Review Sony Xperia 5 After Three months

when the Xperia one first popped out of Sony Mobile’s metaphorical womb the question on many people’s lips was will we ever see them squeeze out a compact version and while rumors of a fresh new Sony Xperia compact smartphone do still persist in the meantime we’ve got this little beauty here the Xperia v which is basically a shrunken down version of that experience like ship and as with those old-school compact smartphone and Sony has trimmed the specs a little bit as well as the asking price though it’s 700 quid its unmated lis far from affordable for most Volk of course the original Xperia 1 was a flawed flagship phone great for media shenanigans but not quite so great in some of the other departments so basically the question is as 2019 rolls to an end is the Xperia v worth your time and money well I’ve been using it as my full-time personal smartphone and here’s what I think my in-depth 3-month review and one the latest greatest tech please do blog subscribe anything out there in notifications Bell cheers everyone and bye now it’s pretty obvious that Sony has truly committed to this new 21 by 9 cinema white design and it’s never felt better than hit on the Xperia v you got a same skinny finish in those dinky of form factor similar to the Xperia 10 which released at the start of the year and it makes for a very hand please and grip even with some fairly chunky bezels to contend with at six point one inches the Xperia v is one was compact smartphones of 2019 which is definitely something to be commended as I mention before slim form factor as the Xperia Ten basically except now you’ve got a glass construction which does make it a little bit more slippy a little bit more

tricky to handle but you got the likes of one-handed more and everything on there and that narrow grip means that it is very easy to use one-handed great news if you’re trying to lug around some shopping or a small child or something like that thankfully the Sony Xperia v is a tough we bugger as well this thing’s been on the road and plenty of traveling it’s still in good Nick helped along by the Gorilla Glass 6 display and the ip68 Dustin water-resistant helps to protect it from all the elements as well and sure compared with the law rivals the Xperia v is admittedly somewhat lacking in the sex factor Department it doesn’t have a gorgeous gradient glass finish or a seductive edge to edge screen or anything like that as far as functionality goes it’s absolutely fine that said though I am still absolutely gutted that that gorgeous red model is not coming to politey anytime soon come on sorted out Sony I mean an overall a pack of miserable it’s here in the UK but we don’t all just love black and gray we’re not all Ozzie piss in Osborn color aside the only part of the Xperia fives design that don’t really get on with is the power button slash fingerprint sensor arrangement the fact that they’re still separated out is a bit of a weird one and that responsiveness is definitely a bit off I found that I had to tap my finger to the scanner a couple of times more often than not in order to unlock this bugger there’s no

dedicated face unlock feature here on the Xperia v either unless you count that awful Google Android trusted lock thing which I’m will certainly don’t which means you basically end up entering your PIN a fair few times each day when your fingerprint feels to read things definitely pick up however once you actually unlock the Xperia 5 and gears adoringly upon that 6.1 inch full HD plus or LED screen this bright and gorgeously vibrant panel dishes up some real eye candy not to mention plenty of sony smarts from the bravia x1 tech which can sharpen up low-quality visuals to the creator mode feature which reproduces the film’s colors just the way the director intended and of course that creator mode is gonna be of most interest to any budding cinematographers and the like the average consumer isn’t going to give two monkeys about a precise filter used in post-processing but the shop Rantoul definitely does help to improve the look of any low-quality low res video on the likes of youtube which is definitely a plus and that 21 by 9 finish is also perfect for supported movies on the like so netflix of which you’ll find a fair bit your busy get nor letterbox and i’ll giving you a proper full view experience your the real issue is when watching all the content likes of three by four aspect ratio because then you get some severe border action both left and right and a small selection of games also

support that 21 by nine stretched format as well including four night giving you a fuller view of the battleground i follow this set up is also perfect for multitasking in particular watching a video up top why you’re checking your emails browsing the web or doing whatever with the rest of the screen it just works beautifully Stephanie agree we have being productive while also Dawson off at the same time great stuff who needs a galaxy full day that said the virtual keyboard is quite cramped for smashing our emails on this narrow handset I’m just having a bit more room to work with these days so I found that I miss keyed a lot of words and autocorrect had to come to my rescue more often than not and thanks para five deftly impresses on the audio front as well with its effective stereo speaker setup and that L DAC Bluetooth support as well although sadly like with most flagship phones these days there’s bugger-all headphone jack you laughter bump down your budget and get the experience if you want something like that zero complaints as far as the Bluetooth caused or paired up with the WH 1000 I enjoyed a stutter free music streaming experience even in airports and

