HP Omen 15 (2021) Review – Still 2nd Best Ryzen Gaming Laptop?

Last year I said the HP Prophecy 15 was the 2nd best Ryzen gaming laptop of 2020, and also currently it’s time to see what adjustments have actually been made with the brand-new 2021 model! Both the CPU as well as GPU have actually been upgraded, we’ve now obtained the most recent Ryzen 5000 and Nvidia RTX 3000 graphics here, and although mine has a 1080p 144Hz display, there’s additionally now a 1440p 165Hz option as well – you can locate other arrangements as well as updated prices with the web links listed below The general design looks the same as last gen, dark do with reflective blue Prophecy logo on the cover with a tidy inside. The laptop computer alone considers 2.1 kg or under 4.7 Pound, then 2.8kg or 6.2 pound with the 200 watt power brick and also cable televisions for charging. The dimensions are quite standard for a 15″ pc gaming laptop computer, it’s just an irrelevant amount thicker than in 2014’s design. Mine has a 15.6″ 1080p 144Hz screen, regrettably you can’t disable optimus for a rate increase so no G-Sync. It does have FreeSync, however with a 40Hz to 60Hz variety it’s only mosting likely to work in demanding titles with low structure rates. The colour gamut wasn’t that great at 88% of sRGB, and also brightness was simply above 300 nits, so excusable but not incredible, but expect various outcomes with the 1440p option. There aren’t any kind of panel overdrive settings

offered, so by default my 144Hz screen had an 8.35 ms ordinary grey-to-grey action time, below the 6.9 for changes to take place within the refresh window. It’s refraining from doing that well when compared against others, but it’s only slightly behind the LG panel in in 2015’s Ryzen Omen 15. The very same AUO panel was used in the Intel based HP Structure 15, and that had a similar result. Backlight hemorrhage was only small, not something I ever before noticed during normal use, but this will differ in between laptops and also panels. There’s a 720p electronic camera over the screen in the middle, no Windows Hello sustain. This is what the camera and also microphone appearance as well as seem like, here’s what it seems like to kind on the keyboard, as well as this is what it sounds like if I establish the fan to complete speed, so you can still hear me ok over the follower noise. My keyboard just has white backlighting, it illuminates all keys as well as additional functions and also can either be turned or off, there’s no brightness modifications, there’s likewise a 4-zone RGB keyboard alternative. There’s no numpad, but the arrow secrets aren’t tiny and have lots of spacing. I suched as inputting with the key-board, it really felt a little bit softer compared to Lenovo’s Myriad series that I’m presently using. The power button is appropriate beside delete and backspace, but in spite of the Windows defaults claiming a press will put it to rest, I discovered it to do nothing

in case of an unexpected press. Both sides of the key-board have these small stands, probably to avoid the screen from bending when the cover is shut, and also these weren’t existing in in 2015’s model. The accuracy touchpad clicks down anywhere, is using all available area, and also worked well, not a problem there. On the left from the back there’s the power input, gigabit ethernet, USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A port, HDMI 2.1 result, 3.5 mm audio combo jack and also a complete sized SD card port. The right has a USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-C port with DisplayPort 1.4 support, miniature DisplayPort outcome, air exhaust vent on this side, as well as 2 more USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports at the back. The laptop can not be billed with Type-C, but all three display outcomes consisting of HDMI, Type-C and mini DisplayPort connect straight to the Nvidia GPU, bypassing optimus. The back just has vents for air to exhaust, while the front is all smooth. There’s no spaces for getting your fingers in however because of the angle it’s still simple enough to open the cover with one finger and also the screen goes the full 180 levels back for sharing. There still seems to be a fair bit of flex to the screen, much like in 2014, but it hardly moves when typing as well as using it, and as discussed the flex with the cover shut must be boosted. There’s additionally some flex to the key-board, however nothing you’ll discover during normal use. The

leading edge and also corners were sharp feeling if you comb up against them, as well as I would see this while typing, it just really felt uneasy at times, but this may be since I have larger hands. Underneath we’ve just obtained air exhaust vents towards the back, directly above the followers and over the heatpipes. Getting inside needs removing 8 phillips head screws, and also the 4 down the front are shorter than the rest. It was simple sufficient to open up utilizing the devices connected in the description. Inside we’ve got the battery down the front, 2 M. 2 storage space ports on either sides with steel warm covers, two memory ports over the battery, and WiFi 6 appears to be soldered to the board, which wasn’t the situation with my last gen Ryzen 4000 design. The speakers are beneath on the left and appropriate sides in the direction of the front. They seem about average for a pc gaming laptop, tinier compared to the Legion 7 I’m checking at the same time with only minor bass, yet still clear at max quantity as opposed to altered, and the latencymon outcomes were looking alright. The Omen 15 has a 6-Cell 70.9 Wh battery. I’ve tested it with all lighting off, history applications impaired as well as screen readied to 50% brightness. It’s accumulating fairly well contrasted to others, lasting for 8 as well as a fifty percent hrs in the YouTube playback test. There was noticeable battery drainpipe while I was running my cardiovascular test and video game examinations. After a couple of hours of maxing it out the battery fee had dipped to 79% while being connected in, so it feels like the 200 watt power block may not

