I Bought A BROKEN Alienware Gaming PC On Ebay…

oh this is quickly the dumbest money I have actually ever spent on the channel which is claiming a whole lot since I’ve purchased some stupid crap before however in this box there is a broken Alienware system now I listen to a great deal of you claiming David have you ever seen a functioning Alienware oh you recognize Smokey remark apart this set’s really detailed as broken on and also I I paid fairly a whole lot of money for it uh which was especially silly taking into consideration that they really did not list the specifications of it so it’s like on-line vending machine degree gaming which is extremely stupid do not do it uh thankfully there is a video clip enroller that’s mosting likely to assist me financially recover from my dreadful life decisions today’s video clip sponsor places the enjoyable in Linux based cloud computing and also web hosting solution um it’s the node lenode is a Linux based cloud computing and also internet hosting solution that offers several items to handle cloud storage space websites databases Game web servers kubernetes and they can also take care of whatever computational lots you can visualize also if you value good client support which you should the node is just one of the ideal in the company I indicate appearance at

just how happy these two are with their service if all of this seems great to you subscribe to the node using the link in my summary listed below to obtain a 60 day 100 totally free credit history thank you lenod for sponsoring today’s video As you can inform by this extremely unpleasant invoice I paid regarding a thousand Canadian before shipping and tax obligation for this Alienware system that has specifications that I do not know that’s damaged in an undefined method oh I truly wish I can recover mobilize out of this component of any kind of Alienware system the Box although it appears to have actually been kept at the end of a well wait why did they cut crop circles right into the box oh it’s possibly like delivering tags right to conceal their address oh it behaves of them to include the E-Waste peripherals with the system so that

suggests if these still work we have actually made back like two bucks of the money we have actually penetrated this damaged system and also I can likewise distinguish up below a minimum of we understand there’s still a graphics card in it to ensure that’s that’s also a good begin may not be a functioning graphics card but we’ll figure out quickly enough okay now in impression we can tell a couple features of it it plainly had not

been curb stomped by Godzilla at some time there’s no like clear external damages on the thing we can likewise tell that it’s the previous generation Alienware desktop reconstructed the one with like the power supply right over the CPU Cooler below Alienware was actually innovating in regards to CPU follower cooler BDSM with this design besides that it’s clearly a made use of Alienware it’s it’s a little bit gross on the front and we also have a ryzen 5000 sticker on the front now around the back once more it looks promising there’s no evident physical damages or like Char marks or whatever but one point that does fret me a bit they have actually plainly opened it up this screw is missing out on so it means they have actually dug around on the within it may not be a trouble maybe we’ll see we’ll discover but keeping that I can not wait anymore so everyone fingers crossed allow’s open it up and wish that there’s something salvageable in right here it constantly captures me off-guard how surprising the interior of these systems are like what was Dell assuming oh that is quite a beefy looking graphics card in there let’s eliminate this power supply as well as have a closer

look currently I can not exactly keep in mind exactly how this functions however I believe you flip this and afterwards now obviously it’s an Alienware system so it’s simply gon na have a solitary stick of ram in it what dimension is it in fact ah a solitary 16 gig stick skeletor’s configuration of choice however we do have the optional AIO in the wild I have actually never ever seen this in among the Alienware systems before and this is an upgrade that I really feel like is an absolute minimum requirement for these systems taking into consideration the abhorrent power supply positioning it has a 120 millimeter radiator which is a bit losery yet it’s an enormous improvement over the asphyxiated air cooler but I’m still unsure what CPU is under this extremely amazing AIO block I’m not going to take it off yet since I do wish to evaluate fire the system before I actually touch anything just to see what it does currently the graphics card is a actual chunky kid I in fact still can not see a sticker determining what it is I think it goes to least the 3080 since I have actually seen the Dell 3070 prior to as well as it is a much smaller

heatsink as well as it just has one eight pin power adapter so that’s that’s lighting that’s promising stuff as well as if it’s a working 3080 that’s already rather cool now once again in regards to physical problem the inside is quite appealing there’s no noticeable damage like it didn’t appear like there was a fire in here for instance it’s kind of obtaining me excited no I really believe what I’m gon na do before I dig around in it is I’m going to close it up plug it in and also see what the system does and afterwards we can start attempting to identify it oh ew it’s so gross to touch fine so we’re obtaining orange flashes now those orange flashes imply a thing it’s like an error code wow it is so noisy damn one 2 3 yeah it’s 3 flashes stop 2 flashes let’s Google what that suggests oh okay that possibly type of sucks according to the list three flashes and also then 2 means PCI video clip failing so there’s something incorrect with the graphics card oh alright it’s not devastating always let’s let’s have an

