Review Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Ultimate Future-Proofing

so 5g has finally come to the UK after years of us Tech’s pods banging on about it and if you want to jump straight onboard it’s pretty straightforward all you’ll need is a well loaded bank balance and a 5g very smart phone at the birth of 4G you basically had bugger-all choice of compatible handsets but mobile manufacturers have thankfully got their acts together for 5g and you can already grab a small selection of supported devices including this mammoth beauty here the Samsung Galaxy S 10 5g this isn’t just a standard Galaxy S 10 with a 5g modem swapped inside however oh no you will actually find a few other little differences here and there some of them good and some of them not quite so good ish I’ve been using the s10 5g for a couple of weeks now as my full-time personal handset and here is my in-depth review and for more on the latest a great spot well tech please do pop subscribe and ding that notifications belt Cheers now the galaxy s 10 plus edition was already an absolute monster at six point four inches and this 5g model pushes those boundaries even further with a whopping six point seven inch display as before the screen does at least curve around the left and right edges and stretch almost top to bottom so there is next to no bezel action but all the same anyone with skinny jeans is going to really struggle a squeeze this thing into their pocket but just a smidge under 200 grams as well the s10 5g in exactly a lightweight if you drop this bad boy on your tour you’re gonna really know about it as usual the old glass finish makes the S 10 5g super slippery but it is also one tough mother all of Samsung’s s10 handsets boast Gorilla Glass six up front to protect that display while this latest model also has it around back now that’s a step up from the Gorilla Glass 5 cotton used by its siblings after well over a week of shoving the S 10 5g in pockets with other smartphones and generally tween it with complete disrespect there’s still no sign of any scratches or scuffs on that shiny surface Lodging probably tell right there it does smudge up an absolute storm and once again you have a nice bit of ip68 dust and water resistance this smartphone can take a beatin spin up the blood and see

give me some more succor overall it definitely earns its toughness rating of four and a half jason’s you can grab this samsung blower in three different finishes a more restrictive choice compared with the standard s tens prism lineup overall I think my favorite version is this silver model which also doubles up as a just about pocket sized mirror handy for those moments where you just want to stare your Haggard face and wonder word or went badly wrong flip it around on for the display beyond bat size boost there is no real difference between yes ten plus and this 5g version once again you have a dynamic AMOLED panel Boston a quad HD plus resolution HD or ten plus support and all of the trim ins it’s definitely still highlighted this fall and pumping out crisp colorful gorgeous images when you’re editing pics or streaming movies or whatever and you can customize that output as well tinkering with the colors for a more natural or slap you in the face vibrant finish the Austin 5g doesn’t disappoint on the audio front either this is actually one of the very few flagship smartphones to offer a 3.5 millimeter audio port definitely goods the stereo speakers actually pretty decent powerful enough to cut through any background clamor and of course you

get full Bluetooth 5 with app tech support as well once again there’s no difference between this Samsung handset and the other s10 phones when it comes to the software Android Pi is slathered lovingly in Samsung’s fresh one UI overlay which adds a horst of worthy features include inhaler lujah a one-handed mods you get the full complement of motion gestures a decent given wall to block any distractions in such forth and the usual slew of apps that track your motions and connect you to smart home goodies for a much closer look at the s10 5 G’s software and most amiable features then definitely check out my full tips and tricks guides and Samsung always take security very seriously on its smartphone offerings as well and once again the s10 5g offers a bevy of features to keep your privates and very private indeed first up there’s the solid ultrasonic fingerprint sensor which captures a 3d image of your print for more secure and reliable unlocking it’s not the most responsive scanner about and occasionally I don’t quite get the pressure right but overall it’s fine you also get dedicated fist recognition using the dual lens front-facing camera and this works well in most conditions are the one is usually tricked by sunglasses another facial paraphernalia meanwhile Samsung’s cover Ngoc system keeps your data safe they out of sight with the ability to set up secure folders and even encrypt your memory card if you are super paranoid there’s no difference on the performance front either here and good old Blighty we get the

Exynos 98 20 chipset packed inside the galaxy s 10 5g backed by a shedload of ram and as you would expect it’s nippy er than a ribbon pissed off crab Gaiman presents no problems at all with the likes of pub G mobile and asphalt plane with a gloriously smooth frame rate on those top detail settings and of course this hands brings the extra benefits of 5g connectivity I tried it with Vodafone’s Network in central London and unsurprisingly saw some pretty impressive test speeds around 200 megabytes per second download in the current hot spots which to be fair are still scattered far and wide Plus upload speeds around 30 megabytes per second and a very respectable ping as well this results on exactly a massive chakras you know right now there are very few people actually on 5g but even as time passes and more and more people jump onboard you can expect these ultra-fast networks to stay nice and nippy thanks to their Lord Baron nature another advantage of this 5g model is the super-sized 4500 million batteries stashed inside despite the enormous display which proves a serious power drain I only just managed to kill this phone in a single day and that took a hell of a lot of media streaming and camera play mr.

Vyse also supports fast a 25 watt wired charging as well as the 15 watt wireless charging and yes you do get some sun’s power share feature as well so you can share a bit of your juice from the s10 5g with another device it only works at 9 watts or so it’s definitely best off using accessories such as the Galaxy buds rather than actual other smartphones sadly the microSD memory card support has been cold for this 5g model although it does come with 256 gigs of internal storage as standard with the option of boost of 512 gigs if you’re rolling in cash and really need that extra space as far as the camera tech goes well the Galaxy S 10 5 do certainly offers plenty of camera lenses for that sky high asking price around back you have the same triple lens setup as the s10 with the dual aperture 12 megapixel shooter backed by a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle and a 12 megapixel telephoto lens with the ability to swap between all three on demand Plus this 5g model adds a time-of-flight lens which helps to accurately measure distance definitely handy for those augmented reality apps the camera performance is basically the same as the galaxy s 10 and the S 10 plus the

addition of Warner new bonus camera mode the live focus video this does a perfectly respectable job of keeping your subject nice and sharp while blowing out the background in real time it’s definitely neat effects with

complete control over the gradient of that blur as well look up from that is basically business as usual here you can expect crisp colorful photos and pretty much any conditions and that night mode definitely helps out in low-light where the S 10 handsets normally overexposed brighter elements go check out my coverage of the same cameras including a comparison with big rivals like the p30 pro but all you need to know flip around to the front and you’ll find that that 10 megapixel front facing camera is backed by yet another time-of-flight lens as well as Samsung is clearly a fan maybe they’ve got shares in it or something this means that you can once again shoot live focus video using that Pearson camera just like you can with the real or just and the video add up to 4k resolution swing conclusion yes the galaxy s 10 5 G is super bloody expensive it’s definitely one for the most demanding of users but lease for that 5g support and also the fantastic large battery capacity it means that is definitely future proof to the max the max so that’s where I think of the galaxy s 10-5 G but what are your thoughts is your wallet fat with stacks can you actually afford this thing and definitely let us know if you’re tempted down below I’m pleased for them list and grits mobile tech do POC subscribe and dig not notifications bail Cheers

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