Huawei P30 Pro vs P20 Pro comparison Side-by-side comparison

so what weighs p30 Pro is finally officially a thing and even though last year’s Pete when he brought absolutely blow us out of the water a lot has changed in that urine the p30 Pro makes some significant improvements on last year’s handset so what exactly has changed up what has improved for the p30 Pro well let’s do a false side-by-side comparison now and don’t forget from on the list a great superb all tech to poke subscribe panting that notifications Bell cheers it’s a first up stick the two side-by-side abit p30 pro looks like a more beefier bigger version of the p20 prop the all-new 2019 model is a six point four seven inch beast compared with the 6.1 inch sure from last year which now seems quite modest and compact however there’s not actually a massive difference in terms the actual dimensions that’s because the wide p20 pro had a big thick chunky bezel beneath the display that was of course the house the actual physical fingerprint sensor arose now on the p30 pro you can in display a fingerprint sensor just like you did on the mid 20 series it’s an optical in display a fingerprint sensor on the p30 pro so again just like the MIT series and unfortunately means it only captures a 2d image but it definitely seems an improvement even on the mir range it’s very fast it’s very responsive and it seems it nice and accurate to the p30 pro also sports a more modest dewdrop notch up top as well compared with a slightly more chunky effort on the p20 prof so that display really does pretty much fill the front of the phone flip around to the back II get a SIM card glass design still absolutely beautiful even though it’s not a massive evolution on last year’s p20 pro the design of the p30 pro is once

again inspired by lights together these lovely gradient designs you get a choice of five colors on the new p30 pro and they all look pretty stunning the good news is the dust and water resistance has been slightly boosted for the p30 pros while its ip68 resistant compared with the p20 pro which was ip67 and what about a display tech well both the p20 pro on the p30 pro sport on all their panels you expect nice punchy colors but if you dive in at the display settings you could fill around with that anywhere get a more natural output if that’s your bag it’s a full HD plus resolution on both these smartphones as well you don’t get any quad HD plus visuals here on the p30 pro but again that’s absolutely fine for just viewing pictures and checking out a movie you get a full itch to your support of course again so once again you can enjoy a really nice contrast levels and really rich natural looking colors when you’re watching a Netflix movie there’s slightly more elongated to spill on the p30 product probably helped along by the fact it

doesn’t have that big chunky bottom bezel it’s a nineteen point five by nine compared with the old eighteen point seven by nine of them and p20 prop that’s for the actual software running the show well the p20 Pro sent the old review model of the p20 Pro is still running Android Oriol with a motion way it on top meanwhile the p30 pro of course as you would imagine sports the latest Android nine with the body of emotion UI 9.1 slapped there a lot of the features are very similar on the two smartphones you get a face or knock for instance to complement the fingerprint sensors and he gets a nice gesture controls above these spot folds as well the p30 products bought the list emotion UI features such as for instance the digital well being which is kind of like a nanny type thing but can also be used as a parental control not and of course you get worries one hop feature as well which bits allows you to quickly transfer files with a huawei mate buck laptop that was the performance the p30 pro is again of course an upgrade to get while is lit as Kara 980 chipsets lamps in there whereas the older p20 pro uses the Curan 970 and there’s more ram in the p30 pro as well a gigs compared with six thankfully the p20 port is still nice and silky smooth via

everyday actions but the p30 pro definitely seems quicker Lord and I perhaps in search for both or Upsy fide forgiving though the p20 port is definitely helped along by that GPU turbo feature now GPU turbo 2.0 on the p30 pro well this does it just helps to maintain a nice smooth frame rate when you’re playing some of the most popular games out there such as pub G mobile what about the storage well once again the p30 pro is an incremental upgrade actually doubles the amount of storage found on the p20 pro from 128 gigs to 256 and the battery tech is an upgrade as well the four thousand milliamp cell found in the p20 pro has only been incrementally updated to a four thousand two hundred milliamps I love the p30 Pro but you do get well his latest version of supercharged pacted the p30 pro as well 40 watts compared with the other twenty 2.5 watts it’s definitely substantially quicker and of course the p30 pro supports wireless charging at 15 watts as well and even gives you a bit of reverse wireless charging so you can power up other Qi standard devices but it’s the camera tech where the p30 pro definitely makes massive strides thailand’s camera tech on the p20 pool was fantastic but I’m the p30 pro it’s been upgraded in a number of ways you once again get a 40 megapixel primary lens but as on the p20 Pro it was an RGB lens with an F 1.8 aperture you now get whoa

is super spectrum lens here on the p30 pro with an F 1.6 even wider aperture and that’s got a bit of optical image stabilization as well to really help out when it’s sucking in all of that light to give you a nice detailed photo the actual super spectrum tech apparently can also help to suck in more light it’s an AR yyb lens instead of an RGB lens so again you can expect more natural looking colors in your photos and nice bright shots at daylight and hopefully brighter shots at nighttime too as for the secondary lens that’s also changed and the p20 pro it was just a basic 20 mega pixel monochrome lens F 1.6 it didn’t add an ultra wide-angle view like the one on the p30 products and you still get an 8 megapixel telephoto lens here on the p30 pro same as last year’s P 20 pull however it now gives you a 5 times optical zoom thanks to the periscope design and as compared with the 3 times optical zoom found on the p20 pro and yes that’s got some optical image stabilization slapped in it again and while the p20 probe stops there the P 30 Paul continues with a fourth time of flight lens which can be used to accurately measure distances between you and your subject great news for those portrait shots to give you a nice accurate bokya style effect in the background and also good for your ear art purposes as well they want the p30 Pro the general camera interface is the same as the p20 Pro we get a few extra bonus features thrown in there as well you can once again take great luck and portrait

shots with a fantastic range of funky effects to play around with and of course there’s that long exposure night mode as well which was introduced on the P 20 series hopefully it should be even better now on the P 30 Pro thanks to the wider aperture and of course that super spectrum tech and like the P 20 probe before it you could do 4k resolution video on the P 30 pro but the image stabilization certainly seems to be a lot better flip around to the front and that 24 megapixel selfie snapper on the P 20 pro has been upgraded to a 32 megapixel effort here on the P 30 Pro you can once again shoot great-looking portrait shots and yes you do get features such as this new super HDR on that front face and p30 pro camera as well which can also be used on the rear camera helps to give you an even more balanced shot in those tricky lighting conditions driven I have caused a good bit of AI action so in a nutshell is how the p30 Pro improves on last year’s Pete when he brought as you can see several evolutions here and there in the hardware as well as the software it’s definitely let us know what you think down below if you’ve got the p20 brought are you tempted to spunk out the cache and upgrade to the p30 product it’d be great to hear your thoughts and don’t forget a poke subscribe and ding that notifications bar for more on the latest a great small bar tech cheers everyone love you

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