Acer Helios 300 (2019) Gaming Laptop Review

the new Aesop leased a Helios 300 is just one of the very best gaming laptops I’ve examined for a while so allow’s discover why in this comprehensive evaluation and also assist you choose if it’s a laptop you need to consider getting beginning with the specs mine has the Intel i7 97 50 H CPU 81 NVIDIA GTX 16 60 TI graphics as well as 16 job of memory running in double channel mine has a 256 gig nvme MDOT two SSD as well as one terabyte hard disk drive for storage space as well as a 15.6 inch 1080p 60 Hertz screen do not stress it’s readily available with 144 Hertz – this is just what I’ve obtained for network connectivity it’s obtained Gigabit Ethernet 802 11 A/c Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth 5 there are a few different setups offered though such as with our TX 2060 or 2070 max-q as well as there’s a 17 inch design to examine the links in the description for prices the cover of the laptop computer is a matte black aluminium with blue accents and also printer logo in the center the inside is also all matte black metal with even more blue highlighting while all-time low is plastic the majority of the sides were smooth the front steel edge and also edges might be a little sharp on certain angles yet were completely fine throughout typical usage the new style looks

significantly much better contrasted to in 2014’s version in my opinion allow me understand if you would certainly want a comparison in between them the weight is listed at 2.5 kilos on the aisa internet site and mine was 2.4 kilos with the 2.5 inch drive a populated with the 180 watt power brick as well as cords for charging the total amount climbs to just under 3 kilos the dimensions of the laptop computer are 36 centimeters in width 25.4 centimeters comprehensive as well as simply under 2 factor 3 centimeters in height concerning standard for a 15 inch maker this smaller sized develop gives us seven point nine millimeter slim side bezels with a 79% screen to body proportion making it a lot less beefy looking and smaller in every measurement contrasted to last year’s design the 15.6 inch 1080p 60 hertz IPS levels display has a matte coating as well as great viewing angles no J sync offered below there once again do not worry it’s available with a three millisecond 144 Hertz option as well this just taken place to be what I was sent I’ve determined the shade gamut using the spider 5 pro and my results returned 90 6% of sRGB 67% of ntsc as well as 73% of Adobe RGB at 100% brightness in the center as well as measured 312 nits with a 890 to 1 comparison proportion sir general above-average outcomes for a video gaming

laptop at this rate point but anticipate various results with the 144 Hertz panel Steven from owner rejected got 94% srgb on the 144 Hertz won so still seems to be rather excellent backlight bleed wasn’t regrettable some slight imperfections around a lot of sides however they were very refined and I never ever in fact discovered these while checking out darker web content there was some screenflex however it had not been that poor because of the cover being steel as well as the hinges being in it towards the much edges made it really feel quite sturdy absolutely no issues in any way opening it up with one finger it felt quite well-balanced and no problems using it on my lap the leading bezel isn’t as well thin so lots of space to fit the cam the 720p cam has to do with standard it looks ok that’s still a bit fuzzy and the microphone sounds about standard as well below’s what inputting noises like as well as below’s what it seems like when you hit the Terman switch as well as improve the fan rate alright let’s talk concerning the key-board in my previous videos featuring this laptop computer many explained that the 1660 TI version does not come with RGB lighting so I’m uncertain what to tell you due to the fact that my own has it I asked ASA for explanation on this as well as was informed that all brand-new helios 300 laptops have four-zone RGB illumination nonetheless I’m presuming this may be for the Australian region just as others from the United States have actually clearly revealed their blue just and also need to obtain a higher tier r-tx model to obtain the RGB illumination so essentially I’m still not exactly sure however it appears to vary by region so simply check the listing when you’re getting and ask the seller to verify when unsure anyway lighting aside the WASD as well as arrowhead secrets have blue accenting and all the illumination comes via all the keys and also secondary functions I liked typing with the key-board and didn’t have any type of problems utilizing it it worked well for

