RX 6600M vs RTX 3060 – Comparing EVERYTHING!

Should you obtain AMD’s RX 6600M or Nvidia’s RTX 3060 graphics in your following video gaming laptop? I’ve compared both in 18 games at 2 resolutions as well thermals, battery life as well as more to reveal you the distinctions! These are the distinctions in specifications in between these two laptop computer GPUs. The RX 6600M has 8 jobs of GDDR6 memory while the RTX 3060 has much less at 6 gigs, yet the 3060 has more memory data transfer and a bigger memory interface. CUDA cores and stream cpus aren’t straight equivalent, so it does not indicate much that the 3060 has even more than twice the amount, though the 3060 does have a higher optimum power restriction, which will differ relying on the specific laptop you’re making use of. To do this testing I’m making use of the Lenovo Legion 5 for both laptops. They have actually both got the exact same 8 core Ryzen 7 5800H CPU, same battery and very same air conditioning solution, so we remain in for a very fair comparison here. Both laptops were also tested with the specific very same physical package of memory, 16 gigs of DDR4-3200 CL22 x8 solitary rank memory in double channel. Both of these Legion 5 laptops run their GPUs at the full power restriction, so the 6600M adds to 100 watts while the 3060

perform at 115 watts and as much as 130 watts if the CPU isn’t fully loaded up many thanks to Nvidia’s vibrant boost. Although both laptops have a MUX button to disable the integrated graphics, all screening below has actually been made with an external display as I intended to examine both 1080p and also 1440p, and also these are just 1080p displays. Here’s how the internals look with both laptops side-by-side, so they’re essentially the exact same as far as cooling goes. There’s a heat pipeline shared in between the CPU and also GPU with 2 fans at the back edges. With a combined CPU and GPU stress trial run at the very same time, the CPU revealed by the blue bars was virtually 3 degrees warmer on the 6600M laptop computer, nonetheless its GPU in the environment-friendly bars was a little warmer, gave the means both make use of sensing units to measure GPU temperature level likely means this isn’t a reasonable contrast. Regardless Of the 5800H CPU in the 6600M laptop reaching higher temperatures, the CPU clockspeed was around

100MHz reduced over all 8 cores. The GPU clock rate of the 6600M was way higher, yet again these aren’t truly directly equivalent. Furthermore the GPU power limitations are possibly determined differently, however right here’s what software application was reporting throughout these examinations. The CPUs in both laptop computers appear to max out at the exact same 45 watts though, and those would be similar as both utilize a 5800H. Both laptop computers also have the same 80Wh battery within, but in spite of this, the Ryzen plus 3060 arrangement was lasting longer than the Ryzen plus 6600M. The video game examination is probably one of the most appropriate here offered the distinct GPU should not be active during the YouTube playback examination, as well as the 3060 Myriad 5 was long-term 17% longer while video gaming with a 30 FPS limit. Perhaps the 6600M machine isn’t lasting as long since it needs even more power to run. With both laptops running Control at 4K, the 6600M machine was drawing about 30% even more watts from the wall surface, so in this video game at the very least regardless of having a lower TDP it seems that it’s utilizing even more power. Utilizing more power may not necessarily be a poor point if the 6600M is doing better in video games, so to figure out allow’s compare both laptops in 18 different video games at 1080p as well as 1440p resolutions, then after that we’ll consider things like cost difference and also content creator workloads. Let’s begin out with Much Cry 6, which was evaluated with the game’s benchmark. I have actually got the 1080p outcomes down

all-time low and the 1440p results on top, with the RX 6600M over the RTX 3060 results. At 1080p both laptop computers are primarily hitting the very same average FPS, though the 6600M was a little more in advance in regards to 1% low. The 3060 was in advance at the higher 1440p resolution with a 10% greater ordinary framework rate. This video game introduced with FSR assistance, which is an attribute both AMD and Nvidia GPUs can use to increase performance. With FSR readied to high quality mode the 6600M currently had a lead at both resolutions. The difference is still relatively small at 1440p, however it was behind prior to FSR, so it would appear that FSR boosts the 6600M much more in this game. Far Cry 6 is an AMD sponsored title, so to keep deep space well balanced let’s examine out Control as an Nvidia sponsored title next. The 3060 was ahead at both resolutions below, but not simply that, even its 1% lows were greater than the ordinary FPS coming out of the 6600M. That said the 6600M was still running above 60 FPS at max setups, so it’s not as if this is unusable or anything. This video game has DLSS support, and unlike FSR this is just offered for Nvidia graphics. The performance increase is rather insane, even 1440p on the 3060 is running well now around 90 FPS. This video game supports ray mapping, and

