OnePlus 6T vs Huawei P20 Pro Side-by-side Comparison

a littlebeautiful peeps this is fresh from Tex Bert I’m here with the fresh new one plus 16 I’ve already did a full comparison with the mighty while we meet 20 Pro but I’ve had lots of feedback askin for a comparison with Willard P 20 pro as well launched earlier this year and still one of my most favorite smartphones of 2018 we’re gonna do a full side-by-side now with one plus 60 and the p20 pro a hardware software everything you need to know so you can decide which one might be best for you and don’t forget for more on the 1 plus 60 and the latest in quits mobile tech give that subscribe button a little tickle and ding that notification spell cheers it’s a first step stick them side by side they could pretty much be cousins as you can see here but one plus 60 and the p20 pool support a lovely front fill in display but basically the same height same width same girth in fact the only real obvious difference is the notch up top here in the 1 plus 60 you get a nice subtle little bump I like to call it the nipple notch cuz I don’t see my nipples look exactly like that no on the p20 port it’s more of your standard a rectangular notch which you see on a lot of smartphones but of course if you actually lift them off the stand you’ll notice another significant difference as well while the oneplus 60 has pretty much no lip action whatsoever here on the wall we’re p20 Pro you do get quite a fat lip and on that lip your spy a bit of fingerprint sensor action now the oneplus sixty

cleverly hides away the fingerprint sensor inside the display so you just tap your thumb against that and then boom you’re into your desktops b20 pro sensor might not be quite a snazzy new job to sort of stretch all the way to the bottom of the phone in order to unlock it but it is super super nippy definitely faster than the oneplus effort one of the benefits of not having it built into that display and occasionally we do get errors here on the oneplus 60 as well it doesn’t work perfectly every single time so sexiness versus practicality basically flip them around and both phones are actually made of glass although you wouldn’t be able to tell it from a quick glance that is because I have the matte finish here on 1 plus 60 it’s the midnight black model so as you can see it’s got more of a metallic sheen to it it’s definitely very good for hiding smudges and scuffs and things like that however you can pick it up in a full glossy finish which is what we’ve got here on the Wyatt P 20 bra you’ve got a selection of different designs for the p20 pro this is the standard gradient finish you can also get it in the gorgeous waterfall aurora and frankly when it comes to sheer sexy versus the p20 pearl has it this thing is an absolute stunner through whoo I just can’t get enough of that design I want to keep it protected with the kids but I don’t want to cover up the sheer gorgeousness although as you’ll see there it has been infected by my greasy fingerprints already just from a couple of

minutes of handling it so you will definitely want to give it a good buffing every now and then they’re both pretty rugged handsets as well I’ve had the p20 pour for several months nor no scratches or scuffs or anything and then one plus 60 I haven’t had as long but they’re Gorilla Glass 5 finish here on the back should hopefully again keep it scratch free and here on the front you get Gorilla Glass 6 the latest version of Gigi but should hopefully pretty much prevent any kind of scratches and one plus is very kindly installed a screen protector on the top to begin with as well sort double-a protection however when it comes to water and dust resistance the Huawei P 24 is the winner there – ip67 rated so it can be submerged under water up to depths and I think it’s about a metre for like half an hour absolutely fine so you can drop it in the bath box and you can take it in a shower if you like gets the 1 + 60 it is also slightly water resistant it’s not IP rated unfortunately but one plus has taken measures in order to prevent water from leaking in through the various orifices and destroying the guts so yeah be fine for like rain showers things like that just don’t take it in the bath with you just in case that’s for the rest the design nothing too remarkable they both use a bit type-c USB dumbledore for charge and that’s also where the speaker grills are housed noir 3.5 millimeter headphone jack to speak of and i’ve gets the oneplus 60 you do get their nifty little alert slider here on the site as well you can basically just flick that and I put it to Do Not Disturb more definitely handy if you’re about to head into a meetin or something like that so that’s I’m a bit of a look-see at the display taking on the kiss the

