Polaroid Mint Portable photo printer for phones!

hello gorgeous peeps this is Christian tech spreadin I’m here with the Polaroid mint pocket printer now this bad boy can print photos direct from your smartphone it’s compatible with both Android and iOS as iPhones and it’s available for a hundred and twenty quid here in the UK though you can actually currently grab it for just ninety five on Amazon just gonna prise it out of its packaging get it all set up and give it a test god there are so many stickers and I have no fingernails so if you don’t all get like me chances are somebody in your family had an original Polaroid camera and of course the ability to actually take photo and then actually have your bottle right there in your hands a physical copy of it just a minute or two later it was absolutely fantastic because these days you see your pictures on your smartphones you’ve got your picture right there but you can’t actually physically hold it in your hands you can’t stick it on the fridge anything like that and that is where the Polaroid mint printer comes and you can create instant copies of any of your photos and they actually have a nice sticky back as well so you can stick them up wherever you like now the Polaroid mint is available in five different colors this is the yellow version we can also grab it in red or blue if you like a nice vibrant finish otherwise it’s also available in a bit more subdued black or white versions as you see there it’s nice and thinking quite light as well it’s just 162 gram so that’ll slip easily into a pocket or you can just shove it away in a bag if you want to take it out and about the actual device itself is nice and simple as you see nice bit pull the road Brandon on the front there down below you got the spot where the pitcher actually pops out it’s got power button over on this side and over on this side you’ve got micro USB port in order to actually charge it up it’s got a built-in nine hundred milli amp battery so hopefully that’ll get you a good few photos printed out before it needs recharging so let’s see if we’ve actually got any power to begin with yes we do excellence we can get started with it immediately now you do get a dinky little user guide supplied with the mint printer but it should be pretty straightforward setup really what you need to do is just get your smartphone and drop on either the Play Store or Apple’s App Store and then we just need to search for Polaroids mint pull the word mint there we go it’s free app so just download that and

install it and there we go its first of all of course you’ll need to sign up for an account because you need to do that for pretty much every app you use these days first of all of course we’ll have to actually connect to the print before we can actually print anything else obviously and there we have it Polaroid Mint 70 or nine caching in there you got we are now connected to the printer excellent stuff now the Polaroid mint printer uses Zink paper which basically stands for zero ink it uses the 2 inch by 3 inch standard there’s a few different sizes depending on your Polaroid products make sure you get the 2×3 if you’re going to be using the mint you do get a little taste to pack included with the Polaroid mint just to get you started something this only includes or rather miserly 5 prints so that’s not going to last you very long at all but you can top up on Amazon it’s 13 pounds for 30 pack I believe so if you want to be taking lots of shots you just stock up there you actually load the paper into the back of the Polaroid mint we just pop up in this handy little draw and then what you need to do is you need to make sure you load it with the blue calibration thing face down and the glossy side Fierce up just pops in there like so close it up job done as you can see here through the Polaroid Mint app you’ve got access to a large selection of photos on your device so as you can see here you’ve got the photos you’ve actually taken with the phone you get your whatsapp images

downloaded stuff from the internet screenshots and you can add your Instagram Facebook and Dropbox accounts as well suddenly that doesn’t seem to be direct support for Google photos but you can just basically download a photo from Google photos as I’ve done here and then it will pop up in the app as well so I’m going to print off this picture of myself and my three-year-old daughter enjoying a bit of the spinning teacups at Disneyland now you can either just print it off as is or as you can see you can add various filter effects such as a bit cinder a bit of tuxedo it’s busy just blocking black and white you can make it look absolutely horrific like probably one of the very original Polaroid camera results but I’m just gonna stick with a good ol normal for that one I think you can also edit the photo as well not the fastest of apps but you get there in the end so you can as you see scale that rotate it etc etc also play around with the brightness and the contrast as well so for this view on is just boost up the brightness a little bit you can just do that you can also play around with color temperatures as well make it warmer called or whatever you want to do and if you click style you’ve got various effects you can as well you can stick a sticker on there

and new thank you yeah lovely or very sweet you’ve got all kinds of random effects that you can add in there again I don’t think I’ll bother doodling it could be fun not good for instance give my daughter some devil horns bit of a mustache and a beard there we got absolutely terrifying and anyway once you’re done with all of your various puffs and about and everything all you need to do press that button there and hopefully we’ll get a picture popping out oh yeah it’s kicking into life here we got all right so the calibration sheet is popping out first and now hopefully we’re gonna get our actual pitcher pop it out yeah and it’s upside down of course to keep the suspense going even further exciting times almost done and there we have it let’s check it out the grand reveal ah there we go that’s actually pretty good quality by the looks of it nice nice high-res image good detail levels there the colors look pretty accurate and it feels like really good quality four top here four as well so you’ve got that sort of lovely glossy effect on the surface er as you can see there just bend it to the light I think

good thing is it’s completely smudge proof as you can see it’s just come out the printer and loss margin whatsoever palette is completely water resistant as well as you can give it a little Duncan and nothing will run across a zero ink so there’s nothing to smudge now if we turn it around as well you should be able to peel off the back there we go so you can’t just leave it just as a fault or if you like or if you just peel off this back you’ve then got yourself an instant sticker it feels pretty tough this paper as well don’t think that’s going to be ripping unless you put some serious grunt work into it so there you go if you want something to quickly and easily print out dinky little compact photos straight off your smartphone then this certainly seems to do the job the good little holiday or trip companion just get it powered up before you go sorry there’s the Polaroid mint of printer zine buy it right now from the likes of Amazon for just under a hundred quid or direct from Polaroid for a hundred and twenty and you can also get it with a built in camera as well it does actually have a camera option on it if you wanted to actually take shots with it and then print them off directly otherwise the smart if you’ve got a decent camera on your smartphone there’s really no need to be honest so that’s not what you think down below don’t forget to hit subscribe and dig that notifications valve for more on the latest and greatest textures everyone

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