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now if you’re on the hunt for an affordable smartphone then great news absolutely tons of the buggers have been launched there the include and this wee blighter here the xiaomi redmi note 8 t which packs some pretty sexy hardware for not much cash if you’ve got 100 nearly quid in your back pocket then that will now view the redmi note it’s T which dishes up a quad lens rear camera as well as a four thousand milliamp battery a sizable full HD display and the latest version of Zombies me UI software now for my personal sim stuffed inside the Nords its he for the past week now to see if it really is great value or if it’s worth steering clear of and here’s my full in-depth redmi note 80 review and from one the latest greatest mobile tech please do folks subscribe and think that notifications belt chairs now while the redmi note it t is quite unlikely to blow your mind to bits with any revolutionary design work it is definitely a well constructed handset that haves pretty damn smart for that price tag now this rode me handset can be grabbed in just a trio of colors you’ve got a white model a dark grey model and this here blue version which is quite a common color for affordable

smartphones and this blue model does a pretty decent job of hiding finger Greece and other guff I also like that subtle gradient effect I thought the edges could definitely do with being a little bit more rounded to give a more comfortable grip a lot of affordable budget smartphones Rock a basic plastic frame but the good news is here on the redmi note it’s either you’ve got a gorilla glass five quart in front and back and it seems to actually do the job pretty damn well I’ve shipped the Norton my pocket with other phones and chucked it in a backpack with all the tech and generally been a bit of a dick to it and it has a most practically unskilled there’s just a few teeny Nick’s on the screen there that you’ll struggle to see plus you also have a splash resistant exterior Courtin to help keep the rain from seeping into those precious innards and they’re on the back of the noir eater you’ll find a proper physical fingerprint sensor though you may have to squint a little bit as it is the tiniest scanner I’ve ever seen as it occasionally have to fumble a wee bit to actually find it with my fingertip but it’s not too tricky as this kinda is at least sunken beneath the surface and it works perfectly once

you do locate the wee blighter unfortunately once you do boot your way into the red mean naught ear to your Lord said it’s running the older version of Android Android PI rather than the fresh new Android 10 and then you do get the latest version of xiaomi’s launcher me UI 11 slathered on top and I’ve actually stuck with it for the full week as well even though I’m not the biggest fan even in this latest incarnation for one you don’t get any notification icons popping up on that status bar so you have to drag down the notifications bar to actually see if you’ve got any weights and messages and there’s still no option to add an apps tray so all of your bits have to be sorted into folders there on your desktops instead but on the positive side you do at least get a decent talk board and plenty of other good features thrown in there as well there’s still no proper gesture navigation sadly but extras like the one handed mode definitely make your life that little bit easier and if you do find that you’re less than impressed by that lack of an apps trainer the little me UI quirks you can just quickly slap on another Android launcher of your choice I’ve rounded up my personal favourites of 2020 right here on tech spurts go check that out some inspiration if you’re

after an affordable media machine then the redmi note it he definitely does the job at six point three inch IPS display is as strong as any budget rivals boston a proper foolish to you resolution so even though it’s a big bugger those visuals still sharp and clear it’s definitely more than up to the job for a bit of movie view and when you’re out and about and yeah there is a wee nipple notch poke and its way into your view when you’ve got full screen on the like so youtube but it’s suitably subtle color reproduction is on the natural side while the top brightness levels are a respectable match for any sunshiny conditions a no real worries on the audio front either you get a simple basic model speaker set up as usual here on the redmi note 8 see but it’s suitably punchy gotten have grunt to make itself heard even in a noisy environment and when i say per friends i basically mean creep up on and scare the living out of and i had absolutely no troubles connected to bluetooth you on the redmi note 80 the streaming was absolutely fine – headphones speakers whatever you fancy and you do get a proper headphone jack hallelujah as from the smarts well a snapdragon 665 platform is what powers this handset my review model of the naught it came with three gigs of ram while the four gig version is also available in some markets for a little bit of extra scratch not bad specs for a sub 200 pound smartphone but unfortunately the performance here on the revving naught 80 definitely leaves quite a lot to be desired probably not helped by that heavy overlay and the mega 3 gigs of ram often you’ll have to hang around a few seconds after poking a button to actually see something happen and your apps are constantly closing down in the backgrounds you’ll have to