me here’s what it sounds like to provide you a concept of what to expect on the right above the numpad there’s a committed switch for opening up the printers and software application while the power button is located in the top right edge directly I a lot choose having the power button divided from the keyboard to stay clear of accidental presses though I ‘d never pressed this set by blunder above the key-board left wing we’ve additionally got the turbo switch pressing this will boost the fan speed elevate the CPU power limit and overclock the graphics for raised performance regrettably this switch does require the bias and also software program installed to function and also sometimes while pressing it I did find there can be anywhere from a 1 to 5 second delay before turbo setting would allow these setups can likewise be enabled by hand with the prejudiced and soft weather which lets us control points like overclocking fan speed key-board lights and more there was some key-board flex while pushing down hard but during regular use the steel body was strong and this was never ever an issue the touch pad has precision drivers was smooth to the touch and also functioned well it clicks down anywhere through the location at the top was basically impossible to push down as well as it sustains all the typical motions fingerprints and dirt appear rather conveniently on the black finish but as it’s a smooth surface they’re simple to clean on the left from the back there’s a Kensington lock air exhaust vent power input standing LEDs Gigabit Ethernet 2 USB 3 type-a ports and also 3.5 millimeter sound combo jack on the right from the front there’s a USB 3 type C port no Thunderbolt support there a 3rd USB 3 type-a port mini DisplayPort 1.4 and also HDMI 2.0 outcomes followed by an additional air exhaust on the back there are 2 air wears down near the corners with a blue surface as well as like various other Acer laptops a warning concerning it being a warm surface area though I didn’t find mine to get also warm there

there’s absolutely nothing on the front it’s just plastic and also as component of the bottom panel on the matte black aluminium lid is the killer logo in the facility it illuminate blue from the displays backlight so the shade can not be changed and also the two lines on the sides do not slow down at all beneath there are some air intake vents towards the back as well as the rubber feed did an excellent work of protecting against activity while in operation both audio speakers are located under right here in the direction of the front left and also appropriate corners they seem regarding average okay but not impressive fine for a laptop computer with very little bass and they appear to get loud enough at max volume with music playing though the latency one outcome didn’t look great speaking of sounds by default it plays this set on boot you can transform it off via the predator sense software or in the biography slur as for the BIOS simply promptly below’s a rundown of all the setups readily available it appeared fairly standard with few Advanced Options the bottom panel can be removed by getting ten screws with a Phillips head screwdriver inside from delegated right we’ve got the Wi-Fi card single 2.5 inch drive bay 2 m dot 2 ports 2 memory slots and also battery my evaluation system actually involved me in solitary channel for all

screening in this video I updated to double channel with a team group memory package I tested in this configuration both for finest efficiency as well as also since it’s salt with twin network to my evaluation unit additionally included the hard disk drive pre-installed otherwise it additionally includes a package for you to place the drive into and needs you to attach a ribbon cord to the motherboard powering the laptop computer is a fifty eight one hour battery I have actually examined it with the screen illumination at 50% history ups disabled and also all RGB lighting off while just enjoying YouTube videos it lasted for 5 hours and 52 mins a wonderful outcome for this examination and it was making use of the Intel graphics within video optimists while playing The Witcher 3 with medium settings and invidious battery increase readied to 30fps the battery lasted for one hour in 23 mins in total as well as was secure at 30 fps until there was 4 percent fee staying where low into 8 FBS as well as was no longer usable so overall an above-average battery life contrasted to various other video gaming laptops I have actually evaluated when you disconnect the laptop from the power you won’t be able to make use of turbo mode all the overclocking features the 180 watt power brick that acer consisted of with the Helios 300 appears to be sufficient for these specifications I had not been seeing any kind of battery drainpipe during any of my screening with the heav ‘n benchmark and also a 264 CPU stress examination running it was only making use of about 9 percent

even more power with turbo setting allowed let’s proceed to the thermal testing air comes through the vents on the base as well as is worn down out both vents on the back as well as there are two more exhausts on either side up the back for a total amount of four exhausts I noticed that the power line has a thick head and when running it out in the direction of the back it does partly block several of the exhaust on the left though I didn’t locate this to practically make a distinction in regards to warm pipes there’s just one shared between the cpu and graphics so it doesn’t resemble much in the method of calling compared to what we usually see though there are four warmth sinks in total two for each fan the follower on the left has metal blades while the one on the right is plastic by default ASA has really under bolted the laptop by – 0.125 volts which is wonderful to see so we are expecting above-average results contrasted to the competitors at supply I’ve evaluated with both the default settings and with the turbo account the turbo profile will certainly max out the fans enhance the power limit of the CPU as well as overclock the graphics the CPU was under bolted out of package no matter of what mode you use so it’s constantly made it possible for thermal testing was completed in an ambient space temperature of 21 degrees Celsius so anticipate various lead to different settings I have actually checked idle down all-time low and it got on the cooler side the remainder of the outcomes are from incorporated CPU and also GPU work and meant to stand for worst-case situations as I ran them for expanded durations of time the gaming results towards the upper fifty percent of the chart were

