Boost RX 6800M Performance With These Changes! ASUS Strix G15 Game Testing

The ASUS Strix G15 and also Radeon RX 6800 graphics are being held back by memory. I’ve evaluated this new pc gaming laptop in 13 different games both with its stock memory and with my own memory to reveal you just exactly how much performance is being left on the table, and I’ve likewise compared it against other gaming laptops so you can see just how well the 6800M compares to Nvidia. These are the specs of my Strix G15. I have actually obtained the Ryzen 9 5900HX CPU, RX 6800M graphics, 16 jobs of memory and also a 300Hz 1080p display, yet there is also a 1440p choice. You can examine out various other specced versions in addition to upgraded prices with the web links down in the summary. Why have I invested added time testing out this laptop computer with 2 different sets of memory? To cut a long tale short, I located that the Strix G15 makes use of the very same memory as the Lenovo Myriad 5 Pro, and also as I covered in this devoted video clip the memory that it ships with isn’t exactly impressive. Both memory kits examined in the Strix G15 have two 8 job embeds double network, both run at DDR4-3200 CL22 and both are solitary ranking. The distinction is that my kit is 1Rx8 with

reduced additional timings compared to the 1Rx16 package that the laptop computer comes with. It’s type of annoying due to the fact that these type of memory information aren’t listed anywhere on the spec sheet when you in fact most likely to get a laptop computer, so the only method you can recognize is by watching video clips like this one. I asked ASUS why they’re utilizing it and was primarily informed supply concerns, which draws since this simple change can make a bigger distinction contrasted to buying a much more costly laptop with a more costly GPU. Now gaming laptops such as this that make use of both AMD processors as well as graphics take advantage of clever change, which resembles Nvidia’s vibrant boost. The standard concept is that power is changed in between the CPU and also GPU as required based upon the workload to provide optimal efficiency. In a GPU just stress and anxiety test I located that my 6800M would certainly run up to concerning 150W, but I found 145 was more typical, and afterwards with the CPU additionally active in cardiovascular test the GPU would go for regarding 115 watts. The ASUS Arsenal Cage software allows us select various efficiency modes, I’ve done all screening with manual mode since it lets me max out power and also follower speed for ideal results. There’s no

MUX switch, so it’s not feasible to disable the integrated graphics for a speed increase in games, but we can link an outside screen which will certainly connect directly to the RX 6800M graphics. I have actually checked this too and as you’ll see the outcomes are very outstanding. Before we proceed, I have actually got to tell you regarding this video clip’s enroller, Skillshare! Skillshare is an online discovering area with countless motivating classes for creative and curious people. I’m constantly seeking to boost the videos that I’m making on the network, which is why I’m currently viewing Video clip for Instagram – tell an appealing tale in less than a min by Hallease. Sure my focus gets on YouTube, yet having the ability to get details throughout quickly in video clip is what I’m everything about. Skillshare has great deals of other classes for you to explore as well as boost yourself by learning something new. The very first 1000 individuals to use the web link in my summary will get a totally free trial of Skillshare Premium subscription, and also afterwards it’s only about $10 a month. Whether you’re looking to ward off monotony, focus on self-care via creative thinking, or join a likewise imaginative community, Skillshare is the area to maintain you learning. Alright allow’s learn exactly how well this laptop computer performs in 13 various video games with its supply memory and with my memory. Afterwards we’ll see just how the 6800M compares versus other laptop computers and after that I’ll utilize an exterior display to push it to the limitation. Cyberpunk 2077 was checked in little China with the street child life path. I have actually got the stock RAM shown by the red bars as well as the brand-new RAM revealed by the purple bars. With ray

