RTX 3050 Ti vs 3060 – 4GB VRAM Enough? 15 Games Tested!

Nvidia just recently launched RTX 3050 Ti graphics for laptops, however exactly how does it contrast against the higher tier RTX 3060, and is the 3060 worth paying extra for? I’ve compared both laptops in 15 various video games at all setting degrees along with thermals, battery life, material maker workloads as well as more to reveal you what the distinctions are. I’m using the Core 17 from XMG to do all of this screening rather. I’ve obtained the exact very same TongFang chassis with the exact same specifications including CPU and also memory, same cooling layout, same battery, very same every little thing, the only difference is one has the 3050 Ti while the other has the 3060. These are the distinctions in specs between these 2 laptop GPUs. The 3050 Ti has 4 jobs of VRAM while the 3060 has 50% more at 6 gigs, as well as the 3060 likewise has 50% more CUDA cores, so fairly a huge difference. Ultimately performance will certainly differ based upon power restrictions though, and the 3060 has the ability to go higher there. Currently the 3060 choice of this specific framework does provide us the choice to disable optimus, which will certainly offer us a speed boost in

video games, however sadly the 3050 Ti model does not, so in order to maintain points reasonable I have actually decided to run both laptop computers with optimus enabled for similar outcomes. You might say that this specific framework does allow us disable it so I must have examined with that, yet I make sure there will likewise be laptop computers that have the 3050 Ti that let us disable optimus, so yes simply for the sake of an apples to apples comparison I’m examining both with optimus on right here. I also need to keep in mind the power limit differences in between these 2 laptop computers. Now it would certainly have been perfect if I had both the 80 watt 3050 Ti and 80 watt 3060, yet regrettably getting things to do perfect comparisons is simply extremely hard. Both of the laptop computers that I have here are essentially at the optimum variety of the power restrictions for their respective GPU, so generally we’re sort of looking at an ideal instance 3050 Ti compared against an ideal case 3060, which means the 3060 does have greater power limits, and also higher power limits does equal better performance, yet I think this is still relatively reasonable as that’s just part of the Nvidia specification. A great deal of 3060’s will be max power. Or else both laptops were tested with the same variation of Windows with the same updates set up with the very same Nvidia vehicle drivers, and likewise with the exact same memory kit. Like I actually obtained the

memory from one and also utilized the very same memory in the other, so no memory distinctions. Let’s start out by comparing 15 various games at all setting degrees, then after that I’ll compare things like thermals, battery life as well as web content designer workloads, and if you obtain unwell of hearing me chat regarding video game criteria after that simply time traveling with those timestamps below. Cyberpunk 2077 was checked with the exact very same go through the game on both laptops. I have actually obtained the 3050 Ti results shown by the red bars, as well as the 3060 results revealed by the purple bars, along with good to go presets the video game provides with most affordable down the bottom and also highest possible up top. This video game is quite GPU heavy, so unsurprisingly it saw among the biggest distinctions out of all titles examined. Ultra settings was getting to 75% higher ordinary FPS on the 3060 as well as was even more usable. It’s not all extremely huge gains with the 3060 though, Microsoft Trip Simulator was 24% faster with the 3060 at the highest ultra setting predetermined, however the distinction gets smaller sized at reduced setup presets, as these are frequently less GPU heavy. Red Dead Redemption 2 on the other hand offers us our first look right into the constraints of the 3050 Ti. The standard can’t also keep up 4 jobs of VRAM at max setups, so I’ve obtained no arise from the 3050 Ti there. At high setups though the 3050 Ti was still close to 60 FPS, but the 3060 was getting to 40% higher

