Huawei P20 Pro Still great in?

so it’s really bloody hard to believe that the p20 pro is fast approaching its first birthday this is the wee bugger that made me fall in love with while we’re smartphones all over again after several years of devices that are best summed up by one not quite word man and as we brace ourselves for the release of the no doubt super sexy while we’re p30 early in 2019 I thought now would be a great time to return to the p20 ponies at once again as my full-time personal handset to see if any of that Sparkle has faded so here is my updated long-term review of the Huawei P 20 brought almost a year after its launch don’t forget for more reviews and comparisons and everything you need to know on the latest in grits mobile tech Tupac subscribing thing that notifications Bell cheers now first up the p20 pro is still a stunning smartphone in 2019 that gorgeous gradient design on the Twilight model is yet to be beaten and with sleek new versions like the more for Aurora models recently emergent this mobile will never not be gorgeous well–we’re handset is right up there in the looks department with Sony’s Xperia xn3 another mobile that really gets us all hot and bothered and

thankfully the p20 pro seems really rugged too that shiny rear shows no sign of scratches or scuffs even after all this time now if the p30 could just introduce some sort of anti dust grime busting Cotton’s we’re gonna have to buff it every 5 seconds we’d all be happier than a fat kid in a half-price pasta shop but what about the rest of the p20 pro experience well no complaints there either although we are still waiting patiently on that emotion UI version 9 and Android Pi update you can download and install the beta version manually if you’ve rooted your phone but the official rollout has begun in some countries and we’re hoping that the UK update will be done in the next month or so until that happens the p20 pro is sadly still stuck on a motion UI version 8 and Android Oriol a lot to be honest I’m not exactly really missing the latest software from the May 20 series none of those updates could really be classed as essential are definitely more nice to have so the p20 Pro definitely already has the best bits such as the nifty 100 mod and of course the excellent fingerprint sensor gestures as well to get rid of that navigation dock and of course not forgetting that excellent facial recognition which just works even when you’re a blurry eyed mess waking up in a dark room at a quarter to six even my own wife barely recognizes me in this state but the p20 broad does not struggle one bit

while ways of motion UI overly is definitely one of my favorites out there beating the likes of color OS and me UI by miles which is just one of the reasons why I enjoy returning to the p20 port between my review handsets so much however my p20 Pro hasn’t had any Android security updates past about July 2018 as of this moment right now so definitely don’t be going on any dodgy sites or anything the rest of the hardware is still solid 12 months on as well but one there’s that 6.1 inch or LED screen or it might not be as sharp as some rivals but your Netflix binge sessions will still look bloody amazed and punchy colors and plenty of detail is what we’re talking about here and compared with some recent screen notches this little bugger up here is actually not too bad and while there’s suddenly no support for micro SD memory cards I deftly haven’t struggled for storage space thanks to the generous 128 gigs packed inside of here even has to download on tons of movies songs all the rest of it I have not struggled for space so what about the performance well good news there two kitties the p20 broadly holds up well even though the kira 970 chipset stuffed inside is well over a year old now every day running is nice and smooth helped along by the generous six gigs of ram and if you’re after a bit of gaming on the go then no worries

there either even demanding title still play with a very respectable framerate and since its launch Wow his GPU turbo update has also come to the piet when he brought along with the game sweet act superb G mobile plays with an even smoother frame rate than ever before sticking on those top detail levels you’ll still get a great performance and if this GPU turbo stuff is just a bunch of all gibberish to you then go check out my full feature on what it is to see what I’m banging on about one of the other reasons I love always phone so much is the incredible battery life the p20 pro always last two days between charges even when I’m constantly using the thing only massive Skype and pubsey sessions threatened to kill it sooner and even then it always survives a fall day I’m sure there’s no wireless charging sport and like the mid 20 series but honestly who really gives a oh no so much efforts what really helps the p20 Pro to stand apart from most other premium war bars out there is the excellent trial ends rear camera coupled with while weighs software smarts the photo and video results are I pop in ly awesome I’ve done a full comparison with the p20 pro and the mate 24 so you can see exactly how it stacks up to the more recent while we’re four and I also – in a bit pixel 3 action as well so you can see how stacks up against one of the best snipers out there and unsurprisingly the p20 port

does hold it on very very well indeed I thought the meet 20 pro offers even greater versatility thanks to the ultra wide-angle second view lens the p20 bra still beats it for the amount of fine detail crammed into every day of snaps night shots are still bright and beautiful with the excellent long exposure modes while the telephoto lens is perfect for grubbin of course absent distance subjects frankly there are very few smartphones that can produce such high-quality photos and this phone is an absolute godsend still if your apparent capture and crisp shots are your kids even when they’re popping all over the place lesser phones would definitely produce a blurry mess but here you get great results almost every time sadly while the video results are generally strong the p20 pro still can’t do image stabilization at that 4k level something that made 24 accomplishes with gusto so you’re definitely the stun as still as possible when shooting out Ultra HD so there you have it while we admit 20 premiere be the superior device right now thanks to its updated specs and features but the p20 pool is still fantastic and boasts many of the best bits found in that later handset another we’re into 2019 you’ll probably start finding some really nice p20 pool deals as well especially with the p30 series on the horizon so you tempted by the p20 Pro or maybe you’ve got one and you absolutely love it to bits definitely let us know in the comments down below and don’t be afraid to tell us where you think if you’re up see here the Pete’s ready probably you think I’m a Baldy fool who doesn’t know what he’s banging on about you’re not the only one but if you do like these videos please do pokes subscribe and ding that notifications failed to be the first to see whenever new content goes live and have yourselves a lovely dear people love you bye

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