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so always emotion you eyes so one of my favorite Android launch is developed by a smartphone manufacturer easily been off the likes of color OS and meet UI and the latest version and Mui 10 is now available on the likes of the huawei mate 30 series and the P 30 handsets the aesthetics for a Mui 10 have changed up a lot you’ve got a completely redesign of everything from the icons and the settings menu to the first potti apps themselves and of course quite a lot of the underlying functionality has changed quite a bit as well so if you just bought yourself a while way smartphone and you’re not really or fair with the motion UI or you’ve just upgraded to the list of motion UI 10 let’s have a run through some of the best features in there some of the things that have changed up a bit just to help you get the most out of your emotion UI device and one on the list great small Bartek please do poke subscribe ending that notifications belt Cheers so first up one of the best new features here on a motion to i-10 is that you get a dedicated dark board just like Android 10 which of course of Mui 10 is based off however the dot board is not activated by default what you’ll need to do is dive into the settings menu and then go to display in brightness and then in there you’ll find the dark mode option and just give this a quick tap and then as you can see everything turns all moody and

sexy it’s not just the settings menus and your widgets and the life that transforms by the dock mode as well you’ll find that all of your first party apps also get a lovely dark makeover as do all of the google apps as well fans of the emotion UI always-on display because are here they’re not only is a back in action on a muy 10 but it’s also been revamped and made even better however much like the dark mode the always-on display isn’t actually activated by default here in emotion UI 10 what you’ll need to do is go to the settings menu then home screen and wallpaper you’ll find it tucked away in there just tap that where you switch and then boom there you go as with previous versions of emotion UI you can either set the always on the space where it’s constantly active or you can actually schedule it to basically come on June your wick and hours so it doesn’t disturb your beauty sleep and it doesn’t zap battery life unnecessarily and with a new e 10 you finally got the option to customize the look and feel of that always-on display all you got to do is tap clock style in that always-on display menu and then as you can see there you’ve got a variety of different designs that you can choose from including a good bit of analog clock face action if you fancy rocking it old-school unfortunately that is the full extent of the customization of the always-on display here on a motion UI 10 so far you can’t reject the layout or so exactly what information appears on there

but what feels are the kind of features that will come to a motion UI tent in a future update also don’t be too perturbed if you don’t find that style selection option actually available there in the always on display menu I’ve found some early builds of an Washington my 10 don’t have it enable just yet but when you get the list update it will appear we’ve also found that here on a washing UI 10 that app management is that little bit easier and more streamlined drive into the app section of the emotion UI 10 seconds you’ll find that all of your app management tools are right there available to use including the app launch feature and this office you even greater control over simply set in app permissions all you need to do is tick off the automatic controller and you can set whether they actually launched when the Ford boots up and whether they’re allowed to run in the background as well and the privacy features have been rejiggered here on a motion UI 10 as well in fact the privacy settings back she’s been separated out from the security stuff here and the motion UI 10 means settings menu so it’s much much easier to find what you need if you’re not a big fan of your activity being tracked for advertising purposes then just dive into the warrior ads section you can see there the disable personalized ads option just give that a little tick and you will no longer be haunted with that stuff you can also receive more information about your ad ID and actually reset it right here in the sends as well and if you’re on a worried device with full Google support as well if you tap the Advanced section you can play around with all of your Google privacy stuff as well include an auto fill and a good bit of location

tracking another feature that’s been that we find here on a motion UI 10 is the gesture navigation as well you can easily get rid of that navigation bar docks down at the bottom of the display and use gesture navigation instead all you got to do is head to system and updates within the emotion UI 10 menu and then just got a system navigation up top as you can see you’ve got a choice of three different methods we definitely prefer the gesture style which is kind of similar to the androids 10 gesture navigation methods up top and I’ve got full tutorial as well if you want to see exactly how it all works here on emotion UI turn the gesture navigation has been improved to make it feel even more smoother and more natural than ever before the likes of elastic touch just adds a nice bit of spring and bounce when you’re swiping away apps things like that now as always in watching UI 10 features all kinds of little gesture tricks in order to make life that little bit easier you can activate and customize these by going into the settings menu in scroll and down down down until you come across the accessibility section more on my favorites is definitely the one-handed or an old stalwart of motion UI and definitely very essential because let’s face it the latest Android smartphones are basically designed for godzilla-sized hands you can turn

this on or off and within the accessibility features section and as you can see here there are two ways of actually activate in the feature if you’re using the swipe navigation method here on mue turn then all you need to do is drag your thumb from the corner towards the center of the display and as you can see everything shrinks down nice and easiest to using just about reach up that notifications bar now hooray it’s actually even easier if you’ve got the old-school navigation bar down below you need to do is give that a quick swipe and as you can see again if you think shrinks down bee-utiful no emotion UI of course supports full facial recognition if you’re not really fun of those in display fingerprint sensors your hands are a bit greasy or grubby or whatever and it works an absolute charm and it’s been improved even further here on an washing UI 10 if you haven’t got this set up just yet all you need to do is head to the biometrics and password section in the emotion UI 10 settings and then go to face recognition I mean here you’ve got all kinds of great options including the ability to require eye contact whenever you actually unlock your phone just make it out a little bit more secure a particularly great addition is the set and alternate luck feature as well which is great use a few for instance sometimes wearing glasses or you’re in the habit of growing out of beard every few weeks or so I have one of those fun fears and cameras here on the one where me it’s a brother absolutely fantastic nice and accurate so even if you got a good bit of

stubble you’re wearing a cap things like that it tends to recognize your face more often than not and those front facing cameras also unlock another great emotion UI ten feature which is definitely one of my favorite new additions to be honest so the one we made thirty politics I track into the next level we all know how annoying it could be when you’ve got Auto rotted activated on your device you’re lying in bed and unfortunately everything reorient it which is a real pain in the ass you Lango go on the settings deactivate the auto rotate and so on but thanks to the mere 30 process mod I tracking it can determine whether you’ve rotated your device you want that landscape view or whether you’re actually lying down in bed and therefore you don’t want it to rot it sorry there’s just a selection of some of my favorite new and classic features here on a motion UI 10 sure you’ve got plenty of your answer please do bash them down in the comments below share with the rest of us and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do pop subscribe and ding that notifications bar as well Geron love you

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