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hello beautiful people this is Chris from tech spill and I’m here with the HTC Desire 12s that’s right HTC is still alive and kicking and this is as lit as budget-friendly smartphone cost 199 pounds here in the UK it’s available right now via the HTC website and a handful of select retailers going to get fully unbox now get all set up take it to of the hardware the software the specs everything you need to know about the desire 12s and more on the latest grits more tech please do subscribe and ding that notification spell Cheers so first of all because this is of course an unboxing let’s check out what you actually get in the rest of the box and then we’ll get to the phone itself so first of all lots of pamphlets so you’ve got I don’t even know what this is just like that information etc a warranty card a warranty statements that’s all those big fat pamphlets you get a tiny little dinky Quick Start Guide pretty straightforward stuff like you even get think of the list you see sticker isn’t that cute seeing chuck that on your car or your cat or whatever poor keep in device always good for actually get your SIM and the damn thing right here I’ve got a two pin European plug but if you buy it in the UK you should get the proper three pin adapter obviously this is just a European review model got the charging cable it is unfortunately micro USB the desire 12s as some budget phones still are so it’s not the reversible type C which is a bit of a nuisance Bodega and yes you get a pair of earphones bundled in there as well not fun at all for two hundred quid although of course these are the the old ear shredders that we usually get Ziya they’re sort of alright as a desperate last-ditch sort of oh no my decent

bluetooth headphones have died or something I need something to listen to my music so now let’s turn our attention to the phone itself the HTC Desire 12s and of course it does require it’s got some very stiff competition from the likes of the model g7 power the real me 3 Pro some really solid handsets that deliver a very solid everyday experience at that sort of price point so the HTC Desire 12 us can’t do enough to win you over and when your hard earned cash well let’s take a bit of a tour first of all of the hardware itself as it’s got a ES or polycarbonate finish as you can see it’s a dual design that finishes HTC terms it so it’s actually gussied up top and then it appears to have a sort of a matte fish down here on the bottom what it actually is is just very light action in the surface of the handset itself as you see it does have a sort of a funky two tone style effect kind of similar to the pixel handsets and it does give it sort of a nice slightly rougher texture as well it’s supposed to according to which do you see how prevents us or smeary greasy fingerprints and everything as well and it works a little bit but as you can see already just after over not even a minute of handling already getting some scuffs there so not entirely perfect plus of course the fingerprint sensor was actually housed in the glossy bit which will be prodding and poking quite a bit anyway the rest of the device is pretty straightforward stuff you do of course have your micro USB charging port down below on a bottom fire and speaker and if we twist it around do

actually get a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack which is surprisingly rare to see on a smartphone these days so it’s always good to have desired 12 veces actually one of the more compact handsets that I’ve fondled recently at 5.7 inches it’s actually under six inches which is pretty much unheard of in 2019 just 150 grams it’s also pretty light as well compared with a lot of the behemoths that I’ve been reviewing lately so this is relatively compact though of course you do get these big chunky bezels below and above the display to to kind of add to the overall chassis and before I forget it’s also worth pointing out it comes in two different colors this is the charcoal black I believe it’s called being not so get it in a shiny silver finish as well if you prefer yellow really is getting all greased up already so I’m gonna get the HTC Desire 12s all set up and then we have a nice little tour of all the software and features as well so we have a pretty quick and easy set of processes connected to life I enter my Google account information all the usual stuff and now here we are straight to the Android desktops and I do believe this unfortunately runs Android Oriol version 8.1 rather than the fresh new Pi which isn’t actually that fresh anymore it’s going to be replaced by Android Q soon which was of course it’s already in a bit of stage let’s just check the system yeah there you have android version 8.1 point 0 the HTC website does say that it will get an update to PI at some point but doesn’t actually indicate when so yeah I wouldn’t hold your breath to be perfectly honest you do of course get HTC’s on Sense interface on top of this thing as well as that’ll add a few bonus features but

on the whole it looks like a fairly stock version Android as you can see there just drag up for your apps tree you’ve got the usual navigation dock with all of your apps everything you know notifications bar there as well with all of your quick shortcuts and everything fully customizable of course so it definitely has a fairly stock Android feel to it but of course there will be some bonus features in there which we will explore now first off it’s worth pointing out that 5.7 inch IPS display isn’t full HD it is unfortunately just standard HD so that’s 1440 by 720 pixel resolution so it’s not quite as crisp as a lot of its rivals still will do the job up so you finally receive your stream on the Lion King trailer here at 720p err looks absolutely fine but if you do get your face up nice and course you will notice that it’s not quite as crisp as you will get on those full HD panels and of course when you just throw things like text and icons it doesn’t look quite as crisp unfortunately so the good news is that as far as brightness is concerned this is a super bright pan you’ll have no problem seeing this whatsoever in super super sunny days which hopefully will I should be getting you in the UK next week allegedly I’ll see when I believe it believe it when I see it that’s the one then the actual HTC website as well the company used the phrase boom sound to describe the audio which was quite excited about because I took that to me like a nice stereo speaker outputs like used to get on the old classic HTC’s both we just play this on top volume this is quite powerful but if you do cover that so box speaker then everything gets muffled there’s no output from this top speaker here but you know what the audio output is actually pretty good for a budget handset from that bottom mounted speakers that’s something my good news is with this you see since you don’t get much the we have crap where these tears they probably learn their lessons from previous HTC phones but sometimes it got a bit much but you will find you know the likes of Facebook and Instagram pre-installed and you’ve got a handful of

