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hello you beautiful people this is Kristen text bird and I’m here with a new fossil generation 5 SmartWatch for men obviously because I am a man or the generation 5 has a few upgrades over the original generation 4 including a new battery mode for longer lasting performance a proper speaker for your output a speed upgrade more storage and quite a few other little updates over that generation 4 so we’re gonna give it a full unboxing right now get it all set up and check out that hardware and software and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do poke subscribe empting that notifications bell Cheers first up there is the fossil watching all of its glory squeeze it on out there give a manual a bit of a manual a friggin huge manual bowed away at the bottom I’m assuming it’s in all of the languages inside of this little side compartment you do have the actual charger cable itself as you can see here it is of course a proprietary charger so similar to the likes of the Apple watch as all you need to do is just stick the watch on there should be a magnetic connection as you can see just sticks on there and seems to hold pretty firmly touchwood and then just plug the other ends basically either into a plug adapter or laptop or

something else that provides power and then you’re good to go so I’ve given the fossil watch a good bit of a chargin and now we’re gonna get all set up so what you’ll need for this is basically just a smartphone with a bit of wear or s downloaded from in this case the Google Play Store but if you’ve got so an iPhone you can also get it on the go up from the app store as well just hit start setup agree to all the usual T’s and C’s alright so there we go tap to begin yeah and there we got we have got the watch in action and now just copying the Google accounts across to the watch will be able to access all of our calendar information meals or that kind of stuff actually through the watch itself just like with more smartwatches so just like the fossil generation 5 on my wrist and as you can see there again for a SmartWatch fairly skinny and slender there but there’s definitely got a decent heft to it as well as Stephanie doesn’t feel like a plastic hollow toy or anything like that which is definitely nice it’s a 44 millimeter kit made of stainless steel you can actually get it in a few different colors this is of course the black model but if you prefer more vibrant more lighter color and a few of those are on offer as well with a selection of straps to boot this is of course a silicone strap and thankfully it’s very very easy to replaced if you want to as well as it’s just a standard 22 ml as you can see there and so you got to do is just pull this little doohickey here whoop and straight off slap another one on maybe a bit of a leather effort if you’re gonna hit the town it was the one downfall of taking this thing off the show is it is is that I can

never actually get it back on again array oh come on you’re live oh there we go beautiful managed it strength trim nothing that’s gonna happen anytime soon loop as the fossil SmartWatch generation 5 is of course water resistant as usual water resistant up to 3 atmospheres so you can do a good bit of swimming snorkeling all that kind of shenanigans in it and that’s despite the fact that has actually got a built-in speaker now as well thankfully that retains the water resistance with that speaker set up so you can use that basically for instance if you use the Google assistance so what’s the weather goingto be like today so our volume is quite low but if you dive into the settings you can of course just give it a quick boost so media volume and stick it right on the top setting and then try that again what’s the weather goingto be like today yeah so as you can see not the best quality speaker at all quite fuzzy quite stuttery and very very tinny indeed but for something like the Google Earth system it’ll be fine you can also take phone calls on this because of course as you’ve seen it’s got a built-in mic as well so you know if there’s just something quick and simple like that it’ll do the job you of course have three side buttons here as always just how quite away so they’re quite easy to find even in the dark or something like that you’ve got your main button here in the middle which can be used to conjure up the apps menu so that’s just all of the apps you have pre installed here on the fossil SmartWatch generation 5 and another quick tap and I just takes you back to the home screen the other two buttons are fully customizable so what you can do is just dive on into the settings go to

personalize this and I believe it is yes here we’ve got and then dive into customize hardware buttons and you can basically set them to be one of your existing apps and again as with previous smartwatches from the fossil Brander you get a nice bit of built-in NFC so you can do a good bit of Google peer action as you can see there could I’ll set up and that’ll just be for your quick contactless payments very handy indeed you’ve got built-in Wi-Fi in there as well so you can just download fresh google apps from the the Google Play Store without having to tether to your smartphone or anything like that that means you should also hopefully be able to receive notifications and everything again even when you’re not hooked up there’s GPS support in there as well so it can track your movements when you’re out for a bit of a run and you’ve left your phone at home just to sort of lighten the load a bit if you just slip this bad boy off my wrist again as well you’ll see there’s a full heart rate monitor on there as well and it allows you to do constant heart rate monitoring throughout the day and so just passively in the background or of course you’ve got the cardiogram feature and everything actually on the watch itself I actually get a bloody thing back on my wrist as you can see there the cardiogram feature just give that little tap and you can get a instant readout on your heart rate as you can see I’m really enjoying doing this video eighty-four sixty times as for the display

