Pixel 3a XL vs Galaxy S10 Plus Is the Samsung worth it?

hello there you inordinately beautiful person you this is Chris from tech spurts and I’m here with Google’s fresh new pixel three year x-l smartphone just launched and it’s finally finally an affordable pixel Hamm’s that starts with just 469 quid here in the UK despite rockin very very similar camera tech to the full fat pixel 3 and I’m going to go side by side with some songs of galaxy s 10 plus because the pixel 3xl might not quite match it for specs but you know what it is a very solid all-round experience and a damn sight cheaper than samsung’s mighty beast as well so let’s see if the pixel 3 XL is a solid competitor for the galaxy and don’t forget from on the latest grits protect a pug subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers now first off on the design front as you can see these are too mighty more vials however the galaxy s 10 plus does have a front fill and dispersing see their stretches almost to the very edges on all accounts unfortunately that isn’t quite the case here on Google’s blower as you can see the pixel 3/8 X elder’s sport particularly fat bezels up top and down below so that is a bit of a shame so well they are very similar dimensions these two smartphones the Galaxy S 10 plus does have a 6 point 4 inch display whereas really get a 6 inch panel here on the pixel 3 XL and of course both are a bit beastly when it comes to the old one-handed use you will struggle really to to

reach up to the North occasions bar and play around with apps things like that thankfully both manufacturers have at least ting some pity on us so for instance on the pixel 3 XL you can actually pull down their notifications bar by swiping that fingerprint sensor like so definitely handy interior on the galaxy s 10 plus you do actually get a full-on dedicated 100 modes which shrinks everything down which is particularly handy if you want to be using apps and stuff one-handed as well definitely even better as for the rest of the design the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus is once again the more premium of the two answer it’s quite noticeably a nice glass finish and glossy finish to it as well here on the galaxy s 10 plus the Google pixel 3xl unfortunate is a polycarbonate finish that still feels quite premium though all the same you’ve got an almost metallic style matte design down here that spreads across the bulk of the rear of the handset and of course a nice glossy strip up top around by the camera hardware you can pick both of these smartphones up NF a few different hues as well depending on whether you’d like something a bit or vibrant or just something pretty more standard like black or white as far as durability goes thankfully the pixel 3xl seems pretty Hardy so far I’ve had it for about a week and touch would not single scratch Oscar despite the fact that I’m allowed a protective kiss I’m never anything like that been passionate about in bags pockets all kinds of stuff so sort of far seems alright although if you really want some proper peace of

mind then Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus is probably the way to go it’s got a Gorilla Glass construction so you got Gorilla Glass five here on the back and Gorilla Glass six on the front and again touchwood so far no real scratches or scuffs on that lovely glossy surface and for the super super paranoid the Galaxy S Templar also a boastful ip68 rate and dust and water resistance as well so you can drop it in a sink toilet whatever you want and as long as you give it a good dry enough it will be absolutely fine it’s also worth points about the bullies hums hits rock a bit of 3.5 millimeter headphone jack action as well so you don’t need to resort to dongles if your Bluetooth headset dies you live notes as well at the pixel 3xl sports a rear-mounted physical fingerprint sensor as well works at Shaun so when your phone’s all locked up and everything just give that a quick tap boom you’re straight into your desktops on the other hand here on the galaxy s 10 plus is actually an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor built into the display it’s of it’s very fast and accurate much better than all of the other in display sensors that I’ve used so far again just a quick tap of your thumb to that sensor and boom you are into your desktops and because it actually takes a 3d image of your print rather than just the usual 2d scan like most in display fingerprint sensors it’s great even when your fingers are a bit dirty a bit moist something like that as well as the display tech cause they’re both all there panels but the galaxy s 10 plus is a dynamic AMOLED screen it’s far superior when it comes to like some contrast and color reproduction thanks to those HDR smarts I’ve got each to your 10 plus smart in here and of

