Laptop vs Desktop RTX 3080 – XG Mobile Compared to Thunderbolt eGPU

This tiny box has Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics, it’s the XG Mobile from ASUS, their outside graphics or eGPU service, yet how well does it compare versus a desktop computer 3080 in a conventional Thunderbolt eGPU setup? I’ve contrasted both in video games and applications to show you what the distinctions are. Despite both of these being noted as 3080 graphics, there are some quite huge differences to be knowledgeable about. The XG Mobile is in fact utilizing the laptop computer 3080, which has various specifications contrasted to the desktop card. The desktop computer card has more CUDA cores, greater clock rates, greater power limitations and also faster memory, however the XG Mobile has even more VRAM at 16 gig. But the XG Mobile has an ace up its sleeve – it links to the ASUS Flow X13 laptop computer with 8 lanes of PCIe 3.0 connectivity, as well as this gives the GPU with 63gbps of data transfer, the rest is dedicated to the other ports like USB, while Thunderbolt 3 or 4 on the various other hand is restricted to 4 PCIe lanes at 40gbps. Bandwidth is a pretty huge bargain when it involves external GPU setups, as even more data transfer indicates much more data can transfer in between the GPU and laptop computer, and also this is typically one of the largest traffic jams in an eGPU configuration. So

despite the desktop computer 3080 graphics card practically being more powerful than the laptop computer 3080, the absence of data transfer in the thunderbolt arrangement can traffic jam it, and also that’s precisely what we’re going to examination. In addition, when utilizing an eGPU with the laptop computer’s display, we’re sending the screen signal back from the GPU to the laptop, so this will use up extra transmission capacity compared to connecting an exterior screen to the graphics, and I will be examining this too. The integrated graphics of the laptop after that includes added expenses on top of this, as it needs to process the structures from the game to show on the display screen. Another prospective traffic jam that can be avoided with an exterior display. The laptop computer that I’m examining the XG mobile with is the Circulation X13, because this is the only laptop computer that presently supports it, there’s no various other alternatives. ASUS hope to enhance support in the future, but for now this is the only laptop computer that we can examine this with. Currently for the Thunderbolt configuration I originally desired to utilize a Dell XPS 13 laptop, since it’s an Intel based 13″ machine so I believed it would be quite reasonable to contrast versus the 13″ Ryzen laptop computer over here, however, for some factor the eGPU efficiency was absolute rubbish.

I’m not sure why as I have actually checked older XPS 13 devices in the past and they were perfectly great. Anyway I finished up making use of the Intel NUC M15, which in my situation is the Vision 15 from Schenker, the exact same guys that offer the XMG pc gaming laptops. It is a larger 15″ note pad, however it’s still relatively thin and also makes use of Intel 11th gen so I assume it’s going to be a quite fair contrast in any case, as well as 11th gen does indicate that it’s obtained Thunderbolt 4, so 4 PCIe lanes and 40gbps of transmission capacity. Currently in spite of only having a 4 core processor, I think this is still among the very best situation choices you can jump on the Intel side for an eGPU arrangement. As I’ve displayed in this video over right here, this 4 core processor can beating also 6 core processors with greater TDPs, so primarily simply to summarise all that, I believe this is a respectable arrangement for a Thunderbolt eGPU system. Currently the X13 has an 8 core Ryzen processor, so there’s a clear distinction between the CPUs. It’s simply not possible to compare to the same processor since the XG mobile only collaborates with the X13 as well as that’s a Ryzen based equipment, so however there’s just no means to contrast both of these exterior GPUs with the exact same cpu. So rather than thinking in terms of CPU distinctions, think about the entire setup in general. But to

attempt as well as minimize CPU differences I am focusing on greater setup levels in games, plus I have actually additionally tested 1080p, 1440p and 4K resolutions, as well as at those higher resolutions we must be seeing more of what the GPUs can do. Currently we additionally need to speak about the dimension differences of these configurations.
You can plainly see that the XG Mobile is way much more mobile. Typical Thunderbolt eGPUs like this are something you would certainly leave at home and afterwards dock with when you return, however the XG mobile on the various other hand can conveniently fit in a bag and feature you. By default, the XG Mobile uses the following overclocks applied to the GPU core and also memory. Sadly I understood this after I tested invested a day or two testing this setup without an overclock, so my Thunderbolt outcomes are all at stock with the founders edition of the 3080. Truthfully I think this is better anyway, we’re contrasting stock to stock without hands-on individual tweaks, yet it deserves noting that the majority of desktop computer 3080s that you acquire will certainly have an overclock out of the box anyhow. Don’t stress however, we will certainly have a look at some overclocking later. Otherwise the most recent Nvidia motorists were made use of at the time of screening and

