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so amazon’s echos speakers of frankly great have an Alexa your beckon call is absolutely brilliant fully as he gets like me I’ve personally found that Alexa is best in the kitchen where with just a quick voice command you can get her to read out some recipe information or set quick timer and then of course you can get it to load up your favorites Spotify playlist to relax you and set a nice bit of ambience while you’re cooking but the problem is that unless you step up that meaty echo plus then the sound quality isn’t quite there a few music playback and if you’ve already got a favorite speakers sat around your house you’ve already spent a lot of money on it seems a bit of a waste spending more money on a whole extra speaker just for that Alexa support which is where this bad boy comes in the Amazon echo input is a 35-pound gadget that can connect to any existing speaker either via a 3.5 mm audio cable or wirelessly using bluetooth if you prefer and it adds full Alexa functionality so is the echo input actually any Gerdes well I’m gonna give you a full unboxing set up and review right now and don’t forget from on the latest and greatest tech to poke subscribe ending that notifications about Jess so first of all of course let’s get the echo input out of its packaging see what you actually get in the box so here is the echo input itself just stick that aside for a second you get a bit of instruction manual action as well but don’t worry I’ll run you through the setup process it should be quick and easy as you can see there 3.5 million five mil audio cable you also of course get a power cable for the echo input it does

require its own power source and thankfully you do get three pin plug in the box as well so you don’t need to provide your on so as you can see there the Amazon echo input is a nice dinky device slightly bigger than your average jaffa cake it’s about fourteen millimeters thick and seventy nine grams definitely very slim and light these four little holes are the four directional mic so Mike should be really strong just like the other echo speakers will be given those as a full test in a bit she also got two buttons here on top two physical buttons you get an action button and a mic mute button and then flip it around to the bottom you get this nice of a rubbery foot action so when you stick it on a surface it shouldn’t get knocked about or anything like that and then here on the edge you get your micro USB port for power and you get your 3.5 Mill audio port as well sojung so you’ve plugged in the Amazon echo input and we’ve now got the LED light flashing on and off that just means it is in pairing mode so what you’ll want to do is download the Amazon Alexa app for your iPhone or your Android phone just load that up and if you head on into the devices section you can get it all set up just click this little plus button up here add device it is of course an

Amazon echo so that’s nice and easy and you’ll see the echo input listed right there and boom it’s already found it nice and easy just give that a little tap and you just gotta set it up on your Wi-Fi and that’s it the echo input is now fully registered and ready to go off so of course as I already mentioned you’ve got two choices when it comes to actually connecting it to your favorite speaker either via the orgs cable which is bundled in the box or via a bit of Bluetooth cause for the best possible quality sound you do want to be using that cable now one of my absolute favorite speakers right now is still the Ultimate Ears mega boom three absolutely fantastic sound quality nice and portable and pretty dumb rugged as well fully water resistant everything unfortunate doesn’t have a 3.5 ml input so I’m gonna have to set it up via bluetooth instead so I’m just gonna get that turned on and then we’ll do connect bluetooth speaker get it into pairing mods and there we have it the mega boom 3 has just popped in so let’s just select that there we go device is now paired as you can see there if the Bluetooth speaker does turn itself off or for some reason the connection is disrupted then you will actually get a notification on your phone alerting you to that fact so

that’s a handy little feature then there is an intro video as well if you haven’t actually used Alexa V force quite handy to watch otherwise you can go check out our full Alexa tips and tricks or von Raab combo which is definitely a great way to get started with some of the best Alexa features right so the two are paired up right now and I even though it said it would send you a notification alert if the two ever got disconnected I found that so far that doesn’t seem to be the case we’ve just turned off the speaker as you can see a quick flash from the echo input but I was kind of hoping it would continue flashing to show that it’s no longer connected to a speaker and fortunate just seems to do that one flash and apps that you know Lord of Kish on the old iphone to see that it’s it’s gone so yeah I’ll be testing that one out a bit more that’s for sure thankfully when you then turn the speaker back on again the to do pair up basically straightaway so as you can see that we’re back in action and then all you’ve got to see is Alexa what’s the time right now so you do of course get that full Amazon Alexa functionality because you can mute her at any point if you don’t want to listen in in your private conversations or anything and if you want to activate that you can either use her Alexa buzz word or you can just hit this action button here but of course the real point of getting the echo input is to get that fantastic sound quality through your existing awesome speaker you can set up your

music it counts through the Alexa app just in the settings so as you can see the set up Spotify and the rest and then all you got to do is basically request a song Alexa play the new blood youth album [Music] and there you go you get your grip quality music but you don’t actually have to stump up over 100 pounds on a fresh new speaker right so I’m now across the other side of the kitchen as you can see there’s the Amazon Alexa inputs and the speaker all the way over the other side what I’m going to do now is just bitty test out the quality and those directional mics deceiving still pick up on me we must be a good sort of 5 meters away right now and obviously you got the music there and right next to the echo in put as well so let’s see if this works Alexa stop playback so you go as you see didn’t have to speak that loud and it did the job nicely it’s all right there is the Amazon echo input now it’s worth bearing in mind that Amazon says on its website then it’s not compatible with any recent sawn-off speakers blown to be fair most recent sauna speakers already have Alexa support built-in so it’s all gravy and you can pick it up in either black or white to suit your own personal decor so you’re tempted by the Amazon echo input a few laughs so what you think down in the comments below and as I said don’t forget to pull subscribe and ignite notifications bar from on the latest and greatest tech jeez everyone have yourselves a lovely day

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