RX 6600M vs 6700M – Worth Paying More For 6700M?

Should you obtain AMD’s RX 6600M or RX 6700M in your following video gaming laptop? Clearly we anticipate the greater tier 6700M to perform far better, the inquiry is, by just how much and is it worth paying even more cash for? Let’s figure out! Below are the distinctions in specifications between these two laptop computer GPUs. Generally the 6700M is much better in virtually every element. It’s obtained more stream processors, more compute systems, higher clock speed, higher power restriction, 2 jobs of additional VRAM, which is additionally quicker with even more memory transmission capacity – so yes better in every means. To do this screening I’m making use of the Lenovo Legion 5 for the RX 6600M, and the MSI Delta 15 for the RX 6700M. Both laptops were tested with an external 1440p screen so we can examine two resolutions and also bypass incorporated graphics, as well as both laptops were examined with the specific same physical kit of memory, 16 jobs of DDR4-3200 CL22 x8 single rank memory in twin network. The 6600M in the Legion 5 appears to run at the 100 watt power restriction specified by AMD, though mine did quickly surge as much as 109 watts

in a GPU only workload. The 6700M in the Delta 15 on the various other hand is not the complete wattage variant, so it does not rise to the max 135 watts specified by AMD. I located that my own would run the GPU as much as 115 to 120 watts in a GPU only workload, but with the CPU additionally active at the very same time it dipped to about 95 watts. I guess this is simply because the Delta 15 is implied to be a thinner style, as well as even more power would equate to extra warm. In any kind of case, as far as I realize, today this is the only laptop with a 6700M anyhow so there’s no various other method to do this contrast. Precise power degrees of both is going to depend on the particular workload anyway, as AMD’s SmartShift is mosting likely to move power in between the CPU and also GPU as needed. I assume it would have been more effective to contrast both GPUs at their max power limit, yet at the same time I intend this is perhaps a little much more fairer, as this method both GPUs are sort of close with each other in terms of power restriction. This seems to be verified when considering the complete system power draw from the wall surface when running Control at 4K max settings, an

extremely GPU hefty examination. The 6700M laptop computer is just drawing 3% more power in the exact same workload, however despite the power distinction, as you’ll see soon this video game still had above average improvements on the 6700M in terms of average FPS. We’ll begin out by comparing 17 video games at 1080p and 1440p resolutions, followed by things like prices and also schedule. Let’s begin with Cyberpunk 2077. I have actually got the 1080p outcomes down the base and the 1440p results on top, with the RX 6600M results listed below the RX 6700M results. There were just extremely small distinctions in this game at 1080p. The 1% lows were essentially the very same, while the 6700M was just 4% faster in regards to typical FPS, though this is just one of the tiniest distinctions out of all 17 video games evaluated. At the greater 1440p resolution the 6700M has a bigger 13% lead, though as we can see that’s just a 5 FPS difference. Red Dead Redemption 2 was examined with the game’s standard, and also this game likewise had a below par distinction at the lower 1080p resolution, much less than a 2 FPS distinction, not something you’re likely to discover in practice. The 6700M was even more in advance with a higher 11% lead at the 1440p resolution though, so the difference seems to obtain larger when we’re even more GPU bound. More pixels to make better uses the GPU power readily available. Do not stress there are in fact larger gains in various other video games. In Control we’re considering a 17% greater average frame rate at the reduced 1080p resolution on the 6700M, provided the 6600M is still over 60 FPS at max settings here, so it’s not like it’s

unplayable or anything. The void raises even better at 1440p, with the 6700M now reaching 31% greater average FPS, and even its 1% reduced is currently ahead of the average framework rate that the 6600M could give. Like we saw earlier, both laptop computers were attracting regarding the same amount of power from the wall surface in this video game, so the 6700M appears to be even more power effective offered it’s getting to higher structure rates. This game also has ray tracing assistance, and while Radeon graphics typically do not do as well right here contrasted to Nvidia, the 6700M had a fairly huge lead over the 6600M now, with a 67% higher ordinary framework rate at 1080p, and also 94% higher at 1440p, provided neither of these are specifically what I would certainly call usable frame prices. See Pets Myriad was evaluated with the video game’s standard, as well as this gives some cautions concerning 8 gigs of VRAM only just being sufficient for the examination at max setups, so the 6600M is borderline sufficient, provided we could obviously just reduced settings a bit in the real life. I want GPU hefty setups though, as this is a GPU comparison nevertheless. At 1080p the 6700M was reaching 18% greater typical framework price, and also 24% higher at 1440p, the 3rd biggest difference out of all 17 video games checked. Call of Obligation Warzone had a lot smaller differences, simply a 10 FPS adjustment at 1080p, or 8% faster on the 6700M, which truthfully I don’t assume suffices of a change for most individuals to see in practice taking into