also exact same variation on both arrangements. So keeping that in mind, let’s begin by comparing both setups in 13 various video games, after that after that we’ll have a look at rate distinctions along with material developer work. Cyberpunk 2077 was checked in little China with the street kid life path. These are the results with ray mapping off, we’ll look at ray tracing on in the next graph. I have actually got the outcomes with 1080p with the laptop computer’s display being used down the bottom, followed by external screen results above at 1080p, after that 1440p and also 4K over that. In this video game the XG Mobile with laptop computer GPU was in advance at 1080p despite whether we’re using the laptop computer display or an outside screen, yet after that at higher resolutions like 1440p as well as 4K the Thunderbolt room with desktop 3080 was doing much better. I have actually likewise examined with the RT Ultra pre-programmed and established DLSS to quality mode. The XG Mobile makes a little a comeback below, and also is now performing better at 1440p. The Thunderbolt configuration was still in advance at 4K however, yet it’s just a couple of FPS and with these structure prices you’ll likely intend to keep up lower settings anyhow. Red Dead

Redemption 2 was evaluated with the games benchmark tool. With the high setup predetermined, the XG mobile with Ryzen processor in the X13 was reaching 37% higher ordinary framework price at 1080p with the laptop computer’s screen. It was still ahead with the external display, though the space narrows in a little bit to a 17% lead with the laptop computer GPU currently. The results are basically the exact same with both running at 4K however, simply somewhat over 60 FPS. Microsoft Flight Simulator was evaluated in the Sydney landing difficulty. This time the Thunderbolt setup with desktop computer GPU was a little in advance at 1080p with the laptop’s screen, though it’s only a 1 FPS distinction which is sort of margin of error stuff. With an exterior display though, no matter of the resolution in operation the XG Mobile with greater data transfer was exceeding the extra powerful desktop graphics card in the Thunderbolt enclosure. I have actually checked Control with and also without ray mapping, allow’s begin with ray tracing off results. This video game had one of the most significant differences out of all 13 titles evaluated. At 1080p, even the 1% lows from the XG Mobile arrangement were in advance of the ordinary FPS from the Thunderbolt arrangement. In terms of average FPS we’re looking at a 74% higher typical structure rate at 1080p with the XG Mobile and exterior display.

With the laptop computer display, the XG Mobile is 64% in advance, so it appears like this video game is actually seeing a gain from the extra PCIe bandwidth, or maybe because of the CPU differences. At 4K where we’re a lot more GPU bound though, the Thunderbolt plus desktop computer GPU was now 28% in advance of the XG Mobile. With ray tracing set to high, the Thunderbolt as well as desktop computer GPU are currently in advance in average FPS at 1440p, however the 1% reduced isn’t quite able to match the X13 and XG Mobile. At 4K the Thunderbolt configuration was now 33% ahead of the XG Mobile, but with these low framework prices you’ll either be utilizing reduced setups anyway, or otherwise make it possible for DLSS to boost performance. With DLSS now made it possible for, remarkably the performance doesn’t transform as well much with the Intel Thunderbolt configuration. There were way much better gains on offer from the XG Mobile and also X13 setup, I’m not exactly certain why, either DLSS suches as the additional transmission capacity readily available, or the higher executing Ryzen cpu. In spite of the gains at lower resolutions, the thunderbolt eGPU system was still in advance at 4K, though just in typical FPS, 1% lows were ahead with the XG Mobile. Allow’s have a look at some esports

titles to see just how these go. Fortnite was in advance on the XG Mobile at 1080p. The 1% lows were pretty close together with the laptop screen, nonetheless the added transmission capacity when making use of the external display placed the 1% low a fair little bit greater. The 1% low still had an side on the XG mobile at 1440p, but the average frame price was now better from the thunderbolt system, then at 4K the thunderbolt and desktop GPU were 38% ahead of the XG mobile and also X13 in ordinary FPS. CS: GO is a video game that I’ve shown to be bottlenecked severely by incorporated graphics in the past because of its insane high framework price, and also we’re seeing this here as well. There’s fairly a big enter average framework price with either setup relocating from the laptop’s display screen to the external display linked to the eGPU, nevertheless the XG Mobile still had a side. Like a number of the various other games tested, the thunderbolt as well as desktop GPU was ahead at 4K, though it was just a little space below. Rainbow Six Siege was examined with the games standard making use of Vulkan. This video game also hits high structure prices, so it additionally sees a rather large advantage by using an outside display with both configurations. The XG

