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just when I was certain that we were pretty much reaching saturation levels as far as Motorola 1 branded smartphones are concerned Along Came this wonderful we beastie here the Motorola 1 hyper and I come tonight we’ve had an awful lot immortal 1 handsets these past few months just go check out my which Motorola phone is best for me roundup if you don’t believe me but the one hide that is certainly setting itself apart from its siblings with a funky pop-up selfie camera which means you get a gorgeous full view to split unfettered by notches or other intrusions and that shared under 300 pounds the Motorola 1 hyper seems to be pretty good value as well so should you consider it as your next smart phone well I’ve been using it as my full-time personal handset for the past week and here is my in-depth Motorola 1 hyper review from on the latest greatest tech place who subscribe thin that notifications Bell cheers now as far as looks cool I personally like the hype as shiny shy see it’s only plastic sure but this attractive deep sea blue finish is rather entrancing a model style band runs from the base of the back so that slightly just in camera housing complete with the Motorola Brandon a very nice little touch that breaks up the otherwise plain design now the Motorola 1 hyper is water repellent so it’s fine if it gets splashed outside and a bear in something like that but unfortunately that plastic design does mean that it in the most durable of

smartphones just a week of use and already a few little like Nicks and scratches have started appearing around the edges of that plastic for him although that is nothing compared with the all-mighty gouge right here on the display I have no bloody clue how this happened but it is a surefire sign that you will definitely want to grab a screen protector for your one hyper if you pick one up now 200 grams the model and Hyper’s certainly got a good bit of heft to it and all those bezels to run on the screen or on the skinny side this is still a 6.5 inch smartphone so 100 use is a bit of a pain in the ass at least without a bit of help luckily though our help is at hand as you can minimise everything on the screen down with a swipe towards the corner and then restore the full screen glory with just a tap of this notification pop up definitely a massive relief and another design feature that I really love is that lourd applications ring light thing that encircles the fingerprint sensor there’s briefly claws whenever something new ticks in so if you have the phone face down next year you’ll still be aware of anything awaiting your attention and of course you can always quickly and easily disable that in the settings if you’d rather your ring piece didn’t glow and I was mightily relieved to see the latest version of Android already slapped onto the one hi but when I first booted it up Android tennis serves up an a pleasingly unmolested format pretty typical for anymore to roll a handset and that includes little delights like the dock mode and a swipe you gesture navigation so yeah as usual motor all those additions are few and far between we do get the Moto experiences app which adds a whole bunch of extra gesture support including that one-handed board while I was

banging on about earlier you can also flip the one hype it again it a shut the hell up or do a bit of a double chop for light or even open the camera with a swift wrist twist which actually isn’t recommended if you’re an old arthritic like me I thought the only feature that’s particularly good Eryn by its omission is the lack of support for face unlock and that’s something that motorola usually offers even with its most budget-friendly handset so I’m guessing here they chose not to implement it because of that pop up camera feature it does seem particularly strange as other phones with pop-up cameras offer that face unlock feature maybe it’s just to prevent wear and tear here on the motorola wan hyper but whatever the finger scanner works at REITs are not worries and because of that hidden selfie cam setup you do get a full uninterrupted view of that 6.5 inch IPS screen which as usual is an absolute belter the full HD plus resolution keeps things nice and crisp despite the gargantuan size of the display while those colors really pop with the default setup and then play around with the vibrancy in the display settings for this all price point the model 1 hyper does not have

many rivals as far as those media chops go as for the audio well I’m a perfectly happy camper with the Motorola 1 hyper on that front as well and I just be a mono speaker setup but perfectly loud and perfectly clear on that top volume setting and I absolutely no issues whatsoever with Bluetooth connectivity either they’ve got Dolby audio feature for tweaking the output to see whatever you’re consuming and your own personal hearing tests complete with full manual controls and yeah if you want to go wired with a pair of headphones there is a 3.5 millimeter port up top Bananarama and more good news if you don’t have a massive data allowance you want to download a bit of Netflix Amazon Prime video or whatever to keep you entertained on the go because the Motorola 1 hyper offers a massive 128 gigabytes of storage and it also supports microSD memory cards of a further terabyte in size so you can probably download every non episode of lust of the summer wine endless hilarity and whatever you’re up to the Mordor hyper does it without a struggle a Snapdragon 675 chipset provides the performance backed by four gigs of RAM and it does the job nicely very rarely did I not say a little jump stumble stutters anything like that and even gamers should be more than satisfied as titles like pub G mobile play with a very respectable framerate on a higher detail levels even when you’re given for a solid hour or two non-stop it is very rare to see

drops you’ve definitely got a competitive edge as long as you watch out for crazy like this guy absolutely no worries on the battery front either the hyper crumbs and a mighty four thousand milliamp cell into that rather massive frame and frankly you’d have to really punish it non-stop in order to drain it by the end of the day normally even with a good bit of media stream and sat-nav action camera action but a game and stuff like that I still generally have twenty five to thirty percent left at the end of one of those busy days however while this fall apparently supports mod role as snazzy new 45-watt hyper-charged in tech the chief buggers haven’t actually bothered to bundle one of those 45 watt adapters in the box where he gets a turbo power charger instead and to be fair that turbo power charge intake is absolutely fine you know a fungus thing in the plug for half an hour should see you through a fairly intensive day nor worries at all but it’s just kind of a massive prick tease throwing this hyper charge of taking office they’re not actually giving us the ability to do it out of the box it’s kind of like handed us a nice ice-cold bottle of beer on a sunny day and then charging us to

use a bottle opener so let’s move on anyway – the Hyper’s camera tech and on this side of things motorola has obviously shaken things up quite a bit not only is the 32 megapixels selfie snapper a pop-up effort now but around the back you also get a mighty 64 megapixel lens backed by an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle shooter now there is a lot to discuss here so I have gone and done a separate Motorola 1 hyper camera review taking a look at the photo quality video quality and all those various features as well as go have a squint at that for all you need to know and that in a nutshell is what I think of the motor or the one hyper after a week of having its stuffed inside my jeans and I’ve gotta say I really do like it I think there’s enough of an upgrade here over the likes of the Moto G 8 plus and those are the cheaper more other one smart phones to make it well worth considering if you’ve got that sort of 300 pound budget and the camera tech isn’t quite as flexible as versatile as the Motorola one zooms which is a more expensive handset but it definitely does the job via Everyday shenanigans so that’s what I reckon but what do you reckon are you tempted by the mother one hyper or any of the other model smartphones out there right now definitely gritty or thoughts please do poke subscribe and doing that notifications as well and more portly have yourselves a love weak people chisel love you

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