while I can have likewise integrated DLSS on the 3060 to improve it additionally, I simply desired to contrast pure RT performance here. Neither are particularly excellent at 1440p, as well as at 1080p the 3060 is practically getting to double the average structure price, so it appears to have a side in RT. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the various other hand alters for the 6600M as this is an AMD funded title. The 6600M was reaching a 27% greater typical framework price at 1080p, the greatest difference at this resolution out of all 18 games checked. The 6600M was still in the lead at the greater 1440p resolution, though it’s just a 4 FPS difference on standard. Red Dead Redemption 2 was likewise examined utilizing the video game’s benchmark, as well as the 6600M remained in the lead below also, no matter of the resolution tested. We’re taking a look at a 19% higher average frame rate at the reduced 1080p resolution, however then this decreases to a 10% lead at the greater 1440p resolution, or as we can see less than a 7 FPS difference – the 3060 was still over 60 FPS. This is an additional game that recently added DLSS

support however, so it’s feasible to improve efficiency on the 3060 by turning it on, approved the boost isn’t as much compared to what we saw previously in Control, a minimum of with high quality mode. It suffices to bring the 3060 in accordance with the 6600M at 1440p, however at 1080p the 6600M still has the edge with a 13% higher typical frame price. I believed Watch Dogs Myriad could be fascinating as the video game’s criteria at max settings shows that the 6 gigs of VRAM readily available to the 3060 wasn’t sufficient. At 1080p the 6600M has a 16% greater typical framework rate, the 3rd biggest difference out of all 18 games evaluated at this resolution, but at 1440p the 6600M is currently 25% ahead of the 3060, its greatest win at 1440p. Greater resolutions generally require a lot more VRAM, so I assume we’re seeing the 6600M’s higher 8 gig capability on display right here. This video game also has DLSS assistance, yet it’s only sufficient to increase the 3060’s ordinary FPS to 3 frameworks above the 6600M at 1080p. Or else the 6600M’s 1% low was still ahead, and again at the higher 1440p resolution where the VRAM difference matters more we’re seeing a 33% greater 1% reduced on the 6600M. Cyberpunk 2077 on the other hand was a win for Nvidia at both resolutions. At 1080p it’s simply a 5 FPS distinction, or 7% lead, nevertheless the void enhances at the higher 1440p resolution, where the 3060 was currently 8 FPS ahead, relating to a 21% lead now, as well as that’s prior to considering DLSS.

With DLSS allowed it’s an even bigger win for the 3060, which was currently able to preserve above 60 FPS also at the higher 1440p resolution at high settings, while 1080p is close to 100 FPS on the 3060, and even its 1% lows lead the 6600M’s standard now. Microsoft Trip Simulator was additionally a win for the 3060 graphics. The 6600M was still getting to over 60 FPS with high setups at 1080p, but the 3060 was 13% faster, at least in regards to average FPS, the 1% lows were essentially the very same. Percentage-wise, the space enhances further at the higher 1440p resolution, with the 3060 now reaching a 22% greater ordinary structure rate, or less than a 10 FPS distinction, granted the 3060’s 1% low was in advance of also the 6600M’s typical FPS, so an extra steady experience there. Phone Call of Responsibility Warzone was doing a little far better on the 6600M, yet honestly I question it’s mosting likely to be an adjustment that most people would actually be able to discover when playing. The 6600M was simply a number of FPS ahead in regards to the average framework price at 1080p, after that there’s only a margin of error difference at 1440p, however the Radeon GPU was constantly ahead in the 1% lows. This is another video game with DLSS support however, and turning this on provides the 3060 a clear lead now, though with that stated, I assumed the 6600M was still playable at 1440p max setups, but regardless the 3060 was 30% in advance right here.

Fortnite is an additional eSports title, and also one that usually prefers Nvidia equipment, so I wasn’t stunned to discover the 3060 in advance in this one. It’s an additional video game where also the 1% lows from the 3060 were in advance of the 6600M’s typical framework price, as well as the difference just gets worse for AMD once we transform on DLSS, as this is yet an additional game that has support for it. 60 FPS at max setups 1440p on the 6600M isn’t dreadful or anything, but there’s no denying the 3060 was a smoother experience with a massive 89% greater ordinary structure rate. F1 2021 was evaluated with the greatest setup predetermined which enables some ray mapping effects by default, as represented on top of the chart. RT typically seems to do much better with the 3060, which is probably why the 6600M lags in this one. Instead of speaking with the rest of the 8 games individually in deepness, I’ll just blow up with them so we can obtain right into the ordinary distinctions as that’s even more fascinating, even if every one of this screening did take numerous hrs to finish. A bigger selection of games is very important to help get a better rounded average. Really feel free to stop briefly the video if you desire a closer appearance at any one of these extra games. Usually over all 18 games evaluated at 1080p, AMD’s Radeon RX 6600M was about one as well as a half percent slower when contrasted to Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3060, at the very least when examining both at max power restriction.

