OnePlus 7T Tips & Tricks for OxygenOS 10

so the fresh and wonderful new oneplus 70s well the very first smartphones to comeback in Android 10 right out of the box and of course you’ve got one pluses on oxygen OS version 10.0 the latest version of that smothered lovingly on top as you can imagine there’s a bunch of new features thrown in there and some of those are all features have been updated as well to make them even better so here’s our pick of the bunch in our tips and tricks guide just to give you an idea of some of the new stuff and some of the updated bits and from other it’s a great small tech please do bug subscribe ending that notifications belt Jezz so first up the oneplus 70 supports androids updated gesture navigation support so you can completely ditch that annoying navigation bar down at the bottom of the screen to get this set up just head to the settings menu and then go to buttons and gestures followed by navigation bar and gestures with the gesture support enable doing busy swipe your finger from the left or the right edges to go back in any app if you swipe up from the bottom you’ll go back to the home screen if you swipe up and hold your finger there in the middle then you’ll bring up the recent apps menu and you don’t even really need the recent apps menu anymore because you can now swipe left or right at the very bottom of the screen to flip between the most recently used apps and with the oneplus 70 these gestures are also supported when the phone is in landscape mode as well as portrait lovely stuff because one of the major hardware updates

for the oneplus 70 is the fresh new fluid AMOLED display which can run at up to 90 Hertz for a nice silky smooth appearance no matter why you’re up to you can actually choose whether to run this at 60 Hertz or 90 Hertz Thor the 60 Hertz level is set by defaults not quite as smooth but you do get stronger battery life to change between the 60 and the 90 just head into the settings menu and then go to display and then screen refresh rate and you can switch between the two just there and the oneplus seventy’s excellent new display also emits less blue light than previous incarnations as well to make it a bit easier on your peepers and of course you’ve still got a dedicated night mode to make things even more comfortable in low-light situations just head to the display settings and then night mode and you can schedule this to automatically turn on and adjust the warmth levels to suit any pop G fans will be very interested in the game space feature which can be found nestled amongst the rest of your apps there in the oneplus 70 it’s a one-stop shop for access in all of your games with some bonus game and features thrown into the mix including performance enhancement and a good bit in Norfolk Asians Brocken CEO not disturbs mid Frank fanatic mode has also come to the oneplus 70 from the original pro handset this completely cuts out all notifications and prevents all other apps from using

your data and basically gives you the ultimate mobile game and experience another feature that’s been updated here on the romper 70 is the Zen mode you’ll find this in the drop-down notifications just drag once to the left and there it appears now as before the stay activates pretty much every feature on your oneplus 70 or you’ll be allowed to do is make emergency calls and use the camera to snap stuff as well so you’ll basically be undisturbed completely left alone if you want a better private time however now you can actually change the duration of the Zen mode from the original 20 minutes boosting it all the way up to anything up to 60 minutes if you’re particularly masochistic another feature that makes a welcome return here on the oneplus 70 is the ambient display basically when your phone’s Hibernian you just give the screen a quick tap or pick it up and the ambient display will pop into life intro if there’s any weight notifications as well as things like the time and the date to customize this heading to the Settings menu and then display and then ambient display you could also choose between a small selection of different ambient displays if you head into the customization section of the settings when I say small I do mean small but at least it’s something another handy feature which can be fully customized on the oneplus 70 is that OLED slider sat on the side basically a quick flicker this you’ll stick the phone and do not disturb very handy if you’re

about to slip into a meeting if you go to the settings menu and then buttons and gestures and then alert slider you’ll find a couple of different customization options so for instance whether the silent mode will also silence all of your media and whether the phone should vibrate as well as ring in the standard modes and if you’re buying this lush little phone for your kitty winks then first of all those are some lucky bloody kids and second of all you’ll probably want to check out the oneplus seventy’s parental controls you’ll find these within the settings menu just head to digital wellbeing and parental controls this allows you to set all kinds of restrictions on how much your kids actually use the handset and with the Google family link app installed on your own handset you can keep tabs on exactly what they’ve been up to talk about a nanny stick to get family links said I’ve just download the app onto your phone and then follow the instructions to pair up with the oneplus 70 your kid will need their own Google account of course for fundly link to work I’m planning the full video on family link and how to get it all set up and working so stay tuned for that and as usual here on the oneplus 70 you’ve got full customization of your home screens as well just pinch your fingers on those desktops and choose the home settings and then you can play around with a variety of desktop settings for instance you’ve got the option to pull down the notifications bar with a swipe down from anywhere on that massive display it definitely helps out when you’ve only got one hand free you can also change up the

themes the grid sizes even the icon Styles all kinds of stuff can be tweaked and fiddled with and last up at that all new fresh triple lens camera but it’s not just the hardware that’s changed here on the oneplus 70 some other software has as well as always the camera can be quick loaded when the phone is hibernate and simply by double tapping that power button the camera app looks much as it did on previous warm Plus handsets except now of course you can switch between those three lenses with a quick tap of these icons down here you’ll also notice a couple of Handy new camera features buried away in there so the first one is in the full photo Auto mode you’ll see this little flower icon up top and that is to activate the new macro mode this allows you to capture subjects up to just two point five centimeters away from the lens of a really really closeup it uses the new ultra wide-angle lens and it works a treat you can some nice sharp results despite that tiny distance and if you head into the video mode you’ll now find a new super stable mode as well something similar to the one found on the likes of the galaxy s 10 series this is great news if you want to shoot some video while jogging about cycling something like that it uses a combination of AIS and is to really cut down on Jezza and that right there is a tour of the oneplus seventy’s new UI some of the new features or some of the updates to original features as well are you tempted by it deftly laughs not in the comments down below and a full side by side comparison with one plus 7 and the 1 plus 70 to see exactly what has been updated in terms of the hardware as well as the software and a full unboxing as well I’m bitter tore going on there so pretty much everything you can need to know about the oneplus 70 and from on the latest a great small tech please do poke subscribe ending that notifications belt Cheers

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