Review GameSir G6s Best New PubG Mobile Controller?

now anyone who plays a bit at pub G mobile online knows that it is highly highly competitive these days if your aim is just a millimeter off that could mean the difference between a glorious headshot and ultimate victory or lying face down in the dirt with some guy teabag in the hole in the back of your skull now if you feel like you need a bit of a helping hand against the competition then why not check out a mobile game and controller like the game Sergi success this is a fresh new mobile gaming controller designed specifically for Gibbs such as pub G mobile where it’s all about the responsiveness and the accuracy you get a combination of physical controls and traditional touchscreen controls of 10 customizable buttons in their Bluetooth 5 support and a bit of dual a rumble feedback – you can pick up the game G success right now from the game set website will cost you $50 or run about 35 quid and it’s compatible with all iPhone devices iOS 9 and

up the contents of the box are pretty straightforward you obviously get the game so jisuk sets controller itself you get micro USB cable in order to power up the internal battery on the game so controller as well because it needs a Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone and yes it is micro USB not type-c unfortunately and you get a dinky little instruction manual to walk you through the setup process and the actual build of the controller now the Baron process it is nice and straightforward what you’ll need to do is hold down the power button down here at the bottom of the game so G success and the Y button together hold them down for about 2-3 seconds and as you’ll see you’ll get a nice purple blinking light now we take our iPhone we dive on into the Bluetooth sense for the purposes of the testing of the game so G success I’m gonna stick with the iPhone 11 now your next port of call should be the App Store and what you’ll need to do a search for game says G crux app just give G crux permission to use the Bluetooth so we can actually get connected to the game sir and then hit connect and as long as the do success is still actually powered on and two should pair up instantly now inside of game says app you’ve got all kinds of tutorials to help you out with the G success you can update the firmware you’ve also got a key test as well just to make sure that everything’s working as

expected now as you’re getting your iPhone into the game said your success is a piece of pie thanks to the pull out springy system no cables only thing I’ll have to contend with literally just squeeze it on in there job done and the good news is your iPhone is held in there nice and tight and securely it ain’t going anywhere even if you shake the G success like a Polaroid picture does anyone even get that reference anymore probably not know what you want to do is tap G touch and this will allow you to config the game Sergi success for pub G mobile there’s a bunch of other supported games as well besides pub G mobile you can check those out on the game sir website you’ve got default cents for a range of iPhones and I’m just gonna go straight in and dive in with iPhone 11 official you can of course completely configure this to suit your own personal preferences just get everything all sized up nicely and of course you can move all the individual buttons to cover whatever feature you like you can even set button combinations to call up certain features as well if you find that 10 physical buttons just isn’t enough now just a quick troubleshooting tip for you I found that whenever I then hit save and start I then got this error

message download the game at App Store so what I had to do was basically quit out of all of this I didn’t that games list I had to click Add again and I then searched for pub G and I found that did the dirt there was an alternate pub G on there so I added that there then had to set up the config from scratch use of a screenshot I’ve taken of the pub G control section in the settings bit of a bollock but hopefully you’ll be able to avoid all this shenanigans now little setup complications and bollocks aside I really enjoyed using the game so G success for my pub G more of our sessions the first time absolutely no complaints on the comfort side of things like curve design means that the G success just fits nicely to the curvature of your palm – I could play pub G mobile for literally hours on end without my hand cramping up my fingers turnin um anything like that the button design everything is fantastic as well below the outer square there’s enough space between them so you’re not accidentally pushing the wrong button at any point I finally just one pub G mobile session in I basically knew where all the buttons were just from muscle memory so was nothing to look at what I was doing you get nice firm action from all of the buttons as well and that thumb stick again feels great as well nice and responsive snaps back to a central position without any issues and I didn’t see any

problems with drifting or anything like that does the game so G success actually give you an edge over the competition when you put in pub G mobile yeah honestly thought it did it’s much much easier to aim and strafe and shoot all at the same time using a combination of physical and touch controls of course as with rival controllers like the fly digi mobile game controllers as well you’ll find that all the controls are basically clustered on the same side it’s the thumb stick which means it’s very hard to move around and press these buttons at the same nigh on impossible unless you’ve got some sort of weird double-jointed flexible thumbs firstly I didn’t find it too much of an issue I’m up to the jump airman shoe actions – the trigger buttons those are the ones that I was using more often than not and then the first buttons I basically met the likes of Crouch real or to open up the maps stuff like that so stuff like I generally didn’t use right in the heat of battle unless I was behind cover but yes a more even distribution of buttons between the left and the right sides would definitely be appreciated perhaps in another version and yeah it’s assumed that you only get a single trigger button over on the right edge as well a double trigger setup like you got on the left edge would add a bit more flexibility well the good news is is up stating no noticeable latency using that Bluetooth wireless connection so as soon as your Twitter little the thumbs take pressing the buttons you’ll notice the actions appear immediately on-screen so that’s it definitely

great especially like spongy mobile where every millisecond basically counts as for this dual mode or Rumble effect I couldn’t actually get that working with pub G more while Sol a bit more of a play with the game so G 6 I see if I can get that work and if at all update my thoughts down in the description below back in the game syrup you can quickly and easily check on the G successors remain in a battery life it’s kind of 240 million cells stuffed in there and frankly that will last you dozens and dozens of hours of pub G mobile action and when the G success is running low on energy that led right there will flash red just to alert your attention all you gotta do is plug it in via the bundled micro USB cable for a couple hours saw and I’ll be fully juiced and ready for more action so that’s what I think of the game sir g6 airsoft users it’s my pub G mobile controller it definitely gives you the edge over the competition and it’s a strong rival to the likes the fly digi wasp and other mobile controllers as I said at the start the video you can grab the G success direct from games right now for around $50 35 pounds on the likes of eBay as well so what do you reckon have you used the game sir controller before you tempted by this one let us know your thoughts down at the Colin’s belong please do poke subscribe and thing that a lot of kitchens both for more on the latest and greatest tech cheers everyone love you

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