oneplus 60 it’s a much bigger screen because it stretches all the way down to that lower lip definitely upstart so even though the same dimensions you get a six point four one inch screen here on the oneplus 60 and it’s only six point one inches here on the p20 Pro and both kisses it’s all there though you get an AMOLED panel on the oneplus straight-up or LED on the p20 probe you get a stretched aspect ratio which means they’re nice and slender and comfortable to Klutch and it’s also a well Souza’s to stream in a bit of movie action on the likes of Netflix so as you can see they don’t get any black letterbox and above or below the display it’s nice full screen view definitely gorgeous stuff both of these phones support HDR playback as well of course the P 24 you can already stream each your movies and TV shows on Netflix the 1 plus 60 still waiting for accreditation and all that via Netflix so it doesn’t support hgo just yet but that should be coming any day now both 1 plus 60 and the wide P 24 spot Full HD plus visuals as well as you can see if photos look nice and crisp lots of fine detail packed in there MIT 20 pro beats both of them with its gorgeous quad HD Plus screen but again the difference is minimal you’ll still be absolutely fine a few photos and videos with both of these handsets as you can see nice punchy poppy colors as you’d expect from an OLED panel as well be can actually fully customize that color output by diving into the settings dome in the stands

you can see you’ve got the usual night mode read and board and stuff like that as well so the fonts can actually fully calibrate themselves based on the ambient temperature of the room that kind of thing I can just jump on in and manually tweak it yourself it’s on vivid more by default here on the p20 pro but you can scale back to get more realistic hues you actually got a little bit more control here on the 1 plus 60 you can get it matching the srgb gama Toph again for nice realistic visuals DCI p3 I just stick on adaptive mods then it actually changes up the color out but depending on what you are doing and good news if you don’t like notches because both of these smartphones you can get rid of the we bug edge just with a quick tap like sort and as you can see it then just masks they’re not from view now on to the tricky part of the software so both these smartphones all run in a nice bit of Android have you’ll notice that the general look and feel and the feature set as well it changes up depending on which phone you get the oneplus 60 or the one with p20 pro and that’s because they’ve got their run over this that’s on top one plus is slaps a bit of oxygen OS version 9.0 point three on the oneplus 60 and here on the world where p20 pro you have a muy emotion UI version 8.1 point 0 actually getting an update to version 9 which we first saw on the way we admit 20 pro any day now hopefully you’re not there’s a few little differences here and there some subtle things

like some of the icons are different when you pull down the notifications bar as well you’ll notice some changes there so for instance the shortcuts that are available to you do differ depending on which handset you go for and also all while if you swipe right here on the wall we at p20 pull you get access to the basically the Google News Feed here on the oneplus 60 you get the oxygen or wear shelf but I just gives you fast access to your favorite contacts your favorite apps actually change up the widgets that appear on here add in your calendar whatever you want to do because both of these phones are rather beastly as well they’re rather on the big side but thankfully there’s a bit of one-handed help in both cases it’s quite a bit securing the oneplus 60 you can just basically drag down that notifications bar from anywhere on the screen just to reach all the way to the top with your tiny little thumbs it’s a bit better here on the p2000 if you drag your thumb across that navigation dock at the balm as you can see there you shrink it down the screen and all of your apps will appear in this board as well nice and shrunken too so again it’s nice and easy to use just without one hand as for the security as well you do get a nice bit of facial recognition on both phones again thanks to those overlays it’s a good

