Honor Magic UI v2 Tips, Tricks and Best Bits

so honor smartphones typically come with Wow is emotion UI software or a mui as i like to call it smothered on top of android but a couple of recent honor mobiles included in the automatic two and this bad boy here the view 20 flagship phone come there’s something called magic UI stuffed on instead I’ve been playing with magic UI version two right here on the V 20 the good news for a mui fans is that it is basically just a motion UI 9 rebranded possibly so on the phones can differentiate themselves a bit more from wahwee handsets most of our favorite emotion UI features are back in action and there’s some great stuff buried away in magic UI that’s definitely worth sniffing out so here is my full in-depth tour of magic UI version 2 and some tips and tricks on getting started with your new on a smartphone and don’t forget for more unless to create a stack to poke subscribe anything that notification spell says so when you first set up your

spangly new on a smartphone you’ll notice that unfortunately there’s a complete lack of apps tray which means all of your apps are shoved away there on your desktops and it’s rather messy but never fear all you need to do is dive into settings and go to home screen and wallpaper i didn’t there you’ll spot an option called home screen style just give that a little tap and you’ll see that there is an alternative option draw so just give that a little poke and then a press tour thank god the draw is back in action to keep all of your apps tidied away neatly one of the best bits about the honor v20 in particular it’s like gorgeous front fill and display did you know that with a bit of magic UI you can dive into the display settings and actually fully customize it as well you had to color mode and temperature you can play around with the color settings so for instance that set a vivid mode by default beacon down and down to normal if you prefer more realistic visuals most honest smartphones also come with a little notch up top if you’re not really fine you can just dive into more display settings and then go to notch and there is an option to mask it as well a bit bewildered by the fact that it’s still available here on the v20 is a busy just adds a massive black bar across the top to hide that dinky little camera lens but here we definitely recommend turning on the iComfort lord as well you can get it scheduled for the evening times and what this does is just adds a nice yellow tint to the to the display as you can see they’re filters the blue light makes it much

easier on the eyes it’s quite good if for instance you’re upset by yourself in a dark room browsing twitter to see if anyone’s replied to that really funny comment you just made the most honest smartphones may have quite skinny bezels these days but there also absolute beast the v20 for instance is a six point four inch handset which makes 100 use Brit seat down tricky fear not though because magic Qi version 2 has you covered just like a motion UI before it if you dive it into the settings and then go to smart assistance you will discover a 100 UI mods in there the mini screen view is absolutely fantastic and well worth getting on board with so for instance if you’ve got your navigation dock down below you can just swipe across it and as you see it will just minimize everything on your desktop down towards the bottom the screen makes region up for that notifications bar much easier and you can also use all of your apps in this mode as well magic UI also has a new feature called link turbo included in it as well this basically operates in the background similar to GPU to bulb done a full feature article to check that out and linked own but what it does basically when you’re streaming a movie for instance it will determine what’s the best way of doing it via your Wi-Fi network if you’re connected to Wi-Fi or via your mobile data now at the moment there’s no settings available to

enable or disable link turbo and very little other information about it I’m gonna do some more digging and hopefully we’ll do a full in-depth feature on link turbo so now one of the features introduced in a motion UI 9 which is also here in magic UI version 2 is the digital balance feature now first balance is basically looks like a digital money telling you exactly how much of your life you’ve wasted watching videos on YouTube browsing the web stuff like that but where digital balance actually really proves it’s worth is if you’ve got a kid and your kid is using your phone or for instance this is a phone that you’re going to give to your kids and by the way if your kid is getting an honor v20 and that is one lucky kid I mean users hit screen time management and then tap this is my kids for and hit next I think you can set exactly how much screen time they’re allowed per day this has been quite harsh and set it to 9 minutes it’s exactly what time they go to bed so then normal phone access is allowed as you can see there you can either agree the screen or completely block any apps and then of course set your pin and then they won’t be able to hack into it and turn the whole screen time management off that will learn the Wii buggers now all on a smart phones working bit magic UI also support a bit of facial recognition as well it’s absolutely fantastic alternative to the old fingerprint sensor it works really

