OnePlus 7T Pro Rumours & Top 5 Essential Features

now oneplus is definitely not done launch a new smartphones in 2019 despite already thrown three of the buggers are with 1 + 7 1 + 7 Pro and the 1 + 7 Pro 5 G but in September we are likely to see the launch of the new one + 70 smartphone family which right now seems to have two new members 1 + 70 + 1 + 70 Pro for more minted members of the public now we’ve already caught glimpses of what appears to be a new pro model housed in a security case if it’s legit then chances are good this is the 70 pro because there’s no notch there suggesting that one plus is once again gone with one of those cute pop-up selfie cameras of course fellow manufacturer apple recently tore off its snazzy new in-display selfie camera which is actually housed underneath the screen but that tech definitely very much seems to be working progress so we doubt I’ll hit any smartphones in 2019 so far surprisingly little has emerged on that one plus rumour mill but we do have a concrete set of dates apparently the oneplus 70 handsets will be announced first in India on September the 26th and then won’t be launched in the US and Europe until October the 10th just five days ahead of the October 15th release date as for bryson you can expect the oneplus 70 pro to come in at around the 649 – 699 pound mark when it hits UK stores now as much as I adore the oneplus 7 pro there is definitely some clear room for improvement here as well as a fair few features that I’d love

to see sticking around for future incarnations so here’s the top 5 features I’d love to see in 1 plus 74 and from on the lipstick weights vaulteq please do applaud subscribe and doing that notifications bell Jezz now the big priority for the oneplus 70 pro has to be camera improvements something that oneplus normally offers with its t– range of thorns don’t get me wrong 1 + 7 probe was a clear step up from the oneplus 60 with a fresh and flexible triple lens arrangement and an all-new night world that really helps out in those low-light situations however enroll a tricky lighten and HDR situations of the like the camera still struggled to capture natural-looking colors while contrast levels often left a lot to be desired the hardware for the most part was decent here on the 1 + 7 porn clean of course Sony’s IMX 586 cameras and so it’s been stuffed into all kinds of premium handsets in 2019 say here’s hoping with just a few little tweaks oneplus can really sort out those dodgy photos so far we really do much about the camera tech at all besides a possible change to a circular housing as these renders from on Leake show off very snazzy indeed but will we finally get the camera phone that we all crave and we’re about performance well I certainly had no issues with the original war +7 Pro on that front thanks to the stunning Snapdragon 805 platform and the super nippy storage that u

FS 2.0 support means absolute super quick to Lord while accessing your files is less of a power drain ufs 3.0 deftly needs to make a glorious return to the new one + 70 pro but also will we see the new qualcomm snapdragon efi 5 + chips at use which first made its debut in the year zeus rogue phone – the new Snapdragon 805 5 + chips that offers a speed boost for gehrman and other altered demanding tasks I’ve already had a play with the rock phone – and I was definitely impressed this thing is an absolute beast next up is battery and as far as longevity is concerned the oneplus 7 probe may not be as strong as some rivals like the zenfone 6 or wow is flagships but it still gives you a full day of use while that warp charge tech fills us we blind a backup in no time at all that said I definitely would not say no to a five thousand milliamp cell which some web room wrists are suggesting we will get on the 70 pro personally I’m staying fairly pessimistic on this front but let’s see of course unlike practically every single flagship phone out there besides Sony’s Xperia 1 the oneplus 7 pro still didn’t offer up wireless charging that as a feature I would like to see are the oneplus 70 Pro it’s not a deal-breaker by any means but purely for convenience sake it will be a nice to have something else that’s missing from the oneplus 7 pro is of course a headphone jack mostly because of the inclusion of that in display fingerprint sensor which basically meant that oneplus run out of room down at the ass end of the smartphone now this may seem like a bit of a petty complaint to some and pasty I love using bluetooth headphones but the problem with Bluetooth headphones is they always run out of battery at the worst possible time normally when you’re stuck on a crowded bus in

between a screaming devil child and a flatulent pensioner and all you want to do then is just plug in your headphones into your phone but of course then you need that one of those awful USB dongle things for the 1 + 7 problem can you ever find one when you need or no of course you can’t and it’s a big massive suck of takes deep breath and calms down last up there’s the question of 5g so I think the oneplus has been a massive for dedicating almost its entire MWC presents to big up the tech the special edition one plus seven Pro 5g of course came packin a snazzy cork on more dancers support that 5g connectivity but is that something that we’ll see in the standard pro models going forward well hopefully because the likes of Xiaomi have packed a 5g modem into a 500 pound smartphone so fingers crossed and pretty much everything else about the oneplus 7 pro I basically loved from that punchy 90 Hertz display to the always enjoyable oxygen OS although I wouldn’t be hugely good at if the likes of the Zen would suddenly vanished into the ether as it was Li just give me anxiety about missing out on some important shiz and personally I definitely won’t be bothered if oneplus empty port was a bit more dinky either I mean do we really need a six point seven inch screen on a smartphone and voila have something that’s a bit more compact bit more easy to use one-handed but of course I know that’s never gonna happen so I’ll just shut the up right now and that right there is my full rumor roundup and wish list for the oneplus 70 Pro a blower that is only a month or so away it from launch but what do you want to see from this lid is super premium one-plus handset have to be gritty or thoughts banging them down below in the comment section from all the latest a great support oh please do poke subscribe ending that notifications Bell cheers everyone love you

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