mapping presets there’s primarily no distinction, most likely due to the fact that we’re so GPU heavy below, however at the same time the frame rates with ray mapping on the 6800M in this game aren’t great. It lags the Nvidia choices since I generally examine with DLSS, however AMD’s FSR isn’t below yet. Or else the brand-new RAM offers a 21% boost to typical FPS at reduced settings. Red Dead Redemption 2 was evaluated with the video games benchmark, once more a much smaller sized distinction at max setup levels right here when compared to the reduced presets. Generally no modification at ultra settings, while the brand-new RAM was offering a 14% increase to typical FPS at low settings. Phone Call of Obligation Warzone was examined with either all settings at minimum or optimum, as it doesn’t have predefined establishing presets. This video game saw the most significant difference with the new RAM at max settings out of all 13 games tested with a 24% greater average structure rate, fairly a huge improvement for such a simple adjustment. Darkness of the Tomb Raider was tested with the video games benchmark, and this game had the largest distinction out of all 13 titles tested at least expensive setups, with the brand-new memory offering 28% higher ordinary FPS, or 30 FPS in this case. Max setups additionally saw a massive 19% renovation. For Control I’ve examined with ray mapping made it possible for and handicapped, let’s begin with it off. Once more generally no distinction at the greatest setting, but this is a GPU hefty game so makes good sense, while low settings was getting to 10% greater average FPS with the brand-new memory. Like we saw in

Cyberpunk, there’s virtually no difference with ray tracing enabled, as well as once more the structure prices aren’t excellent right here since I generally check with DLSS on Nvidia laptop computers. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was tested with the video game’s criteria, as well as although the brand-new memory was using a 5% or two improve to average FPS, it’s second-rate out of the 13 video games checked as well as on the lower side. Microsoft Flight Simulator was even more of a middle of the pack result, near the 13 game average in its distinctions. Currently max settings was technically getting to 9% greater ordinary FPS, however we can see this is just 3 structures, so we have actually obtained to be careful when handling portion values, 9% sounds great yet 3 FPS, not so much. The gains in Watch Dogs myriad were bigger, an enormous 25% boost to ordinary FPS at reduced settings which in this case is virtually 20 FPS, far more obvious I ‘d suggest, while max setups was around 14% higher with the new RAM, or regarding 8 FPS in this instance, though there’s a bigger 21% increase to 1% low at ultra. Sensible gains in Combat zone 5 as well, about 10 FPS at max setups or about 9%, right in accordance with the 13 game standard, while low settings was 15% higher with the new RAM, most likely as cpu

performance as well as memory issue more there. Fortnite was checked with the very same replay documents with each memory setup, and also the distinctions in ordinary FPS were listed below the 13 video game standard, however hey in an extra competitive game such as this you can suggest that every framework counts a lot more compared to a few of the others. The same chooses CS: GO, although all setup degrees were scoring primarily the very same in terms of typical FPS, the brand-new memory was providing at the very least an 8% boost to typical FPS. This video game usually obtains bottlenecked by the iGPU, so utilizing an outside screen must boost frame price considerably, a lot more on that soon. Rainbow 6 Siege had much bigger enhancements to the 1% low performance with the brand-new memory compared to the ordinary framework prices. Max settings were hitting 7% higher typical FPS with the new memory while the 1% low gains were greater at 21%. The Witcher 3 does not actually need high structure prices, and truthfully also the stock RAM at ultra setups is still providing superb outcomes with this modern-day equipment on an older video game, yet we can increase ordinary FPS by 6% at max settings or 14% at minimal settings by transforming memory. These are the distinctions in between the supply RAM and also my new RAM in all 13 video games evaluated at the highest setting levels available. Typically the new RAM was able to provide us a 9% increase to typical FPS in video games. Some titles like red dead redemption 2 and also cyberpunk saw generally no distinction, possibly due to the fact that they’re GPU bound there, while others like warzone had big gains. I have actually additionally compared to all setups at the cheapest preset, and currently the ordinary distinction with the brand-new memory is better to 15%. Even in the worst case we’re considering at the very least a 6% renovation to average FPS, with well above 20% gains feasible depending upon the details video game. Now let’s learn just how this all AMD configuration of ASUS Strix G15

