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hello there you aesthetically pleasing person you this is Chris from Tech’s Burton I’m here with the new Nokia at 3.2 I’ve seen you it’s only just coming to the likes of UK and Europe I think it’s been out in America and other regions for a while already gonna give it a full unboxing now it’s one of the cheaper Nokia’s that you can get at just 99 pounds rather from at 99 pounds because it comes in a couple of different SKUs there is the phone itself let’s just see what else you get in there but a poor keep in device to actually get your sim in of course and you get three pin plug you get two USB charging cable micro USB of course as it’s quite a basic handset look at that you even get some really cheap and cheerful earphones bundled in there as well of course the other hard shell variety which means they’ll probably scour your ear holes but nice to have all the same and that’s what you get in the box nice and easy and then okiya 3.2 is a bit of a beast it’s a

6.2 6 inch display though at least it does fill most of the front edge as you can see they’re quite skinny bezels down the sides and up top as well just a

little nipple notch pork and it’s way in there and down below you’ve got a reasonably chunky bezel with a bit Nokia brand in there flip it over and it’s a basic plastic finish unfortunately so you don’t get any of that lovely sort of aluminium frame and as you you do or some of the slightly more premium Nokia handsets as you can see they’re starting to already smudge up a fair bit as well pick up in a couple of different hues this black model otherwise silver as well although I believe they call the silver one steel just to make it sound a bit sexier because even that steel model will probably scratch up fairly easily because of all plastic is not the most durable of materials so I’d recommend slip and a cover on it if you want it to keep looking fresh this is the laws budget-friendly models this will come in at 99 pounds this offers two gigabytes of RAM and as you can see there there’s no fingerprint sensor on the back either whereas if you pay a little bit more you will get three gigs of ram and you’ll get a rear mounted fingerprint sensor as well let’s just see if we’ve got any juice in there yes we do brilliance wheel to

get it all set up and take a bit of a tour of the hardware and the software and as you can see it is of course an Android one device will be a nice stock version of Android Pi or via a little Android ten imminently and you can expect a full update to Android 11 next year as well and plentiful security updates and all that kind of shenanigans as well I love it classic timeless now you may not get a fingerprint sensor here on this most basic version of the Nokia 3.2 but you do get a bit of face unlock which is quite nifty so let’s just hit yes set up the screen lock and then let’s start get my face in that gone off to pull back a bit and hopefully yeah it’s slowly registering me my face is in the hall do you need more of my face the whole lesson my face what my face is in that area it is all up in that area come on you stupid phone finally got there in the end says my my mug registered now I can use my my gorgeous visage to unlock the smartphone which is handy because I get to kind of tiresome intranet pin every single time so first up let’s see if that face recognition actually works has just power down the Nokia 322 and then hit that power button again and hopefully as you can see that it’s got a little face icon up it’s scanning for me and there we go he got there in the end it’s yeah it’s not quite as impressive as the face recognition on the world.

we 6 plus which you cost a similar amount about the 100-pound mark and also comes fitted with the fingerprint sensor as well but but gets you there in the end right now that we’re all set up and booted up in everything when you take a proper look at that 6.2 6-inch this space was a TFT LCD reasonably punchy for a budget device from a quick glance if we boost up that brightness all the way at the top as well by is absolutely i syrian so that should do no problem even its if it’s the height of summer which won’t be for quite some time here in the UK and like most budget devices around the hundred pound market is a 720p device so it’s 1520 by 720 so it’s just standard HD not Full HD but as you can see they’re reasonably crisp should be absolutely fine few bit of YouTube and everything let’s just try that out now so as you can see they’re just streaming a bit YouTube action at 720p and do the job absolutely v you just enjoying a bit of a your favorite TV show something like that it’s quite a stretched aspect rich or nineteen by nine so quite well suited to you better move your action and all that hello that’s true that’s getting quite racy they should do something else and gets any kitty Winx are watching and you know sort of decent respectable colors and everything as well the viewing angles aren’t bad at all again for a budget device you generally depend on the likes of Nokia even at this sort of affordable asking price and if we just boost the speaker up for a second as well so it’s just a single bottom firing mono speaker of course as you tend to get on these budget devices and to be honest that top volume pretty pitiful