packed out train stations and the like unfortunately at the time of shoot in the Xperia v is still sat on the older Android PI OS boo and indeed hiss and really hopefully gets an update under it tensing some missing features like the had dark board and of course the excellent swipe navigation as well as usual all sony has added a bunch of bonus features on top of Android and unfortunately just like on the Xperia 1 the bulk of them too already add much to the overall experience sadly dynamic vibration is back in action as an a customizable Rumble effect whatever you’re enjoying definitely take it or leave it and the side cents menu also feels superfluous and in just another way to access apps and features like that one handed mode which you can already activate with a quick gesture whenever you want but enough grumble and let’s get back to the good news and certainly definitely hasn’t compromised on the performance for this dinky Xperia v it still packs the excellent snapdragon 855 chipset backed by six gigs of ram so yeah basically I call ready remember a single stutter during my entire time with this handset while games like pop G play with a perfect frame

rate even on those highest graphical settings and some of these game enhancer adds all of the usual features as well including a bed and notifications blockin and brightness lock and while also allowing you to record your gaming sessions so you can share your glory with the rest of the world and while the Xperia v isn’t quite among the very best androids of 2019 as far as battery life is concerned I definitely have no complaints whatsoever I always made it to the end of a very very busy day with a little bit gas left in the tank even with plenty of media streaming cameras and all the rest of that shenanigans and speaking of the camera Sony has slapped on the same triple-n setup found on the Xperia 1 so that means you once again have a 12 megapixel primary shooter backed by a 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and a 12 megapixel telephoto lens 7 of 82 times optical zoom thankfully the camera app is pretty streamlined and simple to use you can spot between the three lenses with a quick tap of this little icon down here and that’s bit of ultra wide-angle action great stuff and solve them

between photo and video mode is just the case of a quick and simple swipe unfortunately that app isn’t quite perfect though I did notice it crash a good few times during my time with the Xperia v sometimes we just have a complete wobbler and refuse to do anything at all just throwing up lots of error messages and so basically I just shoot on the app and occasionally even reboot the phone so not really sure it’s good on there slightly annoying most of the time of course thankfully it does work fine oh no no no mod you will end up with some pretty decent everyday of snaps even if the quality isn’t quite as high as with some rivals like the pixel 4 and Wow is 2019 flagships basically the Xperia v suffers from the same weaknesses as the Xperia 1 unsurprisingly HDR situations prove tricky to handle with occasional over saturation and some serious murk in those dark areas indoor shots often appear quite soft and warm as well if the lighting in too hot some of my test shots were definitely quite disappointing overall especially when compared with the pics you get from other devices still those alternative lenses certainly do their job offering a flexible viewpoint

when needed you can grab some pretty dramatic pics for that wide-angle shooter and it’s definitely helpful when dealing with enormous subjects as well although you will get the usual bit of distortion and colors also a bit warmer when captured with this lens but nothing too drastic and while the two times zoom is inferior to the telephone lens on phones from Huawei Apple and so on slowly software smarts means that you do get quite impressively crisp results when using the digital zoom strangely you don’t have a dedicated night mode here on the Xperia v though unlike pretty much every other handset out there now and while lot like pix do look fine you definitely lose out on the overall balance as for video you can capture up to 4k resolution clips with HDR smarts or the once again the results aren’t quite up to what you’d get from a Samsung or some of the other premium handsets image stabilization is fine but contrast levels on always up to snuff that said I’m definitely still a big fan of that cinema pro mode as well which adds a bunch of professional filters and gives you full manual controls of your video shooting as well it’s definitely a bit of getting used to but it’s well worth the perseverance and this latest incarnation you can

easily switch the focus between two specific static points as well as adjusting the lengths of the white balance as well with a bit of practice you’ll end up with some really engaging footage worthy of a proper DSLR for an in-depth look at cinema pro and the rest of the xperia Faiz camera features just go check out my Xperia z5 because it’s essentially the same setup so that is my review of the Xperia v and basically the question is if you’re after a compact form that offers flagship level specs and features is this experior worth considering well I do really like the Sony Xperia v enjoy using it as my every answer the performance is great at the battery life is absolutely fine and of course you get fantastic media chops on this thing as well so it is great for your movie and music streaming and I absolutely adore the compact design as well and fortunately that camera tech isn’t quite there if it is one of the better smart phone snappers out there then the Xperia v would be quite easy to recommend even and that sky high asking price as it is you’re basically you have to weigh up your priorities and decide whether the Xperia v is right for you and so there you have it that’s my in-depth Sony Xperia v review three months after it launched at good old Aoife 2019 defi very much interested in seeing what sony mobile spits out in 2020 but are you tempted by the Xperia v or maybe you’ve been using the Xperia v we grit to hear your thoughts down in the comments below and please do poke subscribe and doing that loan applications well for more on the latest greatest tech J’s are on love you

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