Mobile was 19% ahead of the thunderbolt and also desktop GPU at 1080p, then just 3% ahead at 1440p, so essentially no modification. Again like most various other titles checked, 4K was now doing much better with the a lot more powerful desktop GPU as those higher specifications can get to function. Field of battle 5 was evaluated in project mode walking with the very same component of the video game in all setups. There’s not way too much to say below that hasn’t already been stated. Generally the XG Mobile was doing far better at 1080p and 1440p, however at 4K the desktop computer GPU is able to claw its way in front, at the very least for the ordinary structure price. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was examined with the game’s criteria. In this one the XG mobile was in advance in all circumstances. The space was much smaller at the highest possible 4K resolution this is one of only 4 games where the desktop computer GPU couldn’t pull off a win. View Dogs Legion was likewise examined with the games standard. This was an additional of the few titles where the XG mobile was ahead in all situations, and also although the ordinary FPS difference at 4K was simply 1 structure, there’s a much larger improvement in the 1% lows with the XG mobile, which was 70% greater in this regard – as a matter of fact the 1% lows

with the thunderbolt setup were much reduced somewhat despite the resolution in usage. The Witcher 3 saw comparable behavior at 4K, where the 1% lows were far listed below the thunderbolt arrangement. At 1440p the 1% low from the XG Mobile is close to the average structure price of the thunderbolt setup, so rather large gains, though both are still running fine below even with the highest ultra setting preset. Darkness of the Burial place Raider was checked with the video game’s criteria. At 1080p the XG mobile was seeing a bigger boost to performance with an outside screen linked to the eGPU, likely due to the extra transmission capacity that becomes available. 4K is still running rather well right here with max setups, the XG mobile was close to 60 FPS, however the Thunderbolt laptop computer with desktop computer GPU was now 15% ahead. Death Stranding was checked walking, 4K was very close together in this one, margin of mistake in typical FPS with a little bit more edge in 1% lows to the XG mobile. Otherwise at all various other lower resolutions the XG mobile was considerably ahead, even its 1% lows were defeating the ordinary FPS from the desktop graphics in the Thunderbolt eGPU room. Below are the distinctions in all 13 video games examined at 1080p with the laptop screen in use.

On standard, the XG mobile with laptop 3080 graphics is doing around 38% much better than the desktop computer 3080 in the Thunderbolt eGPU unit. Now at 1080p we’re more likely to run right into CPU bottlenecks compared to the greater resolutions, as well as once again the processors are relatively various in between the two laptop computers so it’s most definitely a factor. There’s not actually anything I can do regarding that though, as there aren’t yet any AMD laptops with Thunderbolt. If we instead take a look at the distinctions with an outside display plugged into the eGPU, after that the lead of the XG Mobile lowers a bit to 32% ahead of the Thunderbolt enclosure plus desktop computer GPU on standard. This is still a relatively large difference, however as video games are able to strike higher structure prices at lower resolutions it makes good sense for the XG Mobile arrangement to do better due to the increased bandwidth between the graphics as well as the laptop computer. Tipping up to 1440p and also the XG Mobile’s lead reduces better to around 15% usually, and also this time around there are a few video games that are now favouring the Thunderbolt setup with more powerful GPU. As higher resolutions can much better place the GPU to function, we’re beginning to see the a lot more

effective desktop graphics deal with back. This is then further showed at 4K, where the Thunderbolt room with desktop computer 3080 is currently performing much better in a lot of games, placing the XG mobile around 2% slower usually in these 13 video games. With reduced frame prices, most likely much less information is being sent out in between the laptop computer as well as GPU over the cable, so the transmission capacity difference matters much less as well as the desktop 3080 can put its greater specifications to function. It’s also worth bearing in mind the XG Mobile has even more VRAM with 16 gig compared to the 10 in the desktop 3080, though the memory in the desktop computer one is faster. These are the average framework prices over all 13 games integrated together to offer a general sense of the differences. The XG Mobile was ahead at 1080p and also 1440p, yet the Thunderbolt eGPU with desktop computer graphics was better at 4K. Now let’s the take into

consideration cost distinctions. You find upgraded prices to whatever in this video down in the description, as rates will change over time. At the time of recording, the X13 laptop only is $1500 USD, but to obtain it with the RTX 3080 XG Mobile it’s $2800 overall. The Thunderbolt system can obviously have a lot more variation, as there are lots of Intel laptops with Thunderbolt that can be used. The NUC M15 seems to be about $1500 in the United States maxed out, so a similar price, however there are certainly more affordable alternatives with thunderbolt also. The Schenker Vision 15 I’m using is 1500 Euro. The desktop RTX 3080 graphics card has a $700 MSRP, but good good luck locating one in stock for that price. The Thunderbolt unit I’m utilizing is around $300, so all up the Thunderbolt setup is a couple of hundred dollars much less, though realistically probably a comparable amount if we take into factor to consider RTX 3080 supply right now. Right here’s how expense per structure looks once we take rate right into consideration. Despite

