which performance mode is energetic, as well as this year’s power button also acts as a fingerprint scanner, yet an additional new enhancement to the Myriad 7. I just recognized I’ve been claiming Myriad 7 as well as 7i rather interchangeably throughout this video clip. Essentially I would anticipate both laptops to be essentially the exact same in terms of the general chassis design. The major difference

between the CPU and also GPU configurations between Intel as well as AMD would certainly impact things like performance, which isn’t points we’re checking out right here today anyhow. So yeah generally this video clip ought to relate to both setups. So then, when can you in fact obtain these new laptop computers? In the United States market I’ve heard we’re looking at May this year starting at $2450 USD for the 7i, so soon, and after that June for the all AMD Benefit option starting at $2050 USD. Here in Australia we’re not getting any one of them until July.
So yeah expect various releases in different areas customarily. I’ll share game criteria, thermals, battery life as well as more in the full review as soon as I can, so ensure you’re subscribed for that upcoming video, you absolutely do not want to miss it. In the meantime though you can discover what Intel’s new HX cpus have to use us in new laptops similar to this Myriad 7i in this video clip next off, so I’ll see you over because one!

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