Dual Screen Laptops Get Better! ASUS ZenBook Duo 14 UX482 Review

The ASUS Duo 14 laptop has two screens, yeah whatever I hear you say, they did that last year. Well the new 11th gen version has some nice enhancements that are worth speaking about. I’ve simply got the model with Intel Xe graphics, however you can likewise get the Duo 14 with Nvidia MX450 graphics if you need a bit much more GPU horsepower. Plus there’s a bigger 15″ design with higher specifications also. It’s got a magnesium alloy blue coloured finish, as well as I believed the develop quality felt great taking into consideration the thinner dimension and relocating components. Mine considered around 1.6 kg or 3.5 lb, then a little bit extra with the little 65 watt Type-C charger consisted of. As a 14″ device it gets on the smaller sized side as well as around 1.7 cm thick, so fairly portable. Allow’s begin with the dual screens, as this is one of the most special attribute of the Duo 14. We have actually obtained the primary screen like typical, plus one down the bottom over the key-board, which they describe as the screenpad. Currently ASUS have actually done twin screen laptops in the past, nonetheless the brand-new 2021 versions are the initial time they have actually made this secondary screen rise up when you open up the cover. They did do this

last year with the Zephyrus Duo 15 gaming laptop, so it’s great to see the concept step over to the ZenBook schedule as well. Opening the lid elevates the rear of the maker up, offering the keyboard a mild slope for typing, and this likewise means the speakers aren’t pressed directly against the table. I located it great to use, but the back foot feels a bit various on my leg if I went to use it on my lap, there’s more of a pressure point at the back as opposed to the usual level surface. The main display is a 14 inch 1080p panel, while the secondary display is a 12.65″ 1920 by 515 pixel screen, so a little under half 1080p resolution up and down. Both are 60Hz touch displays with a matte coating, so you can use either for drawing with the consisted of stylus. Mentioning consisted of, it additionally came with this case, and also a collapsible stand in case you desired a lot more elevation. The major display provided better colour range than the additional display, so adhering to the main screen for content development and utilizing the second screen to display added web content appears to be the means to go. Both screens were able to go beyond 300 nits, nevertheless I discovered the screenpad was able to obtain brighter at maximum brightness. There were some hemorrhage

spots towards the top edges with both displays, but it wasn’t enough to see throughout routine usage beyond this worst case instance. Basically Windows just sees this as 2 different monitors, so you can drag windows over between the displays as well as established whatever you like on the second screen, whether that be something like a Discord conversation or controls for an application. There are some excellent examples on the ASUS item page for the laptop computer that discuss every one of the performance. Essentially we’ve got a bunch of shortcuts to quickly handle the additional display, we can adjust brightness, lock the keyboard so that it does not conflict with illustration, established shortcut applications to conveniently open and also extra. The software also makes it very easy to relocate windows in between different displays, or set a window to take up both displays. There’s likewise a devoted button above the touchpad for exchanging apps between displays, along with a switch that lets you turn the screen pad on or off. There are likewise some nice improvements for creative applications like Adobe Photoshop and also Best. There’s currently a lot more integration, with these apps open we can use the supplied control board to produce shortcuts on the touch display to quicken the operations, a significant welcome improvement. The 720p video camera is above the screen in the center, as well as it’s obtained IR for Windows Hello there support. This is what the cam and microphone look and seem like and also this is what it seems like to kind on the key-board. The key-board and touchpad certainly take some obtaining used to. Typing with the chiclet keyboard

isn’t regrettable as long as you’ve obtained adequate room to press the laptop computer back far sufficient so your hands being in the right place, as the front location of the key-board means that it sits closer to you. It’s obtained white back lighting with 3 levels of essential illumination which brighten all keys as well as second functions. I assumed typing really felt great, there’s 1.4 mm of essential traveling. Here’s just how inputting appears to provide you a concept of what to expect. Directly I constantly located the precision touchpad awkward and little, it’s simply a regrettable compromise to fit 2 screens in. I ‘d always like making use of a mouse whenever possible. There’s not much area for finger prints to turn up on the inside, and you just actually see them on the touch displays when it’s off as it’s not a shiny finish, or else they appear conveniently on the lid and are a little tough to tidy with a microfiber cloth. On the left there’s a HDMI 1.4 output, as well as 2 Type-c Thunderbolt 4 ports. Both of these can be utilized to bill the laptop computer, and also both also supply DisplayPort outputs. The

right has MicroSD card port, 3.5mm audio combination jack, as well as a USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A port. The back just has some small rubber feet which enter call with the workdesk when you open up the lid. There’s nothing over on the front, no groove for getting your finger in however I really did not discover it too tough to open. Opening it with one finger isn’t possible due to the smaller dimension as well as reduced weight. Lid flex is on the lower side due to the metal exterior, and also the inside really did not have way too much flex either thinking about the laptop computer gets on the thinner side, and that it’s elevated up off the workdesk. The screen pad just has hinges behind the edges holding it up, but even pressing harder than I ever generally would in the center really felt sturdy, so nice develop high quality total. There are no openings for air intake below, as air instead is available in listed below the Screen Pad. Obtaining inside requires taking out 9 TR5 screws, and also the 4 down the front are much shorter than the remainder. The bottom panel was easy to pry off, web links to the devices I made use of can be discovered in the summary. Once inside we’ve got the battery down the front and also solitary M. 2 storage slot over in the direction of the right. Memory is soldered to the motherboard which is rather normal for laptops at this dimension, yet you can get it with up to 32 gig, so you’ll have to buy with what you require from the begin as you can’t