appearance inside foreign so well made now the first thing I’m going to attempt is reseating the graphics card due to the fact that perhaps someone took it out and also really did not put it back in appropriately so allow’s give that a give it a go like hardly fits in the front of the case take a look at that it’s in fact oh there we go oh that’s rather a beefy graphics card for a Dell GPU although I’m still unsure what it exists’s no like labeling on it anyhow allowed’s reseed this Anonymous Schrodinger’s GPU and see if that helps international regarding the graphics card since why would they not test one of the most important component in the system before obtaining rid of it ideal anyway let’s provide it a try yeah it’s straight back to to Orange wait is it 2 3 or 3 two I assume it’s two 3 it ends up it was 2-3 in reality I was taking a look at the analysis list for the Alienware r13 which was extremely various from the listing for the r10 which does not even have 3 2 as a choice if it’s two three it’s not the graphics card which series means system board memory or cpu failure which is a bit obscure it’s kind of like stating spunk’s damaged I presume however let’s begin with the easiest one to evaluate the memory so in the meantime we can ignore the graphics card because the system might have just rejected the ram setup which I do not criticize you little friend

I’m gon na use this random stick I discovered existing around I think this actually came out of a Dell system so it’s potentially a great examination topic and also I’m additionally going to place it in a various Ram port on the motherboard in instance the ram slots an issue nope very same warning so allow’s try another package of RAM and after that we’ll have an appearance at the CPU no still the same thing which means it’s almost certainly not the ram so at this moment it seems like it’s either the CPU or the motherboard that’s committed harakiri however before I start experimenting with that allow me simply reset the CMOS as well as see if that aids it really did not oh beautiful sound every single time currently we do reach learn what CPUs under there interesting stuff foreign [Songs] well that describes why it doesn’t function there’s no CPU in it that’s type of obtained me stressed though due to the fact that why would they just take the CPU from it and after that market the remainder of it for components unless it’s all broken right currently my mind is

informing me the following action is to just examine the graphics card to see if maybe that’s still working despite the fact that considering the missing out on CPU I think it’s increasingly unlikely that this GPU is in fact functioning however my heart is telling me to attempt dropping a functioning Perspective CPU right into this system to see to see what occurs it’s not an extremely excellent suggestion due to the fact that if this motherboard is damaged it can kill the CPU also but on the other hand the person eliminated the CPU from it which kind of implies it was still functioning so the motherboard might not have eliminated it that suffices Logic for me allow’s drop this in there and also see what happens fine so we are potentially compromising the CPU to the gods of Alienware but we’ll see considering that when you allow me acquire things at like 12 at night for a YouTube video clip this is what occurs okay so hopefully I don’t shed parts in this procedure let’s see oh no it’s the exact same alerting it’s not good I I presume now all that’s left to do is rip the graphics card out of it and wish that it operates in a different

system as not likely as I understand it is perhaps they were being good and left me a graphics card for my problems so it’s Let’s examination it as well as see all right well it lights up it’s making a lot of noise no chance yes oh I got something out of it oh thank God divine a couple of moments later on now comes the exciting little bit we get to see what graphics card we obtained let’s see what did we get fine it’s a 10 job 3080. that’s not as well poor as well as in all fairness people have invested a whole lot even more cash on a 3080 so like it it could have been a lot worse but it got also much better since I determined to check a 5000 series ryzen CPU due to the fact that I don’t understand perhaps Alienware bioses are weird and lo and also behold when I went down a 5900x right into the Alienware system no other way it boots with the 5900x in it at which factor sensation rather Victorious I made a decision to go down the graphics card back into the system so that I can game on my freshly reanimated Alienware wow the CPU is immediately not incredibly happy 73 degrees Celsius isn’t hideous but thinking about that there’s 13 usage it it’s not wonderful look at that we’re actually video

gaming on our silly gamble all we had to do was add a CPU as well as currently we have fairly an effective video gaming system it has kind of filled the space with the aroma of a greatly utilized fitness center bag yet at the very least it’s functioning it’s loud it’s really Distinct as well as really it’s an AIO right so it’s gon na take it regarding about 15 or 20 minutes to warm the liquid up completely due to the fact that it resembles a 120 it’s not a substantial AIO tee shirt so it should not take as well long um yet yeah let’s offer it a min so I have actually been video gaming for half a hr and also the CPU has actually cleared up in at 82 levels Celsius which is not wonderful taking into consideration the noise the not extremely high tons as well as the ambient temperature of 15 degrees Celsius even with the AIO upgrade this system has some serious jet engine propensities in terms of GPU temperature level though it’s suitable it’s not struck 70 degrees Celsius yet so yeah that that chunky colder does appear to be placing in some job so nevertheless of that we obtained a lot of a smelly Alienware system it’s still an Alienware system so you recognize there’s that yet it can have gone a lot even worse and hey the thing I’m the most fired up about are these pleasant E-Waste peripherals anyhow till the next video thank you for watching seeing bye-bye

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