OnePlus 6T Camera Comparison vs OP6 vs Mate 20 Pro vs Pixel 3

the best way of testing a smartphone cameras chops at least in my murky little mind is by comparing it with the very best rivals out there that’s why I’ve been testing the oneplus 60s camera alongside the already pretty bloody good one plus six Napa this is a how they compare for photo and video quality and on top of that I’ve also been doing a side by side alongside the Huawei it mates 20 pro and just for good measure a bit pixel 3 action as well so does the oneplus sixty stack up against the competition while here’s my full one plus 60 camera comparison don’t forget to bash subscribe and think that notifications bar for more on our latest and greatest mobile tech Cheers so first up how does the oneplus sixty compare with the six month old one plus six is there any real advance in the optics or has one plus basically said bug ret and stop the same admittedly very decent camera tech onto this T model before sticking its feet up and having a lovely cup of tea well the hardware simply seems to be the same at a quick glance you get 60 megapixel primary lens and a 20 megapixel

secondary lens both F 1.7 aperture complete with some optical image stabilization to keep things sharp I found that my everyday shots look very similar on these oneplus phones you’ll notice that the oneplus sixty produces some cleaner contrast in those HDR situations but on the other hand some colors do appear more vibrant and appealing in the oneplus six photos you’ll also note the zoomed in shots post a bit more detail with the new one plus 60 but in all cases we’re not exactly talking a huge leap forwards here basically they’re both bloody good at what they do at night however the oneplus 60 has an advantage over its elder sibling the spunky new night mods this can buffer several shots and combine them to create a brighter sharper final photo this definitely has an impact as you can see here they’ll be we’re using the night mode weather on neon signs our other lights around as you’ll end up with some overexposed results so now onto serious business how does the oneplus sixty compare with two of its biggest smartphone rivals out there when it comes to the camera chops the huawei mate 20 Pro and a pixel 3 well you do get quite different results with these three smartphones for everyday shooting the oneplus sixty tends to

capture brighter images than the pixel and the meat highlights and details in those dark areas clarity is certainly its strength in these HDR situations although as a result some of my test photos did occasionally look a little bit washed out lacking the realistic hues gathered by its rival when the lighting is more uniformed one +60 can still capture rich and vivid colors thankfully as for general sharpness my fault is from the one +60 was certainly crisper attractive when thrown onto my tele although I did not as finer details captured by the other handsets when you look really close of course when it comes to sheer flexibility why where’s my teammate 20 Pro is the clear Victor and that’s because it’s a bloody cheat while the pixel makes do with a single 12.2 megapixel lens and the oneplus doubles down on that number of lenses Huawei has only gone and stopped three of the buggers on the back of the mid-20 probe as well as that 40 megapixel primary lens you also get a 20 megapixel ultra wide-angle shooter and just for jollies and it megapixel telephoto lens as well so if you’re trying to capture a massive Monument or building or a big beautiful landscape than the mid-20 Pro will be well your best mate you can switch that ultra wide-angle snapper and gets done in results at any time did or if you want to grab a shot of some distant subject while weighs telephoto lens can suck up more detail than

both the oneplus 60 and the pixel 3 standard lenses sadly the 1 plus 60 is in last place when it comes to those zoom shots produce some more fuzzy results than the pixel 3 as well with the mid-20 Pro you also have full control over the color output opt in for vibrant visuals or more natural hues all at the flick of a switch that’s something that you can’t easily achieve with the pixel 3 + 1 + 60 although all three phones do come with a manual camera mode to tweak the results as long as you know what you’re doing when it comes to portrait shots all three of these smartphones impress even the pixel 3 and pixel 3x so we do only have that one lens more than two or more lenses to capture some real depth of field information you can expect an accurate silhouette of your subject while everything else in the background is blurred out as always it’s a neat effect and the oneplus sixty can certainly produce results as solid as the Google and the huawei phones it goes for the mid-20 pro you also have a wide range of studio effects that you could apply most of which are a bit weird or just a bit whoo at nighttime the pixel 3 produces some pretty decent results you get respectable detail levels with limited green and color capture doesn’t take too much of a hit either however both the oneplus 60 and the wall we made 20 pro already have dedicated night mods which you can swap to it any time in order to improve the brightness and that overall clarity with all these phones stuck in standard auto modes the pixel 3 produces brighter better looking photos than the oneplus 60 at night however stick the oneplus in tonight mode and you get much lighter more colorful images although as

mentioned before some of those lighter areas are often blown out which means the pixel still does a better job of city skips and the like the both phones are of course blown to bits by the mid-20 Pro which is the absolute king of night snaps slap on that night modes and you’re guaranteed bright crisp colorful gorgeous looking shots with none of that over saturation or other malarkey switch on over to video and all three of these smart phones can shoot gorgeous luck in a 4k resolution footage although only the one plus 60 is capable of unit at 60 frames per second the results at that level are fantastic with impressively realistic playback and I thought my colors were strangely highlighted too with vivid hues such as grass and bright clothing really popping off the screen one plus 60 bore some solid image stabilization to at any shoot and level even at 4k resolution with that 60 FPS option the pixel very also really impresses for stabilization even at that 4k level while colors are more naturally reproduced which some may prefer like the 1 plus 60 I saw noise use with focus and audio capture was strong and the mid-20 pro is another strong contender here with much improved image stabilization at 4k resolution compared with previous Huawei phones however you do get some odd warping around the edges at that Ultra HD level which will hopefully be sorted in an update soon it’s not right there in a nutshell is how the new 1 plus 60 compares with the older one plus 6 and 2 of the best smartphone cameras of 2018 the pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL and while weighs meet 20 pro go check out my full 5d review of the oneplus 60 to see what I think up to using this handset as my personal device and don’t forget to give that subscribe button a cheeky pork and thing that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech jazz everyone love you

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