alternative let’s forget you ever saw that it’s a good alternative to the fingerprint sensor if instance you’re wearing gloves your hands away it’s something like that all you need to do is just tap that power button and boom both cameras they’ll recognise your mug and you’ll straight into a desktop super nippy on either of these handsets there’s actually a bit of R is to wake action here on the p2000 as well so you can actually just pick up the phone it’ll look at you recognise your mug and again you’re straight into it then one plus $60 just tap that power button they both work well in low-light alive notice that the p20 pro definitely performs better when you’re wearing sunglasses but the oneplus 60 and the p20 poor do offer a all kinds of gesture support Sofres you can quickly flip the phone to mute it at any point you can take a screenshot by dragging some fingers across little split all that kind of shenanigans and both of these phones actually allow you to completely get rid of that navigation bar down below as well and just use on-screen swiping and the case of the oneplus 60 or actually use that fingerprint sensor and the case of the wild p20 pro as you can see here just a quick tap of that fingerprint sensor can take you back and if you actually hold it down then it takes you all the way back to the home screen just an example there on the oneplus 60 you’ll have to swipe up in order to get rid of your apps and go back to the home screen it’s quite a nifty gesture or if you simply want to go back a step then I have to do is swipe up and the side of the screen instead anyway I could basically talk for hours about all the the different software features thrown in there but as you can see the oneplus 60 in the world where people are actually pretty similar though do

share a lot of the SIM slot feature sets that gesture support the likes of that one-handed help they’re just presented in slightly different ways now look up still the performance and the 1 plus 60 is definitely hands down the winner it’s got the Snapdragon 805 chipset in there backed by the six or eight gigs Ram the oil p20 probe has last year’s killer 970 chipset in it’s still very nippy indeed everyday performance is nice and smooth you’ll see the odd strange little stammer here and there but overall does the job and that is again backed by six gigs of RAM so you can happily multitask like a mofo I’m just gonna change the navigation up again because it’s really hard just to get to that fingerprint sensor when it’s sat in this thing so the difference between them is quite nicely highlighted by Geekbench I don’t live or die by benchmark tests by any means but as you can see here the Snapdragon chipset to score more highly especially when it comes to the multi-core score and if you are going to be playing the likes of pubsey mobile here on the oneplus 60 you also get the new gaming law at version 2.0 as well what is it 3.0 I forget which which version they’re actually on now it’s a very good game and maza so as you can see here you’ve got your CPU and GPU optimization whenever you are playing the game if you don’t in the

Advanced Settings you’ve both got the likes of network boost as well just to prevent other background tasks from hogging your precious connectivity but of course the most in terms of games like pubsey do run absolutely fine on the p20 pro as well as the oneplus 6 nor issues whatsoever with frame rates things like that as you can see if you just dive on into the settings using this tiny little icon here go to the graphics I’ve got it set up on each dr detail settings on both of these smartphones I’m high frame rate and again absolutely no problem whatsoever nice and smooth you can see exactly what you’re doing Oh kind of a nice little swim and of course you’ve got those nice Full HD plus displays as well seeing C buggers creeping up on you from a mile away that’s of a battery tech well the one plus 60 is a serious upgrade over the 1 plus 6 in that area because it’s a 3700 milliamps cell now compared with this sort of 3300 ish which used to be before throw a p20 pro has it trumps though with a four thousand milliamp cell onboard but basically bottom offals will easily see you through a full dear even with really intensive use i’m talkin skype and media streaming all the good stuff and you get fast charge on both these handsets as well you get a bit of – charge here in the 1 for 60 and it’s super gorge here on the piece when he brought me the phone supports wireless charging but in all honesty who really cares it’s not exactly the most effort in the world just to plug a cable in every night and good news when it comes to the storage as well because you get plenty packed away inside there 128 gigs as standard on both the p20 pro n1 + 60 and the 1 + 6 you can actually upgrade that to 256 gigs if you’re gonna be downloading a lot of smut or just songs and things I guess and me the phone supports micro SD memory cards either so you can’t expand it but to be fair hundred twenty eight gigs that should do most users quite nicely all of which guff brings us nicely onto the camera tech and spoiler alert the while we’re p20 port is definitely one plus sixteen has some perfectly good camera tech on it is a dual lens setup so it’s a 16 megapixel primary lens with a 20 megapixel secondary lens and they’re both F 1.7 aperture and you do get some optical image stabilization thrown in there too but in the case of the p20 port it is a mighty try lens setup and