evaluated by playing watchdogs – while stress and anxiety test results on the lower fifty percent are from running – a 264 CPU cardiovascular test with only tension CPU examined and also the heav ‘n standard at the very same time to fully fill the system allow’s start with the stress test results at supply so still with the default under bolt the CPU is reaching 90 levels in this test with this setting under this workload power limit strangling was the main obstacle nevertheless it was periodically glancing into short thermal strangling territory it just had not been continuously happening a minimum of in my 21 level area once we enabled the turbo profile which can be done by simply pressing the turbo switch above the keyboard the temperatures of both the CPU and also GPU drop as this establishes the fan rate to optimum as mentioned the turbo profile boosts the CPU TDP thereby minimizing power limit rattling but regardless of this when not seeing even more warmth yet we’ll see in the next chart just how clock speeds were affected I’ve likewise gone one step better as well as pressed the under bolt as much as I can to minus 0.1 7 volts as well as this saw the temperatures visited a further three to 4 levels providing us around the same outcomes as utilizing an air conditioning pad with the turbo account as well as stock under vault when we integrate the cooling pad with the finest possible under mold though we’re seeing some really great temperature levels in this workload the

gaming results saw a similar pattern to what was just clarified for the very same factors as well as despite the turbo account made it possible for the results are pretty excellent compared to other makers I’ve recently tested under these very same tests however once again we can make further improvements by under vaulting additional or making use of a cooling pad these are the ordinary clock rates for the very same examinations – revealed we’re seeing a suitable improvement to the CPU as well as GPU clock rates just by making it possible for turbo setting this is since it’s overclocking the graphics and also raising the power limitation of the CPU permitting raised performance as we saw in the last chart in spite of these boosts the much faster followers were able to maintain temperature levels from increasing in rather a lot all cases with turbo mode we’re able to strike the complete 4 ghz or Core turbo increase speed of the i7 9750 H CPU in this workload it is worth bearing in mind that I am only examining a 264 with the CPU only option checked however at the exact same time to be fair I have always utilized this setup as well as these are still great outcomes contrasted to various other laptop computers I have actually just recently examined the asou mark 3 enters your mind which battled to strike 3 gigahertz at supply in the exact same work these are the typical CPU TDP values throughout these very same examinations we can see the rise that takes place when enabling turbo mode as this improves pl1 from 45 watts to 56 watts also under these combined CPU and also GPU loads it’s still able to obtain up there without getting also warm as we’ve seen if you’re interested in

seeing just how it did when we get rid of the default under x asa inspect my thorough thermal screening video clip connected in the top right here are some Cinebench cpu standards revealing the solitary as well as multi-core performance once again the stock outcome is with their under bolt in position once we allow turbo setting were able to get a good renovation with a little extra with my added under vaulting these are the outcomes from the earliest Cinebench r15 as a less extensive test i saw no distinction in between turbo and my custom-made undervolt as for the exterior temperature levels will in fact be putting your hands at idle it was just below the usual 30 level average while video gaming with the fan at Vehicle rate the WASD Keys were a little cozy while the center was cozy to the touch similar outcomes with the anxiety examines going getting to concerning 50 up the back though you won’t be touching there so no issue with the cardiovascular test going and turbo mode made it possible for the temperatures go down back a few degrees due to the faster fan rate in spite of the enhanced performance this mode gives us as for the fan sound produced by the laptop alaya pay attention to several of these examinations I died all the followers were just distinct though as we saw the temperature levels were still amazing while pc gaming with the followers on auto rate it was a little poor when

contrasted to most various other pc gaming laptop computers I’ve evaluated same outcomes with the cardiovascular test however when we make it possible for turbo mode which uses our GPU overclock as well as increases the CPU power limit it gets quite loud nonetheless you can control the fan speed with the predator feeling software program to locate a happy center ground nevertheless all I was really amazed with the thermal performance from the Helios 300 provided most of this is to the out-of-the-box supply on the vault this is still excellent to see as well as I really hope much more firms begin doing it in the future at all supply setups it was running a little bit warm but even worst case thermal throttling was very little and only throughout brief spikes and we were still seeing high clock speeds though this will differ based on room temperature it was possible to boost this by improving the fan rate with additional under bolting or utilizing a cooling pad considering the performance we’re seeing in video games contrasted to other higher end machines I’m pretty delighted with these results next allow’s take a look at some video gaming criteria I’ve tested with the turbo account in use for Ideal Efficiency and as a pointer this does overclock the graphics and also increase the CPU power component battlefield 5 was examined in campaign setting and also not in multiplayer mode as it’s simpler to

