Lenovo Legion 5i Pro (2022) Review – Still One Of The Best?

Lenovo’s Myriad 5 Pro was one of the very best pc gaming laptops that I checked in 2014, so let’s find out what’s altered with the more recent 2022 5i Pro as well as if it’s a laptop you ought to consider. My 5i Pro has Intel’s Core i7-12700H CPU, Nvidia’s RTX 3070 Ti graphics with optimal power restriction, 16 gigs of DDR5 memory and also a 16″ screen, however you can personalize the specifications and also check existing costs with the links in the summary. The aluminum as well as magnesium framework really feels wonderful, no sharp edges or sides anywhere, just a well developed equipment. The lid is a little bit cleaner this year. Last year’s 5 Pro had the large lit up Y logo, while this year we’ve just got some more subtle “Legion” text towards the top. The front has a little lip protruding in the center for the video camera which makes it very easy to open up the cover. There’s not a lot of flex to the lid, the steel exterior really feels relatively solid and also the hinge was tough, the display does not totter when keying. There’s just very little flex to the key-board deck contrasted to various other laptops, also when lowering far tougher than you would certainly ever before do throughout normal usage. The laptop alone weighs under 2.6 kg or 5.7lb, yet after that rises to 3.6 kg or 7.9 pound with the consisted of 300 watt power brick and cords. It’s about the same dimension as in 2014, though the thinnest part in the direction of the front is slimmer now. The 5i Pro has a MUX switch and also

progressed optimus. The Lenovo Vantage software application, the control board for the laptop computer, gives us the alternative to select between these different GPU settings. None of these actually allow us manage advanced optimus though. If we choose dGPU setting in Vantage, we still need to reboot to use the change, which is regular MUX switch behavior. To really use innovative optimus, you need to have Vantage on crossbreed setting, then go right into the Nvidia control panel to establish it just how you ‘d such as, so it’s a bit cumbersome today but I have actually been informed this can change in an update. The 16″ display is 16:10 with a resolution slightly bigger than standard 1440p, just like in 2015. I’ve obtained the 165Hz panel, yet apparently there’s a 240Hz alternative as well. The color gamut was alright, as well as the illumination was good when maxed out, nevertheless the actual illumination degree dipped down rather quick when decreasing down from 100 to 80 percent. Not only that, yet there’s presently a well-known Nvidia pest that results in the display getting dimmer when Advanced Optimus swaps over to the distinct graphics. This will certainly take place if you run a video game with hybrid mode on and Advanced Optimus on either automated choose or Nvidia GPU just. This is why I have 2 sets of brightness outcomes. If you set Vantage to dGPU setting and reboot this doesn’t occur, so it’s a little bit aggravating however there’s a

workaround. I get that pests happen, however based upon this Reddit article I have actually found it’s not specifically a brand-new problem. The Vantage software application allows us enable or disable overdrive, which impacts screen response time. With overdrive off, we’re looking at a 6.7 ms typical grey-to-grey response time, yet we’re able to reduce this to 4.4ms with overdrive on at the expenditure of a little overshoot and undershoot. It’s ideal according to last year’s Myriad 5 Pro and also Legion 7, despite it being a various panel. It’s one of the best results from a 165Hz display at this higher resolution all the same, a wonderful outcome. This also assists the 5i Pro have a reduced system latency. This is the overall amount of time in between a computer mouse click as well as when a gunshot fires on the display in CS: GO. It’s only a millisecond approximately faster than in 2015’s 5 Pro, and one of the faster laptops I’ve checked. Backlight hemorrhage was rather small, there are some patchy places, yet not nearly enough to actually observe during normal use and also this will certainly differ in between each laptop computer. There’s a 720p electronic camera above the screen in the middle, but there’s no IR for Windows Hello deal with unlock. You can disable or

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sorts of history noise like building and construction, canines barking, or also that individual that never ever stops consuming throughout the phone call. Again you can try Krisp totally for totally free with the web link listed below the video, as well as currently back to the laptop review. The key-board has 4 areas of RGB backlighting as well as all secrets and also additional functions are lit up. You can press the feature as well as space bar to switch with 3 different result accounts, every one of which can be tailored with the Vantage software application. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a way to readjust key illumination without going into software, a feature most various other laptops supply, as well as we just get 2 illumination degrees to select from. I actually suched as typing on the key-board. The keys are grey this year compared to last year’s black. It’s got 1.5 mm of traveling as well as I assumed the secrets felt extremely tactile, however this is of program personal choice as my partner didn’t like it as much. She explained the key-board as sensation squished because of the numpad and kept accidentally pressing num lock instead of backspace. I really liked utilizing the touchpad too, it simply feels precise and clicky. We’re likewise testing Razer’s Blade 17 also, ensure you’re subscribed, and also while my companion liked the Blade’s touchpad, I definitely preferred the Myriad. The left is rather marginal with simply an air exhaust vent and also two Type-C ports. The one closest to the air exhaust is Thunderbolt 4, while the other is USB 3.2 Gen 2. Both offer DisplayPort 1.4 result. The right side has the video

