I Tested The New Radeon RX 6800M In Games!

AMD’s new RDNA 2 mobile graphics are here for laptop computers, as well as I’ve got the leading end RX 6800M in this maker to check out and also show you some video game criteria so let’s dive right into the specs of these brand-new laptop computer GPUs. These are the three brand-new laptop computer GPUs that are being announced today, the Radeon RX 6600M, 6700M as well as 6800M, and also they vary from 8 jobs of GDDR6 memory up to 12. Like RDNA 2 on the desktop side, the mobile chips feature ray accelerators, meaning ray mapping must be available in sustained games. The 6600M is advised for 1080p video gaming, the 6700M is recommended for a mix of 1080p as well as 1440p, while the 6800M is recommended for 1440p pc gaming with 145 watt and also over power limitations. Below’s how AMD states that their top end 6800M compares against Nvidia RTX 3070 and 3080 laptops, though these are video games that have a tendency to do well with Radeon graphics, I’ll reveal you performance in several of the typical games I evaluate later in this video. Below’s exactly how the lower 6600M contrasts versus Nvidia’s RTX 3060, once again mostly games that do much better on Radeon graphics, but still looking affordable. Rough

benchmarks for the 6700M weren’t supplied, as well as it’s noted right here that that version is shipping soon, whereas the 6800M as well as 6600M are shipping now, so unsure when to expect the center tier 6700M. Now AMD is revealing two new pc gaming laptop computers including these new GPUs, however I make certain there will be extra ahead. Up we’ve obtained the ASUS Strix G15m which is what I have actually got here. The brand-new all AMD version is a fair bit different to the previous G15, so make certain you’re subscribed for my upcoming full evaluation on this video gaming laptop computer. This one will be offered from very early June with approximately Ryzen 9 5900HX processor and Radeon RX 6800M graphics, which is the configuration I have actually got. It’s likewise risen to 1080p 300Hz or 1440p 165Hz screen options with FreeSync Costs, as well as it’s obtained liquid metal on both the CPU and GPU. I do not remember seeing FreeSync Premium in laptops in the past, but generally this suggests the display is at least 120Hz or greater with assistance for reduced framerate compensation, or LFC. It was likewise interesting to hear that there would be liquid metal made use of on the 6800M right here, typically when firms include liquid metal to their laptop computer they just do it to the CPU rather than the GPU, as there’s commonly reducing returns in doing it to the Nvidia graphics, so is this a sign that the Radeon graphics might run hotter? I haven’t evaluated thermals yet so I can not say, again stay tuned for the complete evaluation of this laptop. Next up is the HP Omen 16 which you may have already heard around, as HP introduced it a couple of days

earlier, though this one simply says “available quickly” so uncertain when precisely that is. Once more this version increases to Ryzen 9 5900HX cpu, but RX 6600M graphics here. It’s utilizing a 16″ 165Hz screen, once more with FreeSync costs. There are mosting likely to be much more all AMD designs later on in the year from both MSI and also Lenovo. I’m guessing MSI will certainly have a new design after their Alpha 15 and also Bravo 15 versions as they’ve had those all AMD styles in the past, yet I believe this will be the initial time Lenovo has actually jumped on board the all AMD gaming laptop train, to make sure that will certainly interest have a look at offered their success with the Myriad 5. These all AMD designs additionally use smartshift, which dynamically assigns power between the CPU and GPU based on the workload, so like Dynamic increase on the Nvidia side, plus they’re likewise using resizeable BAR, also known as AMD’s clever access memory or SAM, and when integrated these features need to use an additional efficiency increase in games. Speaking of all AMD, they’re also introducing AMD advantage, which is generally a means of making sure laptops satisfy a number of minimal demands such as great screens, excellent I/O, excellent build high quality, specific quantities of battery life, great thermals and also storage rates, so theoretically acquiring an AMD benefit laptop implies there’s a level of individual experience that can be anticipated as a standard. AMD likewise announced that what is basically their version of DLSS which will be available from the 22nd of June. It’s called FidelityFX Super Resolution, or FSR for short, and it boosts performance by

upscaling. It’s open resource and will evidently service Nvidia GPUs too. AMD claims more than 10 games will integrate FSR in 2021 with the very first sustained video games coming later on this month. Tim over at Hardware Unboxed will certainly be taking a look at the top quality from FSR once it’s available, so make certain you’re subscribed to their network for that web content. Now let’s have a look at exactly how well this 6800M laptop actually executes in some video games that I regularly examination. It’s worth keeping in mind that the display screen of the Strix G15 attaches to the Integrated graphics as opposed to directly to the 6800M, so I would certainly anticipate better efficiency with an outside screen compared to what I will reveal. I likewise discovered that the memory appears to be the very same as the lenovo legion 5 pro, and as I’ve received another video clip, it is possible to quickly improve performance by 10% at 1080p making use of memory with faster timings, to make sure that may be keeping back the 6800M in these instances. Field of battle V was examined in campaign setting at the highest ultra establishing predetermined. The ordinary FPS is doing much better than a full powered RTX 2070 Super in the Scar 15 just listed below it, and it’s simply somewhat behind the RTX 3070 in the HP Prophecy 15 just over it, provided the Omen does not have the full GPU power limitation. The Strix G15 doesn’t look as well negative in the averages, but the 1% lows are a reasonable bit lower compared to Nvidia options. Darkness of the Burial place Raider was examined with the video games benchmark at

max settings, as well as the Strix G15 remains in the same setting out of this same selection of laptops. The outcomes aren’t crazy or anything, however over 100 FPS at max settings is still a good cause this test, and the 6800M is around 48% in advance of the 5600M from last generation, so quite nice gains in just a year. Much Cry 5 was likewise examined with the video games criteria at max settings. This test tends to favour Intel processors, however also others with Ryzen 5000 like the HP Omen 15 which was only simply above the Strix G15 in the previous few video games is now around 10% ahead in average FPS. The 6800M is closer to 1660 Ti alternatives here. Don’t worry, I will certainly check more recent games soon. Now I will be evaluating the G15 with an exterior screen to figure out what the distinctions are, as well as I’ll also be evaluating it in 10 plus video games in the forthcoming game criteria video clip. It’s also possible that it could do much better at the greater 1440p resolution, as the GPU can much better extend its legs there. I’ve simply evaluated 1080p here because that’s what I have data for, and likewise because I was sent the model with the 1080p display instead than the 1440p screen. Outside of laptop computers, we’ve likewise got some brand-new Zen 3 based APUs coming later in the year, the 8 core Ryzen 7 5700G and 6 core Ryzen 5 5600G. We have actually already seen how well Zen 3 processors do, so it will certainly interest see how these new APUs stack up as soon as offered from August 5th, specifically with all the GPU availability concerns. So there have actually been plenty of brand-new announcements from AMD at Computex 2021, once again see to it you’re subscribed for all of my future content around the ASUS Strix G15 and the RX 6800M graphics. Come and sign up with the neighborhood in Discord and also support the scenes video clips by supporting the network on Patreon, as well as while you wait on those G15 video clips why not take a look at one of these ones next.

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