um so if you’re in a noisy environment you probably struggle to hear that luckily the desert you do get a headphone jack up top seeking stick in a wire pair otherwise of course full bluetooth support as usual because you get a lovely stock version of Android pay on here of course there’s no clutter or anything like that all you get is a bunch of Google Apps installed and it’s just started to install into my own personal apps from a previous backup as well so that’s all that shenanigans of course the usual Android player gesture navigation works perfectly well and everything as well you can swipe this weird to sort of skip between recent apps as you can see there it’s not the swiftest and smoothest of devices of course snap driving for 2/9 chipset running the show here on the nokia 3.2 and as you can see the likes of the Google feed quite a slow stuttery experience there unfortunately this is the most basic model so it does just have two gigs around you can buy it with a three gig model as well which should hopefully provide slightly smoother performance always hit two gigs is just not quite enough to cut it on modern Android handsets and because this is the basic two gigabyte model as well I should just have only 16 gigabytes of storage space on board as well as Yale as you see 69% of it already used just from the pre-installed apps and the apps that it’s then subsequently downloaded so yeah so not much space at all of your stuff thankfully microSD memory cards are up to 400 megabyte or supported on the nokia 3.2 phew so I don’t have to immediately start them deleting stuff on the

battery as well you get four thousand milliamp cells stuffed inside the Nokia 3.2 so hopefully I should keep you going all day long no worries even the most intensive long lasting there should be absolutely fire of course you get the usual battery saver modes adaptive battery action all that shenanigans as well supports 10 watt charge and so not super nippy but shouldn’t be too bad oh and like quite a few other Android one handsets you also get a dedicated Google Assistant button here on the they’re not give 3.

2 as well so just a quick push of that and hopefully yep there we go after a slight delay the googler system pops on up and you can say hey do my bidding and yeah just wait half an hour flat to translate and then last up as far as the hardware and features go here on the back I feel that like this is a slice of history because you remember these single-lens smartphone cameras it’s a 13 megapixel F 2.2 back for the bit of LED flash action there nor depth sensors or wide-angle lenses or anything like that just boot up that camera app and hopefully this won’t take too long despite that slaw ass Snapdragon chipset as you can see that’s a fairly basic camera setup – you’re obviously in full auto mode to start with napa where like so at least you do get an itch to your auto mode so that’ll help with the the high dynamic range although probably not a huge amount to be perfectly honest you’ve got a square mode if you want to shoot a square force or array and of course you can switch to video mode like so and this allows you to shoot I believe up to full HD resolution video let’s just have a look Oh video

resolution and yet up to 1080p rear and front camera as well the front face is a 5 megapixel snapper and you do get a small selection of other bonus modes as well panorama Bay Google lens action and a time-lapse as well if that’s your bag no know what the hell’s going on what that’s what I didn’t touch that Google the system but I’m not sure what’s going on there and let’s just swap around to that five megapixel front fascia and there I am in all of my glory and inverted commas so as you can see you just take a a nice bit of 1080p video hello sexy people this is Chris from tech spur and of course just snap away and you’ve got square modes once again as well for those selfies for a and now right there’s my full unboxing and a quick tour of the Nokia 3.2 s hardware and software got to see if five hundred-pound asking price I’m more swayed by more rollers model C six plus just offers a little bit more in terms of the actual performance seems a little bit smoother and you obviously get a proper fingerprint sensor around back for that hundred pound model whereas you don’t get it here on the Nokia camera setup seems a bit more advanced on the motor as well though to be fair the Nokia does have a four thousand milliamp battery so should keep you going all day long and that 720p display looks perfectly good to me so are you tempted by the Nokia 3.2 definitely we know in the comments down below be greater your thoughts and please do post subscribe and do that notifications about for more on the latest and greatest tech shows every one of you

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