camera disconnect switch, a 3.5 mm audio combination jack, a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port and there’s an air exhaust on this side as well. The remainder of the ports are on the back in between air exhausts at the edges. From left to right we’ve got the gigabit ethernet port which unlike last year is dealing with the recommended method now, so you do not have to lift up the maker to disconnect it. There’s a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, HDMI 2.1 output, two even more USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports for 3 in total, and the power input on the far. Lenovo provides the HDMI 2.1 port as being capable of as much as 8K 60Hz, and also I validated that it was able to do 4K 120Hz as well as with G-Sync over HDMI, so variable refresh price. The back and also front most USB Type-C ports attach straight to the Nvidia graphics. The Thunderbolt 4 port also supplies DisplayPort output, but it connects to the Intel integrated graphics, as well as it likewise just works if you have Vantage established to hybrid setting. Even if you have hybrid mode enabled and use sophisticated optimus to set Nvidia graphics just, that port will still

work. However if you experience the Vantage software application as well as set dGPU just and reboot then you don’t get any display screen result out of the Thunderbolt port. You can additionally make use of the Type-C port on the back to charge the laptop computer with as much as 135 watts this year compared to 100 watts in 2015. For some factor, I wasn’t able to bill it at all utilizing my normal eGPU unit that provides 100 watts. Type-C can’t offer as much power as the large 300 watt brick, so expect less efficiency when video gaming. Lenovo stated they still sell the smaller 230 watt power brick through their website, but I still asked them what the deal was with that bigger 300 watt brick. They told me that they do testing with the greatest performance mode with a game operating, a monitor, keyboard and computer mouse connected, a phone billing off it and also two USB storage space gadgets linked. So primarily a worst instance workload, they intend to make certain that the battery isn’t mosting likely to drain under any possible scenario, as well as that’s the factor for the bigger 300 watt block. There are additionally port icons above the actual ports so you can extra conveniently see what you’re connecting in while resting in front of the laptop without requiring to

transform the equipment around. Although absolutely useful, they’re still hard to see in a darker space when compared to the higher tier Myriad 7 which lights them up. Entering was tough, also making use of the devices linked below the video. You require to get rid of 10 Phillips head screws, and also the 4 down the front are much shorter than the rest. I found the best way to open it was to begin spying around the back in the center after that move to the corners. We can see that virtually the entire back half of the bottom panel has holes for air ventilation right above where the fans are. Once inside we’ve got some black steel covers over the storage ports which are kept in with 3 smaller sized Phillips head screws, as well as a steel cover over the RAM that you can pry off. We have actually got the battery down the front, 2 M.2 storage space ports over on the left and also ideal sides, Wi-Fi 6 card above the mounted SSD, as well as 2 memory slots. Wi-Fi performance was suitable as my version has an Intel card, yet it’s not rather just as good as in 2014’s AMD based Legion 5 Pro. This might be since Lenovo relocated the setting of the Wi-Fi antenna to the front of the equipment this year. In last year’s version, according to the user overview, the antennas were discovered in the back corners, today this year they’re located in the direction of the front of the equipment. I did actually re-run the Wi-Fi examinations while inputting on the keyboard as I figured my arms would certainly be over the antenna spots, and also I located Wi-Fi speed lowered by about 150 megabits while doing this, so concerning a 10% dip. Regrettably I have actually simply never ever compared any other laptop while in fact

utilizing it with my hands over it throughout the Wi-Fi test. I just sit it there and let it go to ensure that all the outcomes correspond. Anyway despite having a 10% dip it’s much from unusable and it still functioned fine, but that stated this newer positioning did cause a measurable dip while typing on the key-board. We have actually obtained two sticks of DDR5-4800 x16 memory here, and also while x16 with DDR4 is slower than x8, this does not appear to matter much at all with newer DDR5 memory. I made an entire video clip comparing x8 and also x16 video gaming performance with the 5i Pro and located them to be much the very same, so I wouldn’t bother bothering with it this year. I have actually provided this year’s 5i Pro the very same upgradeability rating as the 5 Pro last year as we have actually obtained the same choices. I gave convenience of accessibility fifty percent a factor because it’s more challenging to open up contrasted to most others, but or else we can change both M. 2 storage slots, Wi-Fi as well as both RAM sticks. There are audio speakers on the left and appropriate sides towards the front. I assumed they seemed rather average for a gaming laptop, there’s a little

