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so as long Stan and viewers will know I’ve been really critical of Google smartphone strategy ever since it shifted from the Nexus brand to the pixel phones mostly because of one critical factor that absolutely bloody outrageous asking price however in 2019 the mighty G has started to turn things about with the fresh and remarkably affordable pixel three-year and pixel three year XL those specs have been slashed in places but you still get some very impressive camera spots and that stock picks a launcher for half the cost of the original pixel three handsets so I reviewed the standard pixel three when it first launched about a month ago but then things got a little bit crazy and me and only recently have I had the chance to slap my sim into the X L model what do I think about it well here is my fault pixel 3x L review and for more on the latest and greatest smartphone tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell is now with all the pixel three ear excel does impose the same Gorilla Glass construction as the full-fat pixel 3 XL this cheaper version actually looks and feels not too dissimilar that polycarbonate frame can be stifled in white black or a very subtle purpley blue color complete with a map back in that gives way to glossy edges I

definitely prefer this white model of the trio complete with its poppy orange power button it looks pretty damn sleek and sort of that was proven perfectly tough as well there are no scratches or scuffs to speak of despite the fact that has been slapped down on hard surfaces several times a day and it is just nice to have a smartphone that isn’t completely costed in glass I don’t have to give the thing a t-shirt buff in every 5 seconds to get off all the greasy finger marks of course the XL model is an absolute beast not necessarily because of the 6 inch display which is actually quite modest in 2019 but mostly thanks to those chunky bezels surrounding it I thought the standard pixel 3 it was a pretty good size for one-handed use but the XL model is definitely a bit more cumbersome in that department all the same you do have a bit of help in the form of fingerprint sensor gesture support just swipe your finger down that rear mounted scanner to drag down the notifications bar and avoid dislocating your thumb by stretching to the very top of the screen and this sensor is perfect for unlock in the pixel 3 XL as well it’s comfortably positioned and uber responsive as long as your hands aren’t wet or mucky or anything I was speaking of wet deftly do not go taking the pixel three XL into the bath or shower with you as the water

resistance was one of the things that Google cuts in order to trim the costs a bit now one of the more lovable features of Google smartphones is the pixel launcher which is basically stock Android with a couple of bonus bits thrown on for good measure here on the pixel 3xl is basically the same slick experience that you get on the wallet empty and pixel three phones you can call up the Google assistant just by giving the handset friendly squeeze for instance while the security chops are strong enough to protect all of your privates I thought there is sadly north face recognition support suddenly if you live here and Blighty you still can take advantage of Google’s nifty cold screen and feature but hey guess what America we’ve got Scotch eggs and stirs pies so who’s the real champion eh and the pixel three XL also comes with a good bit of peace of mind nearly three years of security and OS updates guaranteed unlike any poor bugger who buys a huawei phone these days a Google for a full look at that pixel launcher and some of its very best features then go check out my pixel 3/8 tips and tricks guide

which is why live live live right now on deck spirit oil so I’m just gonna reset my brain there now despite its slim line cost the pixel for your exile still packs plenty of media smarts as well that’s 6 inch full HD plus all that screen is bright and punchy producing crisp clean whites and appropriately deep blacks it’s as good a panel as any around this price point and it’s perfect for join some Shores on the go he also suppose they get a full stereo setup here on pixel 3 XL as well although that bottom mounted speaker is actually mounted on the edge rather than on the front of the phone and it packs a lot more punch than that tinny little earpiece speaker as well but big floppy sausages to all that because you do actually get a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack here on the pixel 3 XL and of course full but into 5.0 support along with a good bit of optics HD action noise and with 64 gigs of storage onboard there’s plenty of space for cotton around a massive media collection it’s just assume that there’s no micro SD memory card supports now one of the biggest cost-cutting exercises here is yanking out

that Snapdragon 805 chipset found in the original pixel 3 and shoving in the more budget-friendly Snapdragon 670 platform instead although you still get 4 gigs of ram on boards the good news is you could expect everything to run nice and smoothly anyway even when you’re multitasking with two up side-by-side gamin is no thing but a chicken wing either pubsey defaults to HD graphics and players with a consistently smooth rates only shown the odd tiny little stomach under plenty of duress on the hall it is very impressive performance indeed although some sort of built-in gaming mode certainly wouldn’t go amiss at the very least just to block notifications and although the pixel 3 XL is chunkier than the standard pixel 3r one of the advantages is that beefier 3,700 million batteries stuffed inside that two-tone chassis and thanks to the energy efficient hardware and software that would do them with here the pixel 3 XL easily lasts a full-on day even when you’re never off the bloody thing and constantly streaming music or playing with the camera or using it as a sat-nav sadly there’s no wireless charging support as you kind of expect at this price point but the it seen what fast charging is relatively nippy at least and thankfully there’s been very little in the way of sacrifice when it comes to

the camera tech the pixel three XL made do away with the pixel visual core image processor found stuffed inside the pocket pill from premium models but a final photo and video quality remains absolutely stunning that single lens 12.2 megapixel camera sucks up the lords a detail and even in situations involving strong contrast Google’s itched your smarts helped to produce a good-looking balanced pic color capture is as close to natural as I’ve ever seen at this price point so vivid punchy subjects will look bloody marvelous with zero effort on your part and in low-light when the auto mode starts to struggle a bit nor fear just swap to the nitesite feature and you’ll get solid results yet again you also get a handful of other bonus photo modes I thought the only one I really bothered with was the portrait modes this does a bang-up job of keeping your subject nice and sharp while blow in the background despite the lack of a dedicated depth sensor here on the pixel 3/8 X L you can thank Google software smarts for that one as well and yeah the video chops are just as great you can record up to 4k resolution

footage complete with respectable image stabilisation if you want to know more I’ve fully reviewed the pixel 3 and the pixel three XL single lens at rear camera over on route gumboots go check that out for more photo and video samples and all right there’s what I think of the pixel for your exile after users by full-time personal handset for a good few days I definitely prefer the standard pixel 3 a the battery life might not be quite as good as the XL model but it’s just easier to use one-handed which is particularly great if you’ve got a manic 4 year old – you’re constantly having to grab a hold off to prevent them from jumping in front bus and stuff like that but that’s at the Excel model pretty frickin sweet as well great camera tech fantastic display and overall a very lovable pixel launcher device so you tempted by the pixel 3/8 all the pixel 3x I’ll definitely let us know the codes down below as well as which one you would actually go for out of the 2 and for more on the list of grits more vaulteq please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell kids are gone love you

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