it’s a 1.3 inch AMOLED screen I do tend to like the fossil display as they’re quite so punchy nice and crisp but they haven’t actually mentioned the resolution of this one but I believe it’s 395 390 the same as the generation 4 so I think it’s not tiny text is perfectly legible really nice stuff and those colors really do shine as well I really do like it hopefully should prove bright enough it’s not super bright in the moment you kind of course customize it by going into the display settings and then adjusting brightness so it’s just on automatic at the moment if we punch it up to 5 that certainly seems a lot brighter so hopefully touch what it’ll do the job on a sunny day I’m just gonna stick it back on automatic of course you’ve got the sunlight boost which is on as well and you can change the font size and what kind of shenanigans as well but yeah so far seems very nice and the viewing angles as you can see they’re very strong as well so if you’re looking at it just from an awkward angle all goods the rest of where OS here on the fossil generation 5 SmartWatch is pretty standard I’ll give you a quick tour if you’re not all fair with it so you got you mean watch face right there which you can of course pretty customize just by tapping and holding Oh if you don’t screw it up like I just did there we go and you’ve got a variety of the choose form and of course you can download more at any point actually quite like them in fossil watch face I think that’s quite snazzy and gives you access to some useful and for swipe down to access the settings menu and also a few quick toggles such as as you can see they can mute it airplane

mode they’re hard to serve battery saver and you can actually check out the battery life let’s remain and as well so what we’re for fast access to Google assistant and lots of pertinent information including the weather what your next calendar event is and some quick toggles as well such as the ability to quickly play music start a workout things like that stop this way and you’ve got access to Google tiles so as you can see there there’s my fitness theater after know what than 264 steps today super fit weather calendar information and so on and so on and of course you can change up the tiles things customize exactly what is displayed and then swipe up to access your notifications or just all of the messages emails things like that that’s come in as you can see that I’ve got my all of security system it’s just given me warnings there so all kinds of stuff so that’s really really useful to just swipe away anything that you’re not bothered about and one of the new features here on the generation 5 fossile SmartWatch is of course a new battery mode so before you had dearly custom and time or they now you’ve got the extended version as well which you can apparently give you multiple days of use from just a single charge so kind of fit in between the daily and the time on the efforts time only of course will literally just give you the time so it’s quite good if you’re going on like a long-haul flight something like that you literally only care about what hour it is and that’s about it if we hit the extended one as you can see there it says turns on essential features when you need them intended for charging every few

days and the details as you can see the Bluetooth shuts off at night you’ve got the light so the always off screen and the speaker actually deactivated the Wi-Fi as well location tracking so you don’t have many of the main features there and see shut off so yeah so as you can see it is quite clearly designed to should have all but the most essential features which you know not great if you’re gonna get smart watch then you kind of want those features active but you know what if if you’re going to be going away camping all weekend you’ve got no access to a blog or anything but you don’t just a resort to the time or any more than I guess that’s an alternative personally I just prefer the custom to be perfectly honest which just allows you to tweak all of the various features as you want as you can see there I’ve got most of them active I’m going to be testing it with most of the functionality on the go and actually see how good that battery life is if it actually holds up at the moment I’m already down to 80% and haven’t been using it very long so well Sayoko sometimes it takes a few days for these things to bed in you also now have 8 gigabytes of storage for plenty of apps and the rest so ya know if you want to download tons of stuff on there as you can see got quite a few pre-installed anyways you’ve got usual fitness stuff you look a bit of Nike run Club that’s for the performance it’s new

Snapdragon wear 30 100 bucks buy a whopping one gigabyte of ram I know it sounds strange to say a whopping one gigabyte but actually much smaller that is pretty rare normally half a gig is the sort of maximum you see so far touch word that performance is absolutely stunning off stammers or stutters or anything quick tap of a button and you’re not really waiting around for a response the touchscreen seems nice and responsive so yeah fingers crossed this might be one of the best performance smartwatches out there and there you have it that right there is the new fossil generation 5 SmartWatch for men as far as you can see it comes in a variety of different styles packed some really nice performance in there great water resistance the most punchy AMOLED display and plenty of functionality as well as the fingers crossed it will prove a worthy alternative to the likes of the Apple watch should be fancy a bit of wear or s cost hundred 79 quid you can pick it up in the UK right now and stay tuned for my in-depth review after about a week or sort of use to see if it’s going to be your next SmartWatch so Cheers watching everyone please do let us know your thoughts down below if you’re tempted by the old gen 5 we’ve got the Gen 4 are you thinking of upgrade and deaf would be great to hear and please do pod subscribe and doing that notification bell for more layers degree at stake cheers I love you

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