upgrade. We can also see where the MX450 GPU would certainly be located if we had that, though I’m uncertain if it would still be a single heatpipe. The audio speakers are in the direction of the front on the left and also right sides. I thought they sounded respectable for a laptop of this size, absolutely above ordinary with some bass and audible at optimal quantity. The latencymon outcomes weren’t too bad either. The Duo 14 is powered by a 4-Cell 70Wh battery. I have actually run my typical YouTube video clip playback test with key-board lighting off and also with both screens at 50% brightness. I additionally checked with the screenpad turned off to conserve battery, which provided it an extra 3 hours of run time for over 10 hrs in total amount. For the purposes of comparing to others however, I’ve selected to make use of the run time with both screens on, as that’s most likely just how lots of people would use it. I figure if you’re buying a twin display laptop computer, you intend to utilize 2 displays. The ASUS software application additionally allows you select between different battery settings that will keep the battery at different charge levels to lengthen the life-span of the battery. Let’s look into thermals following. Air is drawn in behind the screen pad, and after

that exhausted out towards the main panel on the. The MyASUS software application allows you pick in between three various performance settings, which from most affordable to greatest are whisper, well balanced, as well as performance, which ASUS say can sustain the full 28 watt TDP of the Intel i7-1165G7 processor. You can exchange through software program, or with the feature plus F faster way combo at any time. The processor was amazing at still, and after that with the Aida64 CPU tension test running it wasn’t getting too hot, just a little over 70 levels Celsius worst case in the highest performance mode though I ‘d expect warmer if you have the Nvidia MX450 graphics option and also utilize that at the same time. These are the clock rates from the very same tests, so murmur mode is a reasonable bit slower which is why it was likewise running cooler, it’s constantly a tradeoff between performance and warm. These are the power degrees that were being gotten to, so ASUS’s case of 28 watts in efficiency setting is undoubtedly possible, which is great to see. Here’s just how CPU just performance looks in Cinebench R20. Solitary core performance isn’t a lot different between balanced and also performance, yet the greater 28 watt power restriction of performance setting permits for a 25% greater multicore rating. Right

here’s exactly how the very best efficiency setting result contrasts against other laptops, so the single core score is near those other 11th gen laptops that I’ve examined, and also although this is a quad core processor, it’s still supplying among the far better multicore scores for 4 cores. At still the keyboard was quite awesome. The display was a little warmer, yet still cooler than the majority of various other laptops that I evaluate, which are generally around the low 30 degrees celsius factor. It’s just a little bit warmer with the cardiovascular test entering murmur setting, mostly near the base of the reduced display. Well balanced mode isn’t also various, yet the fans are louder currently to make up for the higher efficiency. Performance mode is again similar, as well as we can see the air exhausting onto the main display on the right-hand man side. Allow’s have a pay attention to the follower sound. It appeared totally silent to me at idle in whisper mode. Also with the CPU cardiovascular test going it was still very quiet. The fan is more audible in well balanced mode, yet still on the quieter side compared to many laptop computers I’ve evaluated, after that performance mode was a little bit louder, though this is even more of a worse situation test, you

have actually got the choice of running quieter if you’re just surfing the internet for instance, provided a workload like that is no where near as hardcore as the cardiovascular test I’m testing with. Although not a gaming laptop computer whatsoever, the Intel Xe graphics are definitely with the ability of running video games. AAA titles at 720p is feasible as long as you’re not going to max setups, while esports titles are fine also at 1080p. I’ve likewise tested some content creator workloads. Adobe Premiere video clip exporting does not do as well when contrasted to various other laptops that have discrete AMD or Nvidia graphics. When we consider the Puget Solutions Premiere examination, where greater scores are better currently, it’s a little more ahead as this tests for more points than just raw export times such as live playback, however still similar to other Tiger Lake systems with Intel Xe graphics. Adobe Photoshop is greatly based on cpu efficiency, and as we have actually

seen prior to the i7-1165G7 has excellent single core performance in Cinebench, but still I was stunned to see such a high score right here. DaVinci Willpower on the various other hand is greatly based on the GPU, and also the Intel Xe graphics just can not maintain contrasted to laptops with distinct GPUs. I’ve made use of Crystal Disk Mark to evaluate the storage, and also the 1tb NVMe M.2 SSD was doing effectively, both for reads as well as writes. The MicroSD card slot on the other hand was on the reduced side, despite a quick V90 card. The card clicks in and also rests most of the way right into the laptop computer. For upgraded pricing inspect the web links in the description, as prices will certainly transform in time. At the time of recording, the i5 arrangement seems to begin at $1000 USD, while the configuration I’m looking at is $1300, as well as I ‘d expect the MX450 model to be greater. Overall I believe the suggestion of 2 screens in a laptop computer is most definitely interesting, especially for content developer style workloads where you can really take advantage of even more screen space. Personally, I believe I would certainly be more interested in the larger 15″ version as it has greater tier specifications. For optimum

portability, the smaller Duo 14 ought to have you covered. The boosted software assimilation with Adobe applications was likewise excellent to see. It’s always excellent to see one-of-a-kind styles such as this that no one else is doing, and also if you can cope with the concessions something such as this entails, mainly the keyboard down the front and that smaller touchpad, well I can’t see as well much else to grumble about. It’s also hard to compare against other laptops out there, once again because of this special design. Exactly how would certainly you utilize a two screen laptop computer similar to this? Allow me recognize down in the remarks listed below, as well as if you assumed the video was beneficial then toss a like on it, and also certainly make sure you’re subscribed for future laptop testimonials such as this one.

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