consistently recreate the trial run maxed out at Ultra setups still got us advertisement FPS averages as well as was quickly playable no issue but we’ll see later on just how these outcomes contrasted to other laptops apex tales was tested with either all settings of maximum or all settings at the most affordable possible values as it does not have predefined establishing presets it still played well at Ultra setups nonetheless we could enhance typical FPS by a large 61 percent with minimal setups shadow of the Burial place Raider was examined with the built-in standard the arise from this examination were looking efficient high settings but out reduced setups these are some of the highest possible numbers I have actually ever before seen from this examination similar to pinnacle and most future games we’re obtaining excellent efficiency at low setups due to the stocks CPU on the vault far weep renaissance was checked with the integrated standard this video game seems to be rather CPU hefty so it’s not a surprise that we’re getting exceptional outcomes from this test again because of that supply CPU Wonderbolt enabling above-average degrees of efficiency for tonight was examined with the replay feature once more Louis settings the ordinary FPS is super high many thanks to that boosted CP performance and even at legendary

settings above 100 FPS was still feasible no worry overwatch is another well enhanced game and also was checked in the practice variety one more time super high structure rates at lower settings too poor we do not have a 240 Hertz screen below as even high settings as hitting that threshold csgo was examined making use of the UN achill FPS benchmark and also as a video game that is rather CPU bound the average FPS results here is a few of the very best I’ve seen in a while with over 300 fps standards possible at minimum settings and also still over 240 at maximum once again where’s that 240 Hertz screen out Rainbow six siege was examined with the built-in standard and is a video game I discovered a take advantage of invidious nuturing architecture also with maximum ultra setups we’re obtaining 100 for the 1% legal representative so still flawlessly smooth in this examination with as much as 200 FPS averages possible at low settings bar G was tested utilizing the replay feature and also at highest possible setups the average FPS is a bit lower than several other more effective laptops with high rate graphics as expected yet at very low settings the framerate is excellent once again as a result of that improved CP performance Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was examined with the built-in standard and also from my experience seems to be a fairly CPU hefty video game so it’s fortunate we’re getting fantastic CPU performance below this is remarkable the asou mark 3 with our TX 2070 that sets you back over 1,000 u.s.Dollars much more is actually behind in this test at every setup degree except ultra weather

condition 2070 has the ability to wait by 3 FPS dota 2 was tested playing in the center lane with an ordinary quantity of activity taking place as well as is yet one more game that I discovered to choose higher CPU power so the results are as soon as more really excellent for this game I seem like I’m repeating myself but guard dogs 2 is one more game that works well with higher CPU power 90 FPS at reduced settings is an excellent cause this game from a laptop and also while the framerate at Ultra is reduced as we start obtaining much more GPU bound in my opinion this one runs penalty at 30fps so still no troubles in all there The Witcher 3 was playing fantastic with her jobs handicapped and also I located this to be rather much more GPU demanding at greater settings so no hugely high framework prices at Ultra it’s still carrying out quite possibly without any concerns with a lot greater feasible at reduced setups need to you need it if you’re after even more video gaming standards inspect the card in the leading right corner where I have actually examined 20 video games in total let’s likewise have a look at just how this config of the brand-new Acer Helios 300 contrasts with various other laptop computers to see exactly how it accumulates use these outcomes as a harsh guide just as they were tested at various times with various chauffeurs in combat zone 5 I’ve obtained the Helios 300 in the direction of all-time low in red with an additional 16 60 TI laptop

computer I recently checked though this set is giving us better efficiency because of the i7 CPU not only that however these out-of-the-box outcomes are offering the very best 1% reduced out of all of these makers even smashing the 2080 mxq machines as a result of the default CPU one volt even the ordinary frame rates are a fair little bit ahead of the 2060 and also closer to the 2070 max vital results because of the overclocking right here are the outcomes from far cry 5 with ultra setups in the built-in benchmark I discovered this to be a rather CPU hefty test so as very same insane results here the Helios 300 is simply 1 to 2 FPS behind the 2070 equipments and the 20 a team implement in the gs-7 5 and also actually baiting the razor blade with 20 80 max equipment as for 1% lower the Helios 300 is once more ahead of every other device on this graph thanks to that supply CPU on the vault seriously remarkable things these are the arise from darkness of the term raider with the built-in standard at highest setups this examination often tends to be much more GPU heavy so the outcomes are toned down a bit compared to the last game that stated we’re still simply in advance of the 2016 oisin x’ though not fairly at the 2070 max Q level this time around still though a great result considering this as optimal setups that GPU overclocked is most