ordinary structure price. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was another that had troubles with the reduced VRAM on the 3050 Ti. The frame price goes down considerably at high setups, and also after that is generally unusable at very high as well as ultra high settings. The 3060 on the other hand is still able to strike 60 FPS at max setups while the 3050 Ti is having a hard time listed below 9 FPS, placing the 3060 600% in advance in terms of typical FPS. Control was tested with and without ray tracing, let’s start with ray mapping off outcomes. This is a GPU hefty game, so the performance distinctions between these 2 GPUs was one of the largest out of all 15 games evaluated. The 3060 was reaching 79% greater typical FPS at high setups, even the 1% low from the 3060 is well over the 3050 Ti’s standards, though the 3050 Ti might still pass 60 FPS at tool. Efficiency hangs back with ray mapping made it possible for, also the 3060 was only simply able to scratch 60 FPS with the low setup pre-programmed, yet that’s where DLSS is available in. With both DLSS and ray tracing allowed, the outcomes at high setups are still greater contrasted to making use of neither, though the 3060 still had a 72% higher typical structure rate. Phone Call of Responsibility Warzone had relatively big gains with the 3060 also, getting to 61% greater typical FPS at max settings, while again the 3060s 1% lows were well above also the average FPS from the 3050 Ti, but that said the 3050 Ti was still most definitely playing the video game simply fine and was quickly above 60 FPS, as well as you could better increase this with DLSS. See Pet Dogs Myriad was an additional video game where the distinctions at lower

setting presets were much lower contrasted to higher ones, where we probably obtain even more GPU heavy. At reduced settings for instance, the 3060 was simply 10% in advance of the 3050 Ti, yet then at max settings it’s obtained a 64% lead, quite a huge change. Fortnite was evaluated after the current update that made impressive settings a lot more GPU heavy, and also the 3060 was around 54% much faster in terms of ordinary FPS below, though as this isn’t precisely a requiring video game the 3050 Ti is still offering an excellent experience despite max settings. The distinctions in Death Stranding still look rather big, nevertheless the 3060 was simply 40% ahead of the 3050 Ti. I indicate that’s still fairly a huge difference, yet it’s one of the smallest differences seen out of all 15 video games that I’ve evaluated right here, and also once again the 3050 Ti is still even more than playable. Metro Exodus was getting to 56% higher typical FPS with the extreme predetermined, but if we instead compare to the RTX predetermined, the 3060 is instead 42% ahead. The 3050 Ti was actually a little in advance of the 3060 at low settings, yet 3 FPS is margin of mistake stuff, plus the 1% lows from the 3060 are still a lot greater. From my understanding Combat zone V likes it’s VRAM, which may describe why at max setups the 3060 was reaching 118% greater ordinary FPS, an enormous distinction. The

distinctions aren’t quite as big at lower setting presets, the 1% lows at high and medium are really close with each other for instance, however after that at ultra settings things transform dramatically. The Witcher 3 on the various other hand had poor gains with the 3060, yet once again as an older title the 3050 Ti is still performing fine even with ultra setups. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is once again on the older side nowadays, and also still over 60 FPS with the 3050 Ti despite having the highest setup predetermined, though the 3060 was hitting 49% higher ordinary FPS at max settings, while the difference at low setups was just 10% I’ve included F1 2020 to make sure that we’ve got information from an auto racing video game, for some reason the 1% short on the 3060 at reduced were constantly reduced than tool settings, otherwise at max the 3060 was reaching 22% higher typical FPS, yet this was the lowest distinction out of all 15 games evaluated. Rainbow Six Siege likewise had below par differences, the 3060 was simply 31% greater than the 3050 Ti at ultra setups, as well as once again the 3060 was revealing weird actions at reduced settings where the 1% lows were down compared to higher presets. I’m not certain what the deal was, but I have actually seen this in this game with a few laptop computers now. Typically over all 15 video games examined at 1080p with the highest setting predetermined, the RTX 3060 was virtually 91% faster than the RTX 3050 Ti, however we can see Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a massive outlier since the structure rate at max setups on the 3050 Ti was so reduced as an outcome of the 4 gigs of VRAM. If you remember red dead redemption 2 really did not also