consideration the 6600M’s 1% low is still around 100. The 6700M had a greater 12% lead at the greater 1440p resolution, however yeah still not a great deal of renovation in this game contrasted to others. Fortnite is one more eSports title, and also was checked by running the same replay on both laptops. At 1080p the 6700M was getting to an 18% greater average structure rate, the second biggest distinction out of all 17 games checked at this resolution. The difference at 1440p is also larger, with the 6700M getting to 36% higher ordinary FPS, the most significant difference at this resolution with even the 1% reduced higher than the 6600M’s ordinary frame rate result. Microsoft Trip Simulator was evaluated in the Sydney touchdown difficulty.
The 6600M was still getting to 60 FPS at high setups when going for 1080p. The 6700M was 8% ahead, or like 5 FPS, so absolutely nothing major. The difference isn’t much larger at 1440p in this one, there’s less than a 5 FPS void here. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gave some strange results. At 1440p the 6700M was a little ahead, as anticipated, yet at the reduced 1080p resolution the 6600M was really ahead. I’m not exactly certain why this was the case, as well as although I don’t have the 6700M any longer to retest, the 6800M got 87 FPS below. I checked the specifications of both GPUs as well as the 6700M is technically better in all pertains to, so the only point I can think about is if this relates to a

power restriction difference, as talked about earlier the 6700M in MSI’s Delta 15 isn’t a full power level part so possibly it’s not as reliable with less power or something, however that’s just pure supposition on my part. This wasn’t the only game where this behavior was present, I saw the exact same offer in Battlefield V, and also although little, the 6600M was clearly in advance at the lower 1080p resolution. Not quite the very same point in Borderlands 3, however at 1080p the 1% low a minimum of was ahead on the 6600M, while the ordinary FPS from the 6700M was just 2 frameworks higher. At 1440p the 6700M had a 12% lead, so possibly it’s a CPU power limit distinction in between the laptops to some extent, as these types of points would matter much less when there are more pixels to make at higher resolutions. Rather than chatting with the rest of the 7 games independently detailed, I’ll just blow up via them so we can get right into the ordinary differences as that’s even more fascinating, also if every one of this testing did take many hours to complete. A bigger choice of games is important to help obtain a far better rounded average. Do not hesitate to pause the video if you want a closer consider these additional video games. Usually over all 17 games checked at 1080p, the greater tier RX 6700M was 9% faster than the RX 6600M, so not a substantial distinction, though 2 of the video games

down the base were technically ahead on the 6600M, but those feel like outliers as well as are possibly as a result of the details laptops I’m screening. The majority of video games did much better on the 6700M as expected. In the most effective case the 6700M was reaching 20% higher average framework rate in F1 2021 on top of the graph. Tipping up to the greater 1440p resolution and the 6700M currently had a larger 16% lead on standard, with approximately 36% in the ideal case with Fortnite at the top of the chart, though as you can see it could differ a fair little bit relying on the specific game tested. Generally talking, 1440p demands much more GPU power to run, so it’s not unusual to see a larger difference between both GPUs contrasted to 1080p. Great, so the 6700M does better than the 6600M, unexpected no person. The actual concern is just how much extra does it cost as well as is it worth paying for? Rates of both will of course modification with time, so describe those links in the description below for updates. At the time of recording, Lenovo’s Legion 5 is on sale for $1300 USD, but that’s the starting rate with 6 core Ryzen 5 processor and also 8 gigs of RAM. The setup I have actually checked is $115 more. The MSI Delta 15 on the

other hand actually finishes up being less costly, owing to a current sale, yet without the sale it would certainly be a lot more expensive at $1600. From a cost per structure point of view, the 6600M is a little better worth if the 6700M goes to complete cost, yet with the Delta 15 on sale it winds up being a much better deal. At the higher 1440p resolution the 6700M in the Delta 15 is better than the 6600M in the Myriad 5 in terms of value, also assuming you’re paying complete price for the Delta. Certainly there are a lot of other distinctions in between these laptops than just the GPU that’s within. For example the Legion 5 has a MUX switch while the MSI Delta 15 does not. I’m just comparing GPUs in this video and also I’m aiming to do it in a reasonable manner, so if you in fact desire to see all the details concerning the Delta 15 and the Legion 5 after that you can describe the full evaluation videos linked in the description. I had not been able to cover FSR in time for this video due to the fact that, as you may have noticed, the 6700M laptop is gone. I in fact filmed the intro to this video a number of weeks back because MSI required it back, and also however that was just before Much Cry 6

launched, as I have actually been using that to check FSR lately. As for the VRAM distinctions, most of the times I don’t believe the differences in between 8 gigs in the 6600M as well as 10 jobs in the 6700M is going to be that large of a distinction. The easy fact is I believe 8 gigs is still plenty today even for higher 1440p resolution, though this could obviously change in time, and we just truly saw it beginning to become a limit in one of the video games, so yeah I don’t think I ‘d directly choose based purely on the VRAM, however hey a minimum of the 6600M still has more VRAM compared to the 6 jobs in Nvidia’s RTX 3060. You can discover out how the RTX 3060 compares against the RX 6600M in this contrast over here following. Both laptop computers were evaluated in the specific same chassis there, so I’ve been able to relatively compare things like thermals, battery life and even more, so I’ll see you in that one.
Or else I’ve also compared the RX 6700M versus Nvidia right here if you desire to see the differences.

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