suffice for the 5800H as well as 3070 setup at full tons. I’m not certain if this would certainly be the situation with a reduced specced choice. Let’s have a look at thermals next. There are a couple of heatpipes shared in between CPU and also GPU, and also it appears like we have actually obtained VRM coverage too. The Omen software application lets us swap in between 2 performance modes, well balanced as well as performance from lowest to highest possible specifically. You can likewise change fan speed, either with hands-on mode to a particular RPM value, or simply make it possible for optimal follower rate. I did all screening here with vehicle fan setting, due to the fact that as you’ll hear later on, performance setting with auto followers for my examinations coincided as using max followers anyhow, so no requirement to examine both. The still outcomes down the base were great. I’ve run cardiovascular test with both the CPU as well as GPU packed up to represent a worst situation, along with playing an actual video game. The GPU, represented by the green bars, was never striking thermal throttling, and also was really running fairly great in performance setting. The CPU on the various other hand was under 90 levels in efficiency mode, as well as then reduced still with the air conditioning pad I’m testing with, which is connected in the description. These are the clockspeeds for the very same tests simply revealed. Not horrible outcomes, yet various other Ryzen laptops have actually been able to exceed 4GHz in these tests, so the 5800H in the Prophecy is a bit behind. This appears to be because the processor is restricted to 35

watts when the GPU is active, many others are able to at the very least add to 45 watts, yet it shows up that the Omen is preferencing a reduced power limit, and also therefore lower efficiency to obtain lower temperature levels. I tried utilizing Ryzen controller to boost it, yet it had no result. The GPU was striking optimals of 100 watts in the stress tests, which is what the Nvidia control panel reports, however dynamic increase doesn’t seem to be doing also in this specific game fairly, only balancing 80 watts. Here’s just how the various modes perform in Cinebench R23. There’s not as well much distinction yet performance mode does clearly have an edge right here. It’s not doing super well compared to others, yeah the result still looks good and also it’s above the 4800H last gen versions, yet it lags various other 5800H outcomes. We’re not losing way too much efficiency on battery power, it’s doing better than the XMG Neo 15 now both in solitary as well as multicore performance a minimum of, whereas it had not been doing this when connected in. The key-board was in the low 30s when idling, normal things contrasted to others and trendy to the touch. It increases to high 30s in the center when under cardiovascular test, so only a little cozy worst instance. Efficiency setting wasn’t as well different, we’re still not seeing above 40 levels in the hot places which is a fantastic result as well as most likely partly due to the reduced 35 watt restriction on the CPU, let’s have a pay attention to the followers. It was rather much quiet when idling in balanced mode. It’s a reasonable little bit louder with the cardiovascular test running, the 2021 version doesn’t have the lower convenience mode like last year’s model. Performance mode was after that running the exact same as with the fan readied to max speed in this specific test, which is why I didn’t trouble examining various fan rates

earlier. Currently allow’s figure out how well this arrangement of HP Omen 15 does in video games, yet utilize this as a rough overview only as laptop computers were tested at different times with various drivers. I have actually evaluated Field of battle 5 in campaign setting at ultra setups, and the Prophecy 15 is highlighted in red. The result isn’t bad or anything, but contrasted to the 3070 in the Intel based Aero 15, well that was reaching 11% higher ordinary structure rate in this examination, while the Neo 15 with higher GPU power restriction was 21% greater. It’s only simply behind the 3080 in the ASUS G15 simply over it, however both are capped to 100 watts and also do not let you disable optimus. Shadow of the Burial place Raider was tested with the games benchmark device with the highest setting pre-programmed, and also the Prophecy 15 is resting in the very same setting family member to the same laptop computers we just looked at. It’s the lowest result I have actually obtained from an RTX 3070 laptop computer until now, however although not just as good as others, it’s not like this is negative efficiency or anything, it’s simply that you could be able to improve efficiency from a various laptop computer with the same GPU – everything comes down to cost distinction. Far Cry 5 was likewise checked with the games benchmark device at max settings. The Prophecy 15 relocations down a bit in this examination, still around 100 FPS as well as genuinely there isn’t way too much distinction between it and some of the 2070 Max-Q and also 2070 Super Max-Q laptops from last generation such as the Aorus 15 and also Legion 7i just above, however those are Intel based