bass and also they get loud sufficient. Nothing outstanding though. Like virtually every gaming laptop computer with Windows 11 I have actually covered this year, the latencymon outcomes weren’t looking suitable. There really did not appear to be much that had not been just typical Windows stuff triggering it, this doesn’t seem to be one-of-a-kind to Lenovo. The 5i Pro is powered by a 4-Cell 80Wh battery, as well as we’ve obtained the choice of making it possible for conservation setting with the Vantage software to limit the maximum charge level between 75 and 80%, which assists with battery durability. This can not be utilized at the exact same time as the quicker fast cost option. We can likewise utilize the different iGPU modes to disable the power starving discrete graphics. In theory they shouldn’t turn on throughout light work with simply hybrid setting also known as optimus on, yet in this setting the discrete graphics are still technically available if arbitrary set up apps wish to contact them. I intend to note that unlike ASUS laptops where selecting the iGPU mode simply disables the dGPU in Windows straight away, I really did not locate the swap to take area on the 5i Pro up until

rebooting. The iGPU setting wasn’t really making much distinction. Running simply off of the discrete graphics was much even worse though, as anticipated. The battery life wasn’t fantastic contrasted to other laptops for a number of factors. The first is that Intel simply typically doesn’t last as long contrasted to AMD, nevertheless we also can not rather contrast with in 2015’s AMD based 5 Pro right here. At the start of this year I began limiting screen brightness to 200 nits in this test. Previously I just randomly set them to 50% illumination, so while not equivalent here, we’ll have much a lot more equivalent information going ahead. Allow’s inspect out thermals next. The air conditioning has actually been boosted this year, there’s an extra heat pipe here on the left that wasn’t there last year and also there are various other changes to the followers. The Lenovo Vantage software program lets us transform in between various performance modes, which from cheapest to highest are peaceful, equilibrium as well as performance. Equilibrium mode likewise has an optional AI setup which is suggested to provide an optimal experience for around 20 video games – extra on that particular a little bit later on. You can also utilize the feature + Q faster way to change between the three performance modes, as well as the shade of the power button will transform so you can conveniently inform which is

presently being used, as kept in mind here. Now in very early March 2022 there still isn’t any kind of fan control on these brand-new Legion laptop computers. Nonetheless they’ve told me that it’s something they’re presently examining, so it may can be found in a future update with Vantage. for currently you can still make use of the area made follower control software called Legion Follower Control. I haven’t tested it myself, yet a great deal of people in Disharmony have mentioned it, and also I’ll leave web links to both of those listed below the video. The temperatures were quite great at idle. The rest of the results are from integrated CPU and GPU anxiety examinations which intend to stand for a worst case. With the stress tests running, peaceful setting was the coolest, balance setting was warmer, then performance setting was the hottest. The air conditioning pad I evaluate with, which is connected below the video, had the ability to decrease the temperatures by a more 8 levels. A good renovation, but we weren’t thermal strangling without it. These are the clock rates for the same examinations just revealed. There’s no distinction with or without the cooling pad to efficiency since thermals weren’t a limitation, however we can still run cooler with a

cooling pad if that’s more effective. The GPU clock rates in green get progressively better as we tip up from most affordable to highest possible efficiency mode. The CPU rates in blue do not truly alter between equilibrium and efficiency setting, and also we can see why when considering the power degrees. Lenovo appears to be topping the i7-12700H to a 45 watt power limit while the GPU is additionally energetic at the very same time, so that would likewise be the case with a game running. The GPU was fairly high nevertheless at nearly 140 watts, a wonderful result for a 3070 Ti. It’s possible the GPU can just obtain this high because of the 45 watt limit on the CPU, but given this laptop has a resolution greater than 1440p, I ‘d argue the higher GPU power limitation probably helps it out a lot more in games than the processor. In a CPU just work like Cinebench though, the processor had the ability to perform at 90 watts in the highest possible performance setting. This is double the limit contrasted to when the GPU was also