contrasts against others. I’ve examined Field of battle 5 in project setting at ultra settings, as well as the Strix G15 is highlighted in red. I’ve got both the stock memory as well as the brand-new memory results, which in this instance supplies a 9% boost to typical FPS. The 6800M can defeat the reduced power restriction 3070 in the Prophecy 15 with the memory upgrade as well as is close to 2080 Max-Q choices, though the 1% lows with the Radeon GPU appear lower compared to many others whether or not we transform the memory. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was checked with the games criteria with the greatest setting pre-programmed. As we saw previously, this video game had among the largest differences out of all titles checked with the memory upgrade, practically a 19% boost to average FPS. The Strix G15 can take on RTX 3070 and also 3080 machines with the brand-new memory like AMD was claiming, while the supply memory puts it closer to the 3060 and under the power restricted 3070 in the omen 15 Far Cry 5 was additionally examined with the games standard at max settings, and this test usually depends much more on cpu efficiency. The brand-new memory was supplying an 11% boost to average FPS right here, once more moving the Strix G15 closer to some of the Ryzen plus Nvidia 3070 and 3080 options, such as the ASUS Scar 15 which is right over it with the same processor, yet RTX 3080 GPU. I have actually validated that numerous other customers that have this laptop computer for screening have the same memory as me, so the results other networks have actually revealed can be enhanced also, and I did likewise verify with ASUS that the stock memory in my device is what the retail design will actually deliver with if

you really get this model – it’s not simply the testimonial units that are like this. As mentioned there’s no chance of disabling the incorporated graphics with the laptop computer display, yet if you connect an exterior monitor to the Type-C port on the back it links directly to the 6800M, bypassing the iGPU. I’ve obtained the outcomes with an outside display attached shown by the environment-friendly bars, as well as I’ve evaluated it both with the stock memory as well as with my memory. With the supply memory as well as external screen we’re simply a couple FPS behind the RAM upgrade plus laptop computer display. If we both incorporate an exterior screen with the RAM upgrade, the efficiency uplift is nothing except astonishing. It’s just a couple of FPS behind MSI’s larger and also far more expensive GE76, though this is just a single game. I do not believe I have actually ever had an all AMD laptop with both AMD cpu and also graphics that allows you disable the iGPU. Currently at the exact same time there additionally have not been a whole lot of all AMD laptops, so since there are higher end options coming it’s feasible that this function is still yet ahead, I’m not sure yet. At the very least though it’s regrettable that this attribute is absent in the Strix G15, since as we have actually simply seen we can get an

exceptional performance boost with it. I’ll cover thermals as well as every little thing else concerning this laptop computer in the upcoming complete review, so see to it you’re subscribed for that a person. Now allow’s have a look at the screen reaction time. The ASUS Arsenal Dog crate software application provides us the choice of making it possible for or disabling panel overdrive, which impacts display response time. With overdrive disabled we’re looking at a 7.9 ms ordinary grey-to-grey action time, yet we can decrease this to around 5.6 ms with overdrive enabled, which is the default, though this does include a little overshoot. I have actually got a link in the description if you require an explanation on what all these numbers indicate. Although it’s not the slowest 300Hz screen I’ve checked, considering you MSI GE66, it’s not below the 3.33 ms required for shifts to occur within the refresh home window, all the same excusable compared to others, however might be better, as well as expect various outcomes with the 1440p screen option. There’s a whole lot more that we require to discuss about the ASUS Strix G15 advantage edition, so ensure you’re subscribed for the upcoming full testimonial. Come and join me in Discord as well as support the scenes video clips by sustaining the channel in Patreon, as well as if you require even more information on why the memory upgrade enhances efficiency a lot check out this video clip over below, as I have actually gone right into it comprehensive on the Myriad 5 Pro. It uses the specific same memory as the Strix G15 by default, so all the information are covered because one, I’ll see you there next off.

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