Versalles extra tools such as the boost + which this just helps to cold background tasks things like that as you see they boost your battery life boost your performance that clear any junk files out of your your cache things like that so nice and simple of course one classic feature that simply refuses to die is good old blinkfeed this has been around on HTC phones for years and years now and how timely looking downloaded christmas-themed in mother July and blinkfeed if you don’t know anything about it it’s just a simple way of pollen in content from the likes of your social media accounts Twitter Facebook your YouTube subscriptions things like that you can get like a bit of newsfeed action on the goal usually as well so it’s a quick and simple way of sort of seen what’s going on in the world I guess but it’s not really any better than the likes of the Google feed stuff like that that’s for the performance well is it turned repunit handsets you can’t expect the moon on a stick but at least the HTC Desire 12s is powered by Snapdragon chipset it’s the 435 so fingers crossed you know it will do all right if your everyday tasks browsing the web your messaging apps things like that I wouldn’t expect to do much in the way of gaming on this thing and you might see some slowdown within a year or two as well but we’ll see how it goes in our fingers crossed it’ll be fine as I say just via Everyday shenanigans as for the battery life you get a three thousand and seventy five milliamps I’ll start in size a lot too bad but of course you’ve got the likes of the g7 power which cost a little bit less than the HTC Desire 12s and it comes with a much bigger battery I believe that was 5,000 milliamps so if

battery life is an important fact of you then maybe consider that handset instead but as you can see you’ve got lots of you standard battery features you can do a bit of battery saver mode things like that and to be honest with those sort of fairly power efficient platform that Snapdragon and your not so basic UI and everything hopefully it should easily last a full day on a full charge round off the basic specs is the storage and you get to chose to be the 32 or 64 gigs of storage the photo 2 gig model comes with three gigs of ram and the 64 gig model comes with four gigs of ram as you can see this is a basic 32 gig model a fair bit of has already been used about nine gigs so it leaves you with about what 23 ish to use for your apps and your media so not a massive amount if you’re going to be shooting a lot of movies things like that you might want to consider bump it up to the 64 gig model which unfortunately will of course cost you a little bit more the good news is that the HTC Desire 12s does at least support dual SIM and it does support micro SD memory cards as well I’m not sure what the capacity the maximum capacity microSD that it supports is but I’d imagine it supports at least up to 256 so if you do want to expand your storage then you can do it that way now of course you’ve got that rear physical fingerprint sensor as

well it’s quite next time a physical fingerprint sensor on a smartphone as well because of as a lot of them are in display fingerprint sensors now in their responsiveness can be a little bit iffy at best but this should hopefully do the job nicely it’s just a quick tap of your finger and but in India desktops pretty quickly not much of a delay there at all and yet seems to be nice and responsive and everything as well so yeah does the job it’s also worth mention that when I was perusing these specs of the desire 12s on the HTC website I did notice buried away in the performance section randomly it said I p60 ear which is of course referring to the official written for dust and water resistant so according to that the desire 12s should be able to be submerged in water but a meter of water for about sorr 30 minutes or so which seems highly unlikely very very few handsets around this salt price point or even splash resistant let alone fully on water and dust resistant so I’m assuming that is just some sort of random type all that’s crept in that I got as you find any mention of it in the press release or anything like that so I’m going to chase up the PRS and see if it actually is in any way water-resistant and I’ll add a little comment down below in the

description just to clarify I’m busy I’m not gonna dunk this thing because I’m pretty sure it will just bloody break last up let’s take a look at the HTC Desire 12s is camera tech now as you can see here it is actually just a single lens rear camera quite rare to find these days normally it’s usually at least a dual lens snapper with just like a simple depth sensor I’ve as you can see here the second little element here is just an LED flash and there’s a 13 megapixel of single primary lens with f 2.0 aperture and around the front you also have a single 13 megapixel snappers watts and F 2.2 but you do also get an LED flash up front as well so I went into the camera app as with most budget handsets rarely sort of stock and simplified experience your busy straight into your autumn or just take a shot like so you got a handful of toggles up top so you do actually have an HDR mode and footage you can’t get it to your auto it’s either on or it’s off so you just have to remember to toggle it on if you’re shooting a high contrast scene against like a bright sky something like that you’ve got panorama mode that you can jump to using this little toggle here as you can see that’s there and you’ve also got a couple of different scenes that you can shoot as well landscape modes or sports which just helps to get a quick shot to avoid blur now you can swap to video like saw and I believe it’s full HD resolution video that it can shoot yeah Full HD you can to dial it down if you want to but I’m not very sure

where you would and you can also shoot full HD video or just snap away with that 13 megapixel front-facing selfie snap but as well and as I say of course it does have a bit of LED flash action as well so oh it’s one of those ones where it just stays on I was not expecting that oh Jesus and of course you’ve got a HDR mode and beauty mode I believe as well it’s what this bad boy is yeah that’s another glamour shot right there steady yourselves ladies or a our and there you have it then a nutshell is the HTC Desire at 12s so you know for your everyday sort of basic budget II handset it’ll do the job but this it’s a fairly stock version of Android of the way is an older version of Android so hopefully they’ll sort that out with a nice pie update very soon I certainly wouldn’t expect it to get Android queue anytime soon if indeed at all ever so yeah probably don’t hold your breath on that one to be perfectly honest at this sort of price point I would recommend the likes to the real me 3 Pro and the Moto G 7 power over the HTC Desire 12s they’ve just got a little bit more for instance to do some powers got that fantastic battery the roomie 3 Pro you’ve got a lovely Full HD plus screen so yeah but let us know what you think in the comments down below you tempted by the HTC decide 12s so you surprised that HTC is still a thing definitely grating your thoughts oh please do poke subscribe the thing that notifications bar for more on the latest and greatest tech cheers everyone love you

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