course you do have a stronger resolution as well it goes all the way up to qhd+ I was here on the pixel three year XL it tops off at Full HD plus however if all you want is a smartphone to kick back with a nice bit of Netflix or something like that you’ll get perfectly good looking results from either of these handsets so yes well you can expect those deeper blacks and those really nice natural colors here on the galaxy s 10 plus as you can see the pixel three exhale still produces nice vivid punchy good looking images and is certainly perfectly crisp enough for all of your video demands with that full HD plus resolution and on both of these bulging play around with the color output as well to make it more natural bit more vibrant and vivid if you prefer to get it just the way you like it and yes you do get a full stereo speaker output on both the galaxy s 10 plus and the pixel 3 XL as well if you don’t want to plug in your headphones that’s for the software run on these bad boys bit of androids PI the latest version of Google’s Android OS because you get a couple of bonus features here on the pixel 3 XL and then the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus it’s running Samsung’s 1u I slapped on top so again you get some bonus features on here that you don’t get on the pixel so for us as well the pixel only features that you’ll come across is the activate sensors a quick squeeze of the pixel font and you’ll load up the Google assistant of course here on the galaxy s 10 plus you not only have the Google assistant you’ve got the Bigsby assistant as well which can be

called up with a quick tap of that side-mounted Bigsby button but all I’ve got to say I find Bigsby a bit superfluous especially considering you’ve got the Google assistant on there anyway yes go away big speak but one of the good features on there is the Bigsby routines well this basically allows you to do is automate your life depending on your location the time of day things like that it’s pretty handy if you want to spin since silence the phone at night if you want to have it silence when have you gone into a meat and stuff like that please do get similar features here on the pixel three year excel as well five another digital well-being section resistant you got the wind down mode which allows you to automatically have the phone set into likes of do not disturb turn on the night light even grayscale at the screen before you get all tucked up with Teddy I could spend a long time diving into the different software features overall the one UI is slightly more customizable than stock Android which is great if you want a bit more control over everything and some of the bonus features such as the game launcher are really good as well I’ll show you more on that in a bit because as far as security goes both of these smartphones as well securely encrypt all of your essential information your password information all that kind of shenanigans keep that all nice and secure here on the galaxy s 10 plus however you do of course have that ultrasonic fingerprint sensor which is really very nice you also have a bit of bonus face recognition as well once

you’ve registered your face all you had to do there is busy press the power button it will automatically scan for your gorgeous mocha and there you go your straight into the desktops again very handy if you’re wearing gloves or for whatever reason can’t use your hands but overall while I do prefer some songs one UI experience compared with stock Android here on the pixel 3 XL you are these guaranteed three years of security and or s updates courtesy of Google so this you’ve got a bit of extra peace of mind as well as the performance course here on the samsung galaxy s 10 plus it’s rockin Samsung’s own Exynos chip site you can get it in snapdragon it five five variety as well and the pixel 3 XL it’s a much more mid-range more well some more mid-range of performance yet a snapdragon 670 chipset packed in there backed by four gigs around about half what you get and the galaxy s 10 plus so as you can see on the geek bench for benchmark and performance it is a lot more limited that said the pixel 3 XL is definitely impressive us as far as the performance is concerned the everyday stuff is great like some pub G mobile quite a resource heavy even please really really well and as you can see a default selects HD and high frame rate as the default settings and as you can see here it’s a perfectly playable experience you get a nice smooth rim it rarely rarely dips below that sort of 30fps so you very very rarely see any kind of stutter judder anything like that that’s said you can’t expect smoother performance over the long term with the galaxy s 10 plus and of course you do get the benefit of those specific gaming tools using the game launcher feature as well so as you can block your calls and notifications while your game and you can even record your

gaming session and then share it online all those lovely moments where you blow some noobs brains to bits when it comes to the battery performance you found that the pixel 3xl easily gives the Galaxy S 10 plus a run for its money galaxy s 10 plus tens just about last the day with quite intensive views you’ll see it dying just before bedtime pixel 3/8 exile so far touchwood it’s always lasted a full day even with plenty of YouTube stream and give it Spotify and all of that that’s despite the fact that the pixel 3xo actually has a smaller buffy 2,700 milliamp compared with the 4100 milliamp galaxy s 10 plus because you’ve got the usual power saving modes and all that smart in the background Cullen of apps that are sucking your juice without actually being in play however when it comes to charge back up the galaxy s 10 plus is the superior device it doesn’t quite as fast a choice when connected via type-c USB it’s 15 watt compared with the 18 watt charge here on the pixel three-year XL but you can charge wirelessly using the galaxy s 10 plus as well and you’ve even got a bit of wireless reverse charging here in the settings as well if you want to share pop wireless power share your where your forms energy with another device as for the storage well the galaxy s 10 plus is again the superior device it starts with a 128 gigs of storage in its base level you can get it all the way up to a terabyte if you stumped up a crazy amount of money for the ceramic version

here on the pixel 3 XL is just a 64 gigabyte storage option nor more you can’t expand the pixel 3xl using a microSD memory card either whereas the galaxy s 10 plus does accept them up to 512 gigs that said at least Google is thrown you were born with a pixel 3x all you do got unlimited photos storage so unlike unlimited online cloud storage for your photos and videos at full resolution which I guess is better than nothing but now on to one of the most important factors that camera tech and as you can see it’s a very different set up here on the Google pixel 3/8 Excel it’s a single 12.2 megapixel snapper F 1.8 aperture here on the galaxy s 10 plus it is of course a triple lens setup I don’t know which all of these were and I always forget but you’ve got a 12 megapixel primary lenses an F 1.5 or F 2.

