Sony Xperia 1 Camera vs S10+ and P30 Pro

the xperia war might be the very first smartphone to rock a 4k OLED panel fancy but Sony certainly isn’t the first mobile manufacturer to slap a triple lens camera onto the back of its flagship device now just about the Xperia Wars camera alongside two of its biggest rivals in 2019 the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus and the Huawei at P 30 proud to see how it stacks up and here is my fault Sony Xperia one camera comparison and from on the latest greatest of all tech please do poke subscribe and think that notifications Bell cheers the first step let’s have a gander at that hardware at all three of these beasty blowers serve up a wide angle and the telephoto lens to back up the primary shooter I’m sorry Xperia one you get a 12 megapixel setup on all three of these lenses you’ve got a 12 megapixel primary lens F 1.6 using Sony’s own IMX four-45 sensor and that’s backed up by a 12 megapixel wide-angle lens and telephoto now telephoto on offers a 2 times optical zoom next up is the s10 Plus whose 12 megapixel primary lens

boasts Samsung’s dual aperture setup which can switch between a 4.5 and a 2.4 on its todd’s to match the environmental conditions and that’s supported by a 16 mega ultra wide-angle lens and a 12 megapixel telephoto shooter which once again write the Saudi gives you a 2 times optical zoom and last up is the Huawei p30 bra which rocks a mighty 40 megapixel primary lens with F 1.6 aperture and that is backed by a 20 Meg altra wide and an it Meg telephoto snapper however while weighs cover periscope style design means you get a mighty five times optical zoom and ten times hybrids him for getting proper up-close with stuff that’s bloody miles away all well and good of course but which one actually produces the nicer looking photos well of these three devices the Xperia 1 is the only smartphone not to feature a scene recognition tool that you can toggle on or off by default Sony’s auto mode can detect particular subjects such as document or some tasty food and then adjust the settings to best suit although it’s difficult to tell if this really makes much difference at all the S 10 plus P 30 pro and the experi one can all catch a natural look in scenes which helps ordinarily vibrant subjects to really stand out but if you turn on while ways master AI mods or some sudden scene optimizer you’ll find that the colors are occasionally boosted this can be quite visually appealing

when it works right though the result is obviously less realistic thankfully on both the Huawei and the Samsung these modes can be toggled on or off easily from the main camera UI so you can dispose of them as you see fit and regardless all three phones capture photos around the same resolution by default my test shots would definitely sharp enough to enjoy even on a big TV unfortunate when it comes to HDR situations the Xperia one does really struggle especially when the conditions get really really tough it does tend to blow out those lighter elements and you won’t find quite as much detail in the darker sections compared with the galaxy s 10 plus and the while we’re p30 pro obviously the experience actually the best to keep a track of a moving subject however thanks to its crazy good I focus provided courtesy of the Alpha camera division all three phones here work well for a subject and simply walk in somewhere but capturing a mental kid that’s bouncing about the place is definitely far easier with the Xperia and you also get the excellent best shot feature on the Xperia as well which captures a couple of different photos when I mean motion is detected and then allows you to choose the most successful picture to keep switch to the ultra wide-angle lens and all three phones here offer a similar pulled back finish though the S 10 plus can pack a little bit extra into each frame you will get attractive photos no matter your choice although Samsung handset tends to go a little bit crazy making everything super vibrant and both the

s10 plus and the Xperia one do server warmer looking images then you will see in real life in comparison the p30 pro captures a more accurate color temperature and when it comes to the telephoto chops no prizes at all for guessing that the Huawei p30 Pro absolutely bosses this round jump pass that too time zoom level to 5 times and the results are simply stunning on while his handset you get crisp photos packed with detail even when they’re blown right up but that said the experiment actually still does a really great job even at that 5 x level sony software smarts helps out the limited hardware to fill in the gaps and produce a respectable-looking photo while the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus well the less said about that the better now Sony’s blower is the only handset in this camera comparison not to have its own dedicated mic boards although it can at least recognize a low-light situation and apparently accordingly adjust the settings to match with all three blowers on auto mode they can capture a perfectly usable night shot the Xperia tends to produce softer looking photos which certainly lack noise thanks to the raw image post-processing although they also aren’t quite as detailed as pic shot with the p30 pro which in turn are a

little bit noisier and the Xperia can struggle to focus at times in low-light as well meanwhile the Galaxy S Templars tends to blow up the lighter elements which isn’t particularly pretty when shootin a city at night however if you stick the Samsung and Huawei phones on night mode the results are usually sharper and brighter with a strong color capture as well and in both cases is definitely a clear improvement over the Xperia 4 portrait shots both the galaxy s 10 plus and the P 30 brought offer a variety of options including spinning out the background and havin some psychedelic effects on demand these tend to work well and produce unique results Sony plays things are a lot more straight with the Xperia 1 which only adds a subtle bokya style finish thankfully the edge detection is good on all three so you’ll rarely be left with any wonky pics now switch up to the video mode and you can capture up to 4k resolution footage with any of these handsets and all the s temp losses the only one to serve up a 4k 60 frames per second option at Ultra HD level you can expect pin shop and

punchy footage from all three devices as well as stabilisation goals the galaxy s 10 plus is definitely the winner with quite smooth results even at that 4k level the p30 pro is really bloody close thought also working hard to counter any shakes as you move and shoot at the same time and unfortunately the Xperia 1 definitely comes last with some serious tremble on that horizontal plane when you’re walking and recording simulate aeneas like both the sm+ and the Xperia won’t offer an HDR feature for your video recorded which can be toggled on or off while samsung phone can also turn it on automatically when necessary and fortunately I did find that the sony couldn’t keep up when it came to high-contrast scenes even with that HDR modes the p30 pro without the dedicated jaw feature produced brighter results in those darker areas still at least none of these handsets filled with the lighter elements with no sign of over saturation and the sony did at least deliver true colors while the s10 plus and the p30 Pro offered up warmer hues instead if you’re after a cinematic flair to your home movies though the Xperia 1 does offer some unique tools in its cinema Pro app these include professional filters at a 21 by 9 finished so you can get some very cool results indeed and finally switch into the front-facing cameras all three of these phones can capture crisp shots of your glorious mug and

plenty of background material as well keeping everything nice and sharp and in focus if we talk about high-contrast scenes again well the best results deftly come for the p30 Pro which does an amazing job grabbin realistic skin tones while also keeping the background nice and balanced and focused their step plus isn’t far behind at all but the experiment fortunately once again struggles with strong backlight and you’ll look good but everything behind will be probably blown out and the galaxy s surplus is the winner for portrait shots is that jewel then setup means perfect edge detection an area where the other two definitely falter here on the Xperia warning and of course once again here on the wild p33 can of course once again shoot full HD Plus resolutions video there on the galaxy s Templars ship Full HD resolution video using that in front case and selfie camera that right there is how the xperia one compares to two of its biggest rivals right now the while we’re p30 Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy S 10 plus so which one is your on particular favorite that could be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below and for more on the latest greatest oh please do poke subscribe and take my notifications belt cheers everyone love you

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