8 of the 18 games were reaching greater typical FPS on the 6600M, as shown on the leading half of the chart, but much more titles were doing better with Nvidia, and generally talking even more of the games that appear to favor the 3060 were doing so by a larger quantity than the ones that favored the 6600M. When you average all outcomes though, there’s not as well large of a distinction, a minimum of in this rather vast selection of games. If we step up to the greater 1440p resolution where we’re more GPU bound currently, things change much more for the 3060, with the 6600M now only in advance in three video games, given two of them, Valhalla and Warzone, were incredibly close. To be straightforward, I was expecting the 6600M to probably do better here owing to its greater VRAM capacity, but presumably that in the bulk of video games this hardly matters today. Enjoy Pet dogs Myriad seems to be the exemption, granted I tested that with max settings, reducing the setting levels or using DLSS on Nvidia would certainly decrease this margin. This chart is type of complicated, so allow me clarify. These are the distinctions in between the games that were tested with DLSS or FSR. The differences at stock without DLSS or FSR are shown in the

darker bars, while the outcomes with DLSS or FSR allowed are shown by the lighter bars, as well as the outcomes are arranged by the lighter bars. Essentially only Enjoy Dogs as well as Far Cry were in advance on the 6600M with FSR/ DLSS, or else DLSS was allowing the 3060 to win, which in those bottom 4 games was by a considerable boost compared to the supply results. Simply swiftly prior to we check out price differences, here’s exactly how maker work do. Adobe Premiere was racking up concerning 20% greater on the RTX 3060 in the Puget Systems standard, and also after that DaVinci Resolve had a 39% greater rating with the 3060. Contrasted to the games, these maker work seem to have far bigger gains with Nvidia. SPECviewperf examinations out various professional 3D workloads. The 3060 was winning more tests than it was shedding, however it was shedding to the 6600M in some, it just relies on the workload. In regards to security, I have to say the 3060 was better, however this is only because I checked with an outside display. Currently this 6600M laptop computer was evaluated with the laptop computer’s display in this video clip below, as well as I had absolutely not a problem with it. No video games crashed or anything like that. With that exterior screen linked I located the 6600M laptop

computer collapsed in some games like Battlefield V, Watch Dogs Myriad as well as Rainbow 6 Siege. I’m unsure if it’s a 6600M details issue or just associated to my laptop with exterior screen, because every one of these very same video games have actually been evaluated on an external display with the 6700M and 6800M with no issues, yet yeah I just figured it was worth discussing. Alright, so usually speaking the RTX 3060 graphics seems to do much better in many video games. Particularly at higher resolutions. It draws less power, the battery lasts much longer, and regardless of what you consider DLSS vs FSR, the fact is DLSS is presently existing in even more preferred games. As we did see however, in some contemporary games like Watch Dogs Legion, the 6 jobs of VRAM in the 3060 didn’t seem to be enough, specifically at greater resolutions, so the 8 gigs in the 6600M did have a benefit there. This might indicate that future games that do require even more VRAM might do far better on the 6600M, closing the performance void in between them, however that kind of thing is actually hard to predict. Alright, so what about rate differences? Costs of both will of program change over time, as Lenovo specifically regularly run sales, so describe those links in the description listed below for updates. At the time of recording, the Lenovo Legion 5 with Ryzen 7 5800H, 16 jobs of RAM, 1TB SSD, 165Hz

display and RX 6600M graphics is $1585 USD, though for some reason right currently this config does not have the 80Wh battery upgrade option. The Legion 5 with the same CPU, same quantity of RAM, very same 1TB SSD, very same 165Hz screen and same 60Wh battery yet with RTX 3060 graphics is $155 more pricey at $1740, at the very least on Lenovo’s web site. Microcenter in the US is selling the 3060 Myriad 5 for much less at $1300 USD, provided this is a present sale rate, however I can’t locate the 6600M alternative for much less anywhere, yet once again describe the links for updates as this will change as supply boosts in time. From a price per frame viewpoint, they’re rather close if we think the prices on Lenovo’s site. The 6600M is in fact a little far better value at 1080p, yet that crazy 3060 price is on a whole different degree in comparison. Allow’s be actual, if you can get a video gaming laptop computer with a full powered RTX 3060 and a MUX button for $1300 USD you ought to simply purchase it prior to it heads out of stock. Based on the costs at though, the 3060 is about 10% even more

money contrasted to the 6600M. If you’re simply playing video games at 1080p, the indigenous resolution of both of these screens, then the 6600M for much less cash could make more sense. You get even more VRAM as well, granted at 1080p I think the distinction in VRAM matters a little much less. But as we’ve seen in all of those games simply examined, that wasn’t always the situation, and also yeah that can change more gradually. If the 3060 is more affordable though then I assume it makes one of the most sense, as typically it does execute better in video games and it has the benefit of DLSS. Plus it can likewise take advantage of FSR as well, so kind of finest of both worlds. Of course there’s means even more to picking a laptop than simply the GPU that’s inside. Have a look at my full testimonial of the Lenovo Myriad 5 gaming laptop computer over below following to figure out why it’s one that I constantly recommend. Ensure you’re signed up for the network for future pc gaming laptop computer comparisons such as this one, and also come and join me and also the community in Dissonance and support the scenes video clips by sustaining the network on Patreon.

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