work on it at max settings as a result of the VRAM limit, I’ve in fact used high setups instead below simply so we would certainly have an information factor. Anyhow if we deal with Valhalla as an outlier as well as eliminate it from this listing, the RTX 3060 is still able to provide even more than a 50% increase to typical FPS generally in these 14 games, a relatively considerable enhancement, though as we can see it can differ wildly based on the details video game. If we instead compare cheapest setup presets, the RTX 3060 was around 24% quicker in the same selection of video games, fairly a big distinction, as reduced settings are typically much less GPU heavy, so if you’re not intending on making use of greater settings then there’s much less to gain with the 3060, but that said as we have actually just seen the 3060 can definitely deal with modern-day games at 1080p greater settings so you could too take pleasure in the eye sweet. Now let’s have a look at thermals and also battery life. The interior of both laptops coincides, exact same 62Wh battery as well as the cooling solution is the exact same and also both have the very same i7-11800H CPU, only the GPU is different. These are the clock speeds that were reported by equipment details by running the Heaven GPU criteria at max settings at 1440p for half an hour. In spite of the 3060 having a higher increase clock on the specs, my 3050 Ti was clocking higher, though it does also have fewer CUDA cores to power. The 3060 was a reasonable bit warmer compared to the 3050 Ti, once again it does have 50% more CUDA cores as well as greater power limitation in this case, so higher temperature levels need to be

anticipated, more power amounts to extra warmth. The 3050 Ti system lasted practically 25% longer when fleecing battery power. Both systems were covered to 30 FPS with Nvidia battery increase, so this seems to indicate that the reduced tier 3050 Ti is a lot more power efficient while both are supplying the same degree of efficiency. I’ve additionally evaluated out some content creator workloads to see what the distinctions are compared to gaming Adobe Premiere was examined with Puget systems benchmark, as well as the distinction is much smaller here contrasted to what we saw in the video games, yet Best usually does not see big gains with greater GPUs from my experience. The 3060 was scoring 7% more than the 3050 Ti. The differences were a lot bigger in Mixer with CUDA. In the Class examination the 3060 laptop computer was finishing the task 60% quicker with its 50% even more CUDA cores, while the shorter BMW examination was 67% quicker on the 3060. The V-Ray examination also saw large gains with the 3060, however again this standard is CUDA based and the 3060 does have 50% even more CUDA cores, so a 45% higher score on the 3060 isn’t also unforeseen. Currently for cost differences, XMG advised me that the 3060 version costs concerning 170 Euro more including barrel, so without taxes regarding $170 USD. They don’t prepare on offering this framework with 3050 Ti though, they simply gave me with this so I can make the

comparison, yet you can take a look at prices for this laptop with the web link in the summary. Given the 3060 laptop computer starts at regarding 1500 Euro, this implies we’re taking a look at a bit greater than 10% more cash to get the 3060, yet this will obviously vary in between business. Honestly 10% even more money for the RTX 3060 for 50% even more performance in video games feels like a no brainer to me. Also if it was 20% more money, authorize me up! I assume that added efficiency is well worth it. Unless you’re really limited on money and can’t conserve much more for the 3060, or possibly the 3050 Ti is just a great deal in your nation, in my opinion the 3060 simply appears worth saving up for. Now as discussed earlier the differences would obviously be smaller if you had a 3060 laptop that had a power limitation closer to the 3050 Ti. Just as a tip, this comparison is with a best case 3050 Ti and also an ideal case 3060. Both of these laptops are at the high-end of the power limitation array. You can additionally get either GPU with lower restrictions, but that claimed the 3060 still has 50% even more CUDA cores as well as 50% even more VRAM, which counts for something. The 3050 Ti does still provide a greater than playable experience for the many part in the majority of games – as long as you do not discuss that 4gb VRAM limitation, which in 2021, allow’s face it, gets on the reduced side for AAA games, specifically at greater setting levels also at 1080p, but if you’re amazing with medium settings after that the 3050 Ti still does quite well. Among my main issues is that if the 3050 Ti is currently

showing these types of limits today, after that what’s it going to resemble 2, 3, or 5 years from now? The reality is lots of people don’t purchase brand-new gaming laptops each year. They’re mosting likely to keep these devices for some time, so yeah with the future in mind the 3060 is simpler to suggest with its 50% more VRAM. Which of these 2 GPUs would certainly you select in your following laptop? The RTX 3050 Ti or the RTX 3060? Allow me understand down in the remarks below, and obtain subscribed for future laptop computer comparisons like this one, there are a whole lot a lot more heading. Come and join me in Disharmony as well as get behind the scenes video clips by supporting the network on Patreon, and come and also have a look at some of my other laptop contrasts over below, I’ll see you over in one of those following.

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