this is definitely one of our favorite smartphone cameras of 2018 at least it was until the mid 20 Paul came along you get a mighty 40 megapixel primary lens F 1.8 aperture that’s backed by a 20 megapixel secondary monochrome lens as F 1 point 6 aperture throws from for those low-light conditions and you get a third it megapixel telephoto lens as well which allows you a three times optical zoom or a five times hybrid zoom to get nice crisp shots of your subject even from afar you jump on into the camera apps you’ll see they offer quite similar experience in some respects but the P Tony port is absolutely stuffed full of more bonus features who start off in full auto modes and found that the shots for the 1 plus 60 generally quite good you can actually double go see a full comparison with the mid 20 port and the pixel 3 excel if you want to see some some photo and video examples it does occasionally overexpose it in some HDR situation throws and the P 20 point you tend to get some really nice-looking shots in pretty much any conditions and you also have the benefit of the master AI mode as well which can really bring your images to life produce a nice vibrant hues be you’ve got full control of light you can knock it off if you want and then you can actually decide whether you want to understand the more realistic use already boost them with some vivid colors both ones also come with a pro mode as well so you’ve got full manual controls on there if you like tweak the lights the white balance and stuff get exactly the kind of image you want and you can shoot in RAW format on both the bottle 60 and the wai-wait p20 pro as for the video while you can shoot all the way up to

4k resolution at 60 frames per second here on the oneplus 60 with some really really strong results the image stabilization is absolutely fantastic you know the p20 Pro I stopped quite as strong actually you can’t get at 60 frames per second at 4k level only at Full HD the image stabilization definitely not as good at our four key level is a bit shonky and shaky so terms of general home movies our preference is definitely at the 1 plus 60 that said you do still get control over the color reproduction in the videos we felt that the colors are actually quite vibrant quite vivid here on the 1 plus 60 definitely real change up from the four laws where things tend to be sort of more realistic hues or occasionally a little bit washed out if you are in one of those HDR situations because both phones have a portrait marching shoot a nice crisp shot of your subject and blur on the background in the Bacchus style effect you get a couple of different sorts to do more type things here on the oneplus 60 but they p24 deftly goes to town with its usual soft line stage line classifying all that kind of shenanigans and both phones also boast a form of night mode as well it takes our likes pauses shot it’s actually much quicker here on the oneplus 60 but the results are definitely better on the one with p20 pro especially provides and cityscapes things like that the lights are overblown here on the p20 Pro whereas you do occasionally get some more exposure here on the oneplus 60 and when you get small a spattering of borås mods here on the oneplus 16th then in

slow motion and a bit of time lapse as well you get a few more bonus modes here on the p20 Pro though to be honest we don’t really tend to use most of them and if you swap around to the front facing cameras as well quite a similar setup you get 16 megapixel a single lens snapper here on the oneplus 16th 2.0 aperture so again f 2.0 here on the wild p20 pool but it’s bumped up to a 24 megapixel lens to shoot so nice good looking shots of course you’ve got a full portrait mode as well with both of these handsets which tends to work quite well a bit just uses software smarts to detect your face and blow out everything behind you just take one from austerity yeah that’s that’s not at all manic or terrifying no good I could endure something so that right there is the one where p20 Pro versus the fresh new one plus 60 as you can see they are quite similar in a lot of respects get some really nice slick design here on the 1 plus 60 you do that big yet display which just fills the front nicely the case the p20 Pro of course you’ve got that physical fingerprint sensor which is more responsive but it does take up a bulk of that lip and although they support a very different overlay just up there on top of Android you do get very similar features in both respects including great facial recognition nice bit of one-handed how I’ll suggest your support navigation support all a kind of shenanigans what really wins it for the p20 Pro for us is the camera tech and the the flexible setup and the fantastic photo quality which again completely customizable by the user really really strong stuff so let us know what you think in the comments down below which one do you think might suit you best fe b grit to hear your thoughts and don’t forget to hit subscribe and think that notifications bar for more on the latest and greatest Bob our tech love you guys Cheers boy

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