4 is actually a dual aperture snapper dependent on the situation you’ve also got a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and a 12 megapixel telephoto lens offerin a 2 times optical zoom we dive right into the camera you see the most of the big features are very similar but the galaxy s 10 plus definitely has more functionality as you’d expect you go into the portrait mode here on the pixel 3 X oh you’ve got similar live focus mode here on the s 10 plus buzzy where whereas the the pixel just basically blurs out the background in a standard fashion and you kind of these change the depth effect later

here on the galaxy s 10 plus you’ve got a variety of different effects that you can play around with likewise you get a full bra manual mode here on the galaxy s 10 plus in filler and place the I saw the white balance all of that shenanigans well as a virtually here on the pixel there is a lot more limited your basic control over the color temperature the brightness level that’s pretty much it well that’s how you cover these shoot on RAW format here on the 3/8 XL as well as the s10 plus you also haven’t dedicated night more we definitely found that the nitesite board here on the pixel is better than the galaxy s 10 plusses effort even with that F 1.5 wide aperture we find that our shots of Germany a little bit overblown at nighttime some of those lighter elements they look a bit grainy then not particularly nice I was here on the pixel 3 XL the results with night side are absolutely stunning very bright but still quite nicely balanced the law wai-wait is still the true champion where cups every day photo quality it it’s actually really tough to pick a winner here the pixel 3x uh produces beautifully detailed shots with nice natural colors and there was really vibrant vivid natural whose really shine in our test photos galaxy s2 plus exactly the same we see the pixel

fear actually has it on HD our shots produces beautifully balanced stops langston Google’s impressive software the galaxy s 10 plus again doesn’t falter in that way it’s just not quite as gorgeous as the pixel fear Excel as for the video chopped so really can’t fault either of these smartphones the galaxy s 10 plus again has it on general features you can shoot HD are ready video even HD or 10 ready video and you do also have the super slow motion mode as well super steady which is great news if you like to do a better film and while your bike can run on any of that stuff great image stabilization on that one but the image stabilization is solid here on the pixels where you can ship to 4k resolution video on either of these smartphones and the results are very stunning indeed when it comes to the selfie shooters you cost get a dual lens snapper here on the galaxy s 10 plus so in terms of hardware it’s more impressive it’s a 10 megapixel primary if 1.9 I believe it is backed by an 8 megapixel depth sensor here on the pixel 3 X I which is a single 8 megapixel F 2.0 aperture lens as you can see there you get more of a pulled back kind of viewing angle here on the pixel you can’t actually flick – goofy mode or whatever here on the s 10 plus where it’s a bit more civil a bit more pulled back being fit in lots of background or lots of faces whatever you prefer and of course you do have a bit of portrait and wood action using that front facing camera because you got the

dedicated depth of the hill on the STM possibly found the pixel there’s just a strong ad job on those or portrait shots blowing out the background with pretty accurate edge detection thanks to Google’s great software of course you do have the funky effects here on the galaxy s 10 plus as well if that’s your bag and that in a nutshell is Google’s pixel for your Excel versus the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus so as you can see there that something like unsurprising offers a bit more grunt and some more sexy hardware such as that it’s your templates ready display compared with the pixel but the pixel 469 quid more than holds its own in several other areas the battery life we found is slightly better here on the pixel the camera tech is absolutely fantastic especially at night in an HD art situations definitely get or nod and you know what the display might not be quite as sexy as Samsung’s but it’s so perfectly five you just watch it a bit Netflix bit YouTube something like that and your everyday web browsing and other shenanigans so we definitely call hardly recommend this handset if money’s a bit tight otherwise if you demand the best of the best then you can’t really go wrong with the S 10 plus some solid hardware and some lovely software too so thanks watching everyone don’t forget to comment down below on which one you would personally prefer and why and put subscribe to my notifications well for more on the latest envious mobile tech Cheers

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