energetic, as well as this is why it has the ability to rack up so well. It’s accumulating impressively contrasted to other laptop computers. The Legion 5i Pro with i7-12700H is currently the very best multicore rating that we’ve accessed even more than 1100 factors greater compared to the thicker and more costly MSI GE76 with i9. This would certainly totally be because of a higher continual power restriction, yet the i9 still has the side in single core as a result of the greater single core turbo boost. The performance is still rather good when running on battery power. Like other Intel 12th gen laptop computers, the single core score is still up there as one of the very best outcomes, and now even 8 core 16 thread Ryzen alternatives from last generation have the ability to do much better in multicore. The key-board was below the normal 30 levels Celsius when just resting there still, so quite cool compared to others. It does not get too much warmer with the tension examines running either, simply a couple of degrees warmer for the keyboard. Equilibrium setting was

probably slightly warmer, yet in general it’s still great.
It’s warmer right up the back, yet you do not need to touch there. The highest performance setting had not been much different either, even the locations near the arrows really felt fine, allow’s have a listen to the fans. The fans were still distinct when it was simply resting there still, they weren’t loud or anything, but you can hear them. It was still relatively silent with the stress tests, however after that obtains louder from the greater efficiency modes as you ‘d anticipate. It’s one decibel higher than in 2014’s 5 Pro in performance setting, yet the reduced settings were quieter. Now allow’s discover exactly how this year’s Legion 5i Pro really performs in video games as well as contrasts versus other laptop computers. We’re going to be comparing games at both 1080p and also 1440p resolutions as this is what I have actually got data for for the purposes of contrasting. However look into this video clip next if you also want to see just how the 5i Pro really executes in 10 plus video games at all setup degrees with as well as without features like DLSS and also ray tracing at its indigenous 2560 by 1600 resolution. Cyberpunk 2077 was checked the exact same on all laptops, as well as I have actually got this year’s 5i Pro shown by the red highlight. As you may anticipate, the RTX 3070 Ti graphics is appearing in advance of the other RTX 3070 results, nevertheless it’s only like 1 FPS ahead of last year’s Ryzen based Legion 5 Pro with RTX 3070 although that had a reduced optimum GPU power limitation. To be reasonable however, the 1% low from the more recent Intel 12th gen system was 19% greater, so much less dips in efficiency. We’ve obtained a various choice of laptops at the higher 1440p

resolution as we just test makers that actually have a possibility of running it. This time around the older Ryzen based Myriad 5 Pro was simply in advance of it, however at less than a 1 FPS difference this is definitely within margin of mistake, and also the more recent 12th gen design still had a greater 1% low. The 5i Pro was additionally in advance of various other 3070 gaming laptops at 1080p in Control, this time around with a larger lead over the reduced specced 5 Pro from the year before. It’s ahead of all various other 3070 laptop computers, as you would certainly anticipate to see, however it’s additionally beating a few other 3080 machines like the Alienware m15 R6 as well as Scar 15. It’s still resting somewhere between a lot of the 3080 and 3070 outcomes at the higher 1440p resolution, which is where you ‘d expect to see the 3070 Ti based on the name. Anyway, absolutely playable at max setups with this higher resolution, and this is prior to we also make it possible for DLSS which would better boost performance – you can see ray

tracing and DLSS results with the web link in the video summary. Alright we need to discuss the AI setup that’s available in balance setting. The concept behind this is that Lenovo runs a number of examinations for different video games to exercise the optimal level of CPU and also GPU power limitations for ideal outcomes. Seems great, so let’s see just how it executes! Rainbow Six Siege was evaluated with the game’s benchmark, as well as is a title that sustains the AI function. We’re seeing a 5 FPS enhance with AI enabled contrasted to regular equilibrium mode, or less than a 3% increase at this high structure rate. The follower sound was 48 decibels in both balance settings, while performance setting was higher at 52.5. Combat zone V is an older video game that we quit screening, however is evidently supported with the AI function so we’ve given it a go. There’s essentially no change right here, results are within the margin of mistake compared to balance setting without AI, and also the follower sound was the same below as in Rainbow Six. While the AI setting sounds great theoretically, I’ve

obtained at least 2 concerns with it. Based on the 2 video games we examined, it simply had not been doing a whole great deal. Best instance, we could get a little boost, so certainly not only likewise absolutely nothing significant. Perhaps the outcomes would certainly be different at different setup levels, different resolutions of probably different components of the video game – there’s just so much we can evaluate. The various other issue is that I just couldn’t discover a checklist of the video games that are really sustained by the AI mode. In the past I think there was a listing of around 20 or so games, however I just couldn’t discover it anywhere, which made it difficult to pick video games to examination, as well as that’s why we resorted to Battleground V. If I can’t discover the games that AI mode is meant to boost, just how is anyone else suggested to? I think it would be nice if in the Vantage software application there was a little help symbol or something that you might click and also it would certainly open up a listing of all the sustained games. Below are the 3DMark results for those that locate

