Nvidia RTX 2060 vs 2070 – Benchmarks & Comparisons

the nvidia r-tx 2060 and r-tx 2070 are both decent gaming graphics cards but which should you pick and isn’t worth upgrading in this video we’ll test out a bunch of games at 4k 1440p and 1080p to help you see the performance difference between them let’s quickly take a look at how the r-tx 2060 and r-tx 2017 actually differ in terms of specs note that things like clock speed and power will vary between specific cards these are just the reference specs for each model the 2070 has more CUDA cores higher base clock but slightly lower boost clock though again that will vary by card otherwise the 2070 has 8 gig of GDD are 6 memory while the 2060 has 6 gig and while 6 gig is currently fine for most games in the future we may start to see more being required in future titles further testing I’m using the gigabyte r-tx 2060 windforce OC and the zotac RT x 2070 mini so my 2060 does have a small factory overclock while the 2070 is stock however overclocks generally only equate to a couple FPS here and there in most games the system that I’m testing with has an Intel i7 8700 K CPU in an MSI z3 90 gaming per Kelvin motherboard running at stock speeds along with 16 gig of T force nighthawk CL 16 memory from Team Group running at ddr4 3200 in dual channel check the links in the description for details on all of the

components as well as for up-to-date pricing the same Windows version and in veer drivers we used for the testing so let’s get into the results Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was tested with a built-in benchmark using high settings in all of the upcoming graphs I’ve got the RT X 2070 results shown by the green bars and the RT x 2060 shown by the blue bars underneath with 4k 1440p and 1080p resolutions listed on the Left down the bottom at 1080p we’re looking at a 4.6 percent improvement to average FPS with the 2017 at 1440p this rises to a nine percent boost and then a larger 12 percent boost of 4k throw not much of a change to one percent lower battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode rather than multiplayer as a easier to consistently reproduce the test run and this seems to be more graphically intensive this game consistently saw the largest improvement between the two graphics cards starting with our TX off at 1080p the 2070 was giving us 13% higher average FPS when compared with the 2060 12.6% more at 1440p and then a 4k there was a 17% boost with some nice increases to 1% low – I’ve also tested battlefield 5 with our TX on and although overall the results don’t look great and I probably wouldn’t want to play with either option at least with the high settings that I’m testing with that was a larger boost to performance with the 2070 getting 16% higher average FPS compared to the 2060 at 1080p and 1440p and then a large 23% increase at 4k the

largest out of all of my tests far cry 5 was tested using the built-in benchmark with high settings at 1080p and 1440p resolutions I was actually seeing slightly lower 1% low results however the average FPS from the 2070 was consistently high all at 1080p the 2070 was around 5 percent faster then 8 % faster at 1440p and then finally 10 percent higher at 4k improving as we stepped the resolution up shadow of the Tomb Raider was also tested using the built-in benchmark at the bottom of the graph for our 1080p results the 2070 was getting almost 10 percent higher average frame rate when compared to the 2060 stepping up to 1440p this Rises slightly to an 11 percent improvement then finally a 4k we’re seeing just under a 13 percent boost using the 2070 Rainbow six siege was tested using the built-in benchmark at high settings I found this game to favor invidious r-tx graphics cards in previous testing so a sync pretty nice results here compared to gtx cards at 1080p there’s a 9.5 percent boost to average FPS when we use the RT x 2070 a 7.6 percent improvement at 1440p and then at 4k the game saw the smallest change for this resolution with an eight point six percent improvement over the RT x 2060 csgo was tested using analytical FPS benchmark and at 1080p there was a 6 percent improvement to average FPS 5% at 1440p and then a larger 13% increase at 4k with the r-tx 2070 but realistically either of these cards will play this game extremely well at about any resolution overwatch was tested in the practice range as I can easily perform the same test run compared to playing with bots or other players

which will differ every time the RT x 2070 was getting us a ten point six percent improvement at 1080p and then a 14% improvement at 1440p and 4k making this consistently one of the best games tested on the 2070 when comparing with our 2060 there were much more improvements aimed to the 1% lower 24% at 1080p 20% of 1440p and then 15% of 4k where the 1% low was only just below the average frame rate of the 2060 pub G was tested using the replay feature with the exact same replay at high settings at 1080p the r-tx 2070 was singin 11% improvement to average FPS making it the second highest improved game tested behind battlefield 5 pub G got second place again at 1440p with a 16% increased average FPS over the 2060 and then a 13% rise at 4k with no real change to one percent low at this resolution watchdogs 2 is a resource intensive game and I can play it alright with a solid 30 FPS so it was actually playing OK for me at 4k with very high settings though ideally I’d use lower settings at that resolution at 1080p there was the smallest improvement out of old games tested with just a 4% improvement to average FPS with the 2070 and not much difference to 1% learn next there was an 8.5% rise at 1440p and finally a 12% increase at 4k with larger improvements to 1% load now at these higher

resolutions in terms of overall improvement overall 10 tests with a 1080p resolution on average the r-tx 2070 is performing 9 percent better than the RT X 2060 in average FPS more CPU demanding games like watchdogs to left down the bottom while others like battlefield 5 seem to really benefit from the increased GPU power at 1440p on average over the same games the RT X 2070 was now scoring almost 11% higher average frame rates when compared with the RT X 2060 so a slight improvement as increase the resolution however we can see that the results really vary between games at 4k the r-tx 2070 was now an average thirteen point six percent better than the RT X 2060 in these games the average framerate difference improves further as we step up in resolution and start becoming less CPU bound and really start to see what these graphics cards are capable of I haven’t tested overclocking here as results aren’t guaranteed and will vary between hardware based on what overclocks you can get realistically it generally only makes a couple FPS difference but I’ll cover overclocking in the full review videos for each of these cards so get subscribed for that I suggest checking updated prices using the links in the description as prices will change over time the gigabyte RT X 2060 I’ve used here goes for around 370 u.s.

Dollars while of the 2060 s seemed to currently started around 350 the 2070 I’m using is around 530 US dollars but others start at 500 going on these best-case current prices going from three hundred and fifty dollars for the 2060 to five hundred dollars for the twenty seventy is a 43% increased a price which I don’t think is really worth it for the 13 percent average improvement seen at 4k you might find better prices on the second-hand market but as RT X graphics are still fairly new supply there may be limited based on the performance difference there’s no real reason to upgrade from the 2060 to the 2070 either unless you’re happy with the 10 to 13 percent improvement on average that the 2070 offers for that price personally I want an upgrade to count for more and would instead be looking at something higher assuming of course the 2060 wasn’t cutting it anymore at some point in the future it really comes down to what sort of games you want to play what resolutions you want to play out and what frame rates you want to target if I was buying new today I’d go to the 2060 it’s a much better bang for the buck buying the 2060 with r-tx in mind at this time probably isn’t a good idea it seems a bit weak to really give a good experience at least going by battlefield 5 although I wasn’t really getting all that great FPS out of the RT X 2070 Evo let me know which card you’d pick down in the comments the 2060 or 2070 and don’t forget to subscribe for more comparisons and future tech videos like this one

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