costing more money, at 1080p with the laptop display only the XG Mobile configuration is offering far better worth due to the fact that the efficiency is higher. The space encloses a bit once we include a $300 external monitor, however the XG mobile configuration is still supplying far better worth in regards to pc gaming efficiency. At 1440p the results are extremely close with each other, you could argue the Thunderbolt system would certainly finish up being a little bit even worse though, as I’m presuming a $700 MSRP for the 3080 which isn’t practical currently, however at the very same time I additionally can not discover useful rates to utilize – sorry, it is what it is. At 4K the Thunderbolt system is providing better worth as it’s both less costly, but additionally performing much better in most situations at this resolution. Although 4K was playable in a number of the video games examined at high setups on both

configurations, 1440p was running far better, particularly if you’re running a high refresh price display. In regards to worth and also performance, the XG mobile as well as X13 had the win in many cases at 1440p, in spite of setting you back a little extra, yet if you are targeting a 4K setup the a desktop computer graphics card in a thunderbolt configuration could be the way to go as it both carries out better while being less costly. Currently I did state we would certainly have a look at some overclocked outcomes. I have actually retested a game with the desktop computer 3080 readied to the very same overclocks that the XG mobile has by default. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider we’re able to acquire a couple of extra structures with the overclocked desktop 3080 received red. Based upon what we’re seeing below though, I do not believe this is sufficient to transform the conclusion even if I spent a day redesigning all games. The desktop 3080 is still far better at 4K, while

the XG mobile is still ahead at reduced resolutions, like before. The margins will obviously adjustment a little, changing in the direction of the thunderbolt setup, but to be fair, as long as I’m certain the lovers will certainly despise me, I do not assume most of people are by hand overclocking. While I’m below distressing individuals, it might amaze you to hear that it’s not all nearly pc gaming. I have actually likewise compared both in material creator workloads to see what the distinctions are. V-Ray generally offloads the workload to the GPU, so despite the restrictions of Thunderbolt, the desktop GPU has the ability to execute much better, both for the CUDA examination and the ray mapping examination. It’s a similar sell Blender, once more the desktop computer graphics has the ability to do far better below as it’s using a more effective GPU as well as we can in fact take benefit of it by unloading the work to the GPU, there’s much less constant backward and forward

between the GPU and the laptop contrasted to the games. Adobe Best was executing better on the XG Mobile, but this examination does generally depend more on the cpu, and also remember the ASUS Circulation X13 has that 8 core Ryzen cpu, while the Intel laptop is a quad core. DaVinci Resolve usually depends more on the GPU, however the processor is still a contributing aspect, and once again it appears that the 8 core Ryzen contribute the X13 is placing it in advance. SPECviewperf is primarily a GPU hefty examination, however depending on the specific examination the results might go one means or the other, so it could be that some tests have a lot more backward and forward between the laptop computer as well as GPU, or the processor distinctions might additionally be figuring in. Right here’s what complete system power draw looks like in a pure GPU work. As anticipated, the desktop computer GPU setup in the Thunderbolt room was attracting even more power from the wall surface, 33% more total wattage in this

case, though some of this will certainly be the distinction between the laptop computers. I discovered it fascinating that in spite of being a lot smaller sized and much less powerful in terms of specs, the XG mobile can perform better. Sure it’s not for every person, yet I believe this is a welcome addition to the eGPU area. Simply take a look at the dimension of it! I just want there to be a standard for external PCIe that everyone in fact used. Alienware naturally has their graphics amplifier which works with a comparable principle, though that thing is a lot larger than the XG mobile. Where the XG mobile truly shines is in portability. Before this, an eGPU was something you ‘d leave at home and also simply dock with, today you can take it with you fairly quickly, this thing fits in a bag no worry, and as it fully powers the X13 too, you do not also require to bring a power brick with you. With the Thunderbolt configuration you can simply put in a new GPU later, however, for the XG mobile you have to exchange the entire unit and trust that ASUS will certainly supply newer designs in future. The cord of the XG mobile is likewise extra cumbersome and shorter contrasted to a Type-C thunderbolt cable television, so I would certainly give the thunderbolt arrangement an edge there too, and as it totally powers the X13 laptop computer also, you don’t even need to bring a power block with you, anyhow absolutely rather awesome I think. You can check just how the X13 performs in various games in different video games without the eGPU in this video clip over right here, or else if you’re new to the channel then get subscribed for the full testimonial of the X13. There’s a whole lot regarding this laptop computer that we require to review.

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