them useful, now for some web content maker tests. Adobe Premiere was tested with the Puget Solutions criteria, and the 5i Pro was among the best results tested thus far, only a little behind the thicker and also a lot more costly GE76 at the top.Adobe Photoshop was a little lower in this very same selection of laptops, however still a great result and also right up there with some high specced makers. We’re taking a look at a 24% greater rating contrasted to last year’s AMD based 5 Pro with 3070. DaVinci Willpower is much more GPU heavy, and the high power level 3070 Ti is giving us a great outcome. The processor clearly does influence ball game as well though, considering our leading outcomes are once more all Intel 12th gen. I have actually additionally examined SPECviewperf which evaluates out various expert 3D work. Intel 12th gen sustains faster PCIe gen 4 storage space, and therefore we’re obtaining a few of the very best read and also create rates that I have actually ever seen from a pc gaming laptop computer. The BIOS has a lot even more options compared to various other gaming laptop computers like ASUS, but not rather as much modification as MSI’s sophisticated BIOS. A great deal of the alternatives in here can likewise be changed through the Vantage software anyway, such as GPU overclocking or turn too, which immediately powers on the laptop when you open up the

cover. Linux support was tested by booting an Ubuntu 21 online CD. By default the key-board, touchpad, ethernet as well as audio speakers worked. Wi-Fi really did not work with this OS out of the box, however probably just needs some added vehicle drivers. Key-board shortcuts to alter key-board lights, adjust volume and also efficiency modes still work as these are baked into firmware, however the display brightness secrets did not function by default. Let’s review prices as well as schedule next. This will naturally change over time so refer to those web links in the summary for updates. As I have actually obtained my hands on the Myriad 5i Pro really early, today there’s only details on the reduced specced 3050 Ti arrangement, which is almost $1800 USD. Truthfully, this isn’t fantastic at all. I can just presume or at the very least hope that over time we’ll get more configurations readily available and likewise at lower prices. I have seen this with other brands in the past right as they release a new design. They seem to just price it very high hoping that individuals that really want it are going to pay the extra. Yeah hopefully this changes

pretty soon, due to the fact that yeah reasonably $1800 for a 3050 Ti that’s kind of a joke no matter of the laptop computer chassis that it’s in. You could quickly obtain way better performance from an RTX 3060 possibly even a 3070 in some situations for that kind of cash, so it simply doesn’t make good sense assuming performance is something you seek. Cost aside though, which as stated will alter with time, allow’s review both the excellent as well as the poor aspects of the 5i Pro to help you choose if it’s a laptop you ought to take into consideration getting. The 12th gen CPU efficiency is excellent because of high power restrictions, while the reduced CPU power limitation when the GPU is also energetic seems to avoid it getting too warm and needing louder followers. The 300 watt power brick is still substantial, however you can get a smaller 230 watt variation, as well as Type-C charging currently goes greater to 135 watts. Still though, when I contrast it to the dimension of Razer’s 280 watt battery charger I assume there can be an enhancement, though that possibly would increase the price. There are definitely some welcome adjustments compared to in 2014’s model, however at the same time

there’s also not anything earth smashing. I have actually claimed in the past that the 5 Pro collection was just one of the ideal offered, so I suppose when you’ve already obtained one of the most effective laptops offered there’s not a great deal to improve. That said I still want the follower control update, and the bug where the display goes dimmer with Advanced Optimus when the distinct graphics is active needs to be taken care of. That does appear to be a Nvidia concern as opposed to Lenovo, but you as a consumer do not care, you simply desire your laptop computer to work. Truthfully all things thought about, if you can find in 2015’s version of the 5 Pro I ‘d probably consider that if it’s less costly. The performance in video games just doesn’t appear to be a lot better in spite of having more recent 12th gen CPU as well as higher power restriction 3070 Ti graphics. Various other applications like content designer work did see rather large boosts, it just depends on what you’re doing. Examine out just how the 5i Pro performs in 12 various games in all setup degrees at its native resolution in this video next, and make certain you’re subscribed for even more Lenovo testimonials. I have actually got the Legion 5, Legion 7, Legion 7 Slim and IdeaPad series on the way, and also you most definitely don’t wish to miss out on those!

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