well even in low-light to get started all you need to do is dimon a security and privacy and then face recognition there from here you’ll be able to set up your face recognition it all we’ll do is just scan your face using that front-facing camera only recommend keep an enable pickup to wick ticked as well it just means that whenever you you actually lift the phone it will immediately start scanning for your face so enroll Fierce agree to the discrim and then that just give you a quick scan and with your face and world we also recommend tap in direct unlock that means you won’t have to actually swipe your finger up the screen once it recognizes your face you’ll just be straight into the desktops of residence tap the power button recognizes your mug and boom straight desktop store hanging about and of course that all raised to wake also does the job soar is the phone immediately starts scanning and if it recognizes you again you’re waiting around there’s another feature well worth checking out in that security section as well and it’s called the password vault well this does is basically every time you log into an account on the internet or in one of your apps it will give you the option of saving your username and passwords you can just bypass it in the future as you can see you can enable it or disable it quickly and easily from the settings screen and any usernames and passwords that its ears will be saved into this autofill section as you can see you can disable individual ones if you want to so as you can see as long as you’re actually signed into your phone and everything once you actually

come to login you’ll have the option to use face recognition or fingerprint instead in order to autofill your username and passwords another feature of magic UI version 2 that I really love is the voice control as well it’s very very handy particularly when you’re driving all we need to do to get involved with this is head into the smart assistant section and you’ll see voice control hidden away in there now first up you want to turn on the voice wake up nice and simple as you can see there the wake up command by default is dear honor quite an interesting one dear honor dear honor dear honor training complete as you can see you can actually change the wakeup phrase if you want to as well so custom wake up phrase I absolutely love the complete randomness of some of the recommended wake up phrases Kiwi bunny what I’m going to tell it to all right mara give that little tick and then we just need to record it of course alright Mara alright Mara alright Mara so now when I say alright Mara boom you can now place a call simply by saying call whoever or as you can see there you can also find your phone as well which is pretty handy if it’s always go down the back of the sofa your dog’s eating it whatever and unfortunately I found in this early

incarnation it can be a bit Robbie seen where are you tends to do that’s the nothing whatsoever is probably not helped by the fact that I’ve got a bit of an accent but the good news is with the voice control you can also answer or reject calls when they come in as well just using your voice so as I say it’s great when you’re driving you want to get distracted pressing the screen things like that now by default with magic UI you have this navigation dock down below for going home going back calling up your recent apps but you can change that to Android pie style and navigation gestures instead all you need to do is hit the system and then system navigation you’ll see in there the top option is gestures just give that a little tap and then you’ll see that that navigation dock completely disappears now if you dive into the settings in order to sort of test out the different options that are available but basically all you need to know is if you swipe up from the bottom of the screen that basically takes you back to your home page if you’re in a random webpage all you need to do is swipe this way in order to go back and that also works when you’re actually in an app as well so frozen swipe back and there you go you minimize the video and to access recent apps to swipe up from the bottom and hold your finger there for a second and

boom straight into the menu now of course one thing that you might have recalled from earlier the one handed mode you had to swipe across that navigation dock in order to call it up don’t worry you can still do it even with that missing all you need to do is swipe up towards the center of the screen from whichever corner is nearest to your thumb and as you can see once again minimizes the display nice and easy now one magic UI app that comes in very handy when you’re off on your holidays is the translator app if you recommend check-in that one out as you see this gives you a few different options you can actually translate a speech if it’s somebody speaking at you in some sort of foreign language you don’t or what on earth is going on even better though if you’ve got a foreign website a menu assigned something that you don’t understand or need to do is hit that camera button and then position the phone so text is clearly legible and then just take a shot as you can see there the app will actually automatically detect more often than not which language you’re trying to translate and then translate it into your native tongue and of course it’s not exactly perfect just as a sort of a rough translation beacon generally get the gist

and it’s definitely most handy but things like signs and menus simple things like that rather than full-on text however be warned that it does need a deep connection in order to get online and do that translation that’s absolutely fine if you’ve got data roaming an airball down it’s not going to cost you an absolute fortune to do this while you’re abroad if it does however you can simply download a language packs or if you’re gonna head to Italy download the Italian pack and then it will still be able to do it offline even without a deep connection great stuff another great feature found in honors magic UI version two is the AI dual frequency GPS again it’s not something you can see in the settings or anything it takes where in the background basically what it means this very precise position and it’s very very good especially when you pop out of a tube station you don’t know what side of the street you’re on or anything you need to get your bearings it’ll sort show you exactly where you are on the map it’s great stuff all right there is my full Magic UI version 2 tips and tricks guy definitely let me know your own honor tips down in the comments below and don’t forget approximant doing that notifications about for more on linear squares tech chairs

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