reopen them with this handset patience is definitely a necessary virtue and while it’s perfectly possible to get gaming on something like buggy mobile you will need to keep those graphics on the rock bottom sentence and your expectations suitably law it’s not exactly the most responsive experience and your chances of survival in too hot if you do have the chance to go up the full gig model instead I would definitely say golfer it gamers or at least given a helping hand by the game turbo tool which can block notifications CLE memory with a quick tap and stop background tasks from hogging your bandwidth when playing games like Pope G so that’s nice I also got some dodgy app performance when I first started reviewing the note its he possibly linked to cellular connectivity suffers as I’d load Google Maps and it wouldn’t actually load up the map in the background I’ve just shown my GPS position on a blank screen which was really helpful Amazon music world occasionally just stop streaming in the middle of a song stuff like that but thankfully touch would now only happen for the first couple of days I was using the redmi note t ever the rest of the days has been absolutely fine when I’ve been out and about so hopefully just sort of teeth and issues and they’re not the curse of a super low asking price is the meager 32 gigs of storage space which is at least boosted of 64 gigs if you upgrade to that better model so you will of course run out of internal storage really quickly if you download a lot of Netflix movies to watch on the go if you shoot a lot of 4k home movies using that core lens camera stuff like that but you do at least get full micro SD memory card supports you can slap one of those in if you’re really struggling and don’t much happy or not I was super impressed by the redmi note e t–‘s battery life that four thousand milliamp cell

definitely drains nice and slow on the heaviest most intensive deal with the redmi note 80 i used it as a sat-nav for over an hour i stream music for several hours watched a good bit of YouTube used the camera quite a bit yadda yadda yadda and I still had 30% battery life left at the end the day of very impressive stuff indeed the only phones that can really be that the likes to the multiple g7 power with its mighty five thousand milliamp battery and you also have a sexy bit of a team bought fast charge action so the Lord is he can suck up a discharge in roughly half an hour nice now let’s move on to that quad lens camera tech which comprises a 48 megapixel primary lens and even megapixel or Droid angle lens a 2 megapixel macro lens and finally a 2 megapixel depth sensor now for a sub 2 in Japan mobile this camera produces some perfectly respectable results on full auto mode you have a scene recognition tool that can tweak the settings and boost colors for certain subjects such as this lovely bit of plant life and even with this knocked off you can expect respectable detail in your snaps a bit of pixel bin in action helps to brighten up your shot so though I did notice that some of my pics were a little bit on the warm side nothing too severe

though and if you’re shooting a high-contrast seemed the repin or a tease HDR chops do a pretty decent job those bright skies on too badly saturated at all and you’ll still capture a reasonable amount of detail you can quickly swap to the ultra wide-angle lens with a single tap and again I can’t really want about the results at all especially as this feature is pretty bloody rare at this price point there’s not too much distortion and the like so the color temperature almost the unaffected less impressive is the macro lens which kind of works across distance but unfortunately captures quite drop looking photos of the bonus’ camera features that night mode is definitely well worth a look low-light shots in autumn one looked distinctly fuzzy with plenty of Merkin over saturation around those lighter spots but the first act in night mode takes a sledgehammer to these problems given you a shop more balanced photo that’s certainly a lot more attractive or with minimal effort on your part as for the video side of things I definitely recommend bumping up to 4k resolution if you’ve got the storage space to handle it this captures quite strong detail with warm colors again and though that’s

typical for more smartphone shooting at Ultra HD resolution audio pickup is fine from all directions with all that surrounding noise and wind effects I’ll definitely capture it in full force again pretty standard for a budget blower and the stabilization leaves a lot to be desired so you’ll want to stand as still as possible plus if you want to sacrifice detail for fluidity it can also shoot for a full HD resolution at 60fps with reasonable results so that’s my full review of the redmi note 8 t from xiaomi after a week of using it as my personal handset as you can see sluggish performance aside it is a solid or on budget blow that’s sometimes upon price point there are a few rivals then touch it felt like the gorgeous products to display the pretty damn smart quad lens camera tech and of course that excellent battery life as well so have you been using the xiaomi redmi note 80 as your personal handset that you let us know your thoughts down in the comments below and please do poke subscribe and think that notifications bar for more on the latest Squares tech cheers everyone love you

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