likely helping out right here the Helios 300 is offering extremely outstanding results thinking about the specs as well as is punching well over its weight it’s worth bearing in mind that turbo setting is overclocking the GPU and the CPU is under bolted out of package which is why we’re seeing such high degrees of efficiency when it concerns the most affordable setups as well as 1% lower outcomes is this unreasonable I do not assume sir I do my video game testing with every one of these laptop computers in the most effective readily available setting they deliver with Acer adjust the just one under bolting out of package as well as using over clocks this high considering that I had no security problems I think this is awesome to see as well as I hope we see extra companies doing this in the future it deserves keeping in mind that we can of program overclock and also undervolt the various other machines also but I still believe having this as a default is wonderful to see specifically for those that would have never otherwise also attempted these approaches to enhance efficiency now for the benchmarking tools I have actually evaluated Heaven Valley and superposition from Unigine as well as fire strike times by portroyal as well as virtual reality mark from 3d mark simply stop the video clip if you want a comprehensive check out these outcomes as we saw earlier we’ve got the alternative of making

some adjustments to improve efficiency so let’s see how these efficiency boosts really equate into video games I’ve evaluated with stock out-of-the-box setups so still under risen with turbo mode made it possible for and also with turbo mode plus my added on the safe Much Cry 5 was tested using the integrated in standard at 1080p there’s a great deal taking place right here so allow me discuss the purple bars stand for stock setups so still with the under vault just default fan speed and also no GPU overclocking the green bars are with turbo setting made it possible for so greater fan speed CPU power restriction elevated and with GPU overclocking the red bars are the same but with the under safe pressed further to minus 0.1 7 volts and we can see that this might be as well much as in this game we’re obtaining reduced 1% reduced performance at most selling levels all the same the increased CPU TDP limitation from turbo mode is what seems to be providing us the raised performance right here in this game the GPU overclock would assist a bit too however as a CPU hefty title it would certainly be making much less of a contribution generally as long as you simply hit the turbo button you must be getting piece de resistance without doing much else I have actually made use of crystal disk mark to test the storage and the 256 gig nvme m2 SSD was performing fairly well my evaluation system also had a one terabyte 5400 rpm disk drive though it was doing fairly well however storage options might differ by region so results would be various with various drives for updated rates check the web links in the summary as prices will alter in time at the time of recording in the US the ASA Helios 300 is going for 1200 u.s. Bucks which truthfully is resembling outstanding value when contrasted with the competitors not just have we seen this device surpassing greater spec models the cost is a fair bit lower too in 2015 the Helios 300 with gtx 1060 was just one of the best worth devices for that degree of performance and it resembles they’re holding on to that title in 2019 so in conclusion the brand-new ASA

Helios 300 gaming laptop computer is a really remarkable device at this cost factor it exceeded my assumptions in practically every facet the CPU under screw out of the box enables it to outmatch the competitors in numerous workloads which is great for the bulk of individuals that purchase a laptop as well as either do not recognize how or aren’t going to tweak it video game efficiency with turbo mode was superb many thanks to the improved follower rate elevated CPU power restriction as well as GPU overclocked gaming laptops around this price variety normally inexpensive out on the screen but also shade gamut and illumination were good right here with minimal backlight hemorrhage while mine did have a 60 Hertz screen 144 Hertz seems to be much more commonly readily available from the listings I’ve seen a lion so just dual check the specs when acquiring the battery life was above standard for a gaming laptop computer the keyboard and touchpad worked well and in my opinion on the whole it just looks far better when compared to the older 2018 model with slimmer bezels as well as dropping the red color pattern for blue the only downsides I have is that this particular evaluation unit came with solitary network memory which would substantially decrease performance the ones I’ve seen available for sale in the u.s. appear to be double networks so not certain if this was simply my testimonial unit the left air vents obtain partially covered by the power line if you leave it running behind the back of the device though I really

did not find this to virtually make any distinction in some cases there was a delay when pushing the turbo switch over the key-board prior to the changes would actually activate however that could likely be fixed with future software program updates the power button goes to the leading right corner of the key-board so you could potentially miss click it however these points honestly aren’t deal-breakers for me overall the construct high quality of the maker was good and it’s an upgrade over the older version in basically every facet beyond these minor problems this is an extremely remarkable machine for the money and also based on my screening below I can conveniently advise this laptop I’m interested to hear what you consider the brand-new ASA Helios 300 video gaming laptop there allow me recognize down in the remarks as well as if you’re new to the channel get subscribed for future laptop computer evaluations and technology videos similar to this one.

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