Camera Review Google Pixel 4/4 XL Best smartphone snapper?

when pixel forms are already best known for their incredibly smart camera tech but for the pixel 4 and pixel for Excel Google chose to shake things up a bit well the previous gen pixels stuck with a single lens rias nah definitely the last of a dyin breed this fresh new pair of forms of a rejiggered dual lens setup you still get 12.2 megapixel shooter this time with an F 1.7 aperture but that is now backed up by a 16 megapixel secondary lens that lends a hand when you’re zooming into an image in such forth both lenses sport built-in OAS and Google’s visual core is back in action too alongside a fresh neural core that’s used for the likes of the face unlock feature sexytimes now with this weird iPhone esque square design it might not be much of a looker but the pixel force camera is definitely a smart bugger been tested out for a good few years now and here’s my in-depth pixel for an for XO camera review and for more on the latest greatest mobile tech please do poke subscribe editing that notification spell Cheers so first up it is definitely worth pointing out that the pixel 4 and the for Excel are very much aimed at the everyday consumer who wants great-looking photos with minimal effort there’s no kind of dedicated poor mode for manually

fiddling about with levels it’s very much a simple point-and-shoot affair and all that so Google has either been a couple of fresh new features that do allowed you to make a little tweaks and adjustments which actually have a pretty big impact born those in a bit now with no manual mode to speak of it’s just as well at Google’s auto mode is as bloody brilliant and dependable as ever the image processing power of the pixel 4 is so strong that what you see on the screen is basically what you get when you hit that shutter button and we’re talking about sharp good luck and photos with natural-looking colors you can zoom in with a pinch of your fingers and the detail levels do steer strong until you start to approach that maximum 8 x level colors do get a bit of a boost when you hit the two x level in that secondary lens kicks in but thankfully not to a horrific degree sadly there is no ultra wide angle lens on offer something that most rivals do dish up these days even much cheaper handsets but that minor gripe aside I was very happy wielding the pixel for my everyday shot and those macro snap still come out really well helped along by the excellent face detection autofocus it seems with tricky lighting conditions however whether pixel for the pixel for excel really shines and that’s thanks to the addition of a

secondary brightness meter this allows you to play with a saturation level of your subject independently of the overall foot or brightness and it’s done for a pair of simple on-screen sliders this works absolute wonders when if you’re slapping something against a bright background as you can see just how good it is here’s the studded results we’re just pointed and shootin and here’s the results after playing with that secondary slider as you can see the darker elements of the photo have really been boosted while the sky thankfully remains colorful and well exposed and just to further compare here is the same results that you get when played about with the single all-encompassing brightness slider on the pixel threefold from last year well butter my buttocks and call me a toasted muffin there is some impressive work google swap to the portrait mode and you’ll be able to effortlessly add a sexy Baca style affect your shots whatever your subject the edge detection is better than basically any rival that I’ve tested pick it up on individual strands of hair even and where you get no control over the blur levels or any point the studio lighten monster pill about with the pixel is definitely right up there with the Yop 30 handset for produce at attractive looking results and yes you can once again play with the brightness levels to light up your subject without over exposing the rest of the shot when

things get wee bit dim the pixel 4 also holds up well you can switch to that night sight mode to capture a long exposure shot which basically stitches together 15 separate images for a brighter fairly well balanced pic you will still occasionally get some more exposure on there like some neon signs and other bright bits whenever you’re holding the pixel by hand so the Y where P 30 is definitely still my favorite for simple nights naps but that said the pixel is easily as good as the iPhone 11 and most other rivals if you have a tripod and you can even indulge in a spot of Astral photography if that’s your bag something of course Google has been banging on about non-stop and its ads and all the rest unfortunately I live here in London so I probably got more chance of snapping a pic of the Grim Reaper t-bagging Mary Poppins then I do have capturing a clear night sky so sorry guys I managed it on the video front you can grab up to 4k resolution footage at 30 frames per second or full HD clips at either 30 or 60 FPS on the Ultra HD setting that video looks super crisp and colors aren’t boost as much as I’ve seen on some other devices like on WoW is flagships image stabilization is still

strong at 4k as well as you can move and shoot with a smooth finish for the most part the audio pickup is nice and clear on the pixel fort as well as all of times I did get a weird distorted kind of echoey effect I think might have been caused by the sleeve of my jacket just sort of hovering close to them like bit weird thankfully didn’t happen very often at all you go check that out on my compilation of Ben your samples which is live right now if you once again zoom in with a pinch up to a maximum of six times and get quite crisp results although again with that color change once the secondary lens kicks in and if you try shooting video at night you probably won’t be too impressed with the results like most other phones out there the pixel produces quite grainy dark footage switch into the it megapixel selfie cam is as simple as a quick tap like usual and like the pixel through before it you’ll capturing good-looking shots of that beautiful mug of yours with zero effort portrait shots come out just as well despite that single lens setup with a cura edge detection and a pleasing level of baki once again you’ve got the separate brightness controls to play around with which is definitely helpful whenever bright skies are involved and if you’re trying to shoot a low-light selfie the pixel 4 can light up your mug without making you look

too much like some horrifying Halloween Spectre use that front-facing selfie coming shoot up to full HD resolution footage there’s no for kit option unfortunately it’s only at 30fps as well there’s no option to 60fps but it seems to do the job nicely again the audio pickup is nice and clear it’s your smarts pretty good too your fish still steers nice and clear even when you’re shooting it against a bright background like so now there is what I think of a pixel 4 and the pixel 4 exhales camera tech after a few days of use as far as point-and-shoot smartphone snappers are concerned it’s one of the better ones out there those HDS ones are very very impressive indeed but what do you think of the pixel for you tends it go check out my in-depth review to see what I think of the rest of the smartphone as well I’ve also didn’t end up tips and tricks and all the best new software features including the weird radar shenanigans and all of that jazz and from on the latest Chris mobile tech please do put Subscribe ending that notifications bell cheers are on love you

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