and also it does appear that Intel based laptops have an edge over Ryzen in this details examination. I have actually also attached an exterior monitor and retested tombraider, as well as we have the ability to obtain greater than a 9% boost to average FPS with this simple change which aids show the performance we would certainly be getting if the laptop computer let us disable optimus, as using the outside screen with any of the three ports bypasses the iGPU. Total pc gaming efficiency is respectable, as we would get out of an RTX 3070 laptop. It’s simply refraining quite in addition to others as a result of that 100 watt GPU power restriction, 35 watt CPU power limit, and also the lack of ability of disabling optimus, yet that could matter less with the 1440p screen option – once again web links to different setups can be found listed below. Now for the benchmarking tools, I’ve checked Paradise, Valley, as well as Superposition from Unigine, as well as Firestrike, Timespy and also Port Royal from 3DMark, just pause the video if you desire a thorough take a look at these outcomes. Adobe Best was evaluated with the Puget Systems benchmark. It’s in fact scoring 7% above the MSI GP76 just below it, which has RTX 3070 graphics too however at greater wattage, though that one has a 6 core Intel processor. Adobe Photoshop normally depends much more on cpu efficiency, and also we may be limited by the lower power limitation of the processor as it lags various other Ryzen 5000 machines, and also only simply above the last gen

4800H in the RP-15 under it. DaVinci Resolve is a lot more GPU heavy, and the 3070 is doing around as expected right here, scoring basically the very same as 2 other 3070 laptop computers simply under it, provided those have greater GPU power limitations. I have actually additionally examined SPECviewperf which examines out various specialist 3D workloads. The drive rate for the 1TB NVMe M. 2 SSD was doing relatively well for both reviews and also composes, we can constantly install a second drive in the extra slot. The SD card slot was doing alright for the checks out, yet very inadequately for the writes. I do not assume this matters much though as many people would make use of the slot to dispose footage. The card clicks in and sits the majority of the means into the maker. There had not been anything unique in the biographies, primarily the conventional options that you ‘d expect for the a lot of component. I booted an Ubuntu 20 live CD to examine Linux assistance. Out of package the WiFi, key-board, touchpad and also electronic camera job, yet screen illumination with the key-board faster ways was not functioning, it most likely simply requires an update. Allow’s review rate, you can inspect the links in the description for upgraded costs, as these will transform with time. At the time of recording, the most affordable model with 6 core Ryzen 5 5600H cpu as well as Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics starts at $1120 USD, then you can pay even more for greater CPU or GPU alternatives or for a 1440p display. Alright so with all of that in mind, let’s sum up both the good and the bad to help you decide if the HP Prophecy 15 gaming laptop computer deserves considering in 2021. All things thought about, it’s practically

the exact same laptop computer as in 2014 however with brand-new CPU, new GPU, which 1440p display choice. I do not assume there’s excessive wrong with not making any kind of changes provided I did state this was the second finest Ryzen gaming laptop computer of last year, yet at the same time this does likewise imply that they’ve missed the chance to enhance it and press it to the next degree. The only adjustments that I really observed aside from the newer specifications were that WiFi is soldered to the motherboard now, and also there are these stands on the sides to avoid screen flexing when the cover is closed. If there are any kind of various other differences, then they’re possibly equally as refined as those. It runs alright, however there’s efficiency being left on the table as a result of the 35 watt CPU power restriction, 100 watt GPU power restriction, which was adding to 80 watts in some of my game testing, and also once more the inability of disabling optimus, as well as regardless of those limitations in area, I still found the battery to drain pipes on the 3070 version when under heavy CPU plus GPU tons, so at the very least it seems that the 3070 model can possibly gain from a bigger power block than the 200 watt one that it

comes with. Depending upon exactly how the 3060 version runs, it could be a far better sweet place, both in regards to rate to efficiency proportion yet also hopefully using much less power as well as draining the battery. I’m meant to be getting that one soon so we’ll see. The only various other thing I didn’t directly like while utilizing it was the front edge might feel sharp while keying. I am intending on contrasting the brand-new Prophecy 15 against the new Lenovo Legion 5 pc gaming laptop quickly, so see to it you’re subscribed for that upcoming laptop comparison. Come and join us in Dissonance as well as support the scenes video clips by supporting the network on Patreon, otherwise for now you can discover exactly how well this Omen 15 video gaming laptop does in 13 different video games.

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