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hello there you go just people this is Chris from Tech’s Burton I’m here with skull candies new push earbuds it’s their own take on some truly wireless earphones guys popularized by the likes of Apple’s air pods gonna get them all unboxed and set up now and then we will magically skip forward in time a few days and I’ll give you my in-depth review and don’t forget for more on the latest and greatest tech to POC subscribe ending that notifications as well Cheers so first up like the air pods that you do get a nifty little carry case in order to store your earbuds and they do actually charge up the posh earphones as well yeah a nice simple QuickStart guide should be pretty easy stuff and you also do get a proper user guide as well he also gets a cable in order to charge up the Skullcandy pushes as well as you can see there to actually type C USB as well nor micro USB rubbish that’s always good and you also get some replacement buds stashed here in the box as well which is always good to see so you’ve got some large ones by default on the push and then you’ve got some medium and small ones there in the Box in case you’ve got little lugs just like me first up as

you can see there this box is a chunky monkey it’s definitely one of the fatter ones that I’ve used fatter than that likes the air pods the tick pods things like that I think you’ve got a handy little power indicator those just give that a little button to tap which shows you exactly how much charge is left in the box itself need a little bit of Skullcandy logo action up top and when it comes time to charge back up you just plug in a type-c cable there and then just stick the other end into your computer or into a USB 2 means adaptor you don’t get any posh spring up and laid or anything it’s just a case of pushing in that little button and then just lifting it open simple and straightforward then the actual buds themselves will just slip in like so and that will charge them up as you can see there we’ve now got the lights here or flashing to show that the actual buds are in the Kin and you do actually have some red lights there on the buds themselves as well to show that they are powering up we give them those a full charge later anyway and then taking them out and about to test them out looks like the buds I held it there quite quite firmly possibly magnetically I’m guessing yeah there are two colours available right now this is the role of funcly’ titled psycho

tropical teal it’s bitter seed kind of a dark silvery almost kind of a blue tint when you sort of tilt them towards the light very funky indeed as you would expect from Skull Candy and you can also apparently pick them up and the slightly more amorphic great deer doesn’t look quite as exciting on the website being go check those out if you want so fast forward a few days and I’ve been using the Skullcandy push earbuds as by full-time personal music companion I guess you could say and so far I’m definitely liking them so in terms of simplicity nice and easy Perrin was a piece of cake and then basically as soon as you pop them out of the box the immediately starts searching for the previous non device and automatically pack there you go just a few seconds after you pull them out the box they’ve connected to each other and to my voice were all goods they do have quite a plastic feel to them has to be said but to be fair that’s no different to any other set of ear pods that I’ve reviewed in recent times and if it is very comfortable as well despite the size of these buds they’ve got little rubber hooks on the inside which has helped to launch them in your ear haul and even if I’m walking about for an hour two hours at a time they never felt like they were got a jangle loose or anything like that and you can even get a good bit of motion on the guy if that’s your bag see if you listen to a bit of Melkor no

worries and the good news is they seem pretty rugged as well I’ve tossed them about no signs of damage and they’re fully water resistant as well because I think it caught a nice spot about delightful British rain yesterday nor impact now the Skullcandy push buds actually have a push button on each bud in top either these at any point to answer or end a call you can also tap them to pause or play your music a double tap of the right bud will boost your volume up while a double tap to the left one will boost it back down again and you can old either bud for three seconds or to skip through your music there’s also a triple tap to call up the assistant feature as well which of course here on the iPhone gets a bit of Siri on the go well thankfully the buttons are fairly easy to push and it’s not uncomfortable either it doesn’t force the buds into your ear canals which I was a little bit worried to begin with and I actually prefer this method of control as well to the simple that touch controls you get on some earbuds because I find that accidentally activate that was quite a lot if I’m just like adjust in the buds in my ears or scratching my face or something like that what about the audio quality well first start obviously loves with other ear pods you don’t get the same sort of noise cancellation quality that you do with some proper all over the earphones that said provide you pick a suitable size of ear gel they do actually do a pretty solid job of drowning out the surrounding world for instance yesterday I was on the train with a bunch of kids because it’s half-term and thankfully the pushers did a pretty good job of jarring out there

general shatori without me having to resort to cranking up my metal music till you know eleven basically and with completely wireless earbuds of course you’re not gonna get that same fantastic crisp sound quality that you get with a proper pair of wired phones but all the same the school can be purchased at they do a solid job it’s some fairly surprisingly full-bodied audio found that live music came off particularly well you can almost feel like you’re in the room if you closed your eyes I’m gonna use for any beer lovers as well because the beer comes off rather well it is again rather full body without drowning out the rest of the music particularly great for jazz music metal and rock things like that on a hip hop as well could definitely vouch for the hip hop creds as far as the Bluetooth connectivity is concerned again nor with the Skullcandy push okay Julie I would leave my phone in a completely different room one two to three rooms away and I would still get perfect connectivity nor stutters or pauses of bricks anything like that and even a really densely populated area such as London Bridge Station hood places like that again I had no issues with the connectivity despite the sheer number of Bluetooth devices that were surrounding me that’s for battery life Skullcandy quoted six hours of use per a single charge and if you stick the back of the box you get a second charge on the gore for a total of twelve hours I found that to be pretty accurate between five to six hours on a single charge which is absolutely fantastic considering most ear pods can only tend to go off or around the sort of four hour mark before

dying so he’s going to be going on a long journey then definitely great stuff of course a lot of ear pod charger kids is cut off for several full charges rather than just one single charge for generally up to around sort of 24 hours of you saw in that respect unfortunately school can the approach does fall behind some of its rivals now of course one of the buries with ear pods such as these is the fact that you might fumble and might lose one and then you’re basically stuff but skull candy has you thankfully covered on that front as well so the Skullcandy push you can get the fearless use promise what this basically means is that if you happen to lose one of the buds or you even lose the charge in kiss you can purchase a fresh new one from skull cut the added discounted price we’ve reached out to school can these to try and find out exactly what this discounted price is we had an official response back for them but hopefully get back to be soon and I will be able to put that in the video description down below and that in a nutshell is my review of the Skull Candy posh earbuds as Inc priced what was I saying about losing these buggers sorry that was my full review of the Skullcandy push earbuds definitely really really likin them they may not feel as premium as some other earbuds they are quite chunky and plastic but there are very comfortable to wear I love the actual physical buttons for those controls as well and the audio quality and the Bluetooth connectivity quality both seem that sound so you have it 99 quit here in the UK available now are you tempted definitely let us know in the comments down below be gritty of course go check out my reviews of other rival ear pods such as the tick pods from add more boy and don’t forget from on early it’s